Which is the most hated country in Eu...

Which is the most hated country in Europe?

Created by Defend Freedom on Jan 27, 2010

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Wiesbaden, Germany

#90 Jul 27, 2012
weird, germany is the most hated, but we have a shitload of immigrants, legal and illegal, who want to live here...

Grenoble, France

#92 Aug 16, 2012
Looks like France is the heavy on this thread. I would like to think there are some very nice people in France, but don't talk to me about the "Parisiens", rude, arrogant, pushy. I was on a cruise in Russia a few years ago and there was a large group of people from Paris on board. I overheard one of them say that the Americans were "pushy". I told him,"Yes we are very pushy, we pushed the Nazis out of your country while you sat on your lazy, chicken s**t ass and did nothing"
I think you don't know what you're talking about, more french died than Americans. Some french collaborated with Germans to save their ass, but many resisted and lost their lives. A vast majority of french in physical form was sent to fight, I only wonder if everybody in the US will go to fight to a certain death if you were invaded by a superior force...


Since: May 08

Leftists ruined my oatmeal!

#93 Sep 2, 2012
It's Luxembourg I tell you!!

The worst humans alive are in the monsterous hell-hole know as Luxembourg!

Tipton, UK

#95 Sep 25, 2012
why is the u.k so hated i am brittish and the u.k is actually not that bad so can someone tell me why they hate the u.k!!

London, UK

#97 Dec 25, 2012
mememe wrote:
Uk is more than one country. Put England up there on it's own and it will get loads of votes.
Nah,I'm Scottish and it wouldn't. Everyone in Scandanavia wanted to marry my English friend. I don't hate anyone but I'd say the French.

London, UK

#98 Dec 25, 2012
becky wrote:
why is the u.k so hated i am brittish and the u.k is actually not that bad so can someone tell me why they hate the u.k!!
They dont. Most of the hatred comes from the Irish,and the french.

London, UK

#99 Dec 25, 2012
lopez wrote:
I think the most hated country is the UK, which includes england, scotland, wales, northern ireland.
The reason the rest of europe hates us (the UK) is simply because they are jealous of our amazing country.
First country in europe to install democracy (since Ancient Greek times), USA's closest european ally, historic ties to many nations around the world via the commonwealth (eg. Canada, Australia, India, Jamaica, South Africa to name a few), first country to industrialise.
Whilst Italy was busy switching sides depending on who's winning, whilst Switzerland did nothing apart from steal nazi gold for themselves, and whilst the French were just sitting on their lazy asses being invaded, we were there from start to finish, bravely fighting alongside the USA (and Russia to an extent) not only for the freedoms of our countries but also for the French etc.
Its no surprise more people want to immigrate to the UK than any other european country - we are amazing
Slighty cocky,but we are awesome!
Central European

Kraków, Poland

#100 Dec 27, 2012
Russia. Barbaric, drunken horde that occupies half of Eurasia, responsible for countless atrocities. Shame of humankind.

Skive, Denmark

#101 Jan 2, 2013
(im not from germany)

Poor germany, germany is often a hated country because the the second world war being caused by him.
some people, though, dont understand that hitler werent from germany, and that the main reason why hitler were chosen, was because germany was literally piss-poor after the first world war, so they needed someone to get their country back up and running.
and in fact, Hitler did a good number of good things for germany in the start, but at the end, it turned out... you know...

Today, in germany, Nazism is illegal, and germany is as "civilized" as many other countries in europe.

You must understand that the war didn't necessarily
have something to do with the people living in germany.

Oberthal, Germany

#102 Jan 9, 2013
United Kingdom ! They are about to become a third world country soon .lol

Virginia Beach, VA

#103 Jan 28, 2013
Germany is a bunch of people with self hatred who can't get over the fact that they were Nazis 70 years ago, but they're not bad at all. They are unpopular amongst the other european "World Powers" (UK, France) for not supporting them in military actions. Their armed forces are crippled by left-wing socialists and a strong green party. Also, feminism is too much of a deal in Germany.(that's all "bad" that I could find about germany in my tiny little brain...:DD)

Montréal, Canada

#104 Feb 8, 2013
andet1987 wrote:
These countries are the most hated for legalizing prostitution:
Canada, England, France, Wales,Denmark, Mexico, Brazil,Israel, Australia, most Asian countries including Iran
prostitution is ilegal in Canada... and it's not in Europe...

Newbridge, Ireland

#106 Mar 15, 2013
had to vote for the uk being irish just because of the history an all... but i dont hate them theres still a ton of sound, very nice people there epeically in scotland and wales, even most the english are alright to... but i do hate all them sectarian loyalist pricks in the north of my own country who wont just fuck off

Kingston Upon Thames, UK

#108 Mar 19, 2013
the united kingdom gave the world the industrial revolution, tons of invetions such as the train the TV the light bulb stainless steel and of course the world wide web, the list goes on almost everything useful was a british invention. without britain Nazis would of taken over europe and yes of course america and russia also helped but its the only nation in western europe that didn't submit even though hitler tried to seek peace the UK as he admired britain and didn't want her as an enemy. and lets not forget britain gave the world the english language which your all using to dis the wonderful land. london is also one of the most culturally divers and interesting places in the world and its also the economic capital of europe. Britain should be seen as the hero of the weak European nations like france and admired by the ones that it defeated in battle like germany, if you have to hate someone make it germany they tried to take over europe twice (and never once stepped foot on british soil) or france for being so pathetic.

Stockholm, Sweden

#109 Mar 19, 2013
The United States is the most hated country in Europe!

USA out of Europe now!

And take your GLADIO bullsh!t with you!)

Since: Jan 13

Location hidden

#110 Mar 19, 2013
May I add... it's easy to judge a country if you've never been there.

Let's alter the question: what is the most hated country in Europe you actually visited?

That should change the outcome, I bet!

BTW, I am from Europe...

Bracknell, UK

#111 Mar 20, 2013
Alex wrote:
Me too.

Jakarta, Indonesia

#112 Mar 21, 2013
America, yes its not in Europe but its the most reviled country by a long score, cheifly due to their constant war mongering sticking their red obese noses into other peoples countries when they have no right eg Vietnam Korea and more recently Iraq Iran and Afghanistan. Their invention of Mcdonalds, kfc and just about every other poisonous health destroying "fast food" joints that are creating worldwide obesity epidemics, They make rubbish cheesy films with no substance cannot act for toffee and rely on useless special effects to try and compensate for their inability to write a half decent story. Their claiming to be Gods Country and devout christian souls, then gunning someone down on their lawn or giving someone their last meal then the electric chair,(so very godly and christian) Having a culture that goes as far as las vegas, plastic eiffel towers or pyramids in the sand, or dead los angeles as the Stranglers once dubbed it complete with women that look like freaks and men that look like aliens. A massive infestation of black negroes more than anywhere else on the planet continues to dilute this pathetic country.

Richardson, TX

#113 May 10, 2013
I would've thank that Great Britain would be on the top of the list because its more powerful and has more influence around the globe than France and Germany. You have to remember that it was the largest empire in history too until World War II.

Menlo Park, CA

#115 May 11, 2013

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