Arizona Pastor Sued By Couple for $6....

Arizona Pastor Sued By Couple for $6.6 Million, Says He Had... With Man’s Wife

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Sanctified Church

United States

#1 Dec 14, 2012
Pastor Dale Lee McFarland is known for his role in the "Purpose Driven Church" movement. He left his...

Peoria, AZ

#2 Dec 15, 2012
During pastor dale lee mvfarland 2nd molestation of the Gallaghers he wrote a crappy book 'worth the risk' forwarded by Rick warren. What an ironic title. I wonder if it was worth the risk????

Peoria, AZ

#3 Dec 15, 2012
Ooops! Its pastor dale lee mcfarland, deviant predator, hell has special reservations for those who victimize in Gods name.
In the Know

United States

#4 Dec 15, 2012
Pseudo Pastor Dale Lee McFarland (Radiant Church, Surprise AZ.) wrote a book during the molestation of the Gallagher’s titled ‘Worth the Risk.’ It is a truly terrible book written by an evil soul. However, the title is quite ironic. The Gallagher’s legal team was able to recover over a thousand pages of evidence regarding this predator’s lifestyle of pastoral abuse. There are many other victims out there. I give kudos to the Gallagher’s for standing up against this evil in God’s clothing. Christ says it’s better for those who mislead his people to tie a millstone around their neck and drown themselves. I wonder how he feels by someone doing this in God’s name. I believe hell has special reservations for pseudo pastors whom molest God’s people.
Rick Warren foolishly forwarded his book. Rick Warren is closely tied to Pastor Lee McFarland.

Loyalton, CA

#5 Dec 15, 2012
Pastor Lee McFarland was also sexually inappropriate with my wife. That is why we left Radiant Church in Surprise, Az. We are glad the Gallagher's have the strength to bring this out, May God bless them.

United States

#6 Dec 15, 2012
I know Pastor Lee McFarland and he is a dark psycho path. He charms people with his salesmanship and false teachings. He is closely hooked to Rick Warren's hip and in fact worships the ground Rick Warren walks on. Pastor Dale Lee McFarland is a scam artist and fraud. He has said selling Christianity is the best product to sell, because you don't have to warehouse the product and it's intangible. Your simply selling an idea that people will give their life savings for. Lee McFarland is a complete fraudster and a demon.

Scottsdale, AZ

#7 Dec 18, 2012
This guy mcfarland is bad news.

Scottsdale, AZ

#8 Dec 19, 2012
Mcfarland needs to be in jail! Who does this guy think he is?
Rick A

Scottsdale, AZ

#9 Dec 19, 2012
Why dont the Gallaghers take the thousand pages of evidence and write their own book?
In the know

Scottsdale, AZ

#10 Dec 19, 2012
Yes rick, a thousand pages verses mcfarces 200 pages- good idea!

Phoenix, AZ

#11 Dec 20, 2012
What a Godless fool mcfarland is. I hope it was 'worth the risk' ha ha

Phoenix, AZ

#12 Dec 20, 2012

United States

#13 Dec 23, 2012
Most pastors arent predators like pastor lee.
Bad guys like this hurt not only souls but all of christianity. Im glad hes no longer a pastor.

United States

#14 Dec 23, 2012
I would sue for more if this happened to my family. Thank God someones taking a stand.
piper lori

Phoenix, AZ

#15 Dec 29, 2012
I'm sorry about your wife's experience. I'm trusting that she immediately rejected this "pastor's" advances and reported him to the church as well as the civil authorities? Or did she just allow him to continue on with his perverted ways by saying nothing?

I'm astounded that in this culture of woman's empowerment that there are still woman who willingly submit to such obviously immoral & sickening advances. What are they...peasant servants living in a world of male overlords with no say over their own life?

Am I the only one tired of the media (and church folk) slapping the label "vulnerable" on these women and then using that as an excuse for their complicity in these sexual trysts?

Let's be honest. She knew better. She was/is not a child. At the first sign of inappropriate behavior on the part of this so-called pastor, she could have said, "NO!" ... then promptly reported him to the church, to Rick anyone who would listen.

Instead she chose to do the deed, ruin her family, her children's psyche, and get $6 million (or whatever) richer in the process.

Perhaps when her children are older and are forced to undergo therapy for all the shame and humiliation their mother's behavior caused them growing up (the very public lawsuit among them), they should sue their mother. At the very least when this couple's daughter DECIDES not to resist the advances of her boss--thereby entering into an affair--because, after all, she's in a "vulnerable" position, her mother won't have a moral leg to stand on.

In short, Pastor Lee McFarland isn't the only guilty party here.
Jim wrote:
Pastor Lee McFarland was also sexually inappropriate with my wife. That is why we left Radiant Church in Surprise, Az. We are glad the Gallagher's have the strength to bring this out, May God bless them.





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Report Abuse Judge it!

Gilbert, AZ

#16 Jan 1, 2013
You sound strangley angry Lori. Maybe you have never been in a position like this where you were broken and vulnerable and your pastor took advantage of you. Maybe you havent taken the time to read the court filing to understand the case you speak of. Maybe you don't understand what pastoral abuse is or what a power imbalance is. Maybe your just stronger and smarter than everyone else. It really doesn't matter I guess, but please educate yourself prior to making judgements, allegations and arm chair quarterbacking. That is all I ask. Thank you Lori.
piper lori

Phoenix, AZ

#17 Jan 1, 2013
Cindy, thanks for your comments. Yes, my words are strong. And yes, I am disturbed because (1) I don't believe this couple handled this situation in a Biblical way (thereby causing even more shame and suffering) and (2) because women in such cases are automatically depicted as 100% victims instead of being held at least somewhat accountable for their complicity.

Were this a grown man claiming 100% victimization status from a female pastor/counselor, I wonder if the word “vulnerable” would have been applied to him? Or that he would have been depicted as a victim period. I’m just saying.

I cannot tell you how many times I have had to fight off advances from male bosses while I was working in the entertainment industry. Did these men bear the greater responsibility because they were in positions of authority? Yes, of course. But that would not have absolved me of ANY responsibility had I given in to sexual sin. I wasn't a child... I was a Christian woman who should know better. And I certainly would not have sued my boss or counselor had I given in, which, BTW, I almost did, so I’m not unsympathetic with how hard it was for this woman.

So yes, this "pastor" did bear most of the responsibility and the church was just plain foolish to allow a male counselor/pastor to counsel a woman alone...without an open door and/or other woman present.

However....did that justify a 6-million dollar lawsuit...Christians suing other Christians (including the Assembly of God AZ district)? It's clear from I Cor. 6: 1-11 that Christians taking their issues to a secular court of law are defeated before they even begin. For one, it's a bad witness to the world, and two, no chance is given to resolve the issue the way God would have it done: brother-to-brother in humility and faith to allow the Holy Spirit to redeem what only seems on the surface to be an unredeemable situation.

Paul give us an unambiguous admonition what to do with these kinds of sin and heart issues between the saints and we would be wise to heed them. It’s interesting to note that the early church took Paul’s instructions seriously enough to appoint their own elders to judge civil disputes between their members. Such first­-century “courts” apparently gained such a strong reputation that they attracted non-Christians, and ultimately were considered the most important courts in Europe for six centuries.)

In terms of the wife's part in all this, what prompted by comments in particular were mystifying statements like this: "Jody claims McFarland manipulated her 'into having physical relations with him in the inner sanctum of the pastor's chambers after he arranged for all staff to be absent'" —— as well as their 'sending nude pictures of themselves to each other.'

In reading these and other even more sordid facts of the case, I can only assume that this woman was clearly very emotionally and mentally ill to have agreed to such obviously sick and perverted acts. She risked so much for...what?(Personally I don't know any woman who gets off seeing a nude picture of a man--especially THAT particular man--but obviously that's not the point.)

Bottom line here is that Yes, this "pastor" used his position to take advantage of a woman who was clearly emotionally and mentally fragile. And that's a deplorable thing. But the woman in this case still has to take SOME responsibility in that she is a Christian with a free will who ought to know right from wrong. I have compassion for her weakness in this area, I truly do,(I've been there), but all I am saying is that there are far better ways she and her husband could have dealt with this...without causing yet more suffering to others by (1) shaming the AG church (2) causing members to leave that church without a chance to see God bring redemption & reconciliation and (3) being a bad witness to the world (4) bring public shame upon their children who will have to live with this for a long time to come.

Phoenix, AZ

#19 Jan 1, 2013
Sorry, my comment posted twice because it didn't appear that it posted the first time. :)

Roswell, NM

#20 Jan 4, 2013
Pervert pastors must be made known. Thank you for this.

United States

#21 Jan 5, 2013
"Typically predators of this nature have great difficulty in relationships where the power is in balance so they prey on the weak." So True!

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