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Hornchurch, UK

#21 Apr 3, 2012
I did the exact same thing to my ex.

United States

#23 Sep 14, 2012
dtrodge32 wrote:
men love head from anyone,This will teach they ass a lesson.
You are a moron. Judging by the way you speak tells me that you have no idea what is going on. You sound like an ignorant fool who knows nothing about this article and that you should quit while you're at it. What lesson is being taught from this? She engaged into oral sex with this guy and knew what she was getting herself into. He had no idea she was going to use his sperm for her own selfish reason. Put yourself if his shoes for a second. Would it be right if someone stole your sperm and didn't tell you that she got herself pregnant with it? You would be upset if something this unexpected was brought apon you.

Singapore, Singapore

#24 Sep 16, 2012
Fallen Angel wrote:
The girl in question (you can't really call her a woman, because true women wouldn't do such a dishonest thing)should NOT expect to get ANY help from the MAN she stole the sperm from. It was USED WITHOUT HIS permission, therefore, he shouldn't be held responsible for "HER ACTIONS".She KNEW he didn't want children and used his sperm to get pregnant anyway. She got pregnant ON HER OWN and should raise that child ALONE!!!!!!!!!
childish ,
go check on DNA if belong to the father then he should bear it. if not aure this lady not your marridge partner then why he wanna F her? since he did it then should learn to face it! bear and hold the responsible
Working man

Austin, MN

#26 Dec 18, 2012
I slept with a hooker a black one I used a condom she took the condom off me and said she do it in the garbage but when I went to the garbage I did not find it we had sex two different times and she took it both times when I see this posting it makes me think maybe she did

Singapore, Singapore

#27 Jan 15, 2013
A woman has the sole right to decide whether or not she wants to be a mother or to have an abortion; a man has the right to decide whether or not he wants to be a father or to have a 'financial and social' abortion towards the child so to speak. A man should no more be forced to pay for a child he does not want any more than a woman to be forced to keep a child in her womb that she does not want. If a woman gave up her rights to her child, it is called adoption; if a man tried to do the same, it is calld abandonment and desertion.

Singapore, Singapore

#28 Jan 15, 2013
So much for equality in the Western World.

Ironwood, MI

#33 May 4, 2013
That's just f-ing wrong!!!!!!! Why would someone wanna trick someone like that f-ing sick!

Pasadena, CA

#34 Sep 24, 2013
"It is outrageous that this man would be forced to pay for a child that wasn't even born of his actions."
But that is where you are wrong. A child did result from his having oral sex.
"The idea of the sperm being a gift is fine, assuming the women is held solely responsible for what she does with the gift.
If my father bought me a gun for my birthday he wouldn't go to jail because I shot someone with it. The gift came with a social contract attached to it, I'll put my sperm here so we don't get pregnant. The women then used the "gift" for what it was clearly not intended for and was rewarded for breaking said social contract."
You can't compare gun rights to child support claims. These are 2 wildly different things.
"That lady should be jailed and the child given to the closest relative that wants it, or put in an orphanage."
You can't jail a women because technically she broke no law. And throwing a child in an orphanage when both parents are alive and capable is cruel to the child.
"Furthermore this b.s. argument that he should be ok paying child support because it is meant for the child's well being is some crazy outrageous claim.$800 a $%^#@&^ month, for 18 years, because an insane person stole your DNA from you is no less than extortion. If he had, had proper sex with this women obviously there could be no argument. However, he was deceived and as a result robbed."
The woman who did this is not insane, just morally repugnant. He was not robbed of his sperm. He gave it willingly. And paying child support is not extortion.
"This sort of garbage isn't why women are so often looked at so poorly in the states, they do plenty of other things to give themselves a bad image: infidelity, man hating, money grubbing, constantly bitching, weaponizing sex, weaponizing children, threatening divorce/child support, and countless other acts that regularly debase and degrade their masculine counterparts while simultaneously demanding that they will not be treated in the same regard."
You sound like an asshole misogynist. Women in the states are not looked down poorly where I come from.
"This sort of garbage in is however a perfect example of why men deserve to have reproductive rights just as well as women."
I agree. Men should have equal rights. You have the right to choose your mates. To ask for paternity tests and pay child support even if you don't want to.
"The idea that because the women carries the parasite for 9+/- months is not a good enough excuse for them to be in sole control of how or whether or not the child is born."
A baby is not a parasite. The women should have complete control over her body like the man. You can't just say well I don't want this baby so I am going to beat this pregnant women's belly until she miscarries.If you don't want the women to get pregnant, don't have sex. And to be on the safe side don't get a blow job because if the woman you have sex with is as morally degenerate as you, she might impregnate herself with it.
"If it is going to be there should be a standard that makes them solely responsible for the child as well. Forcing someone to pay for something they had limited to no say in, would never happen to a corporation, government, or organization and shouldn't happen to real individuals."
Please don't bring in corporations governments and other organizations into this argument. They are not people.
"This women should have been tried and jailed not only for her crimes and insanity."
Again I say she committed no crime. She did not rape this man. If she did rape this man then she should be jailed.
"Women will be held accountable for their impulsive, irrational, insanity and Men will not be forced to support breeding machines that intentionally used their DNA under false pretenses or out right lies."
Your right she should be held accountable for her actions, but not at the expense of her child's well being. And women are not breeding machines that are being supported by men.

Pasadena, CA

#35 Sep 24, 2013
I wish to continue with my rant on what should happen legally. There are no laws in the states protecting men from these unwanted oral sex surprises.
In Sweden there are laws that are very applicable in the vaguest sense. One such law is called "Sex by surprise." Basically this law comes into effect when 2 consenting individuals agree to have sex in which a condom is negotiated for, only for the man to pull the condom off this ultimately becomes an illegal act because the woman is then risking pregnancy, potential STDs, and this was not what she bargained for.Which is pretty messed up. Hence "Sex by Surprise."
Perhaps there should be a law written specifically because of this case called "Pregnancy by Surprise." This law would specifically state that the unauthorized use of sperm from oral sex negotiated before hand can not be used for insemination after it is established that no pregnancy is wanted from the "gift giver's" end and this would be a punishable offense. The "Gift giver" will be able to take legal actions such as sue for emotional distress and fraud or a reduction in child support. Much like a Swedish women who are exposed to diseases and/or unwanted pregnancy, a man suing for "Pregnancy by Surprise" would compensate much the same.
lil fap fap

United States

#37 Oct 7, 2013
Her kid swam in her mouth before? That's crayzee you guys!!!!! That's why u make her spit it back in your hand like taking a gum from a child
Crazy Fact

Blue Island, IL

#39 Nov 25, 2013

It's possible, this instance is very bizzare, but it's possible

Toronto, Canada

#43 Mar 19, 2014
Radiate_Truth wrote:
Woman steals man's sperm after oral sex to get pregnant
A judge made a wise decision indeed in a rather complicated case connected with illegal use of sperm. A man sued his ex-girlfriend, when he found out that she had secretly used his sperm to conceive a child. The judge ruled that the woman's actions could not be viewed as criminal, because the man had given his sperm to her on a voluntary basis.
Dr. Richard Phillips sued Dr. Sharon Irons several years ago. Phillips said that his former girlfriend, Irons, deceived him by stealing his own semen that she obtained through oral sex. The woman subsequently used Phillips's sperm to get pregnant without his knowledge. The two lovers had parted by that moment, and Richard Phillips knew nothing about the baby. The ex-girlfriend also surprised her former boyfriend. Sharon Irons filed a paternity suit seeking monthly allowance for the baby. That was the moment, when Phillips learnt that he was a father. The doctor was ordered to pay $800 a month to support his child. Richard Phillips in his turn accused his former lover of "calculated, profound personal betrayal" and required a compensation for the moral damage. Irons did not plead guilty, having said that she did nothing bad for her former partner. The woman added that Pillips's anguish could not be considered a reason for a lawsuit. The court agreed with Irons's arguments, but Pillips refused to give up and filed an appeal. The Illinois Appeals Court has finally acknowledged the rightfulness of the deceived man. The court ruled that Sharon Irons had a sexual affair with Richard Phillips to obtain his semen. Oral sex eventually resulted in pregnancy, which is obviously impossible, and testifies to premeditated fraudulent intentions of the woman, the court said. The judge added, however, that it was not correct to accuse Irons of sperm theft. Ejaculation was a gift of the plaintiff. Furthermore, there was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request, the decision said.
I have witnessed first hand a lot worse. Desperate, single baby crazie women actually drugging men with a date rape drug, then putting a condom on the man after he is passed out and these women will proceed to jerk the man off until he ejaculates. The sperm are alive and well for a good hour , and self insemination is successful if they time it right. Then these greedy ass rapists show up on your door step wanting money when the kid is born. Wrecks lives. And so wrong.
Not a doctor

Rockville, MD

#45 Jun 23, 2014
This whole thing is very suspicious. First of all, the saliva in a persons mouth is a type of gastric juice, and the most powerful one. It's the first step in breaking down the food particles for digestion. It's highly doubtfull if a living sperm cell would have lasted more than a few seconds under those conditions.
And now your a doctor ???....
Purely Canadian

Stony Plain, Canada

#46 Jun 23, 2014
Now all you guys will be checking to see if they've spat (and where) or swallowed. Lol

Austin, TX

#50 Jan 23, 2015
Always make sure they swallow. No exceptions!

Cleveland, TN

#53 Dec 20, 2015
E-Dot wrote:
Are you E'Fin serious? A gift? Ok call it that,
If you will! You cannot get pregnant from oral sex so to charge this man with child support due to an act that CANNOT result in a child is ridiculous.. Once again women can do as they want and turn to the courts to back them on their bullshit.
Explains why there's so much hate and disrespect for women from men!
Uhm, you really think they meant she got pregnant from the act of oral sex?? You're a fucking moron, firstly!!! Secondly, would the thought not cross your mind that during oral sex, after the man came in her mouth, that she couldn't save that sperm to induce herself with a baby??? Eyeah, try thinking next time dumbass!!

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