Alex Jones is FBI

Chicago, IL

#1 Jul 6, 2011
Not only Alex Jones but all of the alternative media. Jones often tries to cover for their shilliness by saying "we are on the ABC network." The reason they say such a thing is because really they are on the shortwave network.

A while back there was a book called Shortwave Wars about the many sw broadcaster such as William Cooper. The conclusion of the book is that the entire sw network was founded by the feds used in countries to instigate revolution and cointel. The same is true here at home in the US. Since the advent of the www the alternative media has grown more mainstream.

Chicago, IL

#2 Jul 6, 2011

Plattsburg, MO

#3 Jul 6, 2011
Some of us realize the mainstream media (MSM) is controlled. We look for the alternative. The feds know this and provide the alternative, too. Before the internet there was little option. Today it is possible to find the truth for those looking, such as we do here every day.
Wilbur Topper

Cambridge, MA

#4 Jul 7, 2011
What Jones does is talk and talk for hours on end often about himself and how he is the self professed leader to be followed. The only militia not ran by the feds which you can join for .15c/day.

He will tell some truth (10-15%) and does know how the system works being on the inside, then the deadly spin -- "it's the Jews". Such is the case for the entire network he's on. Other feds risde shotgun: Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Paul Craig Roberts.

Hitler also gave rallies against communism which he blamed on the Jews. And this is what the conspiracy which Jones is part of does, blame the Jews. Communism in fact comes from the same masonic conspiracy Hitler belonged to.

After hate is drummed up and the inquisition has began all non Catholics are targeted, such was the case in ww2 where Russian and Eastern Orthodox countries, Jews, and the Protestant Prussian state of Germany was completely dissolved and placed behind the Iron Curtain.

After the war the Nazis were escaped by Vatican ratline to South America, apparently including Hitler as his alleged remains have turned out not to be so under lab testing, recently: Hitler escaped.

The Nazis were founded at the Thule Society by the Teutonic Knights of the Vatican, a masonic crusading military order.

Lansing, MI

#5 Aug 17, 2011
Let's not kid ourselves folks.. Ron Paul has been advocating revolution. He has taken over the Tea Party co-opting the entire movement into his revolution which is destined to turn violent.

Ron Paul is not alone, he is organising revolution as part of a greater conspiracy.. he has a lot of help. He had lots of help co-opting the Tea Party movement and has a great deal of support from several popular radio shows.

It is no accident or coincidence Ron Paul runs for president and everything he says touches on problems most Americans know exist such as the wars and abortion. Other candidates do not talk on these issues because ... Washington DC has been suppressing these true issues for many elections.

Why allow Ron Paul's revolution to talk these issues?

Ron Paul is allowed to use the election to organise the revolutionaries but there is no intention of him winning the election, and he knows this.

First lets make it clear Ron Paul is only running for presidet to gather support for the revolution not to actually win the election. Obviously he is up there in age and may be too old to even finish any presidency or be considered a candidate for that reason.

After Ron Paul drops out of the race he will do numerous radio interviews and send all his supporters to the revolutionary cause these radio hosts are now also advocating.

When advocating violent revolution NEVER scare the people by telling them it will be violent. Always say "non violent" or reLOVEution. Sounds warm and fuzzy. However when things get moving violent factions will take over.

Let me make this perfectly clear - revolution will not improve this country. The problem running DC is too large even international and looking for an excuse to turn for the worse.

The best course of action is to expose the wickedness and corruption in DC causing their wars to lose support. They are already having a hard time getting enuff troops and have had to hire mercs like Blackwater. We also saw the last vaccination push fail with the bird flu debacale.

We could speculate as to who the revolution conspirators are and who their enemy will be but the only thing important at this point is to realize Ron Paul and all his clan are the enemy.

I do not advocate voting at all. Wicked DC needs to lose support and all legitimacy. Elections only serve to legitimize DC.

Ron Paul's revolution is only one faction of the revolution albeit a large faction. The others will be among the gangs and will take over the riots after they begin.

Ashburn, VA

#6 Sep 12, 2011
Check the broadcaster Hal Turner who was outted as FBI by computer hackers. He was doing just what Jones does.

Today on Alex Jones he talks about his Catholic wife living in Rome for several years and growing up in Spain then goes on an anti Gypsy tyrade for 20 minutes. This is the pope's inquisition against anyone not Catholic. Next Jones will demonize the Scientologists as Catholic parts of Europe are doing. Very Protestant of Alex Jones. Freedom of religion is in the US Constitution. This should apply to any religion or faith or lack of faith as long as they are not violent or advocating inquisition and genocide, Alex Jones.
(from 30 min mark)
White Men


#7 Jun 20, 2012
Alex Jones is allowed to continue because he promotes the evil Nazis and downplays the Jewish Crime Mafia which owns the banks and media (and politicians)

Bratislava, Slovakia

#8 Jan 6, 2013
White Men wrote:
Alex Jones is allowed to continue because he promotes the evil Nazis and downplays the Jewish Crime Mafia which owns the banks and media (and politicians)

The banking and media is owned by Freemasons, not any Jewish conspiracy. This Jones is part of. Who has ran all revolutions?

Bratislava, Slovakia

#9 Jan 6, 2013

Yet another Alex Jones cointelpro controlled opposition damage control gatekeeper job: the Franklin coverup Vatican Jesuit priest pedophile ring....

Mount Vernon, KY

#11 Mar 24, 2013
Alex Jones has this little photo of a tractor trailer with "Communism+ Marxism=Hunger and starvation. In those Communist country no one is starving to death. At least the people are not as skinny as rails like it is in some Capitalist countries. In fact, I have a book about the Soviet Union titled " The first book on the Soviet Union " every Soviet pictured in this book is fat!. The Soviet Union fed their people good. In America we have people that are skinny because they're hungry. Hey, this stupid country can't even have a Food stamp program!!!. At least have one for someone wanting to tear it down. It's Capitalism is what equils starving!!!. Look arround, in Capitalist countries like in Africa I all time see pictures of people with bloated Stomaches and I never see those pictures in Communist countries.

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