Can we have a United White College Fund

Can we have a United White College Fund

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A concerned citizen

West Babylon, NY

#1 Sep 15, 2008
We have a United Negro College Fund, A Black Business owners association, and many other "Black" organizations. What if we have "White" organizations-would we be racists?

United States

#2 Sep 15, 2008
The reasoning is that most institutions are, or were, set up by and for whites. Yes, the logic of this is beginning to wear a bit thin.

In the meanwhile, you can set up a United Italian college fund, or and Irish one, or a German one. Knock yourself out if you goal is really to help some kid get thru college.

Don't bother if you're only interested in stirring up some sand.

Montgomery, AL

#4 Oct 7, 2008
I am white American and due to that I was entitled to a scholarship put out by Alabama State. Then a black gentleman who was going for his masters (I believe that was his degree) was turned down for scholarship money and sued on the grounds of race. Because of that court case, I was put off pending the outcome. I have now moved on with my life in that regards.

I would like to see a WTN (white talent network)to balance out the BET I would like to see other happenings to balance out the injustices that have happened because of political correctness.

The one White Person's College Fund crumbled and allowed people of all races in. The fund in this case should be relabled American College Fund and if you say you are African-American then be disqualifed, if you say you are a Black-American then be allowed to recieve funds.

I know that it will never happen, but one day I would like to see a job application simply only require proof of citizenship by means of their social security card. In other words if you are a tax paying member of our society then you have the right to be employeed within that society.

Birmingham, AL

#5 Dec 13, 2008
If I were black, I have been discriminated against in the past. Discrimination against me because of my race is wrong. My solution to this is not just to undo those institutions that enforced such an injustice against my people, but create institutions that discriminate in behalf of my people and naturally exclude the discriminator and their decendeants. The logic is effective, but the precident is damning. If you succeed by discriminating, you affirm the power and moral rightness of discrimination. You just change up who benefits from this process.

The United Negro College fund is racist. "a mind is a terrible thing to waste" applies to all citizens of this pluralistic country. A college fund for poor troubled youth in at risk situations regardless of race would represent an American ideal of social compassion.
thewhitecollegef und

Pittsfield, MA

#6 May 16, 2011
I have started a website dedicated to helping the average student (one that isn't on the honor roll or up for athletic scholarship) get into college. There isn’t scholarship programs setup for the average student. I want to help get the US back on top of the learning curve. We are falling behind because we have put more value in helping those who can help themselves (you know the rich get richer....). So check out my website and if you agree help out, if not then I apologize for wasting your time.

Since: Apr 13

Location hidden

#7 May 11, 2013
NAAWP and UWCF would be nice, not all white people are rich you know
bozo view

Nashua, NH

#9 May 12, 2013
We also need a special separate white history classes taught at Harvard,a separate white history month, White entertainment channel on TV, Affirmative action for whites in schools and jobs, Congressional white caucus, white players quotas for professional & college sports teams, NAAWP,
Whites sitting on the boards of all black colleges, whites admitted to the congressional black caucus, whites on the NCAACP board.

Or close out all of the black only organizations as being racist promoting one race over all others.

America would not tolerate a KKK type group today and we should not tolerate black only organizations in 2013 because they promote racism.


La Center, WA

#11 Jun 25, 2013
A concerned citizen wrote:
We have a United Negro College Fund, A Black Business owners association, and many other "Black" organizations. What if we have "White" organizations-would we be racists?
"We" as in those of us that are actually white in America but never considered race so important to others, Are called racist if we support our OWN people or our OWN color. However, ANY nation including those that are not dedicated or loyal to America and put any other nations name in front of the word "America" on any piece of paper while residing, living, breeding, or working in the united states, is racial practicing racism of the highest degree, doing the lowest deeds they can to undermine what ALL of our ancestors worked so hard to eliminate. but since people can't remember that they are not the only ones who have ever been enslaved and like to use this excuse of "we're still not being treated fairly" (says in a mock whining voice)in order to exert and exalt themselves above any other race, should not even live in our country. example of what I just said, are those that are "Hispanic" American or "African American" or even "insert oriental race here" American, if you are NOT loyal to the country your residing in than go back to the country you ran out of or stay in the boats when you run away from those countries and DIE in the ocean. don't come to OUR shores and seek protection when all you are is an invading force. you eliminate infections, you don't make special laws to protect them. as an United states AMERICAN citizen it is insulting that you are so disloyal to the country you expect to save your sorry butt instead of actually doing the hard labor it requires to BE a smart race. if you're not that smart it's no one else's fault if you don't behave better or even attempt to improve your own education by refusing to be stupid. why should ANYONE be given a hand out. that's all the UNCF is, it's taxpayer funded handouts for stupid people. how dare we fund something like that. how dare we even waste time arguing about it. it SHOULD not require that much thought to even realize how stupid it was to allow it to be created in the first place. and YES I will get pissed. that's part of human nature to be mad when someone is pushing you down in order to raise themselves to a higher level when they are stuck in a bottomless pit. stop dragging America down just to solve your stupidity. it doesn't work and it never will. I know I will be called racist if I don't support people openly insulting my own race but why the hell should we ever tolerate invasion? if you're not loyal and not happy in our country than get out of it and go make a united negro college fund AND the college FOR that fund to Educate you at back where you whine about coming from. otherwise stop being annoying and a huge pain in the ass and get over your own ego. as I said before it's natural to be pissed but it is NOT natural nor is it right to oppress another people while living off their good grace. if all the "insert nationality here" American's can do is mooch off of OUR taxpaying dollars, than send them flying to another country and get those leeches off our back already. they have sucked us dry enough.
Matt Coday

Austin, TX

#12 Dec 12, 2013
The United White Persons College Fund is back to work! Check it out and donate at

United States

#15 Feb 17, 2014

United States

#17 Feb 17, 2014
Dr Shrink wrote:
<quoted text>
my free funds for College,are not diagested mexican chilly farts,
go sleep sucker?
Shrink.....are you mentally retarded? Honestly...

South El Monte, CA

#18 Feb 19, 2014
why can't we have United Caucasian college funds just like United Negro fundits so hypocritical to have one and not the other I have the right to go to college and get good scholarships for it I work I got a good GPA but because I'm Caucasian and not a minority I get crummy loans with high interest Oh because I want to be successful and I'm willing to put the work into do it
John Doyle

Oakland, CA

#21 Mar 21, 2015
A concerned citizen wrote:
We have a United Negro College Fund, A Black Business owners association, and many other "Black" organizations. What if we have "White" organizations-would we be racists?
We do have one.

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