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Willowbrook, IL

#1 Jun 19, 2008
I am currently dating a lithuanian man. I am half black and asian this is the first European man I've dated. He is very secretive, aggressive, distant at times and doesn't like when I ask too many questions . I know he is not married I just need to know if this is the way most Lithuanian man are he's been in the states almost 10 years. I am not too sure if he is into me or if that is his culture or his lack of English skills.

He is 33. He not like violent agressive. But, communication skills are low because of the language barrier. Not big on affection either. He always says things like that's American Ways. I want to be cautious not to offend his culture. He is a really successful business man so his guarded ways could also be a form of trying to ween out gold diggers. I just really will like to know from other people who are lithuanian or have had PERSONAL experiences with lithuanian about how they are.

I should say his agression is more sexual than anything.
vilnius 123 vilius

Vilnius, Lithuania

#2 Apr 9, 2011
really lithuanians dont like to talk too much ,i m lithuanian and i dont like than my girlfriend asking me many questions ,but not all mens are agresive in our country ,3 facts obaut our mens:we working for family,we dont like talk too much but we can listen what talking you,if its our free day we want for peacful day we can go fishing,watch tw with beer, or just read the book about agression our guys beeing agressive then someone talking bad obaut my family,my women,if someone do not respect our privacy our home that all :)


#3 Nov 30, 2011
I'm asian and I'm dating one as well. He's studying to be a businessman actually... And he's almost quite similar to how you described your bf. Although He's loving and caring, but I just have this feeling that he may have someone else too. It kills me because I really like him.
I really don't know what to do...
Equal opportunity dater

Bronx, NY

#4 Aug 21, 2012
Wow. Stereotypes do come from somewhere! Some of it is rooted in reality for sure. I dated a Lithuanian guy years ago and I could never really trust him. Him and his friends, and brother didn't seem to value women and relationships too much. I went to Lithuania, met his family, and really enjoyed it. They had never seen black people before except on tv so it was interesting and cool. His family and Lithuanians in general loved me! I digress. I just started dating this Lithuanian guy, but I have the same exact concerns. So much so that I had to google about it and here I am. He is secretive, doesn't like to answer questions (not even about how old he is), doesn't seem to like even hugs in public (though it was our first outing), and seems defensive. He says he is not married and doesn't have kids but I wonder if the secrecy is because he is dating other people... which is fine... for now, since we just met. Thank you Vilnius for shedding some light on this from a Lithuanian male perspective. Culturally I'm wondering if we're too different. The standard in American relationships is being completely open and honest and forthcoming and communicative. How can you ever feel completely secure, safe, and loved without that... Not knowing my partner intimately makes it hard to give myself completely... we'll see what happens...

Dublin, Ireland

#5 Aug 27, 2012
Teenage guys can be really aggressive and disrespectful to women, more than a man. A man can still be aggressive and disrespectful too. It's how a a guy from Lithuania would be mostly like. Don't like to be asked questions because at the end of the day he might feel like you dont trust him so he doesn't like being asked.


#6 Sep 21, 2012
very much depends from family : if the father used to beat mother son will do the same with he's wife , for example:My father life is not attacking the mother , so i newer beat my girlfriend , We Lithuanians do not like to talk without sense (Lithuanian Quote says:better to keep quiet than appear foolish) , 're not Smiling for 2 reasons : do not want to look stupid or high-cost dental services Our teeth do not seem aesthetically , my house is my fortress so there s: I put money in building a self comfort , I am at home - the safest so, only then I feel great , family is like a wall , and therefore we believe only for family not for friends or something , Disliked spend a lot of money cafes, restaurants and constructing houses and fortune

Clifton, NJ

#7 Jun 6, 2013
I am predominantly Lithuanian and can say that I and all other Lithuanians I know are just like that. We may not form many bonds, but if a bond is formed it is practically unbreakable.

Clifton, NJ

#8 Jun 6, 2013
Also as vilinus said family comes before everything I would kill for my family, although I hope I never have to.

London, UK

#9 Jun 23, 2013
i dated a lithuanian guy and i can safely say he was the same secretive and abit controlling over my life !no problems telling me "dont do that "dont wear that " and as im irish it didnt last too long !


#10 Sep 25, 2013
Oh my god I'm so glad I found this its toattally answerd all of my questions because my bf is secrative, quite, doesn't like talking and not very loveing but he can be. He is lithuanian and I'm white english. I really like him and was worryed he didn't like me but I found this thanks for answering all my prays :)
lithuanian girl

Alicante, Spain

#11 Feb 11, 2014
First of all why would you date somebody of any culture who is not loving ,aggressive and doesn't want to communicate ? Do all lithuanians behave like that ermmm ofcourse not.... more educated,more traveled ,more outgoing ...the more chances guy is going to be loving etc.... even saying that though they are different and it can be a cultural shock because in the end its different believes ,languages ,families etc :) but I would personally wouldn't date one
english girl

London, UK

#12 Mar 16, 2014
I'm currently in a relationship with a lithuanian guy and he is lovely I'm english white/british and it does take a lot of time to understand there ways ...he can be sexually aggressive but he's never hurt me , he is a people pleaser and likes to always keep people happy he loves his family and will put his family before anyone. Yes some of the comments are true some lithuanian men are controlling because they are worried that otther guys will look at you .... But u get youesed tto it and my boyfriend is very effectionate and loving aswell as caring ....yes they don't tell you everythink at first but I'm sure once he knows he can fully trust you without having an argument and throwing shit back in there face they will open up to you. Overall I'd never change my lithuanian man for the world!

Windsor Locks, CT

#13 Apr 28, 2014
i recently met a lithuanian man and he was reluctant to tell me even his name. he asked what is it to me, hehe...i personally like how he is. i am an african american woman and very submissive so i admire his dominance

upon speaking to him we have many disagreements and have fought for hours but he doesnt back down and i like that. i think if you dont have the patience to get to know them (even if you do fight and argue) he will not be for you. i find it charming and would like to find out about the sexual aggression he has.

in conclusion, i am still learning about him and i like him already. i think we will have many more exchanges of words and i think he likes the fact that i dont back down (well eventually i do he can outlast me in an argument) and it has built up some sexual tension between us. he has demanded i tell him things i didnt want to say and i cant lie to him even if i wanted to.he is a dream come true. probably a viking or something hehe...
American girl

London, UK

#14 May 6, 2014
I'm a black American currently staying in London. I'm dating a Lithuanian guy and oddly enough he's the opposite of these things! very talkative, open about his life. however, family is definitely first for sure. he also was a business major so that part is also true. I guess it just depends on the guy. but, he also is sexually aggressive. not in a bad way though. perhaps some of these stereotypes really do have fact in them. only problem may be a bit of a language barrier. I didn't realize a few I suppose major differences between American and British English until now.
Mexican girl

La Paz, Mexico

#15 Jun 3, 2014
I recently met a Lithuanian guy and he's the opposite of what you wrote girls! He's pretty lovely, he's caring, he talks a lot about his life, family, job and the things he likes to do, he ask me about everything and I'm so happy. I don't think all Lithuanians are like what you said and I also think those are just 'stereotypes', people say the same things about asians and my best friend is dating a korean and the guy is more caring and lovely than her lol. Honestly there are cold, secreative and agressive men in every single country of this world, so if you're not happy with your partner then move on.


#16 Jun 20, 2014
I live in Edinburgh - this is the place that has the most Lithuanians outside of Lithuania - I'm also dating a Lithuanian guy. He's actually the most open, honest, friendly person. He sometimes doesn't know what to say as Lithuanians aren't always the loudest - that may be a stereotype that is true. But all the Lithuanians I've worked with (except 1 or 2 kind of mental young women) have been totally normal and exactly the same as my culture in most things, they haven't seemed 'foreign' or 'different' at all and most Lithuanians have a more 'Scandinavian' presence than Eastern European in some things i.e. level of English, education etc.

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