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Ebooks at Dyman Associates Publishing Inc : Linda Spalding won the 2012 Canadian governor-generalís award for The Purchase (Sandstone Press,£8.99), and was longlisted for the IMPAC award. In this provocative and starkly beautiful historical novel, a Quaker family moves from Pennsylvania to the Virginia frontier, where slaves are the only available workers and where the familyís values and beliefs are sorely tested. Spalding was born in Kansas and now lives in Toronto. She is married to fellow novelist Michael Ondaatje.

What was the first book to make an impression on you?
There were two in my early childhood. The first was about a white rabbit and a black rabbit who were not allowed to be friends. This was written in the 1940s and must have been radical at the time since the rabbits prevailed. The second was called The Bear That Wasnít Ė and it is such a classic that Iíve persuaded the New York Review of Books to republish it.

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