Is Edward Snowden an american hero?

Is Edward Snowden an american hero?

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Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

#1 Nov 2, 2013
I would say yes in my point of view.

Perth, Australia

#2 Nov 2, 2013
not at all its game
all of them..

nechu one sto se ribom cuje
niti one
koja majku moju psuje
ko nevoli majku nevoli ni sina
zsolt sass


#3 Nov 2, 2013
Yes indeed edward snowden is an all american and global hero,yes we need another HERO = OUR CAPTAIN AMERICA EDWARD SNOWDEN= who fights for your freedom of speach in amarica and araund the globe.CAPTAIN AMERICA EDWARD SNOWDEN a warrior for freedom and justice against the global supression of dictator hussain obama and his brutal GESTAPO .There must be an CAPTAIN AMERICA FREEDOMFIGHTER AWARD =FUND= established and CAPTAIN AMERICA must be financiel supported.Anyway everybody in the USA or anywhere in the world shall donate 1 dollar or 1 euro to help our CAPITAIN AMERICA EDWARD.Just contact your LOCAL RUSSIAN EMBASSY and tell them you want to help your CAPTAIN AMERICA and want to donate 1 dollar to help fight for global freedom an justice and YES every dollar counts in the global war to LIBERATE the USA from that DICTATOR HUSSAIN OBAMA and his EVIL GESTAPO.YES YOU CAN support your CAPTAIN AMERICA who fights for the free and the brave araund the entire globe.GOD BLESS you and keep on resisting the DEVIL HUSSAIN OBAMA and his evil ,wicked gestapo servants. Power to the PEOPLEmread the book of CARL MARX and be ready for the global RED REVOLUTION which will LIBERATE the USA and the entire world.POWER TO THE PEOPLE,love and peace. comrade,freedomfighter,zsolt sass

Norwich, UK

#4 Nov 3, 2013
Edward Snowden is a hero,Exposing the dirty tricks the U.S. government have been up to.
They still won't change their tactic's,
As with killing the leader of the taliban just before peace talks,And the continuation of Drone bombings.
They don't give a shit what the world thinks they just do as they please!
What's up with the so called international law commission it seems they are worthless.
Obama reckons he did not know about Angela merkel's phone being taped. Yea right!
He would choke if he tried to tell the truth!
His words don't mean Shit!
As with shutting down GITMO .
Its still open,keeping people there illegally
force feeding prisoners and keeping them held when they have been cleared plus the cost of the place, Millions of tax payers dollars.
The U.S.has never been hated by the world as much as it is today with their globalization.
"In its entire history"!

Going back to Edward Snowden,Why is the TRUTH so wrong.
He has more guts than Obama and his administration
Put together and more.
Hopefully the Russian's and Chinese will keep them at bay!
The U.S. economy is in deep trouble yet they still spend money on wars or creating wars and
Destabilizing smaller countries,For their greedy interest's.
Just look at Afghanistan and Iraq, Those countries
are total disasters.
The U.S. have really made a difference there.
For the worse!

Perth, Australia

#5 Nov 3, 2013
anybody can be hero
even if you save frog as grof

secret code is secret code
you never know

Perth, Australia

#6 Nov 3, 2013
They will tell you
-I am in bread as Eucharistic
-they will tell you I am within you
-they will tell you God is Omnipotent as well everywhere..

Where stay all of your secrets?

Norwich, UK

#7 Nov 4, 2013
I see on the news that 70 leading human rights organizations have complained to David Cameron
about the over surveillance of UK citizens.
Wait and see he will do nothing about it.
He's no different than his big brother buddy Obama.
There was'nt that much surveillance done on the German people by the nazi's
So much for the free world! BULLSHIT!
Going in on the Guardian newspaper and destroying hard drive's is the sort of thing you would expect
in nazi Germany,Not in Today's world!
Edward Snowden would not get justice if he was to go back to the U.S., Everybody know's that.

Norwich, UK

#8 Nov 4, 2013
truth wrote:
They will tell you
-I am in bread as Eucharistic
-they will tell you I am within you
-they will tell you God is Omnipotent as well everywhere..
Where stay all of your secrets?
Do you wear a TIN FOIL HAT?
Or are you STONED?

Perth, Australia

#9 Nov 4, 2013
ho ho ho santa closo
must be you also eat from chocolate roof..
Are you for sure you never eat chocolate?

so what if they spy britashe

we call britash=wallet
in my place its exist man Stanko
jep barishini
see word

he go every monday as pazar day bring home as meat mostly others tiny things too

he took huge big bag aha..
everybody think inside is something
bag is empty as he going
its come back in some direction..
everybody say to his wife
you are bless
oh i am going cry
less and less..

now who are you..
do you liked bag or bugs
begging is poor people bag is rich bugs is thief..


i have offer from one man he is rich
he is keen help me
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e
he say if you liked we can organize another org. mafijaaaaaaaaaaa

no no no no why shoud be go in your britash corupt police drug dillers and ministers are some..

better created one bag aha
sit anywhere then flow as river all numbers..
yepppppppppppppppppppppppppppp pppppppppppppppp

remember you can be rich too
just lived when all become rich

we can grab everything from thedm

don't tell anyone

but remember
i am not one of them
noooooooo no no no no

Perth, Australia

#10 Nov 4, 2013
as alive river can flow all lot
entire parallel systems

britash its britka rijec as sword as word..

with that you can destroy everything and everyone
you can recreated everything as you wish..

where is faithful today

nobody nothing exist

serve your evil
not me

Perth, Australia

#11 Nov 4, 2013
spit=$pit see
good poem

o don't worry

Perth, Australia

#12 Nov 4, 2013
i hear deference story kapitalisam comunisam fascizam not kill anyone
cemetry not exist
if you prove
then you must be ihaha
as well sezame open yourself from 1001 night as thief not exis as hur as other pupur and so ojn
why should be..
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo

pray for that day
of great zero elimination of everything..

in beginning is darkness yeeeeeeeeeeeeee
no life

Perth, Australia

#13 Nov 4, 2013
riba=fossil=as fish
here before exist mamlas as prehistoric life
millions years ago continents start moving

in future you can move many things as well destroy many things too..

Are you for sure they are not alive your fascist communist capitalist

all of them

they are between us everywhere

Since: Dec 08

Location hidden

#14 Nov 4, 2013
Yes he is.

Norwich, UK

#16 Nov 5, 2013
It has now been exposed the British have been doing surveillance on the Germans.
When asked about it the ernment refused to comment.
Been caught out you DIRTY BASTARDS!
Kick Cameron out of the E.U. he's in the pocket of the U.S. he cant be TRUSTED!
Cameron's a SNEAK He's nothing but a DIRTY SNAKE in Europe.
He's keeping his snout in Europe not to unify European countries but to spy for the YANK'S!

Norwich, UK

#17 Nov 5, 2013
Why has'nt the story of the German's being spy ed on
been on BBC news?
Trying to DUMB down the people AGAIN!
I would say it was an important subject,
Could you imagine if it was the other way round!
the BBC would be falling over themselves.

Norwich, UK

#18 Nov 6, 2013
I think with the spying from the British embassy,
How disrespectful!
You are a guest in a way in Germany,and then to spy is a DIRTY TRICK!
How many more worms are going to come out of the can.
Come on Edward lets have more.

Norwich, UK

#19 Nov 6, 2013
Why has,nt there been anything about this on the British media.

BBC,ITV definitely controlled media, Call yourselves

Why did they not cover the million mask protests,
Especially in London,The capital.

Its no good trying to ignore,When you have real journalist's reporting on Russia today news, Who makes you look amateur's

Norwich, UK

#20 Nov 7, 2013
I see the three RAT faced BASRARDS from the intelligence services are up for questioning today before MP's, They will LIE as expected the DIRTY SNEAKY BASTARDS!

GOOD for Edward Snowden!

Kuttawa, KY

#21 Jan 7, 2014

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