why did I cheat on my black man with ...

why did I cheat on my black man with another black man

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West Babylon, NY

#1 Oct 30, 2009
I am a 51 year old white woman who is currently married to a white man secretly having an affair for almost 3 years with a married black man who met up with an old high school "friend" who happens to be black and let him "have me" yesterday for lunch.

I am married to a white guy who I thought I knew and over the past 5-6 his is different. He never wants to make love to me anymore, claims that his penis is right since he was in the hospital and it left his penis disfigured from the cath they put in to monitor his "urine". Then he started to go out more frequently to the go-go bar that he used to go once a month. He would always talk about how he felt sorry for the one "girl" and tell me all about her and I would listen because I'm a sucker for a sad story. She unfortunately passed away and he has been awful to deal with. About 2 years before that he told me she was "just a friend". Now everytime he talks about her, he gets all teary and moody.

My husband never makes a move on me except for the occasional grab my *ss or a tit but nothing more. We don't even kiss or say "I love you" to each other any more.

4 years ago my mother was very ill and passed away. During the last 2 months of her illness I was running to the hospital to see her everyday after work or on a day off either myself or my father. Very rare and far and few between would my husband accompany me and that pissed me off.

I am working a great place and have a great position and deal with all kinds of people and have my favorites, and one of my favorites was Samuel. HE would always ask for me and I would work on his projects ahead of everyone and get commended for his quick turn around and he always thanked me. For holidays, he would have candy and flowered delivered to me not for his company, but himself personally. Every Christmas he would invite me to his company Christmas party but I was never free and able to attend. Until 4 years ago when he asked me I was happy to respond "Yes I can attend". I never met Sameul before so it would be the first time for many things that night.

I was nervous for weeks ahead and wondered what he was like and went to store after store trying to find just the right outfit to wear. I'm only 5'2" tall and weight about 115. Most of my weight is in my chest I measure a 40D. I have shoulder length black hair and emerald green eyes. I wore purple and turquoise very well and certain shades of green.

I finally found a beautiful dress in green with tiny red Christmas bows spread out through the dress. It was a square neck which mad my tits seems pronounced without being "flashy".

West Babylon, NY

#2 Oct 30, 2009
Samuel offered to pick me up for the party and I took him up on his offer. He came to my house an hour before my husband was due home from work and I was shocked to find out that "my Samuel" is black. To hear his voice you would never know it and the subject of race/color never came up with us. I don't think he was trying to hide it and I believe that until this day. He came to my door and when I opened it, there he stood on my door step with red roses. After walking inside, he put out his hand and I gave him a kiss right smack on his lips and began to hug in at first uncontrollably at first and then I started to pull myself away not to make him uncomfortable. He noticed that I tensed up and he asked me, "Is it because I'm black you are pulling away from me?? I'm sorry but it never came up in conversation." I told him, "No not at all how about me being white" and he said, "Hell no". We left my house and was heading to the party. When we stopped at the light we turned to look at each other and he leaned into me with a kiss and I kissed him back.

We arrived at the party and the place was so beautiful and I remarked that to him and he said, "it is more beautiful now because you are here.". That made me feel so good. He introduced me to all the other people I talk to from his place and then went to the bar to get a drink. He said they had a bar outside on the deck and asked me if I want to see what the place looked like on the outside and I agreed. Everything was done up in Christmas lights and wreaths and so much more. We got some drins and admired the beauty of the scenery and it began to get cold and damp and started to snow. He took off his jacket for me to wear and hugged me close. I turned towards him to thank him and the next thing I knew we were kissing passionately anddd it was like no one else exsisted.

After what seemed like we were kissing for an hour, we broke the kiss and just looked at each other. I knew right there and right then that I had fallen for him. He held me close and kissed me lightly and said we had to get back in for the cocktail hour.

West Babylon, NY

#3 Oct 30, 2009
We sat with his boss and his wife and family. I couldn't stop thinking about what happpened outside and wonder if he felt anything. The boss bought gifts for the wives of all the male employees and the female employees husbands also received gifts. Even I got a gift and I told him to bring it home to his wife because it's what the other guys were doing. He commented that she has "NEVER" came to any of the parties in all the years he has been working there and he's never brought it home to her. I asked him why she didn't go and he said that she didn't want to leave the kids home when they were a little younger and she felt that she would be stared at because she was white and he is black. I asked him what the boss said that you invited me and he said, "I didn't invite you directly, my boss wanted me to. We all enjoy dealing with you and we wanted to say "thank you for your efforts and always putting us in good standing with our customers". They presented me with a plaque and my gift was a gift certificate for a dinner/show in Atlantic City during their Trade Show in April.

We danced a few slow dances together and also a few fast ones. After one of the slow dances I felt as I wanted to be alone with him and I thanked him for the dance and headed onto the deck. I needed time to think about what I was feeling - I needed to be "ALONE".

I was out there for about 5 minutes and then Samuel walked out and stood behind me. I could feel the warmth of his body as he took me into a bear hug. He stands 6'6" tall. I could feel his *ock pressing up against me and it got me excited. He must be feeling something too I thought and as I turned around he bent down to meet my lips and we began to kiss again but stopped because it was getting hot and heavy and we didn't want to cause a scene.

The snow fell lightly that night and we had to take a slow ride home since the place was near a mountain and a steep incline.

I thanked his boss for the beautiful and very thoughtful gift and for inviting me. He told me I have an "open invite" to any of their parties. We got into his vehicle and drove slowly down the side of the mountain and then pulled over.

This is what happened next:

West Babylon, NY

#4 Oct 30, 2009
He asked me, "Did you enjoy yourself tonight"? I told him that the food was great, the music was tasteful and the company I was with was the best, especially the man who drove me here." He looked at me and I smiled at him and we leaned into each other with more kisses and then he said, "I know that we just met but we do know each other; I want to *uck you so bad". I told him, "I want you to *uck me too".

We drove past a hotel on the way home and pulled in and he got us a room. We just got in the room and the passion started flowing, my juices were starting to leek into my underwear and before you know it we were both totally naked and looking at each other and started to kiss passionately and the start feeling me up and then began to suck and nibble on my tits. I reached on and captured his *ock in my hands and started to stroke him adn he stopped kissing me when I started and slowly pulled away from me allowing me get more of his *ock in my hands and then I got down on my knees and began to suck him off. It was so natural - I felt so in tuned with him as I sucked, spit, sucked and stroked his *ock. I stopped briefly to catch my breathe because his cock was about 9" before it was completely at full erection. He scooped me up in his arms and placed me on the bed where I started to spread my legs to allow entrance into my freshly shaved "pussy"

West Babylon, NY

#5 Oct 30, 2009
He began to eat me as I started to release and he lapped it all up with is big tongue. He stopped briefly and asked me, "Do you think my *ock will fit in your little white shaved *ussy?? I don't want to hurt you Baby". I said, "There's only one way to find out". With that his hardened *ock seemed to have grown another 2 inches and I was able to take that beautiful black *ock into my white shaved *ussy. We fit like a hand in a glove as he thrust hard into me and I loved every minute of it. He flipped me over and was doing me doggy style and then he stopped an asked me if do "anal" and I said I never did but I wanted to try. I happen to have vaseline with me for my chapped lips as my chapstick ran out. I asked him to grease my *ss up and his *ock and be gentle as it was my first "anal" insertion. I enjoyed it as he glided gently and I screamed for him to "do it harder as he thrust into my *ss". When he was about to release he asked me where I wanted it and I said, "I swallow but I want some on my face and tits". He held back my head as he fed me more of his *ock as he began to release and then he squirt my face and all over my tits.

We've been sneaking around to see each other all this time and my husband has no *ucking clue.

I met my old high school friend and he and I have been texting and he invited me over for lunch yesterday and when I got there he said he wanted to show me how he decorated his "room" and went into his bedroom where he had candles lit, soft music playing and he asked me to relax. I did relax and had some wine and he kissed me for coming by which lead to feeling me up me grabbing for his large *ock and we *ucked up a storm.

Now I feel guilty.

Why did I do it??

Monterrey, Mexico

#6 Dec 9, 2010
Oh my god!! you big loser!!

Chicago, IL

#7 Dec 9, 2010
Oh my god!! you big loser!!
his posts were dated Oct 2009. that means, he is not posting anymore lately. must be in jail or psyche ward. yes, a real loser.:)

“Be who you are.”

Since: Jul 10

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#8 Dec 10, 2010
Lol this is hilarious. In the beginning i thought you were a girl, but then you got into this nasty fantasy, and realized it was a guy. Most girls dont sit there and go into great detail about this stuff over the internet. Girls can be great sex feinds and want sex as much as guys, but they dont talk about this [email protected] as much as we do.

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