87% of White Women have slept with Bl...
see thetruth

Akron, OH

#1516 Sep 25, 2013
hahahahahaha. half the white women (the smart ones) that I know WON'T EVEN TALK TO A PAVEMENT APE.

“I call it as I see it.”

Since: Jul 09

Retirement City

#1517 Sep 26, 2013
TEO wrote:
Black men can have all the white women they want, that just leaves me the hottest women of all, the Latinas! OMG they are sexy!
I agree and speakfrom experience about Latinas being sexy. I am married to one.
well schitt

Saint Louis, MO

#1519 Sep 27, 2013
re: 87% of White Women have slept with Black Men

nope, only 87 percent of the white women THEY talked with.

they did not talk with all faiths, or all
different ones.
they did the survey wrong.

Epsom, UK

#1520 Sep 28, 2013
I will tell you right now that most of the women that go for black men are degenerates. And i only scratched the surface there!

[To go into a bit more detail]
Women that go for black men are either of the following:
1) degenerates (these type of women most likely have some missing screws).
2) Rejected by other men (this one is common).
3) for money (it happens to all races).
4) love?(how many times have you seen an interracial couple with kids?).

If i had to pick then i would say 60% of women that go for black men are degenerates, 30% are rejected by other men, and 10% are in love or doing it for the money (no im not talking about prostitution).
not interested

Stafford, TX

#1521 Sep 28, 2013
bogus wishful thinking

United States

#1522 Oct 7, 2013
I'm a married white woman and have cheated with hung black guys. So

Since: Apr 13

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#1523 Oct 7, 2013
Dr Ricardo wrote:
A study from Rutgers University in New Rochelle, NJ, has concluded that approximately 87 percent of American White women have had sexual relations with Africn American males in the last five years, according to the Sexual Sociolgical Endowment in the Cultural Historology department, at Rutgers University. Studies concluded that white women are married, or single, and that the 'myth of the big black penis' drove them all to wild ecstacy and an insatiable need for inter-racial sex. Studies also concluded that White Women in general are intellectually too deficient to think the myth through in order to be able to dismiss it. There are also record numbers of white women bailing their "negroes' out of jail so that the "sex can continue."
Don't believe every thing you hear.
Indian Sex Guru

Colebee, Australia

#1524 Oct 13, 2013
just me yall wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't believe every thing you hear.
You can't disregard everything you hear

Brooklyn, NY

#1525 Oct 16, 2013
anybody that reads this and believes this troll ass post is fucking retarded.. insecure black males post this shit that want others to believe the lies they tell themselves,(white men also have a lot of delusional trolls as well).. seriously everywhere I ever been you rarely see a black guy with even a remotely attract white female,im talking about the real life we all live in, not some fantasy land of keepin up with the kardashians.. on top of that just read the fucken article it dosnt even make sense.. first of all Rutgers isn't even in new Rochelle, it says "africn" American in the last 5 years.. like seriously who the hell is doing a 5 year study on this stuff.. most "topics" about race on are all lies and started by fantasy trolls, this fake "study" also says "that the 'myth of the big black penis' drove them all to wild ecstacy and an insatiable need for inter-racial sex."... like really? this guy who wrote this thing is a sick fuck who lives in a fantasy world, seriously just read the last sentence.. enough said, if any of you guys read the shit on forums.. of all places about race and believe even 5 percent of what is said, your a fucking moron, and don't believe everything you read on the internet (we all seen the commercial) but seriously this is a life tip.. for fuck sake.. if you believe these "scientfic studys" from some loser troll then good luck surviving in real life when a real lier or sociopath will destroy your gullable ass because if you read this "study" and believe it you will believe anything

Bensalem, PA

#1526 Oct 18, 2013
Indian Sex Guru wrote:
<quoted text> You can't disregard everything you hear
I never said I do.. but seriously look at the quotes from this "study" and tell me you believe its real. this has troll written al over it and im amazed at how many people read this, take it as face value and assume its true. I read this and can see right through it because I have common sense and look around and see 87% is a gross exaggeration based on common sense but there's to many people that read this propaganda or bitter assholes "study" on the internet and think its true.. especially shit that's not backed by multiple sources, news reports, interviews anything that would make it remotely creditable, but I don't give a shit about this article this is dumb, why im writing so much about this is because the internet is breeding hate and stereotypes on EVERYTHING and is dividing the country and creating hate in teens and kids where racism was never tough to, the internet BREEDS hate, and trash like this is the culprit and its ALL over the internet and the guy that wrote this fine scientific 5 year study lol.. is Cleary black but the majority of the hate on the internet is produced by white men and that's just the facts.. I am white in my 20s and live in ncy and go to a college that's 95 percent black, most my friends are black I live in a dorm with about 200 blacks and 10 white and we all get along fine theres no color barrier what's so ever, but shit like this produces hate and there should be a law against propaganda like this, who ever posted this lie knows exactly what they were doing and its all over the place, shit like this isn't a big deal, but when people start writing troll post about religion,gays,wars,9-11,race whatever it is it breeds hate and the crazy lunatic trolls come out and represents the views of the two opposing views and puts the two sides in a cyber war against each other and then that's how hate builds.. the internet takes a difference of opinions and turns them into a offensive war online which further separates the two sides in the real world, because the extremist are "crazy" in real life but on the internet you don't know whos a nut and whos not so people fire back at the pchycos opinions thing that there post represent the minds of all the people that support one side of the argument, sorry to ramble on but the power the internet has and the hate all over place really needs to be addressed.. you need further proof.. watch any youtube video about anything remotely controversial.. now go through the comments,look at the nasty fight that is sure to be going on, read the comments out loud and ask your self.. if someone had this conversation in real life would these two be people be having a civilized debate with two opposing opinions.. or am I reading the dialog of a crazy person?
Kunta Kintae

Portland, OR

#1527 Oct 18, 2013
Well dis seem only fare sinse he dun foun de Load!

Since: Apr 13

Scappoose, Oregon USA

#1528 Oct 18, 2013
I'm still waiting to see any documentation as to WHY ANYONE SHOULD CARE what color anybody is, man or woman, black white or any other race. A white woman being with a black man doesn't "mean" anything, and if it does mean something to someone – then that someone has some real mental issues. And oh yes, I've been with some black men, two of them were my bf when I was in high school. Get over it! LoL and welcome to the 21st century where most people know better [grins]
PDX Dave

Portland, OR

#1529 Oct 18, 2013
Jesus Mhammad Moses wrote:
Wow lol you people like monkeys humping each others, where I'm from people get married to Virgins, how can ya'll mothafuckaz accept sleeping with your wives after black dude hump em?
You total dark ages loser, white or black or any other color makes no difference. Man is a man, and those of us who enjoy sharing our wives – and wives who enjoy being shared – one were picking someone to play with the color of their skin doesn't even enter into it.people like you who puts some kind of importance and moralistic value on something as simple as physical sex, and sexuality, well it's just sad!

Toronto, Canada

#1530 Oct 19, 2013
I say only 2%. Getting fucked by a black guy is like having sex with a gorilla. Black guys do drugs, they cheat on women, they're stinky and last but not least, they're wannabes. Why are they wannabes? Coz they think "87%" of white girls will spread they're legs for them. Up until now, every comment in which it seems like a white girl is talking, it's a troll. It's actually a black guy tryna act like a white girl. Pathetic monkeys. Barack Obama is an example. He has a black wife. He has and had power. He could've got one but why doesn't he have? Because he can't get one

Toronto, Canada

#1531 Oct 19, 2013
One more thing, there are more whites in America than black. Consider 87 percent of white woman as 7000000 white girls. I've also heard that black guys are dieing and going to jail due to their terrible crimes. So how many are left like 300000? How the hell can 7000000 women Marry 300000 black guys only coz of their penis size? Dr.ricardo please go back to grade 1.

Portland, OR

#1532 Oct 24, 2013
well I don't know about studies and recording data on black men and white women. I'm 53 and I see young black men on a casual no strings sex basis. I have found there to be a sexual attraction to the young secure black male. this boy is usually better endowed, longer winded, and better skilled in bed. this young black guy knows he 's able to take control of my sexual desires. while I may be an educated professional white women, I am still a women with needs. The secure black male seems to pick up on this in me and exploits it to his advantage.
Not all black men have this skill but I think about 20 times more black men have and can use this skill over white men. while white men may come up to me in bars, clubs, and pubs. they come up to me with dottring half backed lines, and some times bumbling with words. Many more black men simply take my hand and get me to the dance floor or somewhere private, and make their intention known. Some times they rub a massive cock up against me as we dance or talk. they have it so they use it I guess many also know where and how to lay their hands on me as we dance and talk also.
I have found that many more blacks seem to perfect these skills by the time their 15 o 17 years old, so eather they are borne with a natural ability or they start very young or both. So what if it's some survival thing, or political thing, even getting back at the white man thing. Whatever it is or why they seek out white women. if the demand was not there then it wouldn't be going on.
Yes I know all this about myself and what young blacks are doing to get into by bed, but what a hot young black buck comes to me and makes it known that I'm going to be servicing him tonight we both know it happening.
Kelly [email protected]

New York, NY

#1533 Oct 24, 2013
Hey Dr. Dumb Ass
We ain't lookin for marriage just hook ups, and if I can hook up with more than one white women then I could get 87 out of 100. If not me than other brothers can, so if 300,000 goes into 7,000,000 like 23.3 times. Hey I've been with 23 white women by the time I was 16, a few as old as 45 and about half were married. Yea we could bang 87% of the white women where we live, no problem and for that Kelly and sluts like her I'll get to ya soon enough.

Black stud
Real bad

Colebee, Australia

#1534 Oct 25, 2013
Coo wrote:
Hey Dr. Dumb Ass
We ain't lookin for marriage just hook ups, and if I can hook up with more than one white women then I could get 87 out of 100. If not me than other brothers can, so if 300,000 goes into 7,000,000 like 23.3 times. Hey I've been with 23 white women by the time I was 16, a few as old as 45 and about half were married. Yea we could bang 87% of the white women where we live, no problem and for that Kelly and sluts like her I'll get to ya soon enough.
Black stud
yeh white women need dat black real bad.

New York, NY

#1535 Oct 25, 2013
Yea right on Real bad

New York, NY

#1536 Oct 25, 2013
Hey about 87% white women hookin up
I'm black, I'm young an hung, I've been with different race of women, Asian, white, Middle East, Russian, and European. Some with money, some without money, I even been with educated professional white women. I also been with sisters too so yea I'm into all women. I'm not into drugs, never been to jail, dress well and I'm clean, so yea they want me and I'm black, young and hung. Yea I use it to my advantage to get between her legs, I'm I wrong, so yea more than 87% of white women hook up with me. That's what it is for me I don't know about other black, white, Asian, whatever other men getting women.
So chill

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