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Oxford, OH

#23 Jul 29, 2014
Ha more are full of as much shit as she is!

Fort Wayne, IN

#25 Oct 9, 2014
I'm also local to Bryan and may not be close to the Frazers, but I do know Nancy well enough to have been screwed over by her in the past on a separate deal from this. (did some work for her, then she switched pyramid schemes and never paid) From my past dealings with her she does seem to hop from one pyramid scheme to the next, but I don't think she is capable of what she is accused of here. It's much more likely she did what she always does and threw all of her marketing skills into this Ponzi, and was blind to what was actually going on. She's a bright person, but she doesn't have the intelligence to pull this off. Much more likely for this to be ignorance. Dave however is a good guy. He used be manager of my bank until this mess.
Former Customer

Bryan, OH

#26 Oct 21, 2014
First of all there is nobody named Harry who ever worked for the Frazers. But their is a lady named Cathy who did work on a project whereas it was agreed that if that project did not launch their would be no income for anyone who worked on it. Just like selling a house... you may have worked on the house but the house has to sell first to get paid. The Frazer's were very sad they had to let Cathy go back then. Two years later she tried to bring up that project but was sent home by a judge. Nancy Frazer was very fond of her. She gave her a job and trusted her for a long time.
Former Customer

Bryan, OH

#27 Oct 21, 2014
And to my buddy named Geez. You don't even know the Frazer's. Or better yet why don't you call Mrs. Frazer and talk to her personally. She has not had anyone in the entire world, that actually knew her, file any complaint against her... and that includes the State of Ohio. She was devastated that Novak did what he did and bailed and she has been there for everyone who calls her for support including authorities investigating him. Anyways it is almost over, I don't know how anyone could tolerate the false crap that was thrown at her and those she cares about. All is about to be resolved and Nancy will be able to tell her story soon. Her community is behind her.
scam watcher

Gloucester, VA

#28 Jan 14, 2015
Former Customer wrote:
And to my buddy named Geez. You don't even know the Frazer's. Or better yet why don't you call Mrs. Frazer and talk to her personally. She has not had anyone in the entire world, that actually knew her, file any complaint against her... and that includes the State of Ohio. She was devastated that Novak did what he did and bailed and she has been there for everyone who calls her for support including authorities investigating him. Anyways it is almost over, I don't know how anyone could tolerate the false crap that was thrown at her and those she cares about. All is about to be resolved and Nancy will be able to tell her story soon. Her community is behind her.
The most recent report is that Nancy Jo Frazer chose NOT to "tell her story" and avoided trial scheduled for 2/25/2015 by entering an Alford plea -> "An Alford Plea is a guilty plea of a defendant who proclaims he is innocent of the crime, and admits that the prosecution has enough evidence to prove that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt"
James Paris

Palm Coast, FL

#29 Jan 15, 2015
It appears that the case is over. The court docket says there was a no contest/guilty plea.
James Paris

Palm Coast, FL

#30 Jan 18, 2015
Come on

Celina, OH

#31 Jan 20, 2015 who did she pay off this time...or sleep with. What a joke!
Local Observer

Bryan, OH

#32 Feb 7, 2015
Congratulations to the Frazer's for the end of a two year nightmare. I think it is awesome "in your face" that David Frazer was completely DISMISSED and that finally the truth has come out that he had NOTHING to do with Profitable Sunrise or the Ministry who got sucked onto Roman Novak's disaster company. I do not know how Nanci Jo Frazer could tolerate having to clean up his mess when she never even met the guy but I know that I am amazed how she tolerated any of it and stood strong. She has now become some kind of role model for people on how to stay positive while going through hell. I cannot believe that the Ohio Attorney General's office can get away with NOT INFORMING the Public for SIX MONTH and allowing people to fund Profitable Sunrise and then try to act like they are some kind of hero. Congratulations that their stupid farce "Ohio State" scam Court case has been Cancelled. I guess Ohio did not find their millions of dollars they thought they could cash in with the supposed victims monies. But oops... there was no victims in Ohio who did any business with Frazers or the Ministry who filed any complaint against them? And that the State Settled after Mike Dewine used the fake fraud case to help him win the election. I know that Nanci and Albert offered to pay their stupid State attorney fees for the little kid lawyers who were assigned to waste tax payers dollars on the case. I saw them in the court room in Bryan the day the judge released the Frazer's money and Albert Rosebrocks money and gave almost all of it back to them. The State went home with nothing. So I don't blame the Frazers for offering to pay them money to reimburse their attorney fees and make the little children find something else to do. I read articles how Ohio hires people who are cheap check attorneys and I would have not believed it if I did not see it for myself. Dewine attacking Christians and church ministries caused me to not vote for him and I am a republican. But I also read that the reason why he attacked the Christian Ministry was because he only supports Catholics as he did when another Catholic ministry got nailed for not registering and Dewine bailed them out. Nanci Jo Frazer does not have anything bad to say about the State but that they were misinformed and thus confused about the case. I don't think they were confused at all, they just used her to get free media to win the election and dropped the whole thing after they won due to lack of any competition. To bad the Frazer, that Rosebrock guy and a church got sucked into a Political scam but I know them and they will pull out ok. Good people.
Area business person

Bryan, OH

#33 Feb 8, 2015
Nanci Frazier has been validated by investigative authorities that she it is apparent that she was not fully aware that her promoting Profitable Sunrise would somehow be linked to Roman Novak selling securities and that if her support as a non-paid volunteer promoted Novak selling unregistered securities, she did so "unknowingly". Here television interview clarified that the State required her to agree that she sold securities in order to settle the case. Frazier agreed based on the fact that she unknowingly did so and that has been accepted. The judge immediately cancel the court case and parties were satisfied. Basically this case ended up being a nuisance and wasted everyone's time. With as much exposure as this case has had, there is no way they would have settled if they could prove that Nanci Jo Frazier knowingly participated. So it is time for everyone who gave a guy their money in a foreign country... who none of you never ever met, to focus on the actual people you gave the money to and it was not any charity or ministry or Nanci Jo Frazier. According to records, she never handled, wired or touched anyone's funds.... according to the State evidence that was made available for review. Big waste of time drama over nothing. Amazing. Well I hope they catch Novak or just unfreeze the bank account where their money is frozen and give it back. That would seem to be the simple answer.
Kentucky farmer

Bryan, OH

#34 Feb 8, 2015
James Paris wrote:
It appears that the case is over. The court docket says there was a no contest/guilty plea.
I am surprised James Paris - that after all you say you have been through according to your book you wrote about yourself// and how you said you were falsely accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from people - and yet I find documents on the internet of SEC cases that were filed against you in Florida-Maine and Illinois, that you would have it in your heart to attack the Frazer girl when you have no idea of anything about her except that she would not appear on your radio show. She was stupid to allow herself to be used by the guy who owns Profitable Sunrise to get people to trust him. But he used 31 other leaders and you do not report anything on any of them. oh thats right / they are all men. She was the only woman. You have acted like a sexual predator stalking her and her family like a serial online pervert. People think it is sick. And this behavior is not normal for someone who calls themselves a Christian who expected God to forgive you for your financial disaster you caused for yourself and your own family (weather you knew what you were doing or not) Maybe we should just ask your x-wife how she felt? You have severely damaged your "name" and Christian has been called Christian money.Con. as we all watch you obsess over the Frazer lady like she was the prom queen who would not go with you to prom. You need to ask her forgiveness before it is too late. She never attacked you. But other people did and you blamed her. Back off and it is time to make things right with her. Why don't you call her or fly to Ohio and see her now. You were bragging how you were going to show up for her court case but now that she is not being attacked anymore she is not worth your time to clear her name? Actions are louder than word. Act like a Christian don;t just talk about it. I am sorry if I am coming across angry but what you have done to that woman is not something that a man who really has Christ in his heart could ever do. Pray about it. Do unto others as you would have done to you. You want us to forgive you- you forgive others then. Not attack them and continue to try to make her suffer more than she already has. Sorry if I am coming across strong but there is nothing worse than being attacked by another Christian and that is what makes people not want to be one.
Come on

Celina, OH

#35 Feb 9, 2015
They paid their way out of it with money they scammed people out of period. Nothing honorable or Christian in what they did at all. They never refunded the people the money from the profit they made off of scamming them. She is liar, cheater and fraud.
A Distant Friend

Bryan, OH

#37 Mar 11, 2015
Congratulation to the Frazers and to Albert Rosebrock to have their nightmare ended from the disaster that Roman Novak caused to your lives and to others with his company. I was glad to hear that the Judge completely dismissed David Frazer in his court order. I understand that you offered to shut down your ministry and pay off the attorney fees for the State to settle. Good move. They probably created a huge amount of debt thinking they had landed some big case only to find not a whole lot in Bryan after all. I cannot imagine what you guys have gone through getting thrown under the bus by Novak and having to clean up his mess. We have seen on many occasions when during an election the Attorney Generals trying to be elected will try to come up with some kind of Media case to get free advertising to win. I feel really bad for you guys that you may have been sucked into that situation as well. It is clear that the State of Ohio dropped everything once the election was over. No money to be found in Bryan, Ohio for them for sure. I know you guys held strong to your faith when many would have thrown it away and you are all an inspiration. I hear about the many amazing things that happened that were really good during a terrible circumstance and some devastating things that happened to those who tried to harm you. Wow... kinda scary. All I know is that I don't know how you can be so forgiving to people after what they had done. I don't know if I could do that. Well anyway.. I hope that you guys get back on track. I heard that a company in Bryan offered Dave a great job and that you got a great project too. Good for you both. You deserve it.

Dianella, Australia

#38 Mar 11, 2015
who believe in set up corrupt law
not anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kentucky farmer

Bryan, OH

#39 Apr 14, 2015
I am just curious as to how many people who have commented in this thread actually were ever in PS or ever even spoke with Nanci Frazer at all. From what I have read... only ONE person that was actually in PS is complaining here and they never met her or spoke with her until after they sent their money to a stranger overseas.

Everybody else in this pond of gossip in Topix was not involved at all and is just putting their face in somebody else business. People who are unhappy love to hurt other people so I guess that explains their comments based solely on gossip and speculation from people who don't even know her... acting like high school kids.

Everybody needs to put their big girl and big boy panties on and accept responsibility for their own actions. Nanci Jo Frazer never ran away from any of this... she faced it head on while everybody else ran away and it is over and done. All has been dropped after a full investigation and closed. Go find someones else to rag on to make your self feel better. Go find Roman Novak. The guy who did this to everybody.


Since: Oct 13

Location hidden

#40 May 17, 2015
Scam Police Insider has monitored the past 2 years the mystery of Profitable Sunrise and how Nanci Jo Frazer and the young Ministry and their Board of directors became seduced as a young Ministry, then a target to bring credibility to Profitable Sunrise, then as a victim by being confused as being connected with the ownership. But the funds that were forwarded by individuals worldwide to an offshore stranger to support collateral loans, are still sit in a bank with the real mystery as to which government agency or the bank itself is benefiting as no individuals have been yet cleared to access those fund yet after two years. The lesson learned. is not trust offshore programs that are not registered here in the USA to refer people to their companies. Scam Police Insider had access to governement paperwork showing that they understand that Frazer and their Ministry did not understand the illegal nature that now have been revealed of Roman Novak. It is clear that Frazer saved a large number of people from harm by demanding Novak block her group and thousands not in her group from participating in Profitable Sunrise once a Cease and Desist was issued in North Carolina. Records show there was not one person in the entire world that filed a complaint against her that knew her. She was a non-paid volunteer so that created alot of confusion as she was working to support people in exchange for free advertising the Ministry would get. Frazer and the Board of Directors voted to close the Ministry due to the connection with PS and they offered a settlement to the State of Ohio as neither party found the need to take it any further. The Court Case was closed. Frazer acknowledged that at no time did they knowingly sell securities as PS was never presented as offering securities. She is now actively informing and warning companies and individuals of what companies to avoid.
cant fool us

Thornbury, Australia

#41 May 21, 2015
Look at all the fake usernames from Bryan, OH. Who is that person?

Livermore, CA

#42 Jan 21, 2017
I was wondering if I'll ever get back the money I invested with her?

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