mobilehome park scam alert

mobilehome park scam alert

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Since: Apr 09

Bellflower, CA

#1 Apr 2, 2009
Dear Legislators, Attorneys, FBI, and the Press,

Most of Mobilehome Park Lease Agreements contain the section:
" Upon any sale/transfer of the Mobilehome or assignment of the Homesite, after the beginning date of the term of this Agreement, the then-currrent rent for the Homesite may be immediately increased to the highest rent then charged for any single Homesite in the Community or by up to 10%, whichever is higher."

It definitely is a scam as acondition of approval for residency. Consequently, a Mobilehome cannot be resold 4 times, because the rent of space will be higher than the rent of an apartment/house. At 10th re-sale the rent will be increased up to 259% based on the formula: rent *1.1 or rent *(1 + 10%). In fact, the Park Owners steal the value of the mobilehome and commit unjust enrichment. Park Owners do nothing, lose/exchange/service nothing on the transfer but gain 10% unjustly for every month, year by year, increasing forever.

We believe that all of thePark Owners around the nation employ this unfair practice without regard to the U.S., States, and Local Government Law. Also It may be the case that the Park Owners act as the con artists to lure people. You can see and understand the scam as well as its serious consequences on a real case at:

This is of State Wide significance, please investigate this matter and you will recognize this unfair practice. Change is needed to enforce the US Law, and to initiate action against these con artists on behalf of all US Citizens and consumer’s interests.

chainsaw james

Denver, CO

#2 Apr 2, 2009
I agree.

I also noticed a while back that when you buy a mobile home, you CAN'T rent it out if you move- like it's anyones business?!! Another scam to me.

Since: Apr 09

Bellflower, CA

#3 Apr 3, 2009
(Excerpted from Dispute Letter )

Since the mobilehome cannot resold, the Government will lose Sale Tax. The Mobilehome is no longer an asset or property because it lacks of the ability to resale/transfer unlimitedly. No one can live in a mobilehome with such rent, even if you give the mobilehome as a gift.

This unjustly enrichment causes rent discrimination in the park.

Since Mobilehome owners cannot sell, or sublease, this prevents them from moving out of your park. They feel angry and frustrated. The park community becomes a hostile and dangerous environment. It is contrary to the purpose of MRL-2009 and Article 7 which is to create peace and to prevent the Park Owners from locking/imprisonment the Mobilehome Owners.

The increase rent of 10% definitely is a condition of approval for residency in your park. You lose/exchange/service nothing for the transfer, but gain 10% unjustly. Your contract shows the unqualified acceptance. Your unjust enrichment is too high, higher than property tax and sale tax. It takes money unjustly from the Homeowners month by month, year by year, increasing forever. It secretly takes/abuses the compensation for House/Apartment depreciation to replace/hide the advantage of Land/Space appreciation. It kills the American mobilehome lifestyle. It causes hostility and dangerous living conditions and gives the reason for the rise of terrorism and communism. That is why there have been several negative incidents in SandalWood. What happens in the future, when a Natural disaster happens like a big earth quake or big storm like Katrina, we can predict what negative implications would happen within the park property.

In addition to 10% unjustly increase as a condition for rental approval; we believe your miscalculation for rent space is a misrepresentation of the law for the rent of a house/apartment to the law for the rent of space/land; even though the land has not depreciated its value as would a house/apartment. In November 2008 our space rent was $850. 01. You increased up to $896.01, an increase of $45.91. This was not based on inflation or National Consumer Price Index. We would like you to explain in writing how you came up with this increase of $45.91 for the rent.

Pacoima, CA

#4 Apr 8, 2009
Highlights ( )
The higher the space rent the lower the value of the mobilehome. As the space rent rises up to $1100 per month, the mobile cannot be resold. At $1500, mobilehome owners will abandon the house and the park owner will acquire the house. Then the park owners will sell the mobilehome to a new owner with new rent of $700. Then the circle of unfair and unethical practice repeated forever.
Park owners increase rent on each sale/transfer up to 10%. It causes the rent rise up to 259% for the 10th resale.

In addition to increasing rent on sale, the park owners increase rent annually by 5%. It is the same as lending a mortgage loan 5%, 30 years fixed. It is 30 years because the mobilehome owner will abandon their house sooner or later. Still, park owners do not give a penny for this annual increase. To understand this evil scam, compare to the minimum payment by government or your salary increase based on inflation, or the price of the house increase in the market.

By restricting sublease, California Mobilehome Resident Law kills the property right of the homeowners and supports the park owners to steal the value and to rob the mobilehome . The lawmakers mistakenly treat the mobilehome owner as a tenant who has no property and have to rent an apartment.

To run away the potential punishment for this evil scam the park owners sell their park that require eviction all of the mobilehome.

It is the injustice that American cannot tolerate.

Since: Apr 09

Bellflower, CA

#5 Apr 14, 2009
Why over $1500 per month mobilehome owners should/will abandon their home? Think about this calculation:

If you borrow money to buy a condo/a townhouse/a SFR house:

Monthly payment: 30 Years
Interest rate: 5.750%
Loan amount:$ 200,000
$ 1,167.15 a month

Since: Feb 09

Mansfield, OH

#6 Apr 14, 2009
Remember the tornado thet hit the mobile home plant? YEP, it got them in the larval stage

Since: Apr 09

Bellflower, CA

#7 Apr 24, 2009
Take a loot at the following calculation, you will understand why mobilehome Pakr owners will acquire the abandoned mobilehome unfairly and unethically.
1) How much for 5% increased annually on the rent

Rent $896.01 5%
1st Year $896.01 $44.80
2nd Year $940.81 $47.04
3rd Year $987.85 $49.39
4th Year $1,037.24 $51.86
5th Year $1,089.11 $54.46
6th Year $1,143.56 $57.18
7th Year $1,200.74 $60.04
8th Year $1,260.78 $63.04
9th Year $1,323.81 $66.19
10th Year $1,390.01 $69.50
11th Year $1,459.51 $72.98
12th Year $1,532.48 $76.62
13th Year $1,609.11 $80.46
14th Year $1,689.56 $84.48
15th Year $1,774.04 $88.70
16th Year $1,862.74 $93.14
17th Year $1,955.88 $97.79
18th Year $2,053.67 $102.68
19th Year $2,156.35 $107.82
20th Year $2,264.17 $113.21
21st Year $2,377.38 $118.87
22nd Year $2,496.25 $124.81
23rd Year $2,621.06 $131.05
24th Year $2,752.12 $137.61
25th Year $2,889.72 $144.49
26th Year $3,034.21 $151.71
27th Year $3,185.92 $159.30
28th Year $3,345.21 $167.26
29th Year $3,512.47 $175.62
30th Year $3,688.10 $184.40

2) How much for 10% Increased on Sale/Transfer affect on the rent?

Rent $896.01 10%
1st Sale $985.61 110%
2nd Sale $1,084.17 121%
3rd Sale $1,192.59 133%
4th Sale $1,311.85 146%
5th Sale $1,443.03 161%
6th Sale $1,587.34 177%
7th Sale $1,746.07 195%
8th Sale $1,920.68 214%
9th Sale $2,112.74 236%
10th Sale $2,324.02 259%


Panorama City, CA

#8 May 9, 2009
This is a real case of selling a mobile home at Sandalwood 507 S. Euclid St. Santa Ana, California 92704
The house could not be sold for $35,000 because the space rent was over $1000/month. Instead of abandoning the house, the mobile home owner sold the house to Park Owner for only $15,000. Then the park owner improved the house a little bit with new paint and new carpet; and then re-sold the house to a new buyer for $45,000 with a new space rent of $595/month. Call xxxxxxxxxxxx for detail if you want to sell your mobile home in such a way at Sandal Wood.
Is it wrong, unfair, unethical, injustice, evil? We want the answer from the Government. Still, we see the reasonable space rent of $595/month. We want the park owners to reduce all of the current over-charged space rent down to $595/month and pay back the unjust enrichment.
NOTE: You must look for a new buyer to do such selling. Tell them your home is value at $45000, you give the park owner $30,000 to reduce the space rent from over $1000 down to $595/month

Panorama City, CA

#9 May 9, 2009
move it out?
1) where to move? The new park has the same law, policy, rul under CA MRL
2) the cost of moving, installing a mobilehome is unbearable. Mobilehome is different from motorhome.

“ after the fire flowers grow”

Since: Sep 07

Location hidden

#10 May 9, 2009
dang are you people for real?if you dont want to pay rent buy a lot and put your trailer there.
Why pay rent at all?I dont get it.

Since: Apr 09

Bellflower, CA

#11 May 12, 2009
dr wino wrote:
dang are you people for real?if you dont want to pay rent buy a lot and put your trailer there.
Why pay rent at all?I dont get it.
Read this you will understand the problem

All of us want to leave the park, but how? By abandoning our $70,000 property? We are not rich enough to buy the house. We all felt in the trap of the con artist at the time to buy the house, how to escape? Ignore the written contract of the con artist … to get the eviction? We regret to buy a mobile home and want to escape but how?

We have to fight: 1) let people know the scam 2) let the criminal knows their crime and stop to increase unfair rent 3) awake the public conscience 4) Let the law makers know their stupidity and change the law 5) cause the FTC and government know the scam to protect their people 6) Most people do not know that the park owners steal their house value, they need to be awaken

Mobile Home Park is big business like mafia. They buy most of Legislators and Sacramento. We cannot bring them to small court without retaliation. The CA law obviously supports the Park Owners. Only Fed government can fight them ….

We appreciate any suggestion to solve this problem. Most of people in the park are scared because they do not want to lose their property. Just a few like me to fight.

Since: Apr 09

Bellflower, CA

#12 May 12, 2009
Most of mobilehome owners cannot sell their house, cannot rent, cannot move. Yet, they do not understand why. They do not know they are victims of a scam. The scam is not easy to grasp.

"You should know that Park Owners may not be small family businesses. They may be big billionaire inter-organizations that hire thousand famous private attorneys. They are richer than Hotel, Casino, Building Owners because they pay less expense for depreciation and management. Their business always win because their customers are their prisoners. Mobilehome Owners are locked like prisoners in their parks and pay money that is continuously increasing. Ironically, you are their customer, the victim and if you want to escape, you have to find another victim, another customer for them.

Only professional investigation can discover how the Park Owners steal the value of the mobilehome; and how annual increase rent of 5% is more benefit than a 30 year , 5% mortgage loan; though the Park Owners do not have to spend a penny for such assuming mortgage. it is 30 years, because the mobile home owners will abandon their houses sooner or later. Actually, this scam is hard to grasp; not obvious or easily understood; barely noticeable, cleverly contrived, cunning, skillful, insidious, it should be under investigation of FBI, IRS, FTC, HCD, HUD, and Home Land Security." \

Since: Apr 09

Bellflower, CA

#13 May 12, 2009
Normally, poeple think "Well, I buy a mobile home for $50,000 and pay the space rent for $700/month. I can leave in the mobile home with 3 people. This is better than to rent an apartment for $1100/month. If I lose my job or if our family need to move for any reason (ex. relatives died), I wil sell the house and get back my money. If I cannot sell my house easily, I will rent my house"

However, after 10 years, the rent goes up $1,140.23. No body wants to buy your house because "no body wants to pay $50000 the value of the house and the rent of $1,254.25/month (formula 1.1*$1,140.23 = 10% increase rent for new homeowners.)" Why they have to spend $50,000 and $1,254.25/month while they can rent an apartment for $1,200.

Moreover, you cannot rent/sublease the house under State Law.

The problem is that when you bought a mobile home you under-estimated or did not understand the serious impact of the 10 % increase in sale/tranfer title and 5% annual increase on space rent. You did not know the State Law prohibit sublease. The Law mistakenly treat you as tenants having no property of $50,000.

You thought the rent should be increase or decrease based on inflation/deflation. You thought you have the right on your property to rent, to utilize it. You thought you can sell your mobile home like selling a car, a house, a property

Can you sell your mobile home with the space rent of $2000/month?

Since: Apr 09

Bellflower, CA

#14 May 12, 2009
Park owners have no right to increase 10%, 5%.

To understand, you should know what make a contract valid or invalid.

The elements of a contract:
1.) Offer-a promise to do something
2.) Acceptance-notification of acceptance or performing the act requested
3.) Consideration-the exchange of something of value that each side must give

Park owners cannot do nothing/service nothing/ exchange nothing/lose nothing for 10% and 5% increase. Still, they can adjust the rent based on inflation/deflation.

Panorama City, CA

#15 May 13, 2009
For peopole who never leave in a mobile home park:

Mobilehome means a MANUFACTURED HOME, once it is installed, it cannot move.
some of them have double wide, triple wide and cost as much as $129,000

mobilehome is different from motorhome

Long Barn, CA

#16 Jun 29, 2009
This is an alert. We need to thank the person who makes a warning. Before you buy a mobilehome, you should read this alert.

Perris, CA

#17 Jul 12, 2009
Google search:
"Property is any physical or virtual entity that is owned by an individual or jointly by a group of individuals. An owner of property has the right to consume, sell, rent, mortgage, transfer and exchange his or her property...."

However, the the California Mobilehome Residency Law kills the property right of the homeowners by restricting sublease:

"" A homeowner shall be permitted to rent or sublet pursuant to paragraph (1) if a
medical emergency or medical treatment requires the homeowner to be absent from
his or her home and this is confirmed in writing by an attending physician... "

" The minimum term of the rental or sublease shall be six months, unless the
management approves a shorter term, but no greater than 12 months, unless
management approves a longer term. "

Ask Senator Lou Correa about it

Perris, CA

#18 Jul 19, 2009
"Over $1500 per month mobilehome owners will abandon their home and the park owner will acquire the house. Then the park owners can and will sell the mobilehome to a new owner with new lower rent of $700...."

It means the Park owner gain unfairly a profit of $50,000 for selling abandoned house. The new owner pay rent for only $700, and the rent will increase up to $1100 after 8 years.$700 is reasonable space rent compared to parking lot+expense
no trailer for me

Owingsville, KY

#19 Jul 19, 2009
tjeu222 wrote:
This is an alert. We need to thank the person who makes a warning. Before you buy a mobilehome, you should read this alert.
Personaly, If you cant sell it, or rent it, Id burn it! I am perfectly sane!

United States

#20 Aug 8, 2009
Your local city or county can create a Mobile Home Rent Control and Mobile Home Rent Control Ordinance. Make a research on the web to see how. Yet, your local city including council and general attorney, may be bought by the Park Owners. As the mobile home law was made by mobile home Park Owners you cannot bring Park Owners to justice. You should make the Park Owners' law invalid or prove it violate fairness first before you can sue them. Protest the injustice law is better than buying gun and waiting for a chance to shoot criminal.

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