Oldest Language in India : Telugu or ...

Hyderabad, India

#22 Jul 11, 2013
every lang has its speciality respect it..
Dhinesh Tennavan

Ashburn, VA

#25 Jul 11, 2013
No doubt! The origin of species in North india, especially Tamil Nadu. Tamil language is very old language. So many Tamil words are mixed in other languages. Telugu, kannada etc, can't prove according to route words. But, in tamil every words had a sensible meaning. Some idiots said in tamilnadu temples had other language inscript. Yes it's true. Because of aryan culture. TAMIL was boycotted in the name Sanskrit (GOD'S LANGUAGE). Telugu inscription was made by telugu empire of vijaynagar. So, some telugu words are mixed in Tamil. In Mugal and Marathi rule their languages were the admin language. So, that was also mixed in tamil. This was the main reasons of other language inscripts are found here. TAMIL Is the mother all language. Dravidan is representing Tamil in Sanskrit. Mesoptamia people used uur (tamil) word for denoting place. For example. Oriza sativa is the greek name for rice. It's the route word of (aarusi) tamil. TAMIL language is the oldest language. Tamil pride can't be accepted by indian. But, that's the true. TAMILZ VALGAA!
Telugu guy

Ashburn, VA

#26 Jul 13, 2013
Telugu is oldest & sweetest of all languages.
Tamil is a crap.kannada off spring of telugu.

Eluru, India

#27 Jul 18, 2013
I am a Tamilian living in Mumbai. After going through the books of various linguistic scholars, I have realised that , telugu is older than tamil. We tamilans have to accept history and not simply claim that tamil is the oldest language in India or in the world without any basis. This will actually make us laughing stock and harm the cause of tamil.
VEnkat reddy

Lewes, UK

#28 Aug 10, 2013
Tamil .. Is the oldest
Next is Kannada
Telugu is the child of Kannada

one - Onnu- Ondhu- Okati ???? Where is sanskrit here???

Brahmins create hatred among all caste and linguistic people. They want all of us to fight and they should occupy the higest positions at work. Remember guys dont allow them to separate us.
abhi wrote:
we have to accept that tamil is oldest lang
and telugu is child of tamil and sanskrith
and telugu is the sweetest lang in India.
Don't forget that India is beautiful because of all the langs. Fighting for some pride here just tells u how narrow u people r..
VEnkat reddy

Lewes, UK

#29 Aug 10, 2013
Hey U are a typical Brahmin right??
Rajagopalan wrote:
I am a Tamilian living in Mumbai. After going through the books of various linguistic scholars, I have realised that , telugu is older than tamil. We tamilans have to accept history and not simply claim that tamil is the oldest language in India or in the world without any basis. This will actually make us laughing stock and harm the cause of tamil.

Bangalore, India

#30 Sep 7, 2013
hai bro kannada is not mother tongue of telugu.It came after so many years after telugu has came .I know it bcs i was also thinking like u.

Bangalore, India

#31 Sep 11, 2013
u rascals , telugu is the oldest language in india
its is more older than tamil and sanskrit,.... dont u telugu ppl know the value of ur language, there are many words which came to tamil from telugu, telugu had much effect on sanskrit and kannadam and tamil

u telugu fools wake up and know the value of ur language. after all im a tamlian and i knew about ur language, wake up andhras wake up
Rakesh DS


#32 Sep 30, 2013
1. Facts about Our Kannada Language:
1] Kannada is the third oldest language of India.
( After .. Sanskrit & Tamil )
2] kannada is as old as 2000 years.
3]Kannada is 99.99% perfect - logically and
4] We got 7 Gnana peetha awards. Look at other
languages ...Hindi -- 6, Telugu
- 2, Malayalam - 3, Tamil -- 2 ( Second one during
2005 )
5]Shri VINOBA BHAVE has called kannada script as
SCRIPTS - " Vishwa lipigaLa RaaNi - kannada "
6] So called international language -- English do
not have its own Script.
English is written in " ROMAN "
7] So called national Language -- hindi do not have
its own script. Hindi is
written in
" Deva nagari "
8] Though Tamil has a script, logically it is
imperfect -- as common
letters are used for many pronunciations.
9] When " Kaviraja Maarga was written ..
by Amogha varsha nripathunga, English was in it's
cradle & Hindi was non existent at the time!
10]kannada is the only one indian language, where
a foreigner, also impressed by
this language and wrote a dictionary(shabdha
kosha) in Kannada
11] Ragale saahithya can be seen only in kannada
which is one of the rarest and
different kind of literature!
shankar bangalore

Bangalore, India

#33 Oct 29, 2013
All the language is born form sanskrith....
Simple example:

ra ra ra...(Telgu)
Va va va...(Tamil)
ba ba ba....(Kannada)
Everything same meaning. the first letter only the different from all the above.
So where ever If you start your life, it will closing with the same place.

We are indains jai hind...

Kolkata, India

#34 Oct 29, 2013
Who is that mad vamsi who gave him the right to
speak about tamil, which language you are? I am sure
that you are the mad one speaking the world's worst

Kolkata, India

#35 Oct 29, 2013
tamil crip the crap out of telugu by old and by
its sweet prononuciation

Ashburn, VA

#36 Nov 1, 2013
Tamil few centuries senior than Telugu.But both are Dravidan language,and we r d native people of india.

Mangalore, India

#38 Nov 28, 2013
Hi Prashant, sweetest is different and oldest is different please don't give false information.krishna Devaraya likes to write in many language but likes telgu and tulu most but that doesn't means telgu and tulu are oldest.

tamil,kannada and sanskrit is the oldest language in india,but still we are not sure which is very older language.

Many say Tamil is not indian language and there is no influence of Sanskrit.

kannada is the second old language which might have influenced from Sanskrit,but still research is going on
Prashant Singhal wrote:
It is not to hurt anyone/s feeling.
Everyone would do believe that in older days, everyone used to the mode of language communication used to be in the form of literature unlike now.
As per my research, Telugu is the oldest language amongest all south indian languages.
My research goes as below.
Great poets and kings from Tamilnadu and Karnataka, prefer Telugu to write their literature. Even in the modern world, Tamil and Kannada poets would do accept the same. Eg. Tyagaraja Swamy, he hails from TN but he wrote all his keertanas in Telugu, King Sri krishna Devaraya, he is from Karnataka, he simply says that telugu is the most sweetest language. This simply proves.
ongolu nayudu

Chennai, India

#40 Dec 3, 2013
what u said is exactly correct, . . . .each and every word u said is true and was proved by the anthropologists
ongolu nayudu

Chennai, India

#41 Dec 3, 2013
u go and see , u can find many inscriptions of telugu in tamila nadu
but tirupathi is having tamil words because the coolis who constructed tirupati were tamil coolis , thats why they wrote tamil, but telugu was a dominant language when tirupati temple was constructed
ongolu nayudu

Chennai, India

#42 Dec 3, 2013
tamil is never an older language than telugu ,
telugu is a highly depthed language and it gave birth to many south indian languaes ,.. even telugu provided many words to sanskrit thus helping sanskrit to be a language. tamil is derived from telugu and tamil is even a half language and it doesnt contain many letters and its grammer is incomplete grammer.

telugu is a mother language of tamil and telugu s more older than sanskrit
Modern Panini

Kolkata, India

#43 Dec 4, 2013
I have done a lot of research and in my opinion, Telugu and Tamil are both are not Indian languages. Tamil came from asuras like Ravan and Telugu came from his cousins. However, telugu took some script from Kannada, Sanskrit language which has no relations to either tamil or telugu. They tamil and telugu came into India much later followed by Malyalam. Sanskrit and other Indian languages were existing already. So tamil maybe older than telugu from the outside languages while Sanskrit is the oldest in Indian and the world followed by Prakrit, Pali and Kannada.

Mysore, India

#44 Dec 7, 2013
Hi ongolu nayudu,

I think you are a telugate so ur saying that telugu is older language.

To be fact I am a kannadiga but when it comes to research we have to accept the truth.

Till now we have no proof that any language of india is older than tamil,UK have researched and said that even kannada and Sanskrit are as older as tamil.

there is no proof to prove that which is older language in between tamil,sanskrit and kannada,but its very clear that telgu comes after the exsistance of this languages.

Singapore, Singapore

#45 Dec 7, 2013
Tamil taught me never to disrespect anybody. Tamil taught me not to diffenciate people through language and religion. Tamil taught me to not be ashamed of who you are. Tamil taught me never to show your back from a battle. We base our culture from our language and not any other factors. Wherever you're born, whatever your background is, whichever your religion....as long as you speak Tamil, you're a Tamizhan. A Tamizhan will stand and fight for a Tamizhan. TAMIZHANDA!

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