Nowadays, people become busier and they tend to spend less time on shopping. The best solution for them is online shopping. They just stay at home or office, by some simple clicks, can easily order stuffs they want.
An effective online store is the one that provide their customers the fastest way to buy the goods or products. So why not install Magento advanced quick order for your site. This Magento quick order extension allows buyers quickly add familiar products into shopping cart all in one click without spending time in browsing through categories tab and product detail page.

Magento Quick Order allows to use Ajax suggestion to add product by providing some characters in SKU or product subscription.

When a Magento website have a set of clients that visit the store frequently and always buying a set of products, using Magento quick order extension will help your customer save a lot of time browsing through your site and get the order completed in a minute. Store owner can increase loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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