Are truck drivers faithful??

Port Pirie, Australia

#172 Dec 1, 2013
Growing up in a small town where lots of trucks passed through, i saw alot that has made me wonder about how men veiw marriage and their wives. Its like anything Some cant help themselves and others arnt interested.
I dont mean to be so negative.
Ripped Off Wife

Knoxville, TN

#173 Dec 30, 2013
I have a M.A. degree, and my husband talked me into investing in our new trucking company. He totally mislead me and my minor child to go on the road with him. He totally mislead us with promises of adventures and traveling the USA. After parking on too many sides of the road in dark dangerous isolated areas like Detroit and using the toilet in plastic zip lock bags, I got off the truck and we rented an apartment planning to buy our dream home. Long story short, I got access to his bank records when checking our business account, and he's been sending $90 flowers to a female (I have her name from the business w/ her address) and $611 pro football tickets, etc. Yes, we're getting a divorce!!!! I'm getting tested for STDs tomorrow!!! Aids will need to be tested for 10 years!!! He had porn all in his phone history, and my son stumbled upon it. Oh yes, it was one of the other drivers he had trained with once that used his phone behind his wife's back. Do you believe that? Me either. Now I'm hitting the pavements to get re-employed as quick as possible. He frightens me to no end based on many other devious behaviors leading up to now. I was on the road 4 months with him, and it was the most degrading experience of my life, and he stole all my money to invest in living expenses, and I resigned from a senior level position with a major company doing what a wife should do, follow and trust her husband. Screw that, and ladies, get out NOW!!!!!! Don't wait until he transfers all the business account to his company cash card and bullies you with economic abuse to settle for nothing!!!! Divorce is expensive $1,500 cheap to average $2,500 average retainer,and that's just the start. If you catch him during all his opportunities to treat you disrespectful, you will most likely be at an economic disadvantage. Save cash, and get ready to throw down the retainer and tell him to kiss it! Lady insurance. I was a fool, and I'm considered highly educated and very attractive by many men.
Ripped Off Wife

Knoxville, TN

#174 Dec 30, 2013
Run, run, run, as fast as you can Sister!!!!! I've found out way too much, and we deserve better. I was tricked to be on the road 4 months with my soon…. to be ex-husband. Run, run, run……… Now I have STD and AIDS blood tests for 10 years to look forward to. AIDS can stay dormant for 10 years.
Ripped Off Wife

Knoxville, TN

#175 Dec 30, 2013
Im right there now finding out what a fool I have been, and he stole my money investing in him. I did what a faithful wife should do, follow her husband. Fool I was!!!
Ripped Off Wife

Knoxville, TN

#176 Dec 30, 2013
Adelaide wrote:
Some truck drivers are faithful and some are not. IT depends on how they are treated at HOME. I know one truck driver whose wife told him "if you want something you better get it on the road because you won't get it here". I told her that she was inviting her husband to cheat.
Yes, my soon to be ex-husband is of that figure!!!
Ripped Off Wife

Knoxville, TN

#177 Dec 30, 2013
You may call me names wrote:
Truck drivers suck!
My soon to be ex-husband is one of the ones you describe. Wish I had known the story before he stole all my money to invest in our company and quit my senior level position to follow my husband and support him as a wife should. He has it to answer before God, it's on him not me. And I was tricked to go on the road 4 months of parking in dark and dangerous areas like Detroit, having to go to toilet in zip lock bag, and not showering but every 3rd day most of the time at 2 or 3 am with my young child to save time and shower money that fuel points didn't cover.

New York, NY

#178 Dec 30, 2013
Some aren't, most are. Masturbation is underrated.

Waterloo, Canada

#180 Jul 20, 2014
Truck Stop wrote:
Should ask Are the wives faithful ?
I have been with my truckdriving man for the last 4 years, and have only been with him. I would never think of being unfaithful to him. yes I get very very very lonley n long for his return n it can be very hard to deal with sometimes but I would never even think of running into the arms of anuther man. When we started to date along time ago I accepted his job because I knew it came with the whole package I was getting. But I also come from an entire family of truckdrivers (father, brother, uncles)n let's face it most men don't like to be gone away from the wife n kids, it takes a man a lot of will power to be faithful to his girl while he is on the road, and the same for his girl at home.
Ginger 64

Whitwell, TN

#181 Aug 30, 2014
How would a wife feel if her husband is home 2 x month and the sex is pretty much absolute and he was asked to team with a female overb700 miles ?? I have caught my hubby in many many lies
Trucker Rucker

Auckland, New Zealand

#182 Nov 16, 2014
Dandy Randy wrote:
how easy on the eye are you sweety?
i drive all over and would like to meet you. I got a big rig if you know what i mean
Hi Dandy Randy
Love to meet you and your big rig
Mrs Nutt

United States

#184 Jan 1, 2015
Oh my, so happy I stumbled on this site. I have been married to a local truck driver for 33 years. Most of it has been wonderful almost like a fairytale, always felt loved and respected until about year 20. That's when we got our first computer and the internet, and that's also when I discovered he liked to talk to girls in chat rooms. All these years later I can still remember his words to a bartender about how he would love to get her in his peterbilt. I used to ride with him whenever I didn't have to work etc. To this day I get a creepy feeling whenever I go and it's time to hit the bunk my skin just crawls. So when he got caught he said he would go to counseling anything just please don't leave him. Yeah so he went one time and was magically cured and it wouldn't happen again. So 3 years ago I heard from one of his fellow drivers that he was getting truck stop whores. So I left everything behind andmoved cross country so he ccouldn't talk me in to coming back. Well he did and here I am searching how to bust his ass with a whore. Actually has had the nerve a few times to tell me while he was fixing his coffee at a truck stop women approach him and tell him their hard luck stories, for somerereason he thinks I give a rats ass. As I have read the 9 pages of this discussion I now know I have to end this so called marriage. I have been a good wife and mother I am not ugly or stupid I will make a life for myself without him in it. I don't care if he uses a condom or not he is still playing with my life not just my heart. I cannot go on like this knowing he is two different people the truck driver all week and the husband on weekends. The last time I left I didn't take anything with me, this time I'm taking it all! He just might realize one day that while he was out there having fun thinking it was only 20 or 30 dollars it's going to cost him thousands in the long run. He can have the house and the huge mortgage. He might even try to figure out hiw to make a whore into a housewife.

United States

#185 Aug 30, 2015
Dandy Randy wrote:
I been drivin trucks for 31 years and been to 46 of the states and have been with women in every state....actually 3 or 4 women in every state. Every fellow driver i know is the same. And my wife still doesnt have a clue.
Your the sang reason why women hate us, I've been married for a long time. And trust me my wife never ever caught me or had suspicion of me doing anything personaly I think general men are dogs. But truth is a lot of us who are married out here are faithful to families. I'm been for 29 years and counting

Swindon, UK

#186 Aug 31, 2015
My husband of 13 years is a lorry driver and a lying cheating sod. In Dec 2014 he went with a prostitute I found out in April 2015 we seperated but tried to work through the problem now he wants a divorce he told me this on Tuesday 24th Aug and five hours later he had another prostitute in his lorry he said he doesn't know why he did we have five kids and I'm gutted I'm doubting everything about myself my looks our sex life everything I can't trust anyone I'm a mess and dont know what to do I'm so tempted to ring the company he works for and tell them what he's been upto? He's an agency driver but works for one company all the time
Should I do it? What do you think they would do about it?

Sherman, TX

#190 Nov 10, 2015
Dandy Randy wrote:
I been drivin trucks for 31 years and been to 46 of the states and have been with women in every state....actually 3 or 4 women in every state. Every fellow driver i know is the same. And my wife still doesnt have a clue.
I bet she does now... I caught my husband and my eyes are open now.... I am no longer naive.....

Sherman, TX

#191 Nov 10, 2015
turtle lover wrote:
<quoted text>
WHY spend money on an investigator? Just get a copy of his cell phone bill. The number that's called every night is his lover's number.....I know.......I'm his lover.
Actually now they use the disposable phones so the wife has no way to track.... its minutes that are paid for..

Albuquerque, NM

#192 Nov 14, 2015

Men do not know the meaning of the word commitment of any form.
Men cheat and cheapen themselves out of the very best that women have to offer them.
Whores or lot lizards do not care about them either.
Matter of fact these type of women think of men in the form of a joke.
Best advice is go make your own money and make yourself a home
cause sure no man worthy of touching or knowing women who are decent.
Angel baby 42

Fort Smith, AR

#194 Feb 17, 2016
I am a new wife ofatruck driver and at first thing was going good and about 3 day ago I fine that my husband have been cheating on me. Find condoms I his bag and little bluepills also. And the hard part is that I moved from my home and my job. To be put throw this Shit.... I am in a town that I don't know anyone..

Cheltenham, UK

#195 Mar 27, 2016
Angel baby 42 wrote:
I am a new wife ofatruck driver and at first thing was going good and about 3 day ago I fine that my husband have been cheating on me. Find condoms I his bag and little bluepills also. And the hard part is that I moved from my home and my job. To be put throw this Shit.... I am in a town that I don't know anyone..
We have an arrangement. We have been married for 20 years now. If he is on tour for less than a week then we have ae not allowed to do things. If he is away for longer and usually for his European trips it's like 3 weeks then both he an I are allowed to "have fun". He often gets his mates who are in the area to come round and look after me. When a big truck pulls up I know I am in for fun and a really good sexy time.
Roller derby queen

Madison Heights, MI

#198 Oct 5, 2016
Dandy Randy wrote:
I been drivin trucks for 31 years and been to 46 of the states and have been with women in every state....actually 3 or 4 women in every state. Every fellow driver i know is the same. And my wife still doesnt have a clue.
You are a real man., are you bragging??? There jus a saying that goes for truckers. If there is a real God may they die an in natural death for all the lack of crotch control disrespecting the one they say they love, while she is being liily white raising kids etc. enjoy your free rides. Your the man, I know mine is now. Hired himself a sweet black woman. What he forgot. Long ago he said he really enjoyed black women.. Never talked to me just did it. Guess what. Wait until he looks for the quote love of his life. She is moving outta state with a P O box. Sad how sex runs life. You have Rosie Palm. But like him can't resist strange pussy as he used to say. Truck on and change the tr to an F and make your yourself a real proud husband and role model for all the illagitemate kids you have produced. Proud daddy.
Roller derby queen

Madison Heights, MI

#199 Oct 6, 2016
mechang CUBua wrote:
your a retard!

he has put his skinny pecker in hundreds of lot lizards!
Wow she is asking advice and you degrade her.. You see I got this kind of abuse from the trucker I dated. His response was. We are truckers this is how we are. I said really. You have no respect for being a professional driver.i was in the truck 6 months and left. Not all but the most part they are all flirting to score it. I know he didn't know I was around the corner.. Sickened me.. But if a woman did that she is trash, a guy he is just being a guy. He has a number for a reason my dearest. He just forgot to throw it away or wanted you to find it. Next time. Keep them say nothing and call. Say your his sister and he was trying to get a hold of you what has been going on. You will be surprised. Then tell her you will get back with her in an hour. Or do reverse look up. Become a P I. If you pay the cell phone bill pull it up MMS is a picture sent to another cell phone. You can print up the bill. Need help . Go to your cell carrier they will set up your account. Good luck. I got to work for a P I and Lawyer for a few years. Cheaters are easy to catch. You just have to know what to do. Go to they rock it. Empower yourself. It is your body being disrespected. Let him get STD's HIV. Herpes of the mouth and he is clueless I bet you get studs in your mouth and throat.. Watch we're you put Cyprus little pecker. Warts are burnt off with acid. Even in your mouth and you want to kiss your child and put them through that hell. Or if they use a wash cloth after you look in there eyes as they put that acid on there private area. How are you going to tell them what happened to them. Yes I saw a 2 year old with genital warts passed from the mother who got it from her husband and she bathed then bathed the baby. She had no clue. The baby had to go back every break out. So I hope you are smart and get checked . I got my share from the aka. Toilet seat. Lmao.

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