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Since: Apr 13

Scappoose, Oregon USA

#27 Jul 14, 2013
Lovelace first of all honey, don't worry about what other people say, I know that's easy to say and difficulty here and even more difficult to let it roll off you like water off a duck, but remember the old saying "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me" they can say whatever they want and that can't really hurt you, except emotionally IF YOU LET IT BOTHER YOU THAT MUCH which is also difficult to do, but you're going to have people saying stuff about you your whole life we all do. Especially us girls who choose to live life the way we want it, I'm not like some kind of none or something. So what if they video that, big deal. Let them call you slut, let them call you whore or whatever else they want to. you can't control what they say, all you can ever control is how you react to it. It's OK if it makes you sad, or mad, or makes you cry, no one is telling you to not do that. Just try not to do it in front of them and give them the satisfaction! Hey I just finished graduating high school, I'm 18 down, and I can tell you that it only takes a few weeks 'on the outside' to realize how unimportant school really was, in the grand picture. It's really important to you now because it feels like it's your entire world, but that will change. Once you graduate you hardly won't even see those people any more, and you sure as hell won't worry what they thought back in school. You didn't do anything wrong back at that party, so try not to let them make you feel like you did! Hey, I've been (oh God I hate this saying)'sexually active' since I was 13, and yes it was my choice I decided it was time to get rid of my V and I went and found a man who would give me my first several times. Well once word of that got out of school, you can imagine the names they called me! I ended up just grinning at them and saying "jealous much?"

Fraser, MI

#28 Sep 5, 2013
Yep this stuff happen to my girlfriend when she was in highschool, but she owned it like a pro never let anyone say a word. At first I was hurt that such a sweet girl like her could subject herself to such a "low" it was a few more guys like 8 they all didn't fuck her but bj's n facials no video though unfortunately I've definitely learned that she's still that sweet girl she just knows what she wants like a boss. but we got past it I am in no way a saint and saw it as if I was a girl. Shit I'd do the samething as her, and now we really play off it I actually get turned on when I think about it. she's beautiful those guys that had her, and you should feel privileged. You'd have to be pretty sexy for many guys to want to have you at the sametime. Thats like shearing a ice cream cone with your best friend if that she wasn't good you both wouldn't want it
Jedi Pookie

Victorville, CA

#29 Sep 28, 2013
Courtney wrote:
Sorry bitch but the truth is, everyone at your school KNOWS your a slut. You can't act like a slut and expect to get treated like your as good as the average human being. If you act like a slut, you'll get treated like a slut, that's how the real world works. No ones going to respect you if you don't respect yourself.
That's how the real world works? No, that's how kids make it. I'm always shocked that these creepy ass untrustworthy little boys are so insecure about sex that they manipulate and exploit these females. These boys use alcohol cause they have no charm, they don't record these events for anything more then to convince others they aren't dating each other. I truly feel sorry for any of you girls that this has happened to. I really feel sorry for any girl who would talk to any guy involved in doing this to someone. You are an idiot if you hook up with guys like this. Sad how if a girl gets raped she's called a slut by the real sluts. I've walked into a room and dumb bitches sat there and watched a drunk girl getting raped. Those guys are rapists and those bitches are trash. Odds are they'll be next since by standing there watching they pretty much told every rapist in the room they are week and spineless or they were already victims. Nothing wrong with making a video, what usually turns out wrong is the other person was a ass.
Nutty McNutjob

London, UK

#30 Dec 21, 2013
Whoah, same thing, and it was, like, such a freakout, like, duh, I mean, whatever, you know what I mean?

Since: Apr 13

Scappoose, Oregon USA

#31 Dec 21, 2013
Assuming your post is genuine, sincere just remember that when it comes to high school, well... it is just so high school! So temporary, and once you graduate, pretty meaningless as it disappears into your memories. I've only been graduated about a year and already I never even think about the mean girls and people called me names, and things like that. Don't take HS to seriously!And beyond that, don't worry about what people think of you. Remember, you can never control what other people think or what they do.


#32 Mar 7, 2014
This sort of thing always goes on, at the end of the day it's just sex and an experience, I had a video of me sucking 5 boys off in the history mobile and them cumming in my mouth and face for a couple of weeks I was the slag and slut mainly from girls or friends of the girls whose boyfriends I done it with, I was gonna get beat up and stuff, my name was written on walls in toilets with my mobile number offering sex, at the time I was 14 and it did upset me but I used to laugh it off and say it was fun ( which it was) most of them never knew I'd fucked the lads as well as that wasn't recorded lol. I was known as blow job queen and some people still call me snowy blowy as I'm blonde, don't let it get u down is my motto I loved the attention the boys gave me and I had lots of fun doing it, still do lol

Concord, MA

#33 May 12, 2014
Your name on this website is Lovelace the girl who like started deep through you are a ho just keep doing it the world needs sluts like you

Woodland, CA

#34 Jun 27, 2014
I wanna meet all u girls. Im from california n this shit is hawt

Woodland, CA

#35 Jun 27, 2014
lovelace wrote:
Last Saturday, a friend of mine invited me to a party one of the guys in my school was having at his house and because i liked this guy alot I decided to go.
Emaill me this video hawt stuff?
When we get there, hes paying attention to a lot of other girls and so i start flirting with his friends because i sort of decided he wasnt really worth it and then after a few drinks about two guys and myself were in one the rooms just talking about stuff and the guy that i liked walks in and after ten minutes of talking he says we should play truth or dare.
I got dared to kiss all three of them and I did and then things started getting really hot and me and two of the guys were fooling around and although i noticed the other one was filming on his video phone I didnt think anything of it, we ended up having sex in front of the camera and it was only when we were done that i realised it had been filmed and forced him to delete it and he said he did.
I walk into school this morning after being sick the whole week and everyone's calling me names because the video has been sent around and im worried that my parents and older brother and sister are going to find out because a couple of years ago a similar thing happened and my family found out but we sort of forgot about it but if they find out about this- i dont know what they will do.
I wanna this this vid. Email it to me?

Chicago, IL

#36 Jun 27, 2014
i asked my coworker before, "I act like a wh***ore?"

he replied, "You don't act like a wh****ore, you are a wh****ore."

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