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United States

#364 Nov 5, 2011
Some states don't require your firearms to be registered. I am also an armed infidel from Illinois and none of my firearms are registered and they are not required to be either.
Pool Shark wrote:
<quoted text>I hope that your gun is legal and registered, or you just committed a crime on Topix.

“Free your mind”

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#365 Nov 16, 2011
So no "pros" yet, eh? Imagine that...

Pickering, Canada

#367 Feb 13, 2013
<quoted text>
not all muslims follow sharia law
but most if not all the people who follow sharia law are muslim

United States

#368 Feb 13, 2013
No it will not. Americans go by the American laws that our constitution made, by America's forefathers, who faught and died for our freedoms. Just as all of the American Veterans and Soldiers fought and died for our freedoms. If one does not like our laws of the American Nation, then you should go back to your original country where you enjoy your Sharia laws. Our laws need no changing, to make it convenient to kill, mutilate women, stone, publicly beat and shave womens heads. Please. This is the land of the free, women are allowed to show their faces and to be educated and to have a voice . You are not judged if a man looks at a woman or vice versa that they are adulters under Sharia law . Strangers are allowed to look to the right or to the left in America whatever comes before them. Sorry, but Sharia Law Stinks. No Thanks, Keep it in Your own Countries. If you decide to live here, accept our laws. If not, BYE!

United States

#369 Feb 13, 2013
Terry wrote:
<quoted text>
but most if not all the people who follow sharia law are muslim
I am sorry, but teenage love is impossible.....Our American children will fall in love with muslim teenagers....You are telling me, that people will have the right to pick and choose, if they want to be involved in Sharia law? If a muslim boy marries an American girl they have a child, that child will have the choice to be or not be under Muslim law? Then let's take it a little farther. That couple has a girl, so now she can be mutilated when she becomes a woman, and sold to the highest bidder? The American grandparents sits by as "what just happened?" . Or, lets take it farther, their granddaughter is shamed for looking at another man, or standing up for something, so they shave her head bury a pit to her shoulders, while her hands are bound, as they decide to stone her? Do you really think we as Americans, would allow such a thing to happen in your neighbors back yard. Come on, we are Americans, we stand up to kids being picked on for someone bullying them for having a different style haircut. Better yet, the homosexual couple next door to the muslim who believes in Sharia law is going to live peaceful to them? Talk about civil wars going on in America.....LOL Sharia Law would be a joke to every redneck, homosexual, Christian, Catholics, Protestants, Republicans, most Democrats . Even the liberals couldn't uphold it, they agree with abortion, homosexuality, women's rights over and beyond. I don't think anyone who owns a gun that hunts would either.....No, I don't think it would work. Just wouldn't work. Americans are too different to change, or to watch, or take part in such laws. You can pray to Ala, just keep your laws in your own lands.....I am most certain that the American Muslim women, have a voice, and education. Under Sharia law, women are under men. I don't think the women who have been raised in this country would want their heads shaved, lose their voices or education.....Can't have it both ways, manadates would make all muslim to be under Sharia law. In Britian, I believe if a poor person cannot pay for a better courtroom, they go to the one under Sharia Law. So, would that mean that all Americans who can not afford an attorney they would be provided a Sharia Law Courtroom because of their lack money? Something for all to think about.
Muhamood m

Kampala, Uganda

#370 May 16, 2013
I think sharia law should be practiced all over the world because it is good and promotes fairness among the people and reduces crime rates the country so, its better to be practiced.

Conway, AR

#371 May 16, 2013
Sharia law is nothing more than islamic extremism being forced upon people who don't conform. And most of the time,violence is acted out, supposedly, in God's name. God is a loving, understanding God who doesn't inspire men to commit acts of murder.

Conway, AR

#372 May 16, 2013
Muhamood m wrote:
I think sharia law should be practiced all over the world because it is good and promotes fairness among the people and reduces crime rates the country so, its better to be practiced.
And you probably think crashing a 767 into a 110 story full of innocent people is a good way to get to heaven so you can have sex with 72 virgins who regain their virginity after each encounter, huh??

Markham, Canada

#373 Jul 23, 2013
uspatriotvet wrote:
Isn't that where women who are raped get
stoned because the rape is their fault, and
the rapists go free?
Where a father will kill a daughter if she
"dishonors" the family in some way.
Where thieves get hands and feet cut off?
The penalty for murder is beheading?
I don't know the details of Sharia law,
but these are examples of it.
Women being stoned actually isn't part of islam or sharia. Often times the only stoning comes from radical vigilantes who are themselves breaking the law. and they are held trial for it.
"rapist go free" that's a misrepresentation. the law is there must be 3 witness for the suspect to be considered guilty. Its like america in that way. innocent until proven guilty. although i do agree that 3 witnesses is abit to much for reasonable proof. But it does make sense considering the punishment for rape. sharia law doesn't execute people on a whim suspect or not. Both Islam and Sharia law prohibit honour killings. If a fathers daughter has premarital sex she can except eternal damnation in hell but Islam prohibit killing her. By a father or by anyone else.
The hand cutting of thieves I too don't agree with. But to be fair that is only the most severe of punishment for theft. If someone has been caught stealing several times yes he will have his hands cut of. If he stole something extreme such as diamonds, drugs, weapons he will have his hands cut of. But usually thefts are simply given prison sentences.
The thing about Sharia law is that it is different for every country. Sharia law is simply incorporating islam into the existing government. Picking and choose the parts that the nation feel will best help them and save them. In know means must America accept hand chopping with Sharia only the principle and idea behind Islam. The purest and most sacred.
Peace be with you brothers and sister.

Alpharetta, GA

#374 Oct 30, 2013
The f*ck is wrong with you people? I'm Muslim, and you guys are way off. Rape victims do NOT get whipped for getting raped under REAL Sharia law, but they do get punished for consensual adultery, that is cheating on your husband. And even then, there has to be four eyewitnesses who saw the act, and saw the man's penis in the woman's vulva. And even then the punishment is house arrest, not whipping. Furthermore, honor killings are strictly forbidden in Islam, and they are, in addition to being a horrendous crime, a cultural phenomenon. Last, Islamic liberals say that the punishment for thievery back then was amputation because they needed a stronger deterrant for crime, but now that we have learned more about criminal justice and forensic science we don't need it anymore.

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