Calling all White People
UIdiotRaceMAkeWo rldPeace

United States

#3053 Nov 18, 2012
Johnny wrote:
UIdiotRaceMAkeWorldPeace.-- Your previous post which you just addressed to me,#3046, is a tad bit different from your other previous post which you addressed to me the other week on this thread. Via its wording. Your other prior posts were worded differently. That they weren't cut, pasted & posted.
I have to step out now. I still have to respond back to a couple of your previous posts which you addressed to me about Israel.
I should have some time by Tuesday. Either way, I'll definitely get back to you.
What POST numberS are those?
UIdiotRaceMAkeWo rldPeace

United States

#3054 Nov 18, 2012

Jim Garrison, New Orleans District Attorney,
War is the biggest business in America
Down With Brown

Windsor, Canada

#3057 Nov 18, 2012
UIdiotRaceMAkeWorldPeace wrote:
Randall Robinson
interviewed by Amitabh Pal
The Progressive magazine, October 2005, p39
[Condelleza Rice and Colin Powell] are both dangerous people. What they did in Haiti is a good measure of it. They destroyed a democracy. They squelched loans that had been approved by the Inter-American Development Bank. They did everything behind the scenes, including arming the thugs that came to overrun the country. They're frauds.
Shifty spookadoodles..Kill 'em all!

Milwaukee, WI

#3060 Nov 20, 2012
RFD wrote:
<quoted text>
Quit your BS, fella. I didn't refer to kimbo slice as a heavy weight.


In your one previous post which you addressed to me, you did refer to Kimbo Slice as being a "black super-heavyweight champion".

Which you were totally incorrect about.

Kimbos record in MMA is this.-- 5 wins & 3 losses.

A 5-3 record is not representative of any such champion.

Even looking at the level of opponents which Kimbo has fought. In regards to his wins.-- Against Ray Mercer. Ray is a very old fighter. Mercer made his mark in boxing. Ray was never established in MMA.

Kimbos other victories in MMA. Against these fighters.-- Bo Cantrell, Tank Abbott, James Thompson & Houston Alexander.

None of these fighters are the top.

Kimbos losses. Against these fighters.--- Roy Nelson, Seth Petruzelli & Matt Matrione.

None of these fighters are at the highest caliber in MMA.

Here are some of your other previous points which you addressed to me about Kimbo Slice. Which you were also incorrect about.---

You said "he was pitted against I think it was Ken Shamrock".--- Kimbo never fought Ken.

You said "He took the UFC by storm".--- Not at all.

Granted, Kimbo entered into professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition.

But, it was not by taking MMA by any such storm. Not even by a ripple.

You said "but as soon as he was pitted against a top gun, he was through and quickly".--- When Kimbo was defeated very quickly, it was by Seth Petruzelli.

Seth is not one of the top fighters in MMA.

Milwaukee, WI

#3061 Nov 20, 2012
RFD wrote:
<quoted text>
I put that for you because you are one of those half breeds.

Nope. My mothers family are White Dominicans. My fathers family comes from Rome, Italy.

Even Mulatto Dominicans & Black Dominicans are anti-African American (Descendants of black American slaves).

Via African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) demise, Mulatto Dominicans & Black Dominicans will also benefit.

All my family, friends, acquaintences & co-workers are anti-African American (Descendants of black Americans) & anti-Union.

We also want to see Americas Labor Movement destroyed.

Primarily the Unions under the unbrella of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

Also, these Unions.--- Change to Win Federation, American Federation of State, County and Managerial Employees (AFSCME), American Center for International Labor Solidarity, International Labor Communications Association, Working for America Institute, American Right at Work, Community Services Network, Labor and Working Class History Association, Working America, Services Employers Industrial Union (SEIU), International Brotherhood of Teamsters (Aka --- The Teamsters), United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFC), UNITE HERE & the United Farm Workers.

We want to see Americas unions destroyed from within.

The anti-union measures which have been in effect in many states from February, 2011 till now.--- This is ONLY the start.


Milwaukee, WI

#3062 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian ---- In regards to your previous post to me,#2950.--- I totally see all of your points which you made.

Primarily your points about that person who was the head at "Telstra". Where he didn't have his PhD.

Was that person fired?

Your point about that client which you worked with. Who had someone arrive from India for a position who was not even the person that they interviewed on the phone.

Was this person fired?
lifes a beach

Myerstown, PA

#3063 Nov 20, 2012
Truth wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey you pasty bastard, in spite of your dirty tricks and racism black people are sitting across the table from your sickly looking asses in the boardroom. We own homes we own businesses we are educated and living better than you ever could. So who looks like the loser now!??? Slavery may have ended 147 years ago, but jim crow in the south ended 50 yrs ago and we are still successful. AND any success we've had has been truly earned not like you lazy white mofos who whine and expect everything for nothing. I work with a bunch of lazy *ss white girls who complain about everything. They refuse to work but expect to be paid the most because they are white. You are delusional nutcase like most white ppl which is why ppl can't stand you!!!!!!!!!!
The joke is on you- most white people WANT qualified and hardworking people (regardless of race and ethnicity) to succeed in the business world of the US. It's better for the US as a whole. I'm sorry but Affirmative Action is not the equivalent of "truly earning" anything and guess who are probably benefactors of that policy... those lazy white women you work with...

See how that works/ backfires?
lifes a beach

Myerstown, PA

#3064 Nov 20, 2012
Truth wrote:
White ppl are the largest group of all races addicted to drugs. White people are most likely to be serial killers and rape small children, even their own offspring. White people are compulsive liars and point the finger at everyone else but can't admit their +ucked up shit. They walk around like they are so pure so innocent so rich so well off, BULL-HIT! White ppl have credit card debt up the +ss because they are living above their means. The banks give them large credit lines to keep up the lie. White ppl are so delusional they actually believe they earn everything when in fact they are not the best OR the brightest. They are drugged up liars.
We also make up the majority in this country so statistically speaking- yes that makes sense. Perhaps you should take a basic statistics course and learn the difference between percentage and proportion. Many Americans have credit card debt up the arse- its disgusting- but again is not a race specific type of stupid.

Milwaukee, WI

#3065 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian --- You said "I think they mainly stick to themselves".--- They would.

You said "and I see very little of them in my field".--- No surprise about this.

Clearly, Chinese & Indians would be way more predominant in the IT field. Compared to Somalis.

You said "The 2 somalian women who I did meet in my field were both very charming and agreeable people to work with".--- Very good to hear.

Hey Eric, ALL of the foreign born blacks (Afro-Latinos, blacks from the Anglophone, French / Creole speaking Caribbean black nations & from Africa) whom I, my family, friends, acquaintances & co-workers have known have all been totally cool.

We have noticed the major, big time differences of foreign born blacks. Compared to African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves).

In regards to behavior, actions & attitudes.

In regards to having goals, ambition, drive, desire, commitment & dedication.

Also, having pride, honor, respect, humility & self gratitude about themselves.

Foreign born blacks (Afro-Latinos, blacks from the Anglophone, French / Creole speaking Caribbean black nations & from Africa) are WAY, WAY better. Than African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves).

You said "I think the young guys have the biggest issues".--- I totally see your point here.

You said "the somalian taxi driver was probably mid 40's - and he was a pretty good guy to talk with".---- Cool.

Clearly, this Somali taxi driver was way older than Somli youth. So, this Somali taxi driver was way more mature & established in Australian society.

Way more gracious & respectful of Australian culture, customs & norms.

With the Somali youth, they are much, much younger. Immature.

Also, following & emulating the negative aspects of pop culture. Primarily the negative venues of the hip hop / rap culture. Which glorifies gangs, drug dealing, robbing, pimping & prostitution.

In the United States (US), there are Somali gangs. Primarily in the states of Minnesota & in Maine. But, these somali gangs are NOTHING compared to the US rooted gangs.
lifes a beach

Myerstown, PA

#3066 Nov 20, 2012
Truth wrote:
White ppl are compulsive liars, their women are the biggest *hores of the earth because of the imaginary pedestal the white man has placed her on now a doig can have a white woman. What the +uck are you white men doing??? Your women want to +uck black men. White girls on my job ask me to introduce them to black men. I would never ever disrespect my race by introducing those thirsty white +itches to the black men I know. EVER, those +hore will never get my help. These white +luts think they can befriend a black woman and then get access to black guy, WON'T HAPPEN.
I guess white men will sit back and watch their women +uck black men and act like nothing is happening since white women control white men. It's not just the "fat unattractive" white girls who want black men. The so called "respectable ones", if there is such a thing, want black men to +uck them. Step up and get your women under control!!!! Those wrinkled up prune +itches are running amuck chasing after any black man like dogs in heat. It"s the white man's fault this is happening. Had you not lied to demonized black men and tell your white daughters to stay away, they would not be trying to find out what the danger is. This is where your brainwashing lying and conditioning has backfired. Now get off your lazy +sses and fix this +hit!!!!!
An angry black're a living cliche haha. Btw, I like black men and I like white men as well- what is it to you personally? Absolutely nothing. Sounds like you're just bitter that no one is chasing you.
lifes a beach

Myerstown, PA

#3067 Nov 20, 2012
Truth wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey, don't be angry with blacks and hispanics, They aren't the ones who stole your land from your ancestors and made them walk from georgia to california. Blacks and hispanics aren't the ones that corralled your people onto reservations gave them welfare and casinios and nearly destroyed your entire culture to the point where ppl don't know whether you are native american or white and you call blacks and hispanics +uckards???. Whites +uck over your entire culture and enacted a law where it was a crime to identify yourself as a native american and blacks are the +uckards???? WOW!!!! Believe me, whites have called you and your ppl names worse than "white +itch". Don't allow yourself to be brainwashed by whites. It's how they infliltrated your ppl and started this whole mess to begin with.
Actually some blacks were the ones to sell off their ties with my tribe and their dignity for government reparations, when my tribe wanted to give the US government the middle finger and take none of it. Do I think all black people are sellouts or a certain way because of it? Of course not. Should I think that, by following your convoluted "logic"? Yep. Maybe a lot of white people hate you because you come off as a mouthy a**hole, not because of your race...

Milwaukee, WI

#3068 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian ---- In regards to your previous post to me,#2951.--- I saw all of your points which you made about the Muslims assimilating & about the Muslims behavior in Australia.

Your points about the Indians work ethic in Australia.

Your points which you made about the Muslims spiritual perception on life.---- I would expound upon this on this post, but, I'll wait with my responses back with your one other previous post which you addressed to me the other day about Islam.

Your point here.--- You said "But I would be fairly certain that most employers these days do greater due diligence in my field with respect to certain people - I know I would".--- So true.

Hey Eric, within any respective high tech, White-collar labor field, people who don't have the highest requirements do skirt by. This is given.

Milwaukee, WI

#3069 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian ---- In regards to your previous post to me,#2822.---

I totally see all of your points which you made about the Asian professionals. I'm in agreement.

You said "in Australia it has just been to easy to get the dole (if you've never worked anyway - perversley for someone like myself who has worked for a majority of their life from the age of 20 it's more difficult)".--- Really?

Mind if I ask, have you noticed this for awhile?

If so, any particular year that immigrants coming to Australia were able to get on aid so easily with the Australian central government?

You said "There are some stand out successes though - AHmed Fahour - who once headed National Australia Bank, and now heads Australia Post".--- So true.

Ahmed, with being the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Australia Post.--- He put into place the business renewal program, the "Future Ready".

To try to implement a more customer focused business model.

Under this program, Fahour created these respective four strategic business units.---

1. Postal Services.

2. Retail Services.

3. Distribution & Express Services.

4. E-Services.

But, Ahmeds program hasn't lived up to its expectations.

2 such examples.--- 1. Back in 2010, Australia Post's profit dropped by over 60%. Compared to what it was for 2009.

2. From 2009 till now, there have been many closures of Post offices.

This has met with much community resistance & opposition.


Milwaukee, WI

#3070 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian --- You said "but even he honed his professional skills in the US before taking up senior posts in Australia".--- Oh yeah.

Even before he relocated to the United States (US), Ahmed was working in Australia for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Back as early as 1997, he was a director of the BCG.

Also, for a year, he was the co-managing director of its joint-venture investment company, Iformation.

When he arrived in Manhattan, he joined up with Citigroup. As the senior vice-president of corporate development.

Prior to his going with the National Australia Bank (NAB), he was the CEO of the Citigroup Alternative Investments.

In this position, he was responsible for the consolidation of Private Equity, Hedge Funds & Real Estate.

Milwaukee, WI

#3071 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian --- In regards to your previous post to me,#2987.--- You said "Hi Johnny, you make some interesting points here".---Thanks. Likewise. I say this because in our blog discussion on this thread, we have seen eye to eye about every premise which has been made in regards to politics & race.

You said "Can you explain this one to me, because as an outsider looking in, it appears to be a very bleak picture, for belgium, holland and england in particular".--- Eric (With all due respect), I don't fear for Whites in the United Kingdom (UK), Belgium &/or the Netherlands.

Whites in the UK, Belgium & the Netherlands are the numerical majority. By FAR.

Here's the demographic breakdown for the UK.---

92.1% White.

4.0% South Asian.

2.0% Black.

1.2% Mixed.

0.4% Chinese.

0.4% Other.

People in the UK who classify as "Black" are ONLY 2.0% of the population.

The UK is in absolutely NO danger.

For the Netherlands.--- Ethnic Dutch.--- 79.12%.

Turkish.-- 2.3%.

Indonesian.--- 2.26%.

Moroccans.--- 2.17%.

Surinamese.--- 2.06%.

Dutch Caribbean.--- 0.84%.

Other.--- 8.63%.

The Netherlands are in absolutely no danger.

For Belgium.---- The vast majority of Belgium citizens are Flemish & Walloons. Who are White.

The other numerically dominant groups in Belgium are Italians, Dutch, French & Spanish.

Clearly, Italians, Dutch, French & Spanish are White.

With very small minorities of Moroccans, Algerians, Turks, Congolese, Poles & Indians.

So, Belgium is in absolutely no danger.

Regarding the Muslims in the UK, Netherlands & Belgium.--- These muslims are comprised of people from different ethnicities. Since these muslims come from different ethnicities, they have different goals, objectives & interests. Most of all, different interests.

This prevents the muslims from different ethnicities from having any effective "united front".

Even more so, Whites in the UK, Belgium & the Netherlands control all of the very critical sectors.--- The Intelligence Services, security forces, police forces (Especially the main police forces), armies, airforces, navies, agriculture, banking, main businesses, heavy industry, light industry, raw materials, airplanes, shipping, trucks, railroads, television media & newspaper print venues.

These are the VERY critical areas which count.

Milwaukee, WI

#3072 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian --- You said "Sarkozy though was a fairly tough leader when it came to getting the muslims situation under control".--- Very much so.

You said "but I wonder with the left being in power again whether they will revert back to where they were".---

Granted, Frances current president, Francois Hollande is a left wing socialist.

But, Francois is NOT a hardcore leftist.

Even if Francois wanted to implement radical, left wing policies in France, he couldn't.

Even more so, Frances left wing political parties, the socialists & communists are also very leery of radical, Islamic fundamentalists.

Since, the goals & tenets of radical, Islamic fundamentalism are also very anti-socialist & anti-communist.

Here's just one such example.--- When the left wing British-Indian novelist & essayist Salman Rushdie wrote his book "The Satanic Verses".

Back in 1988.-- When Rushdies book came out to the public.--

Muslims worldwide were in a fury. AGAINST Salman Rushdie.

Radical, Islamic fundamentalists were ordering the "fatwa" (The Islamic death sentence) against Rushdie.

Even Irans former radical, Islamic fundamentalist dictator, Ayatollah Khomeini also called for a fatwa against leftist Salman Rushdie.

So, even left wing socialists & communists throughout Europe would NOT want to see radical, Islamic fundamentalism to get a foothold.

Because if radical, Islamic fundamentalists would get a foothold in Europe, THIS would also mean repression against left wing socialists & communists.

Here's another factor which the European Intelligence Services have working on their side.--- Even if a few (Or many) European nations would have left wing governments which wanted to undertake changes with their domestic policies.---

Their respective Intelligence Services would still have DIRECT contact with other governmental agencies.

That absolutely no cuts to their budgets would happen.

So, Europe isn't in any danger.

Milwaukee, WI

#3073 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian ---- In regards to your previous post to me,#2988.---- You said "That said, the arab muslims seem to be the most hardline, and dangerous".--- No surprise about this.

The European Muslims are way less radical. Primarily the Bosniak Muslims are way less radical & volatile. Compared to the Arab muslims who espouse radical, Islamic fundamentalism.

You said "You may not know it but a korean boy wandered quite unassumingly into an Islamic enclave in NSW. He was killed for that".--- No, I wasn't aware of this until you mentioned it here.

Sorry to hear this.

You said "That kind of crime I would not let go unanswered, but to my knowledge the perpetrator(s) have not been brought to justice".--- If the perpetrator(s) haven't been brought to justice yet, I SURE hope that the Australian police will eventually make arrests in relation to this crime.

You said "Not sure if this was Lakemba, one such stronghold".---- I wouldn't doubt it.

In addition, the Lebanese-Australian organizations which have their main headquarters based out of Lakemba have the rivalry with the Bra Boys organization.

Milwaukee, WI

#3074 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian --- In regards to your previous post to me,#2927.---

I saw all of your points which you made about the Indians in Australia in the 1980s, Australias IT boom & the standards in the IT field.

Your point here.---- You said "it's not uncommon to be interviewed for roles by people who have no experience or idea of the technical aspects of IT these days - they would find lot very difficult to understand one CV from another".---- I can see this.

Hey Eric, regarding the IT field in the United States (US) overall. In regards to total numbers.

Also, in regards to proportion & percentage wise, the United States (US) IT field has way more of a problem. Compared to Australia regarding this aspect in the IT field.

Milwaukee, WI

#3075 Nov 20, 2012
Eric the Australian --- I have to step out now. I located your other previous posts which you addressed to me about John Ilhan & the Karen people of Burma.

Also, about the Muslims in Australia. I should have some time by Saturday to respond back. Either way, I'll definitely get back to you.

In the meantime, later.
UidiotRaceMakeWo rldPeace

United States

#3076 Nov 21, 2012
lifes a beach wrote:
<quoted text>
The joke is on you- most white people WANT qualified and hardworking people (regardless of race and ethnicity) to succeed in the business world of the US. It's better for the US as a whole. I'm sorry but Affirmative Action is not the equivalent of "truly earning" anything and guess who are probably benefactors of that policy... those lazy white women you work with...
See how that works/ backfires?
Due to US instability ,and racism, civil liberties violation marking immigrants as enemies/ terrorists, the Glass ceiling, the dysfunctional Immigrations policy, illicit overseas wars on thier nations ... in mass migration the Skilled professional immigrants from China, india...expecially in Science and technology who own businesses in US AND are returnING home in droves means leaving a big gap in spinoff of new tech businesses means no more newer Startup of US manufacturers. US is not producing necessary Science and Technology professional to be globally competitive.

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