Women hate disabled men and find them...

Rapid City, SD

#65 Jul 9, 2014
My dad use yo say anyone could lose there health at anytime. You are born with being disabled that you have no control over.

Rapid City, SD

#66 Jul 10, 2014
RJS wrote:
I have cerebral palsy, and i can say for a fact, that yes, women DO have a problem dating men with a disability. I have been on several dates over the years, all of them having been fixed up for me by either family or friends, and not once has there ever been a second date. When asked why not, I was told the lady in question would say something like "uh, well, uh...". And the women I have aksed out on my own....ugh. I was one told TO MY FACE that I was not worthy of being alive because I was crippled, and on another occassion, the lady I asked out said "Do you really think I'd go out with a retarded crippled freak like you?" I'm not retarded. No, women are just superficial, that's all there is to it. I'm supposed to "respect their feelings" and "leave them alone", but they don't have to give a damn about mine.
Women look at disabled people with pity and disgust.

Since: May 14

Mountain View, CA

#67 Jul 11, 2014
For a disabled man, if you are rich (richer than most of the people),it would not be diffucult for you to date a girl. you know ,so many girls like sugar daddy. Though it's hard to earn money without a health body.
for a disabled women, it's hard to date a man.
Mr Smith

Derby, UK

#68 Aug 16, 2014
I am 29 and I have a disability, Im not in a wheelchair but hearing impaired and short and ive never had any luck with girls. They dont appear to want to be seen with me and some of my friends appear to be the same like they think theres a negative attached to a disabled person like they think you can catch a disability or something. Feel very lonely

Sioux Falls, SD

#69 May 28, 2015
people that are not disabled have no idea what it is to be alone and lonely.

Since: May 15


#70 May 29, 2015
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“Hunde kala e saa'i mun”

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#72 May 29, 2015
Yeah they do, they belittle men with disabilities and make fun of them. Women are huge hypocrites.

All in all, women only admire men with power, money and clout.

It's hard to find a human being with a pure heart nowadays that doesn't discriminate against anyone.

“Hunde kala e saa'i mun”

Since: Mar 14

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#73 May 29, 2015
bryan wrote:
people that are not disabled have no idea what it is to be alone and lonely.
I'm not disabled, but I know the feeling of being alone and lonely. However, as long as you have God and sometimes even your family you are never alone

Blackburn, UK

#74 Jun 25, 2015
I ALSO HAVE Physical problems and i know what you mean i personally think women have got more superficial over the last few years .

Marietta, SC

#75 Jul 4, 2015
DondaClan wrote:
Am from south africa Durban..living with a disability is like hell on earth...people tend to hate u..pretend that they like u if don't hate u...women, oh they r shit in a toilet bowl...not me, them..they look down on u like u chose to have a disability....now..here's my story...I was born a charming type, if u knw wat I mean..but because of the disability, this is compromised...I play my game at the end will lose because of this disability...I grew in terms of handling my game...now listen attentively, I play it safe. I pursue a woman, with my very high charming capabilities, I play with their minds and they play along, while they not thinking straight I make sure I use that opportunity to get laid. Before they open their eyes I'm gone, unles I came across some not bothered by the disability then in that case I stay...
I know exactly how you feel man I am an epileptic and I haven't had a date in two years haven't had a second date in alot longer than that

Marietta, SC

#76 Jul 4, 2015
drg wrote:
the bottom line is women will always look down on a handicapped man and most women will always tell you any excuse why they cannot date you. I have a handicap and all I hear is excusses I come to realize its a superficial world. the survival of the fittest..... eat or be eaten...... guys we can talk all day long on this conversation but it's never going to change . you might have the best education the best intense but the cold reality is that women do want the perfect man. I'm a 46 year old single father and I see so many women choose a scumbag over me who doesn't pay child support or treat them like a woman with respect and love I swear that they're the best thing on the earth. so you tell me is that fair to guys that really wants to have a relationship but is handicapped.hmmmm
Ahmen brother tell it like it is!

Marietta, SC

#77 Jul 4, 2015
GWest3791 wrote:
I don't know exactly how everyone here feels, but I have a rare eye condition that will eventually cause my eyes to rot out of my head when i'm in my late 30's or early 40's, but it does seem that women can be very condisending toward men with disabilities. At my college, I have asked 3 girls out and every single one was giving me crap for answer, "uh...well, see I just um...I have feelings for somebody else" then not a week later she is talking about some guy she doesn't even know and that she is going to ask him out. That is utter crap man!!! Every answer I get from women, even if they aren't the most super attractive, i'm not super picky, they just give me that kind of look or gesture that says, "hell no, date a blind guy, eewww" I'm only 21 dammit, but why shouldn't I be allowed to find someone I love early on in life that I want to love and be loved back (I appriciate everyone in my life, but it doesn't help when they say "oh, well at least you have us" it's like they don't even understand!!!! THEY have someone, that is the only reason they are saying that!! If they didn't, they would be upset like us!...Fudgey whales > n <)
I am 29 I feel your pain man maybe not as bad maybe worse but I really hate it when.my fam tried to feed menone of those lines "God has someone extra special for you she just isn't ready yet" "we understand how you feel (as they hold their spouses hand biuncing their kid on their knee)"

Marietta, SC

#78 Jul 4, 2015
bryan wrote:
<quoted text> I have been turned down by ugly women, judge the heart not the face or body.
Me to man some of them were the meanest

Broken Bow, OK

#80 Jul 4, 2015
Sex is Sex,It is not the size,know how to use what you have,

“Hunde kala e saa'i mun”

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#81 Jul 4, 2015
chase127 wrote:
<quoted text>
I am 29 I feel your pain man maybe not as bad maybe worse but I really hate it when.my fam tried to feed menone of those lines "God has someone extra special for you she just isn't ready yet" "we understand how you feel (as they hold their spouses hand biuncing their kid on their knee)"
You never know brother, what I advise is to seek a woman from a non-Westernised country where things are still based on love and not material.

Physically speaking, I am well-endowed you know where, I believe that I'm intelligent, but being a "nice" guy is a huge turn off to women despite what they say. The funny thing is that when their feelings are hurt by the bad guy, they expect you to be there for them as some rebound boy. Not going to happen. I may not have any physical or mental disabilities, but I know the pain of those that do.

Bucksport, ME

#82 Jul 4, 2015
seventies chick wrote:
<quoted text>I dont think getting a prostitute is the answer. Thats all they would need is to get Aids on top of thier disabilities. This world is sad and disabled people need companionship too. Alot of people are selfish and want to satisfy thier own needs. I dont see anything wrong in someone with a disability to date and have someone to love. My cousin Has down syndrome and she has feelings too and has so much love in her. Everyone in her town just loves her to death. I hope your brother can find someone in his lifetime.
They said "High quality" not aids ridden, lol.
Gimp The pimp

Roswell, GA

#84 Aug 5, 2015
I have mild cerebral palsy I love playing pool at the bar and going to phish shows girls fucking love my personality I am not like every other gimp the ladies call me Gimp the pimp with a limp I have had good times at phish concerts on the lawn I have had kinkier times at the bar in the bathroom stalls I got to say if your a dude with a disability don't be looking for a perfect 10 hell if your disabled don't be looking to settle down Just find something your good at in my case pool and just show them girls how you chalk your fuckin stick in my case i always have to make the chick laugh and make her feel comfortable my friends with disabilities you would be shocked at how curious they are the question i get asked a lot is Nick can you get it up and I'm like i will take you home and you will see if you can get it up to them girls that are high class i don't even focus on y'all cause as every dude knows every 8 has mental issues and i don't want to be having a sexual time with y'all and the chick decides ima pull out a knife...to all fell cripps stay away from girls who are just to hot they don't come with a instruction manual and don't waste your time trying to figure them out Just stay at the bar don't worry disabled friends you will find liz the slut or whatever her name is don't give up on love if you are disabled and need my help and you live in Georgia send me a message i will meet with you my fellow cripp and i will show you how easy it is to get laid thanks roll damn tide!!! remember folks I aint got all the time in the world so fuck punction and capitalization I aint got time for that I am a redneck all i know how to do is ride john deere tractors and hunt
crippled dick

Philadelphia, PA

#85 Sep 15, 2015
I've used a wheelchair for 25 years and have had a girlfriend the whole time. It's about your attitude, not all looks. Grow up.

Tacoma, WA

#86 Nov 8, 2015
It's true!! All soooo true! I'm GL, tall, smart, got my life together, independent, smile, laugh, enjoy life's everyday moments.
With that said! Because I walk with a cane and a limp the ladies don't want none of the above. But, if I drive up in my car, and talk to them they don't see the limp or cane, and I score a date everytime! Wtf!
Then go on date, they see disability, and all things change, my heart breaks, my life seems meaningless alone.
Dorothy Jones

Chicago, IL

#87 Feb 25, 2016
I have a restarted man. Name Dino Lawson thinks he God please.

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