Arizona Pastor Sued By Couple for $6....

Scottsdale, AZ

#572 Jan 15, 2014
I was there wrote:
This happened to several Radiant employees. Off the top of my head, I can think of ten to fifteen families that were excommunicated and nearly destroyed because of McFarlands power crazed ideals.
When the heads of the AOG did nothing and his fellow pastors swept it under the rug, there was nothing to be done. It was a sad time for many of us and difficult to witness.
Like Nazi Germany, you did your best to get out or you waited until they came for you. Some of us stayed and tried to protect the congregation, but it was a lose - lose situation.
Heck, the AOG still protects their sacred cow and he's back to preaching.
<quoted text>
God bless. It must have been difficult for you.

Sometimes we are forced to find our greater good. Let's hope these families are happier and at peace today.

Glendale, AZ

#573 Mar 25, 2014
Lest ya without sin cast the first stone.

He is Human just like all of us. I think this suit shows the love of money not forgiveness. I'm not condoning this behavior at all, but is any better to right a sin with another?
former radiant musician

Phoenix, AZ

#574 Jun 11, 2014
wow, you're dense
piper lori wrote:
Cindy, thanks for your comments. Yes, my words are strong. And yes, I am disturbed because (1) I don't believe this couple handled this situation in a Biblical way (thereby causing even more shame and suffering) and (2) because women in such cases are automatically depicted as 100% victims instead of being held at least somewhat accountable for their complicity.
Were this a grown man claiming 100% victimization status from a female pastor/counselor, I wonder if the word “vulnerable” would have been applied to him? Or that he would have been depicted as a victim period. I’m just saying.
I cannot tell you how many times I have had to fight off advances from male bosses while I was working in the entertainment industry. Did these men bear the greater responsibility because they were in positions of authority? Yes, of course. But that would not have absolved me of ANY responsibility had I given in to sexual sin. I wasn't a child... I was a Christian woman who should know better. And I certainly would not have sued my boss or counselor had I given in, which, BTW, I almost did, so I’m not unsympathetic with how hard it was for this woman.
So yes, this "pastor" did bear most of the responsibility and the church was just plain foolish to allow a male counselor/pastor to counsel a woman alone...without an open door and/or other woman present.
However....did that justify a 6-million dollar lawsuit...Christians suing other Christians (including the Assembly of God AZ district)? It's clear from I Cor. 6: 1-11 that Christians taking their issues to a secular court of law are defeated before they even begin. For one, it's a bad witness to the world, and two, no chance is given to resolve the issue the way God would have it done: brother-to-brother in humility and faith to allow the Holy Spirit to redeem what only seems on the surface to be an unredeemable situation.
Paul give us an unambiguous admonition what to do with these kinds of sin and heart issues between the saints and we would be wise to heed them. It’s interesting to note that the early church took Paul’s instructions seriously enough to appoint their own elders to judge civil disputes between their members. Such first­-century “courts” apparently gained such a strong reputation that they attracted non-Christians, and ultimately were considered the most important courts in Europe for six centuries.)
In terms of the wife's part in all this, what prompted by comments in particular were mystifying statements like this: "Jody claims McFarland manipulated her 'into having physical relations with him in the inner sanctum of the pastor's chambers after he arranged for all staff to be absent'" —— as well as their 'sending nude pictures of themselves to each other.'
In reading these and other even more sordid facts of the case, I can only assume that this woman was clearly very emotionally and mentally ill to have agreed to such obviously sick and perverted acts. She risked so much for...what?(Personally I don't know any woman who gets off seeing a nude picture of a man--especially THAT particular man--but obviously that's not the point.)
Yes, this "pastor" used his position to take advantage of a woman who was clearly emotionally and mentally fragile. And that's a deplorable thing. But the woman in this case still has to take SOME responsibility in that she is a Christian with a free will who ought to know right from wrong. I have compassion for her weakness in this area, I truly do,(I've been there), but all I am saying is that there are far better ways she and her husband could have dealt with this...without causing yet more suffering to others by (1) shaming the AG church (2) causing members to leave that church without a chance to see God bring redemption & reconciliation and (3) being a bad witness to the world (4) bring public shame upon their children who will have to live with this for a long time to come.
former radiant musician

Phoenix, AZ

#575 Jun 11, 2014
Jesus Christ, man. Have you even read the account of what happened?
This is NOT a simple case of, "oh no, the pastor accidentally sinned. Let's forgive him."

This was a calculated and manipulative act on the "pastor's" part. He specifically drove a wedge between a husband and wife so he could get off on the wife, AND HE'S MARRIED.

This is a moral, ethical, physical, and spiritual violation. The church gets pumped with thousands upon thousands every week, and people are held accountable under THIS PASTOR. He's the only one who ISN'T. He doesn't follow the rules set for any other member or leader. He's abused his authority, given to him by the church administration, and his position as a spiritual figurehead.

The fact of the matter is, this guy is already on the "path" to becoming a leader again, already preaching in churches again. If you ask me, he needs to be barred from such a position, and the 6.6 million was too small.

And this ISN'T righting a "sin" with a "sin." it's about getting justice. If nothing major is done to this guy, he's gonna keep doing it. He kissed my wife on the cheek and made her very uncomfortable in a private counseling session when we were having issues as well. He preys on weak women.

Some of you stupid christians are way too quick to allow a wolf to continue watching the sheep.
Patrick wrote:
Lest ya without sin cast the first stone.
He is Human just like all of us. I think this suit shows the love of money not forgiveness. I'm not condoning this behavior at all, but is any better to right a sin with another?
it comes around

United States

#576 Jun 13, 2014
So the good pastor Lee McFarland openly in multiple church sermons accuses a innocent young man TJ Marsh of pedaphelia. The good pastor also trys to rape his underage girlfriend.
Years later TJ Marsh forgives the good pastor for his unconcionable actions.
They are now all good with each other even though Pastor Dale Lee McFarland raped TJ Marshs life. These details of Pastor Lee McFarlands Pedaphelia are caught on tape and recorded for this pedaphiles great grand children to listen to some day. Pastor Lee may make ammends with a hurting TJ Marsh, but his sins are recirded in history. Pastor.Dale Lee McFarland of Radiant Church in Surprise Arizona is a PEDAPHILE according to his assistant TJ Marsh.

United States

#577 Jun 13, 2014
Why would a 50 Plus year old pastor want to rape under aged children? Why?
Is he sick or is he just commited to raping children? Ask TJ Marsh.

Phoenix, AZ

#578 Jun 13, 2014
Is a sassy little bitch with alot of cute little sayings. Hes drawn out and done
Pastor Lee McFarland

United States

#579 Jun 13, 2014
Is a piece of dog shit!

Phoenix, AZ

#580 Jun 14, 2014
To the two people out there who claim to be Pastor Lee McFarlands friends- has he ever shoved his hand down the front of your wifes pants then offer you marriage counseling the very next day? Ask yourself this. Are you one of the couples hes done something like this too. You see, X-Pastor Lee McFarland of Radiant Church Surprise, Arizona is a satanic animal. He is good at fooling people, but rest assured this dirt bag is bad news. If you dont get this then sadly you are a fool and that will burn you.
when people

United States

#581 Jun 14, 2014
Ask me if Pastor Lee MvFarland is a pedaphile. I just say, look at his track record and answer your own question. I hate stupid questions.
Lee McFarland

Phoenix, AZ

#582 Jun 14, 2014
Eats too much. Its a waste of skin.
Has Lee McFarland

Phoenix, AZ

#583 Jun 14, 2014
Ever raped your wife?
Pastor Lee McFarland

Phoenix, AZ

#584 Jun 14, 2014
Penis is smaller than most men his size. No wonder Sandy wont have relations with him.
On fathers day

Tempe, AZ

#585 Jun 15, 2014
Let us all take a moment to remember the families and marriages that Pastor Lee ravaged and destroyed all for his own sexual pervertedness. Let us remember tge fathers Lee tried to destroy by being sexual with their wives breaking a bond God himself made. Let us think of the married women Pastor Lee stole their chastity, their purity, their marital bond, their covnent with God and their husband. Pastor Lee stole these things. Let us think of the children whom never knew of such evil and filth.until they met Pastor Lee who only left them in his wake of terror as he destroyed these children , everything they ever loved and held sacrade. Pastor Lee McFarland destroys lives and steals innocence. On this day fathers day we should take a moment and remember his innocent victims who will be scarred for all eternity.

United States

#586 Jun 15, 2014
Is a man a real man if he cheats on his wife?
Is a man real man if he takes another mans wife?
Is a man a real man if this said man is your pastor?

United States

#587 Jun 15, 2014
The answer is NO! And he even refers to himself as a "Godly man" what a sicko, although he is correct because Lucifer is his God so I guess he is correct in only that sense.
Has your pastor

United States

#589 Jun 16, 2014
Ever molested you?

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#590 Jun 16, 2014
chris wrote:
Ooops! Its pastor dale lee mcfarland, deviant predator, hell has special reservations for those who victimize in Gods name.
People do all kinds of bad stuff in the name of God.

What's wrong with people?
Pastor Lee McFarland

Phoenix, AZ

#591 Jun 16, 2014
Claims to be a christian. LOL! He is a theif! A liar! And a scam artist! He pukes on true christianity!

Scottsdale, AZ

#592 Jun 16, 2014
You dumb arse, simplistic FOOLISH pastors! Why would you ever let an unclean rodent Pastor Dale Lee McFarland dirty your church with his fair speaches and lies? Ask yourself this you silly little pastoral fool... why has he never again spoke at the church he started? You fool? Because he is corrupt and his church knows this but you welcome him into your church you fool! You are corrupt and foolish too! How will this serve you welcoming filth into your church. You deserve the fruits of the tree you sadly mistaken and fooled cowards of Christ.

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