Why do white men marry Chinese women?

Why do white men marry Chinese women?

Created by Missy on Jul 15, 2008

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Chinese woman are subservient


They are easy to control


Other (please elaborate)


Curl Curl, Australia

#852 Oct 8, 2012
My Chinese wife seems to have little sexual experience and is a little shy but we get better as time goes on. I love her feminine nature and honest love. I am disappointed with many ( not all ) western women as they now seem to have more power than the males. There is no equality as it is about more rights to the western females above that of the males. I will stay with my Chinese wife as the female/ male or husband/ wife roles are defined and harmonious. Also anyone who is contemplating being with a Chinese women needs to take time and understand her culture and her individual personality. Money can be an issue as they view it as a security having been surviving in a society that has little or no Government assistance for their future. It does not mean they want to take your money.
White man

Houston, TX

#853 Oct 8, 2012
formally abducted wrote:
some cheapskates will do anything to get out of paying for take out.
Don't be so judgmental, egg rolls are expensive for what your getting!


“squuuze me”

Since: Feb 09

Florida, USA

#854 Oct 9, 2012
Why do dumbf#cks ask stupid questions?


#855 Oct 26, 2012
My wife is Chinese and I am very happy with her. I don't discriminate when it comes to women, I find attractive women in all races - not that it is much good to me now I am married. Despite being married I tend to find Chinese women a bit naughty, a lot of them give the come on, messages and innuendo. I must say it makes me nervous since I am a red blooded male but I am also faithful to my wife. What a world.


#856 Nov 10, 2012
Because average Chinese women are rich and well Edcated...


#857 Nov 10, 2012
The fact wrote:
Many white males (including me) did not know that chinese women want green card more than everything. Also chinese girls rarely love one for loving himself, in fact they just want a foreign husband and do not care who you are. Speaking for my experience in china, the best way to play with chinese girl is: "game with them, never get marries"
Chinese are not stupid and that is why they own big bulks... If you are not hot and have a good career, Chinese women will never look at you and a lot of rich Chinese guys out there, why make urself special? Joke?!
jeffw uk

Zhengzhou, China

#858 Nov 16, 2012
Vicky wrote:
You just a joke and blind or even had a brain problem! Chinese women going America for money, ask your fk government who owe who money! Ur American are poorer...
well said girl.
jeffw uk

Zhengzhou, China

#859 Nov 16, 2012
Jennet wrote:
Most white men are closet pedophiles, almost all white men with asian fetishes in my experience are hardcore pedophiles.
what experience do you have! your a clueless idiot. scum.

Masontown, PA

#860 Nov 17, 2012
youtube.com/watch... ……Yes and why not?
Old fashioned values

Brooklyn, NY

#861 Dec 1, 2012
I married my Chinese wife because she has the values I grew up with and was taught in the 50s. She is kind and understanding but firm when needed. She is smarter than me (not saying much). She has good practical sense and keeps me on the straight and narrow. She is attractive as a women in every way. Although her accent is different, I do not think of her as different from me, other than that she is a woman and very bright in my life!

Mississauga, Canada

#865 Feb 28, 2013
It's a communist country, Chinese women have a different mentality. They are eager to go against what is the norm. Foreigners are their ticket out, it's tactful(not to mention cultural) on their part to be submissive (especially with foreigners, they're like lottery tickets). A lot of the Chinese women who arrive here in North America enthusiastically mold themselves into the western pop images they see on TV or in magazines. Overhere, it's very common to see Chinese women with white men. Is it surprising? Not at all. Personally, for me if I were a foreigner in a different country I would be weary of starting a relationship with someone there - or in any country that's overpopulated, or impoverished or in a state of economic uncertainty.
Jim MacSweeney

Coquitlam, Canada

#867 Apr 23, 2013
White western men marry Chinese women mainly because they fall in love! Chinese women have a strong positive attitude, this comes from the type of upbringing and their culture.
I did not marry my Chinese wife only for sex or to be different, I married her because I love her, she is an excellent mother, hard working, honest, clean, and intelligent. Chinese women don't hate how they look, just like white caucasian women don;t normally hate how they look. Shape of eyes have nothing to do with respect, caring and love.

I am happy in my marriage with my Chinese wife, and she is also happy.!!! Forget all the rhetoric, and fairy tales!

Plattsburg, MO

#868 Apr 23, 2013
because your loving globalist government has flooded our once Christian lands with all manner of multiculturalism with intentions of replacing you all.

Yokosuka, Japan

#869 May 23, 2013
Its about the action..i married one because are great at "tool" working..its honest..ww are not so tight..thus less sexual attraction
Wink wink

Jakarta, Indonesia

#870 May 28, 2013
1. My chinese causin almost got divorced with her chinese husband because his chinese female staff who were materialistic. Thank God it didn't happen as he loves my causin so much and that bitch staff got fired.
2. My white male friend were dumped by his chinese gf after he gave her what she wanted included visa and green card. I heard she is married with his ex-bf's causin who is richer, for years, and got divorced when his business collapsed and bankcrupted. Her family was intervented too many.
3. My other white male friend was depressed with his ex chinese gf in their 4years of relationship. She is rude, selfish, greedy, extremely jealous & posessive. She yelled a lot and made dramas in public when they had an argument or fight. She wants everything in her ways and rarely thankful for what she has got from him.
4. My female chinese business partner took my money away from a business that we've made and agreed. Fortunately i could caught her and now she is in jail. lol
5. There is more, actually.

- Those women are quite educated but STILL are greedy, selfish and bad of attitudes.
- They have no heart, filthy, demanding, very stingy and materialistic. Some of them aren't honest with theirself.
And be honest, they are not beautiful at all and hardly ever take a good care of their appearance.

I am not generalize all of them chinese women. I'm telling the truth, though. The important is just be more careful when you are in love or when make a friendship or looking for a business partner with anyone and any races. Good luck!

Belfast, UK

#871 Jul 5, 2013
Because they are golddigging sluts
After money

Clifton Park, NY

#872 Jul 9, 2013
I like them because they seem kind and have a good sense of humour. I think that they are cute and when they fix themselves up; I think, they are very pretty. The language barrier is big. I'm sure that it slows them down. I've seen them talk to each other. It is not as sweet as when they talk to me. I'm not only attracted to chinese woman. I am just looking for a woman who has a grip on reality. I'm talking about the finiteness of money and time. There are things that I want to do before I pass. Making the house bigger isn't one of them.
I have always lived in a nice home, but somehow to my ex-wives, it was never nice enough. They got mean when they didn't get what they wanted. It made me feel pretty worthless and devalued. Everything became my fault and it really wasn't. So many things. It was aweful. Modern American women are not nice. They want what they want and as much of it as they can get. They are controlling and belittling. They are not what I remember them as in my youth. I am 52 years old now. I've raised four children. I've worked hard and sacrificed when it was needed. I did my best until it wasn't good enough, and then my priorities changed. The dog was kicked too many times. Enough was enough. Even than she still blamed me. I just want someone that can be talked to, reasoned with and to love and be loved. Just someone who understands that other people don't just exist for them. Someone who can appreciate the pleasure in the moment and the joy of really special and goood times. Someone empathetic and sympathetic. American woman; in general, that isn't you.

Garden City, MI

#873 Jul 11, 2013
lonely foreign lady wrote:
I am getting fed up of seeing this. Every newcomer white guy in town i talk to and be nice with all go for the next girl beside me. I don't get it I am tall, olive skinned, black long hair, bigger boobs, nicer ass, can have a conversation longer than 10 minutes (only because the chinese women stutter with their english) I am 26 and I weigh just the same as them. I weigh 50kg and I'm 5 foot 6.
What's wrong with me? Don't know.
But apparently from men themselves who have told me why they tend to marry chinese women is:
1. Chinese women have a habit of getting pregnant intentionally. This is trouble for the white guy. The law is you have to marry or pay alot of money or the parents order the daughter to get an abortion.
2. Most foreign men want to have a translator, sex, higher ladder in the career (if you're a teacher you get paid more if you are married to a chinese, some teachers confess this)
3.White men think 'sexy' is a stick figure with no ass and no tits.
4. Chinese women want to go to America or England or Canada and so on. More $$$, parents say go for it just use him.
And most of you think your wives really love you. Hah! I heard a white guy went on a date and the chinese girl asked him to bring his passport to look at his birthday.(come on! she was making sure he came from an english country with a higher currency!) Anyway the guy was from some other country non english speaking. The girl dumped him on the spot.
5. My friend who I usually talk to on the phone and send messages constantly deletes everything he receives from me. I asked him why and he said because his chinese girlfriend goes through his phone.(Come on people! there's no trust in that? last time i tried doing that i got dumped then and there I learnt real quick. Always give a man his privacy)
Wow!! Bitter much? Anyways there's a lot of reasons why a white guy would go for an asian girl. First of all it might be a fetish, I mean we all have our kinks right? So what of you have a little yellow fever? Have you seen the beautiful mixed babies? Some men just honestly just love the culture, language or food. And the rest just happened to fall in love with someone that is not of their own ethnic groups. Yes, some asian women married a white guy for money/passports but it is their own falt! How could you trust a asian girl that they meet on the Internet or in a another country? Anyways it just depends! I am a chinese American and my husband is white. During my dating days I avoid guys that only want me cause I am asian. The reason I married my husband is I really do love him and we are perfect for each other. Even though he does have interest in my culture but he doesn't have yellow fever. Infact he has dated girls of all color.

Ashburn, VA

#874 Aug 8, 2013
chinese women are biggest housebreakers.i m a chinese man and i kno mentality of womeb of my country well.and about their hygeine ... yuck.. you may better get them in bed to find more dirt down their.
my frnds who are indian tell tht their indian spouse are really faithful n fresh smelling.. and almost every indian woman will die hard to save her marriage.
PS no experience about american women..

Malden, MA

#875 Aug 13, 2013
thesky4eva wrote:
<quoted text>
Not ALL chinese woman are ugly, and have no eyes and have flat noses. Many chinese woman from Hong Kong are "high-end" woman. Smart, beautiful: large eyes, shiny dark hair, firm and plump lips, nice legs, looks skinny forever (heifer), and have beautiful noses. They have hight morals, don't cheat, are caring, attentive and a bit mysterious. If you're lucky you'll get a Hong Kong-er that is a mix from the northern and southern parts of china. Most Hong Kong woman are also independent financially, they all have jobs and come mostly from wealthy backgrounds. Hong Kong is the best of the East and the West, you'll mostly find the perfect chinese wife there. I hope you'll be more open-minded about people in the future and not just judge them because your views on woman sounds just like the perfect fake chinese stereotypes.*Many man also says that chinese woman give great pleasure in the love making department* I wish you luck in finding the right woman, chinese or not.:D
I don't think it is true. Most HK people are Cantoness and they are one of the most ugly creatures on earth. They have flat nose, too full lips like a pig, and very tined skin. Cantoness are mix of Chinese and Malay. they are very short! Most so called Chinese you saw in Vancouver, toronto and the US are Cantoness, some from HK and some from Guangdong! They are the people who ate the wild animals, chicken feet, and own the most restaurants and business. They talked as loud as Cows in public and they sound like Cows too. They might be skinny when they are young, but most of them don't have nice long legs! By you definition, I am high ending. I was educated in Canada and work for a well known diplomat and business man! The friends I had was the Japanese diplomat! The man fell for me was a cardiologist of John's Hopkins, of Swedish descent! I don't care any low life regardless of his or her race!

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