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#88 Mar 11, 2014
Rishi wrote:
http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki /States_of_India_by_Telugu_spe akers
I know it's spoken by many because Andhra Pradesh is bigger than Tamil Nadu so why not?
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#89 Mar 12, 2014
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#90 Mar 14, 2014

Chennai, India

#91 Mar 16, 2014

Giridhar Goutham

Trivandrum, India

#92 Mar 17, 2014
Guys!!!Some people are saying that on Telugu temples it is written in Tamil.....and Some are saying that on Tamil temples there are some inscriptions in Telugu.
Now ,All the discussions are done in English ....will English become the oldest language.If you buy a India Map,your state name is written in English.SO I consider English as the Oldest language.

Do You people agree!!!! Don't you feel Bullshit.
Lets go to work and get a life. ;-)

Coimbatore, India

#93 Mar 17, 2014
Ungal Mozhi Pattrukku Vazhthukkal
N Venkatesh

Bangalore, India

#95 Mar 28, 2014
Prashant Singhal wrote:
It is not to hurt anyone/s feeling.
Everyone would do believe that in older days, everyone used to the mode of language communication used to be in the form of literature unlike now.
As per my research, Telugu is the oldest language amongest all south indian languages.
My research goes as below.
Great poets and kings from Tamilnadu and Karnataka, prefer Telugu to write their literature. Even in the modern world, Tamil and Kannada poets would do accept the same. Eg. Tyagaraja Swamy, he hails from TN but he wrote all his keertanas in Telugu, King Sri krishna Devaraya, he is from Karnataka, he simply says that telugu is the most sweetest language. This simply proves.
yes i do agree with you.
Telugu 1st


#97 Apr 12, 2014
Poda myre.. nayi nayala

Mumbai, India

#98 Apr 12, 2014
NO doubt it's one and only tamil ..
Lol... Enough proofs already given and google for tamizh without any jealous, den i'll consider u as a broadminder eventhough I'm a Marati i'll vote for tamil 'coz I'm a archeology student frm delhi and I 've done my research in tamil. No other languages can stand near tamil .. Next to marati I love tamil

Dubai, UAE

#99 Apr 13, 2014
Nayudu wrote:
Telugu is the mother of tamil..... Tamil is a dirty,worst language.
tamil is born from telugu, and telugu is oldest language in india followed by kannadam & tamil & samskrutham


Tamil is the Oldest Indian Language .

1.The oldest dated Tamil Brahmi inscription in the world has been found in Palani in Southern India scientifically dated to 540 BCE - the oldest known Brahmi inscriptions on the Indian sub-continent.

Tamil brahmi script Southern India scientifically dated to 540 BCE . India oldest script. &

2. Sanskrit No native Script.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhattiprolu_scri ...

3. Bhattiprolu (PRAKRIT )script is not a TELUGU Script .

Bhattiprolu script- The inscriptions date to before 100 BCE, putting them among the earliest evidence of Brahmi writing in South India.There are a total of nine inscriptions, all dated to the 2nd century BCE or possibly earlier (a tenth inscription is in a script much closer to standard Brahmi), written in Prakrit


4.Telugu-Kannada alphabet :-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki /Telugu-Kannada_alphabet

Kadamba (325 to 550 AD)-> Old Kannada -> Kannada and Telugu scripts

Between 1100 CE - 1400 CE Telugu script and Kannada script separated from Old-Kannada script (Halegannada script) or Kadamba script or Bhattiprolu (PRAKRIT ) Script. The Chalukyas influenced the modern form of Telugu script and its similarity with modern Kannada script

5.The earliest epigraphic record of the Telugu language dates to the late 6th century (CE 575 AD to 1022 AD)


5.The Malayalam language was first written in Vatteluttu, an ancient script of Tamil. However, modern Malayalam script evolved from Grantha, a script originally used to write Sanskrit. Both Vatteluttu and Grantha evolved from Brahmi, but independently.

Vattezhuthu round writing is a script that had evolved from Tamil-Brahmi, and was once used extensively in the southern part of present-day Tamil Nadu and in Kerala.

Malayalam was first written in Vatteluttu. The Vazhappalli inscription issued by Rajasekhara Varman is the earliest example, dating from about 830 CE.

Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world.

Finaly Indian Goverment Approved tamil is Oldest Indian Language

Indore, India

#100 Apr 13, 2014
Dude atleast der is a use of arguing Tamil vs Sanskrit but no other indian lang has dat dare to argue wit tamil ..
Foolishness totally ..

Chennai, India

#101 Apr 19, 2014
Why Tamil is oldest language than sanskrit.

Tamil has 12 vowels and 18 consonants. A least lettered language in Indian language. But, Sanskrit has 18 vowels and 35 consonants.

Tamil has one each ka, cha, da, ta, pa whereas sanskrit has four each of ka, cha, da, ta, pa and many additional letters. When you count the oldest one, it will be less letters and not developed to more letters and retain their old identity.

Sanskrit and other languages have more letters based on new stretch from 'Ka' to kha, ga, gha, ha. The letters of la, lu, ra, ru are added to vowels. These are developed later. For eg, men burning the lights with oil patches found in trees and later, used electricity. The language origined in later stage.

English has 26 letters. But, it is the recent one. Because, they found to use the letter of 'g' as ga (Gay (ga sound), gem, giraffe (j sound), Of 'A', comes so many sounds.

On conclusion, which one is older?. Adi manithan or modern man?.
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#102 Apr 26, 2014
Comeon telugu friends,wake up know the greatness and power of our telugu language and history, read as many coments as possible writen by me with the proofs in the below link please read and fight for our greatest language and history http://m.topix.com/forum/topstories/TFP3S689V...
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#103 Apr 26, 2014
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#104 Apr 27, 2014
We should have to make a forum for telugu vs tamil,but why sanskrit?ofcourse we telugus not care about telugu vs tamil forum bcoz we telugus know telugu is much older than tamil as a spoken language. Sanskrit is the mother of world and it was highly influenced in telugu bcoz telugu people r sanskrit people b4 telugu, sanskrit is heavily produced in telugu tongue. and sanskrit has its origin from andhrapradesh people. IVC belong to andhrapradesh people sanskrit was created by andhrapradesh people at IVC

Mumbai, India

#105 Apr 29, 2014
Sanskrit and Tamil evolved separately Though they had influences on each other later... To know from how long tamil existed read about Kumarigandam... Sunken land of tamils.. . Tamil has the least letters in indian language.. Which itself proves it is old... While all other language in india follow sanskrit script like ka kha ga gha ngha.. Like hindi , telugu kannadam..This is why most letters of other language cant be spelt in tamil Tamil is the only unique language in india.. Telugu kannadam malayalam all are influence of tamil and sanksrite.. WHile the fact is telugu is more sweet to hear because of vowel ending..

Hyderabad, India

#108 May 21, 2014
Nayudu wrote:
Telugu is the mother of tamil..... Tamil is a dirty,worst language.
tamil is born from telugu, and telugu is oldest language in india followed by kannadam & tamil & samskrutham
which ever is the sweetest or oldest language, first try to respect your language and hence the others'. urs being oldest doesnot mean the others are bad. what if today some other research brings up a new language, saying the mother of all others?! u ppl would again strt fighting in a different way? And DONT compare our languages with English. that is no way related, because it is not a phonetic language.telugu/tamil/kannda also have some exceptions because those were build upon their necessity. Respect your own languages, but dont criticize the others. U may argue if u really have some knowledge on those researches. even those reports are read by us, not done by us. does your language loss or gain its greatness from the history if you come to know and accept that other language is older??

Saudi Arabia

#110 Jun 8, 2014
parthi wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey brother... every one have some feeling about his mother tongue...
Do you know, when the temples are build.?
At the time of language developed is any temples here??? are any proof???
According to your view In Tirupati dont have Tamil Inscriptions. But Even the Original Name of tirupati is "THIRU VENGADAM", this is a pure tamil word. THIRU means Respest & VENGADAM means Hill. The total of Inscriptions in Tirupati ia 1180. In This Telugu & Kannada shares 50 Inscriptions, Rest of 1130 are Tamil Inscriptions.
If you wanna verify contact Tirupati devastanam comity.
Yes you are absolutely right.Tirupathi temple was built by Athondai chakravarthy (Tamil king)approximately 1200 years back or more.If ayt one needs more information pls Google it.

New Paltz, NY

#112 Jun 24, 2014
u donkey u lived in WB , u dont know the facts. . . . .im born in TN, my mother tongue is telugu , the tamil itself is born from telugu and tami is the dirtiest language ive ever seen , telugu is the sweetest language than tamil and hindi. . . . . even sanskrit lacks of some grammatical alterations, but telugu have many perfect grammatical easings and correstions. . . . . i know tamil, telugu , kannada and spanish urdu , but none of them was much harder to learn than telugu cos telugu is a rich one than tamil and anyother language , tamil is not the mother of telugu , but im sure telugu is the oldest one than tamil
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#119 Jun 29, 2014
These tamils copied everything from andhrapradesh regions of (telangana+coastal parts of AP+rayalaseema). Even ancient folk instruments like "dappu" and other arts copied from telangana regions. http://www.discoveredindia.com/andhra-pradesh...

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