CreaPlay provides adapted activities and classes for children!
Miss Maria Samaha, joined efforts with Mrs. Johanna Zantout, to establish a safe place for children, which combines entertainment, fun and education at the same time. This stems from their strong love for children in general and for healthy upbringing in particular.
CreaPlay Center is located in Hoops Hazmieh, and covers an area of 400 sqm, full of life and vivid colors. It is specifically designed for children aged between 1 and 12 years, to help them acquire useful skills through targeted activities.
CreaPlay is one of the rare places in Lebanon which combine entertainment and educational activities.
The children’s activities include creativity, crafts, creating three-dimensional objects, drawing and painting courses, cooking, music awareness, mini-piano, mini-violin, "Pilates" courses (use the mind to control muscles), specialized yoga classes for children, rhythmic gymnastics,, fun science, theater, and much more…
This center is characterized by a psychomotricity clinic that is open for any question related to children and to answer all their needs.
This is in addition to classes that aim to strengthen the bonds of the mother and child relationship.
CreaPlay opens its doors as of July 17th 2012 to all who wish to educate, and entertain their children, under the supervision of a professional team. In addition, the Center hosts CreaPlay birthdays and special events where all aspects are covered, including food, games, and organization.
To all who wish to visit CreaPlay, you are welcome to walk-in or book in advance.