Was 9/11 a conspiracy??

Was 9/11 a conspiracy??

Created by djhixx on Oct 13, 2007

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well, im not sure


Tower Hill, IL

#254472 Mar 30, 2013
Porkpie Hat wrote:
<quoted text>
Now THAT'S funny!
What's so funny???
He said he is writing a book that will be published soon. I want to read the book.
I fail to see the humor.

Tower Hill, IL

#254473 Mar 30, 2013
StellarKnight wrote:
The subtitle should really raise some hackles. huh.
From Symptom to Reality in Modern History.
An another example of Fact is stranger than Fiction.
My analysis is, no one can make this up without some proof and/or evidence. As for the question of truth... I'm not blindly dismissing it until I know more about it.

Tower Hill, IL

#254474 Mar 30, 2013
StellarKnight wrote:
<quoted text>
The Esoteric Antichrist
Thank you

Cameron, MO

#254475 Mar 30, 2013
onemale wrote:
What's so funny???
He said he is writing a book that will be published soon. I want to read the book.
I fail to see the humor.

You dont want to read a mason book about masonry. No truth in it. They cant tell the truth.
Instead find the many Christians who expose the cult of masonry. Ralph Epperson has a few. This individual also, and its now free online..
Also: Rulers of Evil, by Tupper Saussy, can be found free online.
These books are well footnoted.

Cameron, MO

#254476 Mar 30, 2013
Rulers of Evil
F.Tupper Saussy


Rulers of Evil
Finding the lost
by F. Tupper Saussy

THE ONE SURE FACT OF AMERICAN HISTORY is that the United States was conceived in secrecy. Our history’s most trustworthy witness, Charles Thomson, a classical scholar who kept detailed minutes of the clandestine proceedings of the Continental Congress from 1774 to 1789, destroyed all of his personal papers relative to these defining events.

My investigation began with a general overview of the federal district, Washington, DC. No studious observer looking for meaning can help but discern in Washington an architectural and monumental presence that is almost overwhelmingly Roman.

I focused on the city’s most hallowed edifice, the Capitol. A cursory title search on the real estate upon which it stands turned up a surprise. In 1663, the property that would become the Capitol’s site was inscribed in the Maryland property records as “Rome,” its owner a man named “Pope.” The southern boundary of this property was shaped by a river named for the river that runs through Rome, the Tiber.

I further discovered that “Rome” was transferred to the federal government in the years following ratification of the Constitution by its owner, Daniel Carroll. Carroll was the chairman of a three-man commission appointed by President George Washington to find a suitable location for the capital city. A signer of the Declaration of Independence, Daniel Carroll was a Roman Catholic educated by Jesuits in Maryland and France. His brother John was a Jesuit priest.




Cameron, MO

#254477 Mar 30, 2013

Rulers of Evil
by Tupper Saussy

In 1139 Pope Innocent issued a bull placing the Templars under an exclusive vow of papal obedience - a measure by which Aimeric effectively put all Templar resources at the disposal of the papacy. As their list of properties lengthened with donations from Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary and the Holy Land, the Templars built hundreds of stone castles. Convinced they were building a new world, the Templars called each other frère maçon (brother mason). Later this was anglicized into Freemason.

Finally, on Friday, October 13, 1307, King Philip of France arrested all but thirteen of the Templars in France, tried them and, upon evidence of their practice of the cabalah, found them guilty of blasphemy and magic. At least fifty knights were burned at the stake.

A subtle provision in the Vox clamantis transferred most of the Templar estates to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, who took possesion after King Philip's death. In Germany and Austria, the Templars became "Rosicrucians" and "Teutonic Knights." The Teutonic Knights grew strong in Mainz, birthplace of Guetenberg's press. Six centuries later, as the "Teutonic Order," the Knights would provide the nucleus of Adolf Hitler's political support in Munich and Vienna.

The Edinburgh lodge would become the headquarters of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which Masonic historians call "American Freemasonry" because all but five of the signers of the Declaration of Independence are said to have practiced its craft. In Spain and Portugal the Templars became the "Illuminati", and the "Knights of Christ." It was under the red pattée cross of the Knights of Christ that Columbus had taken possession of what he called "las Indias" for King Ferdinand V of Spain, the Holy Roman Emperor.(Tupper Saussy, Rulers of Evil, pp.39-40)

Cameron, MO

#254478 Mar 30, 2013
StellarKnight wrote:
It is not my job to instruct you. I have a book coming out soon will if they don't whack me first LOL...will show definatively the use of dates in time and the numbers 33 and 66 and 999 and 666 to pull off tremendous events of chaos in history in order by using those numbers to 'cloud the consciouness' of humanity.
Want a short course?
Watch the '6'
911 ground breaking for the pentagon gets under way
911 oh so suddenly becomes an 'emergency' phone number made mandatory in the 80s for all states to adopt.* note CIA skull and bonesman Bush entered the white house in 1980.
"The men called their organization the "Brotherhood of Death," or, more informally, "The Order of Skull and Bones." They adopted the numerological symbol 322 because their group was the second chapter of the German organization, founded in 1832. They worshipped the goddess Eulogia, celebrated pirates, and covertly plotted an underground conspiracy to dominate the world."

and 666 comes from Rome..


Cameron, MO

#254479 Mar 30, 2013

After the Jesuits were suppressed in 1773 as the Illuminati they organized revolutions with the Templar's Freemason society. Having caused the American and French revolutions the new world order went global.

Freemason Grand Secretary General and historian Albert Mackey admits the degrees of Freemasonry were written at that time by the Jesuit/Illuminati modeled on the Templars.

Washington DC was founded by the Freemason-Templars and Jesuits in the Catholic colony Maryland, and that is who still runs it today!

Their declaration of a new world order is on the back of the US Dollar in Latin with the Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI (1776). This secular New Order replaced the Catholic old order-holy roman empire.

With the US Civil War (1860) they took the states having been previously limited in jurisdiction to DC. With the Protestant governed states no more the Union of the Americas was founded (1889), located in Washington DC.
The first of many regional unions to follow.

Next, they founded the Pilgrim Society. It was members of this society who would found the Federal Reserve (1913) and the CFR & RIIA roundtables (1920).

After staging the Russian Revolution (1913) the conspiracy moved into China (1921).


After WW 1 & 2 the CFR founded the United Nations on land donated by the Rockefellers.

The state of Israel was founded for the Jesuits' grand endtime Christian-Zionist deception.

Then who did 9/11 and all wars & revolutions since?

Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Blackwater Xe Crusades
Backwater was founded by the Knighted Roman Catholic Erik Prince with former CIA and fellow Knights of Malta Cofer Black and Joseph Schmitz.
Many of their mercs come from the South American dirty wars serving other divisions of Blackwater.

The NWO actors move Islam into the West.

Washington allied with Muslim Brotherhood




Cameron, MO

#254480 Mar 30, 2013
looks like they've changed up Rockefeller's PBS link a bit.

And they not only were instrumental in founding the UN but also the WTC towers that were even named after the Rockefeller brothers. This is why they leased the towers to Silverstein just before the event -- as the fallguy. Her has been in no trouble for his part.

Since: Aug 11

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#254481 Mar 30, 2013
I just used the scroll button. Nothing relevant.
Charlie Sheen

Lincoln, NE

#254482 Mar 30, 2013
WasteWater wrote:
I just used the scroll button. Nothing relevant.
What, You don't like crazy theories with no basis in reality?
Charlie Sheen

Lincoln, NE

#254483 Mar 30, 2013
onemale wrote:
<quoted text>
What is the name of your book?
Billy The Bunny's Trip On the Short Bus.
Charlie Sheen

Lincoln, NE

#254484 Mar 30, 2013
StellarKnight wrote:
33 degrees a mason makes........make no mistakes.
under the skull and bones of Yale is the number 322
this ghost ship from England which set ashore in Amweirca in 1832.
3 x 22 is '66
or take the number 322 and under it place 233 then mulltiply them by themselves vertically.
x2x3x3= 666
This should blow your mind for a year, you do realize when multiple, count numbers, use dates and other methods you are just forcing the number to come out the way you want it too.
HELLHEAVEN sounds like eleven phonetically
Yasser Arafat dies 11.11.2004
Nelson Mandela released - 11th February 1990
First telephone call by Alexander G. Bell - 11th March 1876
US Civil War began - 11th April 1861-12th April 1861
Boer War began - October 11th 1899
Lourdes vision seen - 11th February 1858
The Bali bombing and how they occurred 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day after the September 11th attacks
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 always has her emblem written like this E11R
September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2+5+4 = 11
The date of the attack: 9/11 - 9 + 1 + 1 = 11
After September 11th there were 111 days left to the end of the year.
Crucifixion = 11 A huge cross was formed from the charred metal at ground zero.
Twin Towers - standing side by side, looks like the number 11
The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11 by American Airlines or AA -> A=1st letter in alphabet so we have 11:11
The first tower collapsed in eleven seconds.
Encarta World Atlas says that New York City and the World Trade Centre fall exactly on 74 degrees west, 7+4 = 11
Flight #11 - 2 pilots + 9 attendants = 11 in the crew
Flight #175 - 65 on board - 6+5=11
Mohamed Atta -(the pilot that crashed into the World Trade Center)
Paul Tibbets - the pilot of plane that bombed Hiroshima with atomic bomb; Plane was called Enola Gay B 29->11 (sum of digits)
Ramzi Yousef -(orchestrated the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993)
State of New York - 11th State added to the Union
New York City
The USS Enterprise is in the gulf during the attack its ship number is 65N +5=11
British Army
Nuclear Bomb
The Civil War
Hudson River
Empire State (is now the tallest building in New York).
Nationalism (is stronger now in the United States).
Armed Forces
War on terror
World war one
World war two
World war III
New York City emergency is 911
Armed Forces
Construction of the Pentagon began (the ground breaking ceremony) September 11th, 1941
Charlie Sheen

Lincoln, NE

#254485 Mar 30, 2013
The World Trade Center was built from 1966 to 1977... taking 11 years.
Remembrance day is November 11.
November is also the 11th month
The Pentagon
The number of storeys of the World Trade Centre was 110 (2x) 110 - 110 11:11
Josef Stalin
Ayrton Senna
John McEnroe
Shimon Perez
Mount Carmel
Mohamed Omar,
Ariel Sharon
Harry Potter
Jesus Christ
Moshe Rabenu
David Blaine
Air Force One,
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter
Antony Blair
Derren Brown
Saudi Arabia
Colin Powell U.S. Secretary of State
The American Zip Code for NYC is 10001
Adolf Hitler
Hani Hanjour attacked the Pentagon,
Mohamed Atif, Osama Bin Laden's partner,
Kalashnikov Osama Bin Laden carries with him
Karachi City
Fourth of July, is the seventh month so 4+7 = 11 (Independence Day)
John Kennedy.
Flight 93 crashed into a Pennsylvania field at 10.10 AM, remove the zeroes = 11
Uri Geller born 20, Dec.1946. 1+9+4+6+2+0=22.11+11=22.
Nikita Khrushchev died on September 11 1971.
11 Downing Street is where the Chancellor of the Exchequer tries to balance the economic state of the United Kingdom.
The total solar eclipse of August the eleventh 1999 was on 11.11 AM, GMT.
Uri stopped Big Ben at 11.11 AM, GMT April the 30th 1997.The year 2002-2+2=22=11:11,
Eiffel Tower could be the next target,
Pearl Harbor.
Star of David.
Red Crescent.
The Red cross
Revelations. The book of revelations is powerful and has significant meaning relating to these numbers! You might want to read these verses 101, 1001, 1010. 1011, 1101, 1110, and 1111.
War Declared is eleven letters.
I just realised that I have been living for many years in a house with pillars resembling 11.11- have a look!
The Faith of a Little Girl.
We need to learn from children in prayer.
Here is another significant event from Sky news on the 11:11 theme .....
Harry Patch, the last survivor of World War 1 to fight in the trenches, has died. He passed away this morning at a care home in Somerset, aged 111.
Also, if you use his full 'proper' name you get ..... Harold Patch (11 letters):-)
Barack Obama = 11 born on 4-8-1961 lifelesson 4+8+1+9+6+1 = 29 2+9 = 11
Madonna was born on 16-8-1958 lifelesson 1+6+8+1+9+5+8 = 38 3+8 = 11

Cameron, MO

#254486 Mar 30, 2013
Skull and Bones wrote:
"The men called their organization the "Brotherhood of Death," or, more informally, "The Order of Skull and Bones." They adopted the numerological symbol 322 because their group was the second chapter of the German organization, founded in 1832. They worshipped the goddess Eulogia, celebrated pirates, and covertly plotted an underground conspiracy to dominate the world."

The Templars were dissolved by the Papal Bull on March 22, 1312, or 322!

"The pope announced this decision in an assembly of the cardinals, on 22 March, 1312. On 3 April the second formal session of the council was held; the French king and his three sons were present, and the decision respecting the suppression of the Templars was promulgated. The Bull of Suppression "Vox clamantis" is dated 22 March, 1312."

Although the Templars continued on as the knights of Christ in Portugal and at the Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland where Freemasonry was founded. 700 years later the pope absolved the Templars.

Founder of Skull and Bones was William Russell, a Templar bloodline and Freemason, who also founded the Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower Society.
dukes and lords = Templars & Freemasons

The knights have been knighting themselves every since Napoleon. Skull and Bones are a new Templar founded knighthood, the Knights of Eulogia.

College fraternities and secret societies..

Cameron, MO

#254487 Mar 30, 2013
US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, meets with the Pope, bows, kisses his ring.

Since: Aug 11

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#254488 Mar 30, 2013
Charlie Sheen wrote:
<quoted text>
What, You don't like crazy theories with no basis in reality?
After seeing the same nonsense thousands of times, you are correct.

Since: Aug 11

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#254489 Mar 30, 2013
Does anyone know how high the pile was after the Twin Towers collapsed. My guess is around 100'.

Gwinn, MI

#254491 Mar 30, 2013

Tower Hill, IL

#254492 Mar 30, 2013
WasteWater wrote:
Does anyone know how high the pile was after the Twin Towers collapsed. My guess is around 100'.
I don't know but much if it was in the basement. According to fire fighters there were tons of moIten steel in the basement.

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