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#127 Sep 2, 2010
The Innkeeper wrote:
<quoted text>
I am white, and my girl has a pale complexion. I am quite content. I argue this matter because it is historical fact, not through any desire to promote my race.
Cleo is not one to claim if you are looking for greatness. She was inbred, self-centered, and possibly half-crazy, and was reputed to be a world-class slut.
She failed to forge a marriage with Julius Caesar, even though he knocked her up. Her alliance with Marc Antony ended in military defeat and her eventual suicide.
There are far BETTER WOMEN of color to claim as great leaders. Nefertiri and Nefertiti are two Egyptian ones. The Queen of Sheba was most likely an Ethiopian, though no images of her last to this day.
But like it or not, Cleopatra was a Ptolemeic Greek.
Yes, there were numerous ones


but I still hvent changed my mind

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#128 Sep 2, 2010
"Orthodox history is a lie and must be placed back into its proper perspective. The veil of White supremacy has thrown us off track about world history truths and who we are as Black people in relationship to everyone else on the planet. Whites have many believing they are not only the progenitors of civilization but also the progenitors of humanity. Our ancient heroes and saviors have been whitewashed. The world believes that everyone on Earth who's not White is primitive and uncivilized.
First, we must understand what White skin really means and who White people really are. In a nutshell Whites are mutated inbred albinos. Scientifically speaking biologists say that white skin is a result of adaptation to climate, but let’s pay close attention to that for a minute. When we think of an adaptation to something, we think of acquiring physical traits and characteristics that would make us successful in surviving the environment. Let us understand what White skin means biologically and genetically. White skin does not meet the criteria for being a result of climatic adaptations.
Scientists write that White skin is an adaptation to northern cold climates. The lack of melanin has proven to be non-beneficial but actually detrimental to cold climates, technically. Melanin has thermal regulating properties in that it absorbs all forms of heat and energy and can actually allow a person to warm up quicker after coming out of the cold and keeps them warmer longer while in a cold environment. The claims are that White skin was an aid in the metabolization of vitamin D, however, it has been determined that melanin is needed for the efficient metabolization of vitamin D and calcium. Since White skin reflects sunshine, a primary source of vitamin D, compensation for not getting adequate amounts from the sun because of calcium depletion from bones, therefore decreasing bone density and making Caucasians more susceptible to Osteoporosis.
Whites are also the most susceptible to kidney stones composed of calcium oxylate. It is a well known fact that the sun causes skin cancer in White people more than any other people on this Earth, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that the sun also sterilizes Whites. The lack of melanin or pigment leaves Whites vulnerable to photolysis. The decomposition of folate or folic acid in the blood levels is critical for cell replication and reproduction. This is the real reason behind the low Caucasian birthrates. The experienced problems with fertility are not behavioral but biological one that cannot seem to be controlled. The foliate levels plummet by up to 50% when exposed to solar radiation, and even in the radiation in tanning salons. The genetically deficient genes give ABSOLUTELY NO benefit in nature, in tropical, temperament climates OR northern cold climates.
Everything we have been led to believe is a myth.

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#129 Sep 2, 2010
It has become so dogmatic that many people subconsciously try to refute this instinctively because it does not coincide with the indoctrination that permeates thought processes so deeply. Since Caucasians cannot reproduce genetic material (melanin), they could not have spawned humanity. Because the sun sterilizes and is sending Whites on a course toward extinction, they will not survive independently for very long without people of color depositing their genetic material to make their cell replication and reproduction more feasible. Caucasians are becoming extinct in Europe just like everywhere else on the planet showing NON-ADAPTATION. White gene DNA cannot be traced back as far as their genetic parents, BLACK AFRICANS! The result is sufficient evidence for their not being the progenitors of humanity or civilization. The deficient genes simply will not last that long in the presence of a majority black/brown people. Their birthrates globally are below replacement levels, and even if they didn’t have to worry about being bred out of existence by black/brown genes, their numbers would still dwindle because of victimization by photolysis.
White people like to think that they have invented everything that we take for granted in this epoch. The truth of the matter is, Caucasians have only REDISCOVERED the many inventions of OUR BLACK ancestors did deep in antiquity. It is quickly becoming common knowledge that the ancient Egyptians were Black Africans. Menes who is credited with being the founder of Pharonic Egypt and for unifying both lower (northern) and upper (southern) Egypt, is preceded by thousands of years of kings that are not taken into account in ancient history. If you will recall Egypt did not have a linear progressive history where they started off primitive and progressed to their advanced state. They started off ADVANCED. Ancient Egypt is the continuation or satellite colony of an even older and fabulous super civilization. There are many ruins and pieces of evidence from Atlantis. Not only Plato’s account but the megalithic ruins that the United States government is fully aware of off the coast of Bimini. These have to be the remains of an ancient BLACK civilization. Although the library at Alexandria was destroyed by fire as well as knowledge centers in other locations, the ancient Indian texts from the Ramayana empire still exists and gives credence to the fact that viminas (ancient Indian flying machines) are a reality and not a figment of anyone’s imagination. The inhabitants of the ancient Rama Empire are the ancestors of the black Dravidians or “untouchables”(Dalits) of India today. Written in the ancient language of Sanskrit, the text gives marvelous accounts of fantastic wars fought here on this planet as well in outer space by these ancient flying machines that utilized mercury vortex propulsion. It is also a carefully guarded secret that many of the UFO sightings of today are actually the ancient viminas of great antiquity being concealed by the United States and other world governments or reconstructions of those ancient aircraft. As I said earlier, these are inventions that White people have only REDISCOVERED and cannot take proper credit." —Amon Hotep in 2003

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#130 Sep 2, 2010
"A major lie that the United States wants to keep alive for ego purposes is that man walked on the moon with the Apollo moon landings of the late sixties and early seventies. This is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of the world. Man (White) has NEVER walked on the moon or has he even come close. There are many ways to prove to you that the moon landings were fraudulent. One of my favorite ways of discerning this is the picture of the footprints left in the lunar soil. If you stop and think about it, how can this be? For there to be footprints in the soil there must be moisture as a bonding agent and the moon is a vacuum with no atmosphere to hold moisture, therefore, there could NOT be any REAL footprints on the moon. Many people lack the scientific background to realize this and ignorantly accept whatever is spoon-fed them by NASA and the United States Government. Many people are coming to the realization that the whole thing was a fraud, but it is important for White people’s egos that EVERYBODY believes this passionately and defend this crap as a means of “national pride”.

United States

#131 Sep 2, 2010
SiriusMoore wrote:
<quoted text>
and go ahead and think that, I don't care! Freedom of opinion as* hole
And your opinion is racist, accept it and move on.

Kenosha, WI

#132 Sep 2, 2010
A "heads up" regarding one particular poster on this thread.--- This one particular poster has been going by all of these names on this thread.--- "The Truth, Brennan Scott, Spicy Latina, Katie Hottie, REALITY CHECK, in Your Dreams whitey, Giannopoulos, The Bronx, WHAT THE FUDGE, Buuurnnn, Bubble Burster, SHUT UP, Mediterranean Princess, GReek NOT White, You Are Stupid, Eureka, Fotis Karantonis, Blitz, Nora Smitts & Minnie".

And this poster has been using all of these different names & "claiming" to be Puerto Rican, Greek &, Italian.

But, he ISN'T Puerto Rican, Greek nor Italian. He's african American.

He's an african American troll & he's also gone by all of these "other" names.---- The Great Blac Guy, Hulk Hogan, Pablo Joe, Poncho, Another Black Guy, Father Flannigan, Jake the king snake, Booty Bandit, Doctor Know, Martha, Beth Ann, Doctor Love & Betty Sue.

And awhile back he was going from thread to thread pretending that he was "Mexican" & making very incendiary comments against non-Hispanic Whites trying to create as well as stir up conflict between Hispanics & non-Hispanic Whites.

And he's african American. He's an african American troll on Topix.

Kenosha, WI

#133 Sep 2, 2010
Very sad & pathetic that a grown african American dude has to troll on a forum in this manner & fashion. But, considering that african Americans are such a VERY stupid, ignorant, simple & inferior group of "people", I can TRULY see though why an african American would WANT to be a different "group" OTHER THAN african American.

Kenosha, WI

#134 Sep 2, 2010
SiriusMoore ---- Even "if" Queen Cleopatra was "black", what relevance & what significance does this have to do with "your people" (african Americans)?

And this is why I pose this question.--- Where Queen Cleopatra came from, Egypt, is a nation in Northeastern Africa. And african Americans ancestors came from Western Africa. Subsequently, african Americans ancestors DIDN'T come from Egypt.

"Your people" (african Americans) are always & constantly "claiming" other groups. For instance, african Americans always & constantly claim the ancient Egyptians as well as the "Moors".

And the Moors came from Northwestern Africa. NOT from parts of Western Africa which were FAR south of Northwestern Africa where african Americans ancestors came from.

And african Americans are also now "claiming" the ancient Greeks, Romans & EVEN the ancient Olmecs, Aztecs & Mayans. In addition, african Americans are now ALSO claiming the Chinese. Smh.

african Americans are always & constantly claiming other groups. Yet, ABSOLUTELY NO one wants to "claim" african Americans.

Kenosha, WI

#135 Sep 2, 2010
SiriusMoore ---- And what relevance & what significance does Queen Cleopatra have to do with "your people" (african Americans) in the current day?--- Absolutely nothing.

You see, "your people" (african Americans) are always & constantly bringing up as well as obsessing & dwelling on the very old past, etc.. But NEVER focused on the current time nor on the future.

And just look at the subject matter on the african American forum on Topix. The VERY trivial & juvenile stuff which african Americans talk about. Smh. And african Americans "wonder" why other people view them as being very stupid, ignorant, simple & inferior.

And african Americans "wonder" why other people view them with such contempt & disdain.

da whole tooth

Boynton Beach, FL

#136 Sep 2, 2010
Johnny wrote:
Very sad & pathetic that a grown african American dude has to troll on a forum in this manner & fashion. But, considering that african Americans are such a VERY stupid, ignorant, simple & inferior group of "people", I can TRULY see though why an african American would WANT to be a different "group" OTHER THAN african American.
Star Parker is African American,you've read her books,not sure why you would read or even quote anything from such an ignorant African American such as Star Parker.

Here are your own words "african Americans are such a VERY stupid, ignorant, simple & inferior group of "people".

But you read her books?????

Makes no sense????????

Framingham, MA

#137 Sep 2, 2010
SiriusMoore wrote:
<quoted text>
It's typical for White people like yourself probally, to twist and distort the truth to become convinent for you.
Cleopatra's maternal grandmother was a full blooded ancient Egyptian of both African and Egyptian bloodlines. Cleopatra's family had been in Egypt for 300 years.
Great how you conviently left that part out.
She was birracial.
And it's about time an actress of color portrays her. Not a pale transluscent creature of night( Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Angelina Jolie)
The more you try to Eurocentrinize ancient Egypt, the more foolish your people truly look.
Of course White people would like to think a fake tanning bed makes them look close to Egyptian, but instead all tanned White people look like lobster oranges or Jersey Shore misfits.
You all should be comfortable in your own pale, skin.
You all are doing too much.
As usual.
Calm down.
And realize the world does not revolve around White people
What a bunch of nonsense. Cleopatra's maternal grandmother was not Egyptian or African nor black. She was part of the Ptolemaic bloodline as all Ptolemies were, Cleopatra included. They INBRED to preserve their royal lineage. They didn't go around bonking just anyone because modern political correctness says so. The Ptolemies followed the matrilinear nature of succession, a system in which one belongs to one's mother's lineage to succeed, in other words ones inheritance of property or titles was through the Greek-Macedonian female line, and a concubine or some Egyptian or black African chick wouldn't have been of Greek-Macedonian royal lineage therefore wouldn't have had a say nor any royal Ptolemaic lineage nor property nor titles to pass on to her child. So there is little to no chance a child from a none Greek-Macedonian mother would become an heir to the Ptolemaic Dynasty. This is why extensive inbreeding matings occurred in the Ptolemaic Dynasty to prevent pretenders to the throne when they tried to bolster their claims by marriage to a Greek-Macedonian Princess or Queen. So yes Cleopatra was more pale transluscent Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Angelina Jolie then some 'black' chick. as all ancient depictions of her clearly show she was white and European.

Framingham, MA

#138 Sep 2, 2010
SiriusMoore wrote:
http://i.telegraph.co.uk/teleg raph/multimedia/archive/01206/ cleopatra-taylor_1206854c.jpg
That is a reconstruction of Cleopatras face, by scientists a few years ago
I'm just saying that she wasn't white and people should face it. And give actresses of color a shot at portraying their own heritage for once. Hollywood full of crap
That is not a reconstruction of Cleopatras face. Ashton's 3D version is a modern fraud and she did not use authentic ancient evidence in her inaccurate depiction. Here is the actual ancient bust this fraud of a modern 'scholar' used for her fake 'black' modern reconstruction, clearly the two look nothing a like as the ancient depiction shows clearly that Cleopatra was a young white girl with the typical Greek melon hairstyle, not some black girl with cornrows in her hair.

Framingham, MA

#139 Sep 2, 2010
Neo wrote:
<quoted text>
If anything, Cleopatra would be an Arab. Have you ever been to Egypt? They are all either Arab Muslims or Coptic Christians, no blacks.
Cleopatra was neither black, nor Arab, nor Egyptian, nor African. She came from a Dynasty who was European in origins and INBRED to preserve their royal Greek-Macedonian lineage. The Ptolemies ruled Egypt like the white South Africans ruled South Africa, like an apartheid system:

"The initial result was a new vision of social relations in Ptolemaic Egypt in which virtually separate Greek and Egyptian societies and cultures tensely coexisted in Egypt with little or no interaction. Ethnicity was destiny, and the ethnicities that determined privilege were Macedonian Greek" ~ The Reign of Cleopatra; S. M. Burstein

In other words only a true Greco-Macedonian can succeed to the thrown under Ptolemaic rule, not mixed origins children and most definitely not the kids of African Queens or concubines. The Ptolemies took a whole series of measures to establish cults concerned only with their Greek population, such as the founding in 279-278 BC of the Isolympic Games (that is, the equivalent of the Olympic games), also known as the Ptolemaieia, at Alexandria. Celebrated every four years in honor of Ptolemy Soter, these games included athletic events, horse races, and competitions in poetry and music, and they brought together Greek delegates from most of the Greek cities of the eastern Mediterranean that only Greeks could participate in. Of special interest in Alexandria was the creation in 269 of an eponymous priestess of the cult of Arsinoe Philadelphos called "Kanephoros" (Carrier of the Golden Basket) alongside the priest of Alexander instituted by Soter. As a royal family member Cleopatra belonged to such cults in where the priestesses and priests of these cults had to be of Greek origins only, a mixed woman would never have been allowed to participate in such events because she would not have been Greek.
Pretty Feet

Philadelphia, PA

#140 Sep 2, 2010
there are more "dark skin" people in the world than one might realize. i found this out when my daughter got us some travel book which contained pictures of the people and the place itself. i gotta say, it surprised me too.
but being black and being dark skin may not exactly be the same. she had dark skin but not necessarily the same features that black people tend to have. well at least not from the "pictures" that ive seen of her.
but then again who really cares anyway, lol

Framingham, MA

#141 Sep 2, 2010
SiriusMoore wrote:
<quoted text>
you're an idiot sir.
Elizabeth Taylor couldn't be an African Egyptian if she wanted to be.
We're talking reality here, not fairy tales.
Learn the truth.
Cambridge University already debunked that "She was White" theory. Just get over it an move on! You all want to claim everything. Psh.
You wouldn't know the truth if it hit you upside the head. Cleopatra was not 'black' nor 'brown' and she looked nothing like you. Afrocentrics only have clownish incorrect modern 'reconstruction' while ancient depictions created during her lifetime clearly show her to be white European with fair skin and auburn hair color which by the way auburn was a family trait of the Ptolemies who inbred to preserve their royal lineage.

Framingham, MA

#142 Sep 2, 2010
Pretty Feet wrote:
there are more "dark skin" people in the world than one might realize. i found this out when my daughter got us some travel book which contained pictures of the people and the place itself. i gotta say, it surprised me too.
but being black and being dark skin may not exactly be the same. she had dark skin but not necessarily the same features that black people tend to have. well at least not from the "pictures" that ive seen of her.
but then again who really cares anyway, lol
Who told you Cleopatra had 'dark' skin? She didn't. and what 'pictures' did you see of her? Because there aren't any ancient depictions that show her to be dark nor black. One who has studied this Dynasty, the coins and ancient artifacts they left behind as well as descriptions of them clearly shows neither she nor any of her family dynasty were 'dark'.

The ancient poet Horace (65-8 B.C.) wrote that Cleopatra was as white as alabaster and another ancient writer Lucan wrote of “Cleopatra's white breasts were revealed by the fabric of Sidon... close-woven by the shuttle of the Seres.” So many ancient sources that talk about Cleopatra being white and yet we still have people who don't know anything about this dynasty trying to incorrectly claim she was some 'black/mixed' woman when she wasn't. Ludicrous.

Framingham, MA

#143 Sep 2, 2010
SiriusMoore wrote:
<quoted text>
White people stole black peoples achievements because they don't have an honest bone in their bodies.
White women look like ugly corpses and Elizabeth Taylor shouldn't have been cast as an AFRICAN.
I'm done replying to you, liar.
Did you know that Cleopatra and her Ptolemaic Dynasty would mistake black people for 'chimps'? Do you know what that means? That if Cleopatra and the Ptolemies were 'black' themselves as some Afrocentrics incorrectly are claiming then the Ptolemies wouldn't be mistaken black people for 'apes'. More evidence that Cleopatra and the Ptolemies were xenophobic white European rulers who inbred among themselves to preserve their royal lineage.

"While the high quality of the Ptolemies and their successors' accounts of Nubia and its peoples are clear, so also are their limitations. The Ptolemies and their emmassaries were good observers but they were not, however, anthropologists. They could, and sometimes did, misunderstand what they saw or were told, once mistaking a troop of chimpanzees for a Nubian tribe of tree-living natives." ~ 13 Stanley M. Burstein, "Exploration and Ethnography in Ptolemaic Egypt," The Ancient World 31 (2000): 31-37. 14 Werner Huss, "Die Quellen des Nils," Chronique d'Egypte 130 (1991): 334-43. 15 Agatharchides of Cnidus, On the the Erythraean Sea, ed. and trans. Stanley M. Burstein (London, 1989), F 54 with p. 96 n. 2.

Framingham, MA

#144 Sep 2, 2010
SiriusMoore wrote:
<quoted text>
Why do you think Black women are all the color BLACK???
Black women are caramel (cleopatra's color) and lighter than MOST mexicans. Mexicans are just native Americans who went south of the border! Research the Hopi tribe and Apachee.
Cleopatra's lineage was BIRRACIAL.
She was Greek and African! Egyptian.
She was black in Americas society today.
And Marian Carey is lighter than most mexicans and she's is a black, self claimed too.
Cleopatra did not look Mexican.
King Tut was also black.
Cleopatra was not "caramel" color and she was not biracial. She was white, her skin fair her hair color auburnish, as depictions and descriptions of her clearly show, in Americans society today she would be white:

“Cleopatra's white breasts were revealed by the fabric of Sidon... close-woven by the shuttle of the Seres.”

Framingham, MA

#145 Sep 2, 2010
Giannopoulos wrote:
Hey everyone,
I saw this topic and felt compelled to add something. My names Artemis, and I have sat here and read every comment on this thread haha.
I am Greek as you can tell by my topix name.
I go to and from Athens every summer and I can honestly say that I have never seen one of my people looking like an Egyptian let alone cleopatra.
My people are darker than Englishmem and Irishmen yes, but we are still not as dark as Africans.
From what my mother has told me about Ptolemy and his lineage is that they were Mediterranean but that is leaving much to the immagination. There could have been any race of people living on the Mediterranean and how can everyone not consider Cleopatras mothers heritage??
Everyone is very quick to say that she descended from a long line of Ptolemic kings but have you forgotten that her mother did not?
Cleopatra's mother was from a long line of Egyptians. As known as africans or blacks.
Her family was there for over 300 years and in any case cleopatra was not the first cleoptra!
In my town we do not consider the queen one of us fully.
We look upon her as what she is,
and mixed breed.
A black.
Hope to help some!
-----Artemis Giannopoulos
Bourdes. Aremis eisai Ellivida, gia milamas liga Ellivika. H mama tis Kleopatra's den eitanai mavri, outai Egyptia, Eitanai ELLINIDA. Oi Ptolomaie den gamananai opia nanai. Htana fantastiki xenophoboi. Oi Kleopatra tinave ASPRI kai ELLINIDA.

Framingham, MA

#146 Sep 2, 2010
<quoted text>
Science has proved Cleopatra is black though? Look at this CGI skull recreation.
This looks like firm evidence to me so WHY IS EVERYONE STILL ARGUING?
Looks black to me.
I mean COME ON!!!!!!!!
CGI skull recreation claims King Tut is WHITE. If that is your only evidence which it is, then its bogus as all your other claims. Cleopatra was not black, she was white European. I have yet to see anyone who is peddling this 'black' cr ap a modern fictional creation by the way produce any CREDIBLE evidence to support this dubious claim.

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