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#166 Jul 1, 2013
Doctor REALITY wrote:
<quoted text>You know WHY you can't believe George Zimmerman's CRAP about Martin 'walking in between houses'??! Don't FORGET: This is the same man who L-I-E-D....O.K.??!!...L-I-E-D about how much money he and his wife had raised for his defense, which is WHY he was put back in jail!!!
Zimmerman is a KNOWN LIAR.

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#167 Jul 1, 2013
So is the State's star witness. This week we will hear from the police who were on the scene. They can't be any worse for the State then the first 4 witnesses they called.
Judge Shmales

Vacaville, CA

#168 Jul 1, 2013
Doctor REALITY wrote:
<quoted text>Zimmerman is a KNOWN LIAR.
Everybody lies. Doesn't make them a murderer.

Houston, TX

#169 Jul 1, 2013
Judge Shmales wrote:
<quoted text>Everybody lies. Doesn't make them a murderer.
He should not be lying about anything if hes innocent.

In the recording of him being interviewed by the police woman, taking his statement, he stated, "Trayvon was talking & mumbling to him & was angry with him after he shot him.

Then when he was reenacting to the police what happened, Zimmerman said Trayvon sat up after he shot him then Trayvon said, "you got me I'm giving up".

Evidence proves Trayvon died immediately of being shot. So Zimmerman says a dead boy is talking to him??.


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#170 Jul 1, 2013
One of the officers that interviewed Zimmerman several times swore on the stand today that George was completely cooperative, open, and straightforward. Officer O'Mera, the lead investigator, testified all the evidence they have indicates self defense. When asked if the officer would have acted in the same way under the same circumstances, the Officer said, "Yes, Sir." "Yes, Sir!!! So when will the Prosecution put on a witness that does not help the Defense? Right now Zimmerman does not have to take the stand if he does not choose to, because the Prosecution's own witnesses have proven self defense beyond the shadow of a doubt. I hope the mother doesn't help Zimmerman. That would be funny.

Oakland, CA

#171 Jul 2, 2013
Michelle wrote:
<quoted text>
OMG! you're jealous!
Your entire comment REEKS jealousy of black people. Are you mad because we're BETTER than you??
Just mfn wow.
What a tangled web you weave when you practice to deceive.
Blacks [descendants of African-American slaves] like to paint a picture of George was aggressively CHASING trayvon in order to hang him . Just another black lie.
Some people on this board try to paint a picture like that fight between Mr. Zimmerman and trayvon was a mutually agreed fight;. two boxers that have animosity towards each other and they cannot manage a fight in the ring so they go ‘window shopping’ in the middle of the night and just happen to cross paths in an alley. What (((BS!!))) you can come up with!
Let me tell you monkies something here, George showed great restraint by shooting that punk only once.. After what that punk initiated and did, I am surprised that George did not unload the full mag into him, climb on tiop of that punk and commence to beating his skull into a bloody pulp with the butt of his gun.
The fact of it is, George was doing his job by following trayvon,. Nothing wrong with that.
While George was doing that, that punk trayvon was on the phone talking to his girlfriend while he was bouncing. When trayvon noticed George following him, trayvon tells his girlfriend,,and I do quote,”There is a crazy arse <modified for Topix) cracker honky following me.” George stops him to question him -Yes, the 911 operator told him to stay in the car, but so what- when George begins questioning him that right there should have told trayvon that maybe George had a position and job to do. But no, trayvon instantly jumps on him initiating the UNWARRANTED physical attack; trayvon gets him on the ground because George doesn’t know how to defend himself and ward off attempted take downs. Trayvon manages to get on top of George and commences to hammer him showing no mercy whatsoever. A broken nose and wounds to the back of George’s head prove that FACT. George is screaming for help, and in usual form, no Caucasians help him.
Trayvon is trying to kill George. George draws and busts a cap - one cap- into him to save his own life.
That fight was a typical street fight that trayvon initiated. Trayvon started the physical street fight because of his hatred for whites. Furthermore, I would not doubt that trayvon sensed that George didn’t know how to fight and he took advantage of that because he thought George was Caucasian. There are NO rules to a street fight. Just ask any black in the ’hood.about that. They [blacks] will shoot other blacks [descendants of African-American slaves] or attack them in an attempt to kill over being short changed a quarter, much less being physically attacked. I have seen both of those instances many , many times. Blacks [descendants of African-American slaves] will not admit to that fact though .They will, however, blame it on Caucasians.
They will say that white people gave them the guns white people did this, white people did that, in an attempt to forever dodge self responsibility.
When a black person [descendant of African--American slave] that is from the typical black environment talks to a Caucasian that he or she thinks is from the ’burbs or the like, he or she will really turn on the BS.

Oakland, CA

#172 Jul 2, 2013
We must look at a couple REAL facts of the Zimmerman case:

1.) People saw trayvon on top of George wailing away on him.

1 A) in usual form, no Caucasians helped George.

2.) Trayvon’s girlfriend’s OWN testimony helped the defense.

3.) Trayvon’s girlfriend was acting like a typical hood rat about the incident. on twitter. That is why a lot of her accnt garbage was deleted.

3A). Trayvon’s girlfriend is the typical product of today’s public school system

4 )The watch captain ( a black woman) likes George and said so in court, further helping Georges case.

5.) Every single time the prosecution brings anything or anyone to it’s defense, it back fires in their face.

6.) I do not believe George is going to walk not only because trayvon is black [descendant of African-American slave], but also because women-white women- are the jurors. Women tend to side with the losers.. But liberal white women……...they are the nuttiest and most mentally unstable female species of all living creatures..

7.. You‘re all full of siht..

Oakland, CA

#173 Jul 2, 2013
Hmmmm.. I just wonder if Georges case would be the same if trayvonn was wanted for murder or was found to be up to something very dubious. I would venture to say it would.

Now if Mr. Zimmerman would have had his mothers Latina last name instead of his father’s German name, the liberal media would not have blown it out of proportion like they did.. In fact we probably would not have even heard about it.

Tyrone Woodfork [ part descendant of African-American slave] commits multiple B &E’s- ALL Caucasian victims ,btw - his last one he brutally tortures , rapes and murders two old senior citizens in their own home and then they deem him to have a mentality that of a child so he will receive a lesser sentence. Black people [descendants of African-American-slaves], what if Tyrone was Caucasians and all of his victims were black [descendants of African-American slaves] would you let that slide? You know damn well you would be screaming for that white boys blood! If they diagnosed the peckawood to have the mind of a child, you would be screaming racism and tearing down your own neighborhoods in protest and attacking every white you saw
F’n white people .I am telling you Caucasians that your blubbering weakness and ignorance is going to come back to get you. I know that at least seventy percent of the Caucasians masses in the U.S have absolutely no clue whatsoever to what is going on in this country, but nevertheless, it WILL get you.
What is going on is not new whatsoever, but what is happening is escalating quickly.

Oakland, CA

#174 Jul 2, 2013
I previously mentioned that, as a general rule, Caucasians are like “chickens in a chicken coop” and I didn’t explain.. So now I will: You see, when Chickens [Caucasians] are in their coop [Caucasian neighborhood], the five or six chicken hawks [blacks] stalk the coop waiting for the best time and angle to attack the coop.
When the chicken hawks do strike, the chickens all scatter in fear-fear for their lives- they all trip, stumble over each other and feather flying as they run away, each one hoping that he or she is not the chicken to go down in the feeding frenzy of the chicken hawks.. Now no matter how many chickens there are in the coop, they flap their wings and run when attacked because they have no other defense. Oh yeah, there will be one or two Roossters amongst the hundred or so fleeing chickens that will take a stand and fight, but a combination of the ninety-eight chickens bouncing off of them and tripping them up in their efforts of running away , and the five or six chicken hawks attacking the Roosters from every direction, they will be defeated.
As Caucasians get more poo butt and ignorant ,as a general rule; the blacks get more tough and vicious. Well ,actually, more vicious than tough.

Oakland, CA

#175 Jul 2, 2013
I wasn’t born just a few years ago; I have been around long enough to notice the effects of the evolution process of both races

Damn sad what is happening [by design] to the Caucasian race.
There is some down right out-and-out weirdo’s within the Caucasian race- mainly in the liberal crowd.
I mean who else besides a liberal Caucasian mother would go around publicly telling everyone that her 5 year old son is a transgender! I would be willing to bet that she is blonde and that more often than not she keeps it pulled back tight and tied off on the back of her head at upper rear center , resulting in a floppy near shoulder length ponytail. I also would bet that her husband has a few hairs on his jaw slightly resembling something like a soul patch, but not quite. If a black [descendant of African-American slave] stepped up to him and punched that freaky looking thing that slightly resembles that of a soul patch, but not quite, a tear would run from his eye as he looks to his wife with a pleading look of help me…pff.
Caucasian immigrants here used to pick fruit and such until their hands bled, solely for a meal. Now look at you: Last season the local orchards had a shortage of pickers so they advertised for pickers and upping the wages to $12 to $14 dollars an hour, they could find no one- at least no one that lasted..Most quit the first day, the “tough ones” lasted two maybe three days.
The greater majority of Caucasians these days do not how to do real work ,and do not want to learn how to do real work.
You have grown into a lot of poo butts.

Oakland, CA

#176 Jul 2, 2013
That is just a small part of the “evolution process” that I previously mentioned.
Now with Obama hollowing out the military and feminizing what is left with women and homosexuals, the country itself is a laughing stock to the rest of the world. The Muslim warriors in the middle east are going to love the female frontline combatants to death. They will go to the extra effort to capture them; wounded or not, they will tie them up and gang rape them until they are dead. Make no mistake about that.
Women in special operations ?! Give mea f’n break.
I don’t care how much of a man dyke they are, they are never going to make it-.not even with the ‘special handicap’ they will receive.

Oakland, CA

#177 Jul 2, 2013
Michelle wrote:
<quoted text>
OMG! you're jealous!
Your entire comment REEKS jealousy of black people. Are you mad because we're BETTER than you??
Someone in this thread previously mentioned that blacks probably did nothing to me and that I am just being “EVIL”. Blacks have done a lot to and for me. I will just suffice it to say that I learned very early-on in life how to take strikes coming in from all directions and how to keep functioning while it is happening.. THAT led me into becoming something that I would not have been otherwise.

Oakland, CA

#178 Jul 2, 2013
Hey, black [descendant of African-American slaves] people, have you heard about that gang of black [descendants of African-American slaves] kids that lit a Caucasian kid on fire and was screaming “ BURN, WHITE BOY, BURN!!” And..“ THAT’S WHAT YOU GET,WHITE BOY!!!!” as he was burning?
Didn’t hear to much about that one. Any ways, What I want to ask you is ,what if it was a group of Caucasian kids that lit a black [descendant of African-American slave} boy on fire and yelled ,“BURN, BLACK BOY, BURN!!” And ..“THAT”S WHAT YOU GET ,BLACK [descendant of African-American slave] BOY!!” at him while he is burning up, now you wouldn’t go t flying off the handle screaming racism, would you?

F’n ignorant and foolish Caucasians. As a general rule, your mentalities have morphed into something of a severely obese and lazy pig. As a result, your future generations will get theirs. You think that you can run away from reality by .constantly moving {white flight] and moving into isolated communities, but sooner or later, those will no longer be options.
The parents of the Caucasian kid that was burned up ran-away too. Or I should say ’limped away‘.
Your time is coming. The sad thing about it is, you don’t even know it. I have to tell you, the “Your time is coming” package is your own creation that is going to explode right in your own faces.

Oakland, CA

#179 Jul 2, 2013
Now in regards to my previous posts about you blacks [descendants of African-American slaves} being nothing but incessant whiners:

Now Obama invites people into the white house that want nothing more than to literally wipe the whole race of Jews off of the earth The ones that he invites are responsible for thousands of Jew’s deaths.
The reason the Jews here do not say anything is because they consider themselves progressive and the Jews of Israel are nothing but throwbacks to them.
Now black [descendants of African-American slaves] people, would you sit back silently if Obama (or anyone else in gvnmnt ) invited to the White House and shook the hand of someone that openly speaks of wanting to decimate your entire race and that is responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths of blacks [descendants of African-American slaves]?
Would you say anything if Obama stated giving the AB tanks, F-16’s etc for the purpose of paying your neighborhoods all over the country a visit to blow all of you blacks [descendants of African-American slaves] to hell?

Oakland, CA

#180 Jul 2, 2013
Michelle wrote:
<quoted text>
OMG! you're jealous!
Your entire comment REEKS jealousy of black people. Are you mad because we're BETTER than you??
Anyways, blacks [descendants of African-American slaves] It has just been reported that in California that there is an equal share- Caucasians make up thirty-eight percent and Latino’s make up thirty eight percent of the population. Now to include Asians in the mix, just how much of a population are you blacks [descendants of African-Americans]? Now with The Latino’s changing the economics, wages and so forth, YOU, descendants of African-American slaves, will be the backyard for the dog to poop in. Thank you Mr. Obama!!
Descendants of African-American slaves, Thos percentages above are as of right now, but once our “African-American ” President’s Immigratin reform bill really comes to fruition in the next couple of years, YOU will be hurtin’ for certain .Now don’t kid yourselves ,blacks [descendants of African-American slaves], I know what a lot of you think. To the contrary of what you think, it will be you eating siht..
You black [ descendants of African-American slaves] have no idea what you have done to yourselves and what is coming. to your neighborhoods.

Oakland, CA

#181 Jul 2, 2013
I will tell you, how they are nonchalantly running you out of your neighborhoods right now will turn into Mexico style- cutting your heads off and posting them on a stick for all the neighborhood to see.
Where do you think you are going to go , blacks [descendants of African-American slaves]…hmm?
I will let you in on something you nit wits probably don’t know; the Mexicans and Latino’s are a planned operation and with that, they take precedence over you in each and every way. Now see, you did not make the plan, but you helped greatly setting it in motion. Blacks [descendants of African-American slaves], you are no longer needed for the BIG -D movement. Now yall don’t have to go home, butchall can’t stay here! Yall dig muhfuhguhs? Yeeuh, yall muhfuhguhs dig. Wuhd.

Oakland, CA

#182 Jul 2, 2013
In closing of this session: I know the black [descendants of African-Americans slaves] race quite well, even better than some of them know. I also know Mexicans well . Given that, I will say that I welcome the Mexicans- all 60,000,000 of them- into the black neighborhoods..
I do not see what the tirade about the Mexicans flowing is all about.

1. They speak Spanish which is actually a White language..

2. They have great culture, food, etc

3. They have a lot offer.

4.. For the most part they are some damn good people.

5.They are given precedence over the blacks [descendants of African-American slave] only to further push th blacks into the mud..

6 As the Mexicans take over the black ‘hoods they are turning them into better places

7. The Mexican gangs are BAD, but in a way, they are good because they are driving out what they consider to be “miata’s”

Obama ’16! Democrat all the way!! Go Obama, we can do it!! Hope And Change!!

Oakland, CA

#184 Jul 2, 2013
No one can stand blacks, whether they admit it or not.

Not even blacks like blacks, blacks that live in all black neighborhoods try to get out and move somewhere else.

Ever heard of a White Person saying, "Time to move, this 100% White community sucks"?

Oakland, CA

#185 Jul 2, 2013
Doctor REALITY wrote: martin-case-rachel-jeantel-wen t-star-witness-143356744.html Yep, the prosecution's 'star witness' has turned out to be their 'Jill Shively'....
The whole prosecution is helping the defense. Bu I will tell you, those fool arse liberal white women are going to rail road that man.

Oakland, CA

#186 Jul 2, 2013
You Caucasians just keep helping those blacks [descendantsof African-American slaves]. You will find out.

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