Why do Turkish men cheat

Taunton, MA

#367 Jan 12, 2013
I'm so sorry for all that you have been through. Yes, it really is unbelievable the shit that these guys pull! Hang in there and be strong! They usually come back for Round 2- with tears and stories of how much they love & miss you, only do do the whole thing over again! It makes no sense to NORMAL people why they do this. If a Turrkish guy tells you the sky is blue- DON'T BELIEVE THEM!:)

Beograd, Serbia

#368 Jan 12, 2013
Thanks for support Badass
I thought how someone must be in brain really screwed up to do things he did to me.. Just because those "love words" I really thought he loves me and I love him .... Eventually one other Turk told me he is playing with me .. Now I saw how thing stand and I am lucky cause I dont want a bastard in my life anymore.... If they (Ottomans) learned to won others like trophy's it doesnt mean they can play with people's life like that... It is really amazing how someone can act that much (better then actor).. but what I couldn't get at all .... what was the use of that acting for him .... wasn't it easier to say at beginning _ I dont want to be with you .....

Beograd, Serbia

#369 Jan 12, 2013
Cuca wrote:
I was dating a Turkish guy for 5 months only and when he came to my country, he started to control my every step. He got jealous many times and he was also aggressive because he read all my emails or facebook and skype messages. We had a lot of fights and then I found out he cheated on me. So, for him it's okay that he cheated but I can't even keep a contact with my old friends... Also, he said to me it's fine that Turkish men have sex with prostitutes although they have girlfriends. He minded I wasn't a virgin after some time of dating. When I wanted to break up with him, he threatened me with his suicidal tendencies and he and his friends arranged everything for me to believe that he really tried to kill himself.
I have more bad experiences with Turkish men. One of them, doctor, wanted to "just talk with some foreigner" and invited me to a hospital where he worked and I was really stupid because I was told to come there for examination of my knees. But, of course, he wanted just sex and I felt really abused and I had to literally run from his intentions.
One other Turk, a university teacher, is trying to seduce so many girls anytime he has an opportunity. And this is really disgusting because he is newly married with a foreigner girl with a newborn baby.
This is unpleasant and I wish nothing like this will happen to you. Turkish men always want everything very quickly, but you should be with him at least few years and get to know him very well before you marry or have a baby with him. I really hate prejudices and stereotypes and I've always defended Turkish men against my friends and family but this is reality, something that happened to me and I think by breaking up with "my" Turk, I made a really good decision. I really like and adore Turkish culture but I am done with Turkish men for good!
This false suicide notes I lived too with that Turkish guy and it was all lie.. On one side he says he tried to kill himself cause I left him, and on other side he is spending time chatting with another woman on some dating sites ... It was a big shock for me .. good thing is I knew it all on time.... Stay away from them is best thing to do ...


#370 Feb 13, 2013
personal experience here . dO NOT TRUSTV A TURK. THEY ARE GREAT IN THE BEggining then the worst man ...
bayro alex


#371 Feb 21, 2013
hi everyone ı am turkısh man yes mans are cheat not just turkısh man all the man everywhere ın the world u all just keep comment shıt staff about turkısh man cumon no body ıs that sılly to cant see that what about gırls they all come over here and cheat on they husband and boyfrıend coz they say whatever they do here ıts all stay here what ıs that all about cumon plz lets be honest ı have a englısh wıfe and 2 kids ıt dont mean ı cheat on her

Hamar, Norway

#372 Feb 24, 2013
In Turkey three years ago I did meet a handsome turkish man. We have a lot of fun each year. And do miss each other.We mail a lot. I live in Norway. The "problem" is that he is married to a girl from Belgium. They did marry two years ago. I did not know that. And he have been waiting to come to her country. This year he lives with her. Permanently in her country. But he will still meet me. In secret. In Belgium.
So yes. Turkish men do cheat.

Istanbul, Turkey

#373 Mar 1, 2013
Just a warning to every woman who wants or thinking about marrying a Turk: PLEASE DON'T.

My husband cheated on me and got AIDS from a European woman. I only found out when she contacted me via Facebook. At first my Turkish husband denied his cheating ways. However, over time he got sick and went to the doctor. Turns out he had AIDS (no not HIV but AIDS!!!).

I am thankful for the lady for contacting me. My husband could have put not only my life but the lives of our young children in danger as well of catching this disease.

I won't be marrying a Turkish man ever again. Turkish women can have their diseased men.

Hilversum, Netherlands

#374 Mar 1, 2013
i feel so stupid now after reading all this.. im having an afair with a turkish man yes maried to and 8 years younger than me.. an the worst thing is he is my neighbour.. i love him so much and we both sneak out at night to see eachother or meet befor he goes to work or befor he comes home this has been going on for nearly a year... he is kind an loving but he likes to have is own way in bed. but thinks of me to so why do turkish men like to have women when there maried .. an i am older than him
turkish boy

Ankara, Turkey

#375 Mar 29, 2013
hello my brothers and sisters, im just a normal turkish boy for me. first im sorry for my poor and rude english and it'll be lit bit longer writing. i couldnt believe when i read all these comments. forgive me but u can live bad things with some people and then u can not make a general comment about it for other people especially about a colony otherwise it shows u r a racist. i dont blame any body. also when i saw these comments, i thought that these owner of comments are same like who talked about turkish boys. till now i lived with my honour and no doubt i'll die with my honour so my family thought me that live with ur honour. there s an idiom in turkey, not all fingers are same in a hand. i dont say that all turkish boys r excellent, but that doesnt mean all turkish boys r bad. i didnt have any one in my life, when i had a gf. around me people work and married and they have nice families. for summer foreign people come to turkey and they think they really come to turkey and meet with turkish people.
in fact itz a f.ckin lie coz turkey mean not only turistic places, i have less people around me who can go same places where u go. u meet there with people, who lives normaly east of turkey (i dont say kurdish people, also they have bad and good people among them) and they go to work west of turkey where u go for holiday and these people in their life not social and they r not well educated. at the other hand owners of the shops in turistic places are not turkish, half of them are kurdish and other 40% percent is foreign so really less percent s only turkish. in real u dont see much turkish and for me also u dont see real turkey, only u think u see turkey. there r some fool women, thats absolutely true. coz they r 60s and when a boy cared with her who s 20s these women dont understand this boy doesnt love her in fact so wat a mind is this?? i saw this in fethiye with an english woman and eastern turkish boy. did u lose ur mind about this? i think no, coz english boys like young girls, and im sorry english old ladies find silly boys who s unedicated or no even chracters boys. and they try to find hapiness with these men or boys. also there r some local people who has home and family in center and they have all different foreign people for summer. sorry but some girls r comin for these people. but why do i accept this situation for all turkish boys or men? there will be always bad boys and men among people like good people. if u love really, always give a chance for urself. doesnt matter a turkish or someone else. not live with people comments, but not lose ur mind 2 coz if u r 60s and if a boy cares with u who s 20s so not wait love from this. there r bad and good boys like bad and good girls. my dear friends u pay too much money to come turkey with our money. and u see a fake turkey that isnt about my culture and my people. i hope we all find truly things for us in our lifes. if u have any question kindly, i can answer and my email is ` beyazimtrak@windowslive.com `. im belongs to middle of turkey. im one of them with ur describes coz i have black hair and dark brown eyes so should i be shame coz of how i look like? plz always think positive about people, i love all people, yes there r bad people but that doesnt mean all they r bad. i have been in the usa and europe and i saw many people who helped me. and still i keep in touch with these people. i saw also bad people but remembering them is easy. so dont be easy person. we r all human. i hope i could explain my thoughts. if i used a wrong word, sorry again. i wanted to share my ideas clearly. kind regards. mustafa

London, UK

#376 Mar 30, 2013
kat wrote:
i feel so stupid now after reading all this.. im having an afair with a turkish man yes maried to and 8 years younger than me.. an the worst thing is he is my neighbour.. i love him so much and we both sneak out at night to see eachother or meet befor he goes to work or befor he comes home this has been going on for nearly a year... he is kind an loving but he likes to have is own way in bed. but thinks of me to so why do turkish men like to have women when there maried .. an i am older than him
" Babe, from personal experience, trust me he is using you for the experimental sex slave games. Believe all the comments on this site and DO NOT TRUST a Turkish man. The majority of them are married, and have no intention of leaving their first wife. Regardless of how evil, ugly, boring, crap she is they will stick to her like fleas to shit. Why they do this? Baffles me, maybe it's pride, maybe it's cause the first wife has son's to him. Son's are a major asset to a Turkish family and they will put up with anything to keep them . So my dear, sorry to be so blunt, but cut all ties with this twat, sex will eventually lose it's novelty. Remember one thing "if the love ain't paying your bills, them it's empty". Nowadays "I love you" are free words. If he loves you he can damn well take some financial responsibility and stop playing you. Well, that is if you want more from him. Ofcourse, if you don't mind being his "bit" on the side, then he will continue to play this charade. Good luck as I'm sure you deserve better and hope you do get better xx

Kedainiai, Lithuania

#377 Apr 16, 2013
well i have turkish boyfriend, i can say not all are so bad... i am lithuanian girl and you know what? i never met someone who is honest and kind like him :) i always follow rule "trust and check" it' is being like 1 year and 4 month we are together and he didin't do something wrong yet, but i must admit he is not typical turk, hope you good luck dear once i was cheated of lithuanian guy, i never let him make me low after it, now i got really awesome boyfriend which i really love , even i think he is too good for me :)
but point is try somehow ignore that guy if he cheated , because if guy cheating he is searching better than you and that's mean he doesnt care what he has now, he doesnt know your value. good luck :)

Ankara, Turkey

#378 Apr 17, 2013
sorry my friend
but u r a simple woman and tell me that watz difference between u and that u mentioned about turkish man? u knew his situation and accepted so u r the same with his chracter.
if i follow ur way, then i must think of that all ur country(norway) women r same so they always be together with married men? so is it good idea? there r good and bad people in the world but also these bad people have good sides and these good people have bad sides coz we r homan so y u dont wanna understand this?
kind regards,
hey wrote:
In Turkey three years ago I did meet a handsome turkish man. We have a lot of fun each year. And do miss each other.We mail a lot. I live in Norway. The "problem" is that he is married to a girl from Belgium. They did marry two years ago. I did not know that. And he have been waiting to come to her country. This year he lives with her. Permanently in her country. But he will still meet me. In secret. In Belgium.
So yes. Turkish men do cheat.

Since: Mar 09

northern ireland

#379 Apr 17, 2013
ahhhhh so that why they always say never play board games with a turk
the pearl of oblivion

Quezon City, Philippines

#381 May 14, 2013
i'm dating a Turkish guy for more than a year already. he came once and planning to come back again this late year. I am engaged to him as well, as far as I know, it's not just Turkish guys who cheats, all men around the world nows how to cheat, and they will cheat as they can do that even the ugly ones who have the guts to even cheat. I know some local guys here who has cheated a lot of women, married men, single man, engaged guys. Because of that didn't get interested with men and lost interest with them, until I met this Turkish guy, I knew well how games like this started, but we end up falling in love instead. and Yup I did test him a lot of times already, occasionally telling him always that if you really don't love me or have an affair with another woman, I can forgive you if you let me go. Cause I know in the future, it's not gonna work their ways. Well he ends up proving to me that he is worthy of my love. Cause everyday we talk, and we always had an agreement on to let each other know what we do. No ones a boss. yeah you should tell that to your guy to. and so I feel confident about the relationship. if he did cheat on me when we're together, I'll make sure to punch him. just joking.. but seriously, try to confront the guy, let him speak what's on his mind, .. and by the way, I do know most Turkish man are perverts and cheaters, cause once I met two Turkish men who were perverts.. that's how I hated Turkish men.. until this guy of mine came along and proved me wrong.. good luck girls..

Ardsley, NY

#382 May 14, 2013
The Pearl of Oblivion,
For your sake I hope it all works out, just please, protect your heart! It looks like you've been with this guy for a year? I was with the most wonderful, sweet, kind & loving Turkish guy for 7 years. We were engaged & extremely happy. He came & visited with my parents. I was a virgin when we met. One day, he came to me in tears and told me he had a wife & kids in Turkey & his father said there was no way he could get a divorce. My world was completely shattered! So, I only post on this board to try save others from the heartbreak I suffered. Good luck.

Bronx, NY

#383 May 14, 2013
I met a Turkish man from Ordu online and we have been communicating for five months; however, I feel like he is evasive when I ask him questions. At first, he seem really opened and kind but something inside of me felt there was some underlying duplicity. He wanted me to rush to Ordu but I did not have my passport. And to make matters worse every time I ask him questions, he seem to ignore ask which pisses me off. I feel that if he is not answering me he is lying about himself. He now according to him and going to school according to him and now has cut me off completely and so I feel slighted by the Hazelnut from Ordu. And my suspicion were on point. I work with people for a living and analyze behavior.Really evasive and somewhat creepy. I think this man is a vouyer and is a collector of women on Face Book and Flirt box and any other stupid online dating site he can get his hands on. He's full of shit. He is out of my system. And thanks to this page I am happy and free. Thank you girls. Long live sisterhood. Always

Quezon City, Philippines

#384 May 20, 2013
i am a filipina.. i have a boyfriend on chat he is a Turkish..i am confusing about the culture of Turkish.. i have one siblings and he had to. we have big difference of our age.. everyday we chat but i cannot decide to meet him personally because im scared what i read about them. How true is it that Turkish are arrogant beast and selfish?

Since: Dec 12

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#385 May 20, 2013
men are men all around the world. this is not about being turkish or other nationality. a guy can be jelaous, selfish, nice, gentleman , idiot or anything else. this is not about his nationality. and internet is not a safe way to find your love.

Tampa, FL

#386 May 21, 2013
I have been in a relationship with a Turkish man for 5 years. I have met many, and I mean many of them. Most of them do not have lasting relationships, they have a temper, they are lazy, and some can be extremely jealous. I haven't had problems with abuse or jealousy; however, I always keep my eyes open because they do have a reputation of being cheaters. My boyfriend was born is Germany, I do not know if that makes a difference but I have never seen him having jealousy fits like other Turkish man do. He used to have a little bit of a temper when I met him, but after you ignore it for a while, they usually stop, trust me!!! all they want is attention, so don't. However, one of my best friends is married to a Turkish guy (born and raised in Turkey) He checks her phone, Facebook, messages, emails, and he sends nasty messages to any male co-worker or "former" friend. He chases and threatens anyone she talks to. They fight constantly and it is very sad. I have met only one Turkish guy that is succesful and that's because his wife helps him. They need constant encouragement and guidance. They can be good partners but only if you have the patience to mold him and yourself. I hope this helps

Since: Jun 12

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#387 May 21, 2013
"Why do Turkish men cheat"

Tell me this is a joke!

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