The Intense Power Behind The New Worl...

The Intense Power Behind The New World Order....Part 2

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#6 Aug 14, 2014
It is only now that today's freemasons are in full swing because they have got so many of you trapped in their system that you will lie, cheat, steal, or kill, just to survive in their demonic world! The New World Order is not going to be a fun time, and billions of you aren't invited! President Barack Obama is bringing in the Dawn of a New Day, a New Age, or the House of the Zodiac, known as the New World Order, with Canada and Mexico as his comrads! Do you really think he cared about what was going on with the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri? He did not! It took him nearly 5 days to respond to the crisis! Coincidence? This was a display of force by your government to oppose all who aren't in compliance to the New World Order! Those tanks, and many of the older military arsenal, was given to the police force all over America by Vice President Joe Biden! And Biden knew how racist it was in America before he started arming the extremists! If you pay very close attention to what have been written herein, it should come clearly how to stop the freemasons, and their New World Order. If for no other reason, do it for your children. Your Bible and Quran Gods weren't about unnatural technology that harmed humans or the planet. With them, its all about spiritual perfection! In Charlotte, North Carolina, Duke Energy wants to bury toxic coal ashe at the Charlotte Douglas Airport, which is being discussed as this writing is being put together. And as for the wars, they are controlled by freemasons within their countries.

September 11, 2001, and the so-called terrorist attacks, was designed by freemasons in America, Britain, and England.You have all been lied to, and was forced to turn against previous Presidential Candidates who knew this, which is why they will stop at nothing to keep the media reminding you about 9/11 everyday. America's News Media is being funded by the Nazis who is presently running the State of Israel. And George W. Bush, with the sneaky Dick Cheney, was behind the conspiracy that Obama, Biden, and Clinton is trying to finish! George Bush Sr. was given his first job at Dresser Industries, by his Skull and Bones brother Henry Mallon in the early 1900's. And Mallon provided the drill bits and oil drilling equiptment to the Russians, and W.A. Harriman's Company controlled Georgian Manganese. Mallon joined with Frederick Winthorp Allen and Eugene Stetson, who controlled the Skull and Bones Bank, and who financed/built Nazi Germany in the 1930's! The Union Corp Bank was also financers to the work. In 1932, its directors were a hodgepotch of Skull and Bonesmen, and Nazis, including Johann Groinger and H.I. Kowen (both worked with Hitler), along with Presott Sheldon Bush (Member of Skull and Bones). The German Steel Trust controlled the Bank ver Handle for Handle and Schiff. And Fritz Thyssen funneled over 3 million marks to Adolph Hitler in 1932.

Since: Oct 13

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#7 Aug 14, 2014
Silesian American Corp's "Ray Morris", was of the Skull and Bones, and worked for Brown Brothers. On November 17, 1942, Nazis interests were siezed under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Unfortunately, Prescott Bush, with his many Skull and Bones and Nazis comrads, hid money elsewhere which was to fund the New World Order. What Adolph Hitler couldn't complete, is now being completed by President Obama, and his many supporters. This especially involves the Clintons! But, George Bush Sr. had to continue the Nazis agenda in America using his son George Bush Jr. as a decoy or distraction. The wars they created took the American people's mind off of what was going on right in front of their eyes, while billions of dollars and drugs were illegally flown or was carried by sea. Thus, in the 1990's, President George Bush Sr. was indicted for drug trafficking. However, the Queen of England and her many forces, made the indictment disappear. By George Bush Sr. being, at one time or another, the Director for the CIA, he was able to do anything he pleased! The British East Indian Company is the largest legalized drug trafficking and slave trading corporation in the world! And their enforcers, the CIA, is immune from prosecution because the authorization must come from a higher level. The Intelligence Agencies are all structured on freemasonry, and the British Intelligence runs the International show which is why George Bush Sr. completed his work. Britain conquered China with a flood of opium just like America is being conquered today by a flood of heroin. And they won't have it any other way. If Americans knew that they were either going to be killed or sent to camps, like whats going on in China and many other countries right now, what would you do? But when you hear that there is something in store for you between August of 2014, and January of 2016, you won't trust the facts. Do any of you really know why Adolph Hitler was killed?

Since: Oct 13

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#8 Aug 14, 2014
Hitler was killed because the freemasons had no more use for him, after the work was secretly moved to America. He was being fed anti-semitic information by the freemasons, which made him retaliate to the infiltration of his intelligence agencies. He formed the "SS" to weed out all Masons from his inner circle. He nolonger trusted the preppers for the New World Order (3rd Reich). He even went as far as chasing down freemasons throughout Europe. Hitler became aware that they were using him and thus became a major threat to the Masonic power structure. They had to kill him. And the so-called holocaust victims of the Jebusites (Jews) were really freemasons who were trying to establish the New World Order in the 1930's! Hitler was killed, at the orders of England, because he turned on them.Thats why it is so important for freemasons to make Americans feel bad for those freemasons that were in the death camps of Hitler, because they don't want anything to interfere with their success this time. And the man who is to bring in the New World Order (4th Reich), or the New House of the Zodiac, is none other than Barack Obama. Barack Obama, or Barry Soetoro, was an experimental seed implanted in a European woman. Thats why previous Presidents of the U.S. and others were awaiting his rise! He was foretold to come, as if he was sent from heaven. But in all actuality, scientists designed him. And the secrets of his birth certificate is guarded by the Queen of England herself, and by the Council of 33 and the Council of 500. Michelle Obama was actually a man, who came through a long line of witches and warlocks! Why do you think people all over the world have very little respect for Americans? Its because many of you, in this day and age, are agreeing to wars and global chaos against innocent people like yourselves, who don't want to be placed in camps as the new way of life! They, once standing up against America, Britain, China, and England, are being termed terrorists! And the Americans seem to be supporting the titles placed on them! Many of them don't want to kill the American people, but just want to kill the New World Order! And for those of you who can't, or don't want to see this, its no wonder there will be a major civil and race war going on in this country, providing Barry Soetoro and his minions aren't stopped! You have now concluded through the 2nd chamber. Hopefully, there will be no need for a third. Americans must all stand and declare in one voice, that you don't want to be a slave to the wealthy! If you don't, for those of you who aren't homeless now, you will be this same time next year! It was written....

After Thought: They are the driving and financial forces behind the many spies and snitches all over America. These spies are at Hotels, Motels, Apartment Complexes, and Housing Developments. They are within your work places, and the list goes on and on.
Come on Toshi

Virginia Beach, VA

#11 Aug 15, 2014

One Point English Lesson

Come on, Toshi.


Come on, Toshi!

Since: Oct 13

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#13 Aug 16, 2014
The power lies with the:

The Astor Bloodline...German Families

The Bundy Bloodline...Switzerland Families

The Collins Bloodline..Actress Joan Collins Family

The DuPont Bloodline...Denmark Families

The Freeman Bloodline...Stephen M. Freeman

The Kennedy Bloodline...John F. Kennedy and families

The Li Bloodline...Chinese Family

The Onassis Bloodline. Jackie, the wife of President Kennedy's family

The Reynolds Bloodline...Tobacco Giants in North Carolina

The Rockefeller Bloodline...The New York Family

The Rothschild Bloodline...The Kate Middleton Family

The Russell Bloodline...Combination of Americans and Jebusite Families

The Van Duyn Bloodline...Dutch Families

The mixted information is coming from the "AGENTS OF INFLUENCE." These agents can be unwitting, under mind-control, or ideologically motivated to use their positions of influence to sway the minds of others. Examples of Agents of Influence are anchor men on television, journalists, labor leaders, tv commentators, academics quoted by the media, and some politicians.

"CONFUSION AGENTS"... Are agents whose job is to produce confusion by disseminating confounding information.

"CONTRACT AGENTS"... Are the rogue agents, such as the mob or terrorists, who the CIA get to do particular jobs on contract. Their connections can be denied.

"DEEP COVER AGENTS"... Are sleeper agents (often a programmed multiple or person with mind-control programming) who has been a long term sleeper agent.

"DISINFORMATION AGENTS... These are highly placed agents who passes disinformation to other governments.

"NOTIONAL AGENT"... Are fictitious non-existent "agents" which were created with a real looking identity to mislead.

"PROVOCATION AGENTS...Are agents sent in to provoke and destabilize the target groups to do foolish things.

"SPOON FEEDER AGENTS"... Are those who dribbles out legitimate information, which is often done to build up a person's credentials (bona fides). Generally spoon feeders increase their percentage of disinformation once they gain respectability.

Hell is brewing folks. So you'd be wise to research what's within this message for your own survival. It was written....
Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Virginia Beach, VA

#14 Aug 16, 2014
The Kardashian family is a big one.

Since: Oct 13

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#15 Aug 18, 2014
Racism Rising In North Carolina

Robert Goudy
August 17, 2014
RUC News

People have been paying very close attention to what has been unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, concerning a Secret Society Police Officer executing an unarmed 18 year old African American teenager. Caucasian men, all over the State of North Carolina, have been loading up on gun ammunition as if contemplating a possible race war. Several Independent News Journalists have been scrutinizing the activity in Masonic Lodges and have placed others in key areas to examine their destinations. Many Prince Hall Freemasons have been working with Caucasian Freemasons to stop any possible demonstrative support from North Carolinians for Ferguson victims. It appears, from reviews all across the United States, that many freemasons are doing this. For some apparent reason, their individual states have had police brutally murder blackmen and don't want the publicity. 4 people who were amongst a small group of demonstrators in Greensboro, North Carolina, supporting Michael Brown in Ferguson, stated that hundreds of blackmen have been killed in that city, and that proper autopsies need to be done on their behalf.

But the sad thing about many African Americans in North Carolina is that they don't stand together like those within Ferguson. Many African American mothers seems to have had sons who were murdered in identical ways to Michael Brown by police, and never took it as far as Michael's parents. Is psychological warfare rampant in North Carolina? Why haven't African American mothers who've lost their sons in police shootings, not as concerned as those within Ferguson? Why has there been major police briefings and meetings in North Carolina since the killing of Michael Brown? Several of our contacts have found out that many police officers in North Carolina and Virginia are connnected to a White Supremacy Group known as the "New Empire Knights." The New Empire Knights are a Klu Klux Klan sub fraternity connected to freemasons who have been funding Officer Darren Wilson with undisclosed amounts of currency. Officer Wilson was the officer who gunned down Michael Brown in cold blood! But why all the exposure for Michael Brown? What of the many other blackmen who were gunned down by police in 2013 and 2014? Is psychological warfare an issue here?

Why can't African Americans in North Carolina stick together like those African Americans within Ferguson? We asked that question to hundreds of African Americans and was astonished at what we found out! A large number of African Americans claim that police have divided too many blacks for this to every happen.

Since: Oct 13

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#17 Aug 18, 2014
Police Departments, within many other states, who have had contact with Police Departments in North Carolina, was taught tactics of how to treat African Americans anyway they desired, and would get away with it, according to private sources. White Supremacist Masonic Movements are a powerful thing in North Carolina. Thats why its so hard for Officer Wilson, who executed Michael Brown in Ferguson, haven't been arrested. Masonic Orders literally place killers above the law! The Greensboro Police Department has had a history of murdering African Americans in cold blood like what occurred with Michael Brown, except, they would alter investigations. It was Masonic influence involved which is why many of the killer officers are still employed and working the same beats! And to prove this to be factual, if anyone who've lost a loved one to a police shooting in Greenboro, between 2013 and 2014, were to go back and conduct autopsies, the shootings would also be proven as cold blooded murders! Unfortunately, African Americans in North Carolina, pretty much dislike other African Americans, and will help any Caucasian before they'd help one of their own to allow this investigation to occur. White Supremacist Police, civilians, and veterans, who are paert of these White Supremacist Orders, have done an excellent job in controlling the minds of African Americans in North Carolina.

In conclusion, if the town of Ferguson were to explode into a full bloody riot, many African Americans in North Carolina would take that time to rob and kill each other! This may sound unbelievable, but its true. We'll see what unfolds as the days and nights close in on a petty charge which may be given to Officer Wilson in replace of his execution of Michael Brown. White Supremacists will take that time to murder each and every African Americana and Latino they see! This is one of the reasons White Supremacist Judges worked with their Police Officer and District Attoney fraternity brethren to disarm thousands of African Americans. It all was to come down to this moment in our American history. Lets see what unfolds next.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert Goudy
John Fladgat

Worcester, UK

#18 Aug 18, 2014
I think you are actually a part of the Freemason conspiracy. They need people like you to create a panic and spread fear and trembling. Prove you are not, I challenge you.

Since: Oct 13

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#19 Aug 20, 2014
Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere

Jay Wilmer...Journalist
August 19, 2014

African Americans have been doing alot of assembling all over the State of North Carolina at this time. People are beginning to question the ethics of many police officers and the freemasons. While at a rally in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, we spoke with a party by the name of Muhammad Eury. Mr. Eury had a serious story to tell concerning ethnic cleansing, police and Judicial corruption, along with the outlining of a brief history of massive discrimination against himself simply because he was aware of what was going on in America. We learned alot about Mr. Eury's family, witnessed first hand, how easy it was for high ranking officials to manipulate many of them to testify against their own relatives. Independent Journalists infiltrated in order to receive this information! The entire history of Mr. Eury is a very sad one and it is no doubt that police, the feds, and Judges, if thoroughly investigated, could be caught into one of the most largest conspiracies in American history!. If infact the news media was impartial and heard Mr. Eury's story, it would change the couse of many things in America. Over 275 witnesses have confirmed the Muhammad Eury story which isn't being told due to spiritual wickedness in high places. Freemasons don't realize that Mr. Eury is capable of deciphering their a pyramidal schemes which is why they have worked so hard to see to it that his story is never told to the world. Gary Wilson also confirms that many things have been implemented against himself; similar to that of the Muhammad Eury story. Mr. Wilson spoke about how he himself was targeted by the federal government due to exposing some of the secretive masonic futuristic plans. He also spoke about how he have been teaching Americans, and people all over the world, how the U.S. Government, and many secret government groups, were planning to enslave the American race as a whole. Mr. Wilson contends that racial tensions were designed by freemasons who have plans to destroy the American Economy so that the New World Order can become paramount, enslaving all poor people.

He further states that the plight in Ferguson, Missouri, is only telling a story of what is to come for all Americans and not to believe that the U.S. Government plans to downgrade weaponry Police Departments across America. Their defense will be about ISIL, a group that they have known about prior to its forming. The only way they have stolen the constitutional rights from all Americans is by screaming "terrorism." President Obama and Attoney General Eric Holder really doesn't care about African Americans. They are only using African Americans and racism, to further their political agendas! Mr. Wilson and Mr. Eury both explained how the U.S. Government is about to launch technology in all vehicles which shall equipt each vehicle with voice commands. The purpose of the voice commands is to allow vehicle drivers to be able to communicate with one another. The federal government, as Mr. Wilson says, is pitching that this technology is going to prohibit all vehicle wrecks. Old vehicles shall be ordered to junk or terminate them. If you don't get a new vehicle, you won't drive! He further contends that police will be linked to the technology, and will know what is being said between drivers, even though they'll probably lie about it. No man might buy or sell save those with the mark (Revelations 13:16-18). In one way or another, the U.S. Government will eventually have it to where American conversations will be recorded everwhere.
The Franklin Coverup

Virginia Beach, VA

#22 Aug 22, 2014
The men comprising the ultra wealthy ruling elite
using the children's of ten to thirteen years of age
and for use in inserting their erect male members
into their bodily orifices of the 10 - 13 years of age
childrens either boys or girls, getting flesh plunged.

Since: Oct 13

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#23 Aug 26, 2014
come on toshi

Virginia Beach, VA

#24 Aug 26, 2014
Come on Toshi wrote:
One Point English Lesson =kGXWDqQB3NUXX
Come on, Toshi.
Come on, Toshi!

Come on, Toshi! Come on! Toshi! Come On!
come on toshi

Virginia Beach, VA

#25 Aug 26, 2014
TOSHI! Come on, Toshi! Come on!

One Point English Lesson

Come on, Toshi.
Toshi! Come on!
Come on, Toshi!

Since: Oct 13

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#27 Aug 30, 2014
A Dark Night Is Rising

There is a profound evil engulfing the Planet Earth and is a direct threat to the existence of over 85% of the population. Woe unto all those who seek the truth at this time. For knowing that truth will revealing a horrifyng nightmare that unimagineable. However, if you seek to know this truth, then first start by learning the biological genetics of your Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, those members of the highest authority within the United Nations, Freemasons, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati of Avignon, the Illumiati of Stockholen, the Illuminati of Picardy, the Illuminati of Bavaria, the Council of 13, the Council of 33, the Council of 500, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the IRS, the Dept. of Interior, State and Capitol Police, local police, and all working in allegiance with Jabulon.

These forces are the cries of the abandoned child; and the winter of the whipped beasts. They are the many faces that stares back at you from the shadowed mirror. They are the hollow-ness of all your hopes and dreams. They are "despair." Humans better be careful what you wish for because once your hopes and wishes are fulfilled in anyway by these focres, they will come to claim you. Wherever you go they'll be, and wherever you are they'll find you. The rise of ISIL or ISIS is of no coincidence! And as plagues and sicknesses continue to mark your children, there is plans and plots being implemented by men & women in dark places, to decimate the adults. Even the most brilliant of humans are being beguiled. They are tricking humans over and over by appealing to your desires. You are tricked into believing that you can escape many of the designed evils of today, thats entrapping you within an even greater indepth, pyramid of hell!

Thus, you desire to escape robberies, burglaries, poverty, and terrorists, at the price of your own reaped terrors! Forces working with Jabulon is getting close to your family members or friends, and is entrapping them into debt, poverty, or crime, in hopes of getting you all to empower their "Hell on Earth", 300 year old plan! For these same relatives and friends are betraying each other for the sake of what they term, survival. Big Brother and Big Sister are tools used to seal the fates of people around the globe, at your personal requests. When they presented psychopaths, a rise in serial killers, robberies, or drugs to humans, between the 1960's to the 1990's, many of you voted for surveillance and cameras. Yet, they continued to make it where people can see more through one another in 2014. And the more transparent people become, the more others close to you are tricked, injured, or sacrificed, for the sake of "Hell on Earth." Deals will continue to be made with them to entrap those of you who are still fighting the great fight against evil! Can you hear the many screams of men, women, and children, which is music for those who've asorbed the screams and terrors from agonies? And remember, they can find out your most darkest secrets from spouses, mates, relatives, or friends by simply rearranging the amout in your checking or savings accounts.

Since: Oct 13

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#28 Aug 30, 2014
Your leaders are getting many humans to wish away the agonies of others by direct self sacrifices. Many of them, and their terrible masters, feast on fear as like a trapped animal's gaze within their eyes. Humans only hope is the implemention of legal attacks in courts, and the dispelling of lies stemming from September 11, 2001. Then immediately research the leader, from a league of shadows, known as ISIL or ISIS. Unfortunately, for those of you committing crimes in these times, beware! For when you steal to feed your famiies, or pay bills, you'll continue to be demonized by the News Media Outlets. And once within the jails or prisons, under the New World Order Bills signed by each world leader, you'll slowly but surely be erased. You will be infectted by some incurable disease, or you will expire before your time. And the memory of you shall be no more! However, many prisoners will continue working with the devils in hopes of getting more comfort while in prison, or an early release shall be what they'll continue to bargain for. The fate of humanity is being sealed with lies, tricks, and treats!

1. Will ISIS or ISIL attack the Stock Markets?

2. Will Your Governments take away more of your country's Constitutional Rights, by completely exposing your personal information on hard drives/major data bases, and making you targets for so-called terrorists or Shadow Agents, who are unstoppable hackers?

3. Is placing more electronic surveillance in communities and neighborhoods making our territories safer, or is it making it more easier to target Americans by Shadow Governement type hackers, which is a direct threat to the existence of targeted Americans? Your governments know that both street and neighborhood cameras can be hacked into! Didn't the hacker group known as "Anonymous" hack into the police computers in Ferguson, Missouri? So what makes American think that only the police is watching you?

4. Will the streets within America become wastelands like that in the Ukraine, Iraq, and other countries, where only the citizen population suffered the most casualties?

5. Is ISIS or ISIL, really a super soldier program designed to kill down the global population, which was mastered by the many forces of the Illuminatis, so that all "dead on" conspiracy theorists are proven wrong about their many predictions?

6. Why are children being taught how to shoot uzis in heavily wooded areas

7. Why are Police Departments around the United States giving away military grade weaponry to State Militias? If people doubt the existence of the New World Order, what are so many people preparing for?

8. And why is FEMA building shelters for Americans?

9. Will all Americans make it to the FEMA built structures, or will a large percentage be killed either in the chaos, or by government assasins? What do you think your end game will be?

Since: Oct 13

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#29 Sep 2, 2014

Miami Beach, FL

#31 Sep 19, 2014
Scotland’s Independence Vote Shows a Global Crisis of the Elites

"When you get past the details of the Scottish independence referendum Thursday, there is a broader story underway, one that is also playing out in other advanced nations.

It is a crisis of the elites. Scotland’s push for independence is driven by a conviction — one not ungrounded in reality — that the British ruling class has blundered through the last couple of decades. The same discontent applies to varying degrees in the United States and, especially, the eurozone. It is, in many ways, a defining feature of our time.

The rise of Catalan would-be secessionists in Spain, the rise of parties of the far right in European countries as diverse as Greece and Sweden, and the Tea Party in the United States are all rooted in a sense that, having been granted vast control over the levers of power, the political elite across the advanced world have made a mess of things.........."

Since: Oct 13

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#32 Oct 18, 2014
bubba burpalot

Virginia Beach, VA

#34 Oct 22, 2014
Come on, Toshi! Come on, Toshi! Come on, Toshi!

Come on, Toshi Sanyo. Come on, Toshi Sanyo. Come on, Toshi Sanyo.

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