us light skinned redbones look way be...

Lerona, WV

#259 Jun 19, 2013
It's not about the color of your skin (or hair, eyes, etc),
It's all about the content of your character.

I like ladies who are smart, funny, capable and confident.

If the guy you like is only interested in appearence you might want to reconsider...

If the guys are only interested in booty maybe they aren't mature enough for a relationship.

Better yet, think about advancing your education and starting a career, improve your self-worth and quality guys will be attracted to you.

You deserve better...

Portmore, Jamaica

#260 Jun 20, 2013
jakecole2012 wrote:
<quoted text>
lol and that would fit you perfectly you coconut bleach your skin and men will start talking to you
men already do talk to me. its hard to keep em away.but i prefer a man with class and intelligence. not some douche who only sees a woman by the color of her skin.i guess martin luther king didnt teach u anything cause if this is what he died for...equality of whites and blacks only to have blacks hating each was probably a waste of his time.grab a couple history books and dont hate on women for being black. thats really silly of you and you call urself a man.

United States

#261 Jun 20, 2013
SexyRedBone24 wrote:
<quoted text>
please your bitter cause you cant get a fine light skinned girl like me cause like i explained up in here and this will be the final time i will ever explain this statement,we only cater to dark skinned guys and its not my fault if you cant adapt to the truth every black man wants us redbones but we only go to dark skinned men and unfortunately your not one of them but thats not my problem *rolls eyes*
Bitchh u sound so stupid. If thats the case why is Alicia Keys with Swizz beatz I could've sworn they are both light skin stupid bitchh. U thought so wrong if u thought black men only liked light skin women LIE! I've seen plenty Dark skin men with beautiful dark skin women and while the light skin bitch is sitting there looking stupid. And just because u can call yourself a redbone don't mean u a bad bitch. If ugly u ugly I don't care what skintone..and Since you such a confident "SexyRedbone " where's ur pic bitchh? I'm sure ur ugly as Fucc. Hahaha

Ocala, FL

#262 Jun 23, 2013
Nope you guys don't. Dark skin women are just as beautiful. No matter what shade of color you are, White AmeriKKKlans will always see us as a n*er. Black is Black to them.
The darker the berry the sweeter the juice. No one ages better than a dark skin regal queen!

Los Angeles, CA

#263 Jun 23, 2013
Come to Cali. Black(dark skinned) men don't want a light or dark skinned black woman. They date primarily Asian and white. So light skinned with that. Your color still isnt good enough. Lol!! That black man that you boast about wanting you will be snatched up by a white or asian woman or some ethnicity other than black out here.

Covington, GA

#264 Jun 26, 2013
I'm glad I read this high.... No matter what color you are we all end up where? Dead in the ground never to be seen again. And when that day comes no one will look in your casket or get to the podium and say " what a pretty dark, light, gold, red, green little boy/girl she was." I'm dark skinned. I am Native American and African American. I know for a fact I am beautiful for other races have told me so and I was raised to believe so (at least) lol. Whoever comes will come I just know he better Fufill my needs of you know what i mean and wants. I prefer a black man but if they are lost in this white world that's jk.( not a laughing matter) it's okay to prefer lighter skin ( lil wayne ... deep sigh) but when you start bashing the very race and women that made you who are...what are you saying to your ancestors? Most importantly what are you saying to God? I dare you to tell him he fucked up.

Warman, Canada

#265 Jun 28, 2013
I am a dark skin women that is a lie that light skin women,red bone women look better than dark skin. If that was the case why even black men say I am pretty and I only date white men. White men will pick a dark skin over a redbone that is why they go to the caribbean,Africa to find the darkest women to be with. I usually see white men go for natural dark skin black women like me why? I have never had a problem with men of any race if you are pretty skin color shouldn't matter. You negro americans need help. If you are that light skin thank the white master that raped your great great great grandmother. So thank your rapist great great great grandfather for having light skin. I am Haitian I am happy that my blood line was not touch by rape blood that is what you are and why be proud of that? I believe you are sick for liking the rape of your people. Now are you proud that you know why you have light skin. I wonder why Africans hate you black Americans no respect for your own people.

Warman, Canada

#266 Jun 28, 2013
kay wrote:
Come to Cali. Black(dark skinned) men don't want a light or dark skinned black woman. They date primarily Asian and white. So light skinned with that. Your color still isnt good enough. Lol!! That black man that you boast about wanting you will be snatched up by a white or asian woman or some ethnicity other than black out here.
That is funny but I only date white men and I have one :) beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. He is Irish,Scottish,Wasp,Welsh,Germ an,Austerian,Canadian and American. All white and our son looks allot like him but carmel skin and beautiful hair. White men are winning I joined the winning team. I upgrade not downgrade to a black american men. I stay far away from black american men far away that is why I live in Canada in all white areas :) Plus I love country music,camping hiking white people stuff.

Warman, Canada

#267 Jun 28, 2013
Carmatogo wrote:
<quoted text>
I suggest you take a class in African History and learn what makes your ignorant self so "red". Your ancestry is the product of rape and slave rape. Amd your "red bone" skin makes that appearant. Wow I can't believe this is even a conversation. How old are you and what do you do with your life?? Your obviously a simple minded black American. There's no greater epidemic in the black community now then self hate. At the end of the day your still black. So if you look at your darker peers or darker family members with contempt, you are projecting your own self hate for not being another race all together. It's not like your bragging about your IQ or GPA...but your skin color. Simple.
Thank God some here is not stupid. I am Haitan I agree with you and we get made fun of because we look like our West African people thank god my blood doesn't have rape blood. Keep your light skin to those ignorant people they are proud of rape blood digusting. White people and other race respect blacks who respect there ancestry and know there history. Whites tell me all the time how it is great I know so much about my Haitian and African history and I would love to pass that onto my metis son.

Warman, Canada

#268 Jun 28, 2013
lol wrote:
<quoted text>
looooooolll grab a fking history book that talks about house slaves and field slaves. or better yet creoles quadroons etc. let me actually entertain your ignorance right now. where do YOU think light skinned ppl came from? Oh? were they white and they got a spray tan?
I am Haitian I agree with you. That is why we took those light skin down :) I guess rape blood is praise over being pure black. That is Africans will never let black americans join the African Union they will ruin African with they attitude.
sexy bella

United States

#269 Jun 29, 2013
Im a redbone n i dont like dark skin guys i love them yellow or red..... dark skin guys dont make me look good ....... soo yea

United States

#270 Jun 30, 2013
jakecole2012 wrote:
<quoted text>
yeah it is cause you know i speaks the truth and you cant handle it but thats not my problem and it's amazing how you really believe that im from stupid f***,i have african heritage in me..HELLOOOO???.STUPID!!!!!.IM AFRICAN AMERICAN DUMB@$$!!!!.plus im a manfingo warrior that every light skinned female wants cause all redbones want only dark skin men but your mad cause nobody likes your ugly @$$ but who's fault is that?
i Im a RedBone n Idnt Like DarkSkinnedGuys Sorry I Like A RedBone Like MySelf DarkSkinned Guys R Ugly to me No Offense ChrisBrown Tyga Drake Jcole Willy Monfert Can Beat any Dark Monkey Any Day hahahaha #TeamLightSkinned

Riverdale, IL

#271 Jun 30, 2013
Honey if that's you in your avatar, you're not all that hot :). You look all ghetto and tatted up. Go pick up a book, you're an embarrassment to the intelligent Blacks.

Since: Jun 13


#272 Jun 30, 2013
jazz111 wrote:
im caramel toned..and i have seen dark skin girls who are very very bitch stfu.u sound like a child
i love me some carmel.

Since: Jun 13


#273 Jun 30, 2013
All yall redbones need a strong handsome brown skin man like myself

Houston, TX

#274 Jul 3, 2013
We want white girls wrote:
We darkskin men want white women not lightskin I wish everyone will stop that we praise light women shit
When I was in school. black guys loved the light skinned girls. Now light skin is not good enough anymore.

I'm a dark skinned black woman & I have never been jealous of light skinned girls. I think a lot of them are pretty, not all.

in my opinion, light skinned women are better than white women. Cause they have flavor soul & a ass. i'm not lesbian, I'm just saying White women are so BLAND..

Bethlehem, GA

#275 Jul 4, 2013
SexyRedBone24 wrote:
<quoted text>
its not my fault us redbones look good.your mad cause you can never get a redbone like me.we will always look good no matter what.whats the matter.a redbone turned you donw? its not my fault *rolls eyes*
You are one sick twisted bitch, and you are not even that cute. I am a dark skinned dude and you are not all of what you crack yourself up to be.

Hartford, CT

#276 Jul 7, 2013
You have no right to call out any dark-skinned females. They look a million times better than you do. All you want is the attention you aren't getting from any body else. Stop being a hater and get on with your crooked life. By the way take a look at this beautiful and gorgeous black women:Danielle Belton and Gabrielle Union=GORGEOUS

Since: Apr 13

Scappoose, Oregon USA

#277 Jul 7, 2013
I think you and other people are putting far too much importance on how you look, I mean I'm a white blonde girl and I'm not proud of that – it's just how I am, how I was born. In the same way that it's how you are, how you were born. It's not something wonderful or good or noble that you did, which you could then take pride in. If one person finds your appearance and another doesn't, well I say welcome to the club – I've met guys who don't like girls with my looks. No skin off me, because one who goes the other direction and thinks I'm a babe will be along anytime.

United States

#278 Jul 8, 2013
I think us dark skin women can pull any man an plus wen us dark skin women" go to a light skin bitch ass they bruz easy like red marks us brown black is beautiful we're hot women

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