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San Mateo, CA

#4839 Oct 23, 2010
father mother child tribe------gengis taogin kubla khan also name of one man-------hooked up rome will rise again----i need calif hollywood screen at sid bad

he never invaded japan his spoken words spread threw out lands brought mankind to a sid bad

had one horse one tribe one spot his whole life tracks easy to follow----------

thermoplhy hooked up rome will rise again sparta battle sin bad who sin bad who sid bad sinss bad----300 there that day--------hooked rome will rise againa need calif tv set

round as river glass pipes from jungle rains to deserts stand in rain with plastic sheets move farms out the forest----------your man of ship titianc like moive locks jack down below and i dont like him or his men ----

stanford eat your heart out

Since: Aug 10

San Mateo, CA

#4840 Oct 23, 2010
what hollywood calls book of eli---good news---------what bible calls tower of babel easy to hook up

two armed with sword sheild armies head on example helen of troy-------mankind at a sid bad book so that no fighting would happen---------like normandy 1945 gates of troy opened that day----------day of great peace-----lasted 100 years or more------hooked up rome will rise again

round as river glass pipes from jungle rains to deserts stand in rain will plastic sheets fill the pipes------millions dead in graves lack of this thing------his men run an hide and dark ness light is on screens hollywood every were--------ufo

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San Mateo, CA

#4841 Oct 23, 2010
satan-------garden of eden------was a mankind at a sid bad school for kids apple on tree was one spot tribal lands were all would go back to to check threw out life

satan--down below by tree mankind at a sid bad catilist book

lucy fur means human pelts

satan one who says or something mankind at a sid bad-------numbers of people grow watch him come again-------

belzebub lord of fleis--------like on dead animal carcuss exect human bodies

belial dont quite know yet

angle is a man of goverment stand by him without words check mankind at a sid bad book easy----------

cain able--------thor loki--------zues hades----------mankind at a sid bad schools for growing boys--------

to rise prince of japan----------vase ssword place on beech-------foucus all mankind at a sid bad one spot-------picture on vase mother tamogin-------done correctly prince will rise again world wide no sfhaljf----------more that anti follow the pipe of water to there dead

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#4842 Oct 23, 2010
good news cia operations hollywood since 1982 movie heavy metal--------cal-it heavy metal noise

beast cougar is ready to devour from his metal making hold--------ozone hole moive-------girl begining corolation taxi to current tv serous alee us ------mankind at a sid bad one dot on screen they close it on purpowe easy to hook up


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San Mateo, CA

#4843 Oct 23, 2010
cal prince ton yale harvard---------stanford------ ----ready to go cal-it--------heavy metal --means for opertive current here to watch the guy with the ufo military attach at top call--it --

rigth on tracks---------tight pants an lipppppppppppppppppppp sticksssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssss----------sparks flie dead of the night----------lip stick-------cal-it harvard it yale it ----------harvard dude moive name was harvard-------1+1=2 starigtht a thing----------
howard d austin texas

Austin, TX

#4844 Nov 24, 2010
you are foilish with your evil post and you need to look in a mirror you my friend have and are in the grips of a fallen angel. you fool

“Understand people,”

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you must, understand people.

#4845 Nov 28, 2010
martin1990 wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm mixed black and Irish but though I'm black I do believe obama may have some connection to the Antichrist but is not The Antichrist himself. I also think Obama, bush, Clinton and bush were illuminati but that's just me. It's said how easily Obama is accepted because he's black. Anyone of any race is capable of good and evil so race never matters.
Possibly the Anti-Christ is a body of people instead of one person alone. Isn't that idea analogous to the term "The Body of Christ"?

My guess would be the illuminati body, also.
I don't know much on the connection itself, but I've heard of some reports on the failing of Israel relations with the U.S. in regards to the Obama Admin:

Again, this is my own incomplete speculation. Someone fill me in on some insight.

Moundsville, WV

#4846 Nov 29, 2010
Obama's salvation is not on my hands. If he is the Anti-christ then halleluha... for the Lords day is coming. I am living in a special generation and I wouldn't want to miss it for nothing. If the anti-christ is someone else then I pray for those who condemed Obama falsly. I think he is a breath of fresh air for our country and a president that wasn't afraid to step into the future for our children. This country was in a discraceful mess. Which was not his fault by the way. He is making history. He took office at a time where our nation was falling into caos.

Grand Prairie, TX

#4847 Dec 30, 2010
I think some of you people need to stop pretending like everything non-American is evil, Not everyone is going to support the Us. Damm ignorant people!

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#4848 Dec 30, 2010
30Dec10.....Oh yes, Bob Loblah thinks that Obamo is the antiChrist ( no such thing ) alright. Put a black cape with red velvet underside around his shoulders and let his ears flap around in the wind and he will lift off the ground.

Ps: Maybe so high, that he won't touch down on this side of the pond for some time.

Bob Loblah rules.

Bob Loblah


#4849 Jan 31, 2011
obama is not Antichrist says coker

United States

#4851 Feb 12, 2011
Do ur research ppl.. Obama already admitted he is muslim and have visited mosques and concidered this u.s. Nation no longer christian but a muslim nation...he says muslims enriched america. He also bowed before a muslim king which no other president recorded in history has ever was on the news...his name in the oldest form if hebrew means lightning falling from the the book of Luke 10:18 quotes "and I behold satan as lightning falling from the heavens"...these things are sumthin to think about....checkout this link and scroll down to the 2 youtube videos on barak obama

United States

#4852 Feb 12, 2011

El Monte, CA

#4853 Feb 12, 2011
and u should be digging your grave because if what u said
Jeremiah A Pierce

Alcalde, NM

#4854 Mar 10, 2011
and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. Rev. 17:8

1. Barack Obama was President

2. Barack Obama is not President. Not a natural born citizen therefore not eligible for the presidency. The truth of Obama's birth place has been ignored even though he cannot prove his being born in the states.

3.Yet is: The certificate of birth he posted on the web was not the original one given by the hostpital with foot and hand print, so it is not proof of his birth place, yet he still holds the ofice

Aurora, CO

#4857 Mar 27, 2011
Any way whoever may be the AC,believe that JESUS is coming soon and if you are not eternally saved then you will be paid for your non-belief.Jesus is the WAY,the TRUTH and the LIFE.Believe him and live eternally.

Elk River, MN

#4858 Apr 3, 2011
The Same way Hiter, rose to power,
ALSO happened, to be in time of "Economic Chaos."
Which we have going on in this country, the same way
Barack "Hussein", who is NOT even a US citizen, has risen to power, and done nothing but LIE to us flat out, since day 1. And worked, on advancing his Radical, Idea of what HE thinks this country should be. Sorry Bub, Millions of Honorable patriots, gave thier lives, for this country, for freedom. And Anyone who's got half a brain left, will go to the grave to protect it.

Lawndale, NC

#4859 Apr 7, 2011
if u dont agree or whatever why read why comment why search out websites with anti obama article or oppinions?? just dont read, then insult with your racist mumbo jumbo!! why do so many have to insult and call people racist when you must be for thinking every one who doesnt like a black man is racist? your racist or schephrenic not every one is a racist that doesnt like him!!!!!!!!!!

Lawndale, NC

#4860 Apr 7, 2011
futher more just because he is not white does not mean he can not be anti christ, some people are amazing how they accuse and all but yet are so stupid and in denial as to look in the mirror and see the racist one is looking back at them!!!!!!!!!!

Chilliwack, Canada

#4861 May 1, 2011
so I know this is biblical, concerning the antichrist, I challenge those of you who know of prophecy to give us scripture quotes to match your belief. I am unable to directly pin point an exact scripture to evidence that Barack Obama is the antichrist. These things are not always as they seem. Never before has man been able to predict such things until after the fact only to realize it was another part of prophecy. I would like to have a quote from the bible as many as possible. Just because a man is Muslim does not mean he is a terroist. So called christian were natorise for horrific doings as well because of man missinterruptation of the bible and power.

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