Why are Americans so nasty to people ...

Santa Clara, CA

#151 Mar 29, 2011
Effin Guess Who wrote:
<quoted text>
So, one minute your isp is NY, then it's Indiana, next it is Rotterdam Netherlands......see you are a filthy animal troll!!!!
Seek help for your sissy psycho problems.
If you look around long enought it happens to others ! You biggest ASSh!LE! Provide some Intellectual banter instead PINHEAD!

Cherry Valley, MA

#153 Mar 29, 2011
Ricky F wrote:
<quoted text>You seem like you are in a good mood tonight, did you get laid?
Don't riled me up know.

Columbia, SC

#169 Apr 24, 2011
I work in the US on a H1B VISA... my company was sold and i was forced to sign a non-compte or get thrown out of the country (where my wife is finishing her PhD). The non-compte means i can't work for almost anyone else anywhere and now they are trying to force me to move 2000 miles from my wife anyway. I tried to get a green card but they just lied and cheated about it, they even seemed to get the the lawyer. The freedom in the US is an illusion, especially if you come here with a PhD they can turn your valuable hard work in to a contractual sentence. American business people are rally nasty and have no compunction about lying, threatening and intimidating. The American people need to throw out the corporate control in their country!

United States

#170 Apr 24, 2011
Eric wrote:
Individual Americans are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. They're generous to a fault, kind and helpful.
But, as a group, they're scared. They operate with a black and white mindset - you're either "Us" or "Them" and their religion teaches Americans that "Them" are dangerous agents of the Devil.
9/11 didn't help.
Americans lack the exposure to other cultures that many other countries have as well. So they have little chance to see the good in other cultures.
And they're convinced of their superiority. A humbling might be good for them in the long run, but it will be extremely painful in the short run for everybody.

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#171 Apr 24, 2011
This has to be one of the funniest threads on topix. A thread about why Americans are nasty to people from other countries and we get Americans posting to refute it and then going on to insult pretty much everyone from any other country who posts and then get onto wiping out other countries with nuclear bombs.

You folks are doing a really good job of re-inforcing the stereotype

“Incorrupta fides, nudaque veri”

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Vincit qui se vincit

#172 May 2, 2011
Because we didn't cleanup after taking out Osama?
TOS abiders

Clarksville, MD

#173 May 2, 2011
We are nasty and they use women and babies as human shields-oh yeah!!!!


#174 Jan 8, 2012
right and left wrote:
<quoted text>
Ah it is always the little,- short man who says that.
The little one.
Penal insufficiencies
from the penal colony.
Get over it little facisto Aussie,
Our Founders, and followers mad of this great Nation a virtual mandate for all that is good.
Oh we have our slime like you , but we have integrated in our skeleton ways to take care of that.
So have fun "down under" hee hee hee
From the ones always on the TOP!!!
Australia is a far more fair country that, that ''perfect country'' of yours..where you live that you can not see the social problems that is affecting more and more of your own people everyday. And I'm not talking about poor blacks and migrants (we all know that they are not accepted) I'm talking about the 60 million ''white under class'' that they are becoming a real problem for a country ''so perfect'' like your ''perfect ''america'' Here in australia we have social problems but unlike you we don't try to hide the problem we work hard to save these people from the oblition, and yes we have a convict past but we were always free, unlike you in your ''america'' where millions of people brought from england ireland and european countries were forced to work as slaves for their wealthy masters. And as our anthem says ''Australia lets as rejoice for us we are all young and free''

New York, NY

#177 May 16, 2013
I am American, and personally, I get where you're coming from. We like to believe that we're the best, even though we come from all different backgrounds

Conway, AR

#178 May 16, 2013
Many Americans are nasty towards people from other countries because they're IGNORANT,SPOILED,AND JUST PLAIN DUMB AND STUPID. They think they're the smartest people on earth, and most other people are just third-world primates who should kiss their toes and shine their shoes for having the privilege to be here.

Conway, AR

#179 May 16, 2013
One thing about the 'changes' that are happening in America that I like very much is the international diversity that is becoming the 'new America'. Does that mean that I don't REALIZE that many immigrants coming to America despise this country and want to see this country lose it's sovereignty?? Of course I understand that. But many of them are just simple, down to earth people wanting to enjoy freedom from tyranny and extreme poverty. What's wrong with THAT?? Look, the natives lost this land to the Europeans because the God of the Holy Bible got tired of their false god worship. It doesn't take a super genius to understand that.

Elk Grove Village, IL

#180 Dec 18, 2013
well I hope you apply this analogy toward everyone

Juneau, AK

#181 Sep 28, 2014
You simply need to find those Americans, who are not nasty to foreigners. Believe it or not, there are people like that in the US. It's like in your country - not everyone is going to be nice to you, and some people you can't even approach there. So why would it be different in the US?! In your country, people might not like you for who you are and shun you. In the states, they might not like you for who you are also, and because of a million other different reasons, plus being from another country. Interact with those people, who are on your side and who like you and, I am sure, some of them are going to be American. You can find those anywhere. Even in the US!!!
US citizen

Juneau, AK

#182 Sep 29, 2014
The danger with generalizing like this is that you intentionally try to convince yourself of obvious lies, and then become a victim of that yourself. And the reason why you generalize is because you're a victim. So in your mind you need to, at least, make an attempt to acknowledge the people who are on your side, and give them a little credit. Don't overpower hateful scum like this. That's exactly what they want.

United States

#183 Sep 29, 2014
Many are just stupid. I laugh at white folks who hate it because it's like they want the world to forget about what happened between their ancestors and the native Americans. Who cares?? If you don't like it...go back to where your ancestors came from.

United States

#184 Sep 29, 2014
And you whining black folks still holding on to that slave era mentality....get over it or get lost. Go back to Africa and see what kind of life you have. Nobody owes you nothing. The life you have is a reflection of the effort you put into it. 4 REAL.

United States

#185 Sep 29, 2014
And you spineless coward Mexican men fleeing to America instead of staying in your country. Why don't you weak coward BASTARDS try to get weapons from America and it's allies and FIGHT THE MURDEROUS BASTARDS TAKING OVER YOUR COUNTRY????!!!!! America is the greatest military power on earth and they have everything you need to take your country back . Now wouldn't that be better than that STEWPID CORNY MUSIC YOU BUMS LISTEN TO????!!!!

United States

#186 Sep 29, 2014
The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics…

Western political leadership is totally detached from humanist thinking or judgments that involve ethics.

Nyköping, Sweden

#187 Jan 28, 2016
MURICA F*CK YEAH. why are you trying to be the world police ?


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#188 Jan 28, 2016
Byron Webster wrote:
Are Americans taught by their parents to be obnoxious and nasty to non-Americans or is it just in their make-up to be obnoxious and nasty to non-Americans. Perhaps it is that Americans who frequent Topix are obnoxious and nasty to whoever they come across.
Good point. I don't think it is taught by parents. I think some Americans do not like the "I'm better than you" attitude which many central Europeans often possess. Americans (not all) from the Midwest and South are especially obnoxious, reserved and blunt towards strangers...here on Topix.

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