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#88 Jun 17, 2010
pigs wrote:
alot of american women (usually liberal white women) are completely delusional these days they are a laughing stock.Go take a look at what they do in porn,abortions,increase in promisquity-utter trash some of these skanks--sky rocketing #'s of men are beyond fed up with the swine.
Yet "you men" support these industries. So we are back to the 50's when only men can have sex before marriage and only men can enjoy sex after marriage. Are you that lousy in bed?
Just Me Wolfie

Van Nuys, CA

#89 Jun 17, 2010
Most men do not deserve a good woman. Only the good ones deserve us.

Los Angeles, CA

#90 Jul 4, 2010

Why does it seem that American society is in decline, that fairness and decorum are receding, that socialism and tyranny are becoming malignant despite the majority of the public being averse to such philosophies, yet the true root cause seems elusive? What if everything from unsustainable health care and social security costs, to stagnant wages and rising crime, to crumbling infrastructure and metastasizing socialism, to the economic decline of major US cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, could all be traced to a common origin that is extremely pervasive yet is all but absent from the national dialog, indeed from the dialog of the entire Western world?

Hays, KS

#91 Jul 15, 2010
Im here in Kansas,
i see alot of girl's married to guys with no backbone or learning, like hayseed mentality,
theres alot of looker;s but most are totally are sarcastic, and moody, or want it thier way, or complain all the time,
alot or stubborn, and getting your attention the wrong way,
met a few that are nice,
but you find thier taken by some nobody,
I was thinking that i was on the other side of the tracks if you know what i mean,(Fruitloop).,
But i know im not,
I like black woman too seems like they are different than cacasian ones too,
Im just tired of the games and the insecure stuff I see here in the states,
openly friendly to you, a nice guy, no way,
most are sarcastic, or moody,
End of Femme

Atlanta, GA

#92 Jul 15, 2010
Ironically, these days feminists biggest enemies are free thinking "liberated" women that choose for themselves. Feminists have now alienated themselves from not just all males but a large percentage of women. Looking around Topix you can find many examples of once "fiery" feminists that now are lonely losers that have to beg and plead for scraps of attention from anybody much less attractive suitable males. I think its great that the women that betrayed are now paying a high price for their miss-deeds.
Wimpy Losers

Houston, TX

#93 Dec 1, 2010
James wrote:
The reason for this thread is the low quality of American women today, its a real problem.
James they won't change or even try, if you think american women will realize how crappy they are and change their attitude your dreaming. Problem today is too many of you guys will kiss their asses and they have no respect for you, why should they you will always come back and they know it. Only time they will try is where the supply of available men is in low numbers and competition for men is great. That's why they like men who don't give them any notice, it pisses them off they like the power.
Wimpy Losers

Houston, TX

#94 Dec 1, 2010
I guarantee you if america was ever invaded and attacked these same feminist bitches will be screaming for you guys to protect them, they take you for granted because they always have you guys kissin their white asses. if the muslims rounded these white bitches up and put them in burkas they would be screamin for you guys, they have had it too good for too long and until they lose everything including their own men they won't change.

Beebe, AR

#95 Dec 3, 2010
Wow. First of all, it's wives not wifes. Secound, you are ridiculous and utterly absurd. What state are you from because you clearly have poor selection of women where you are located. Or at least poorly educated ones. It's lovely that you call american women pigs. I especially loved that considering you could say the same about men. However, I do not think that all men are pigs because I'm well educated and open minded. If you want to blame someone, take a look at yourself first my dear.
jack wrote:
American girls will divorce you and sue you for everything you have, and leave you with nothing. American women are feminist assholes that do not know how to take care of a man. They don’t know how to cook good food. One reason why so many americans are fat, because the women are lousy cooks and don’t know anything.
I recently married a woman from the Philippines. We been together for a long time. She is a wonderful wife, and her native food is very healthy. She dosen’t need to diet in order to look beautiful, because her native food is sufficient. The only thing American women know how to prepare is healthier burgers LOL. Too busy for anything so they try to make fast food into something healthy, like convenience food.
Sure, there are alot of nice looking American girls, but that dosen’t turn me on at all. I can just look at a beautiful horse or a well-groomed cat, it is just the same LOL. But the Asian women, especially Eastern European are the best, very beautiful women, with the good attitude along with it. They make good wifes, they are family oriented, friendly, without that western attitiude crap you see from western women. Alot of guys are looking overseas for a companion because they are sick of the bullshit from american women. AW have snotty stuck up attitudes, and that is enough to put a man in an early grave.
My filipina wife treats me with dignity, respect, and also take care of me, and because of that I also do the same for her. Respect goes both ways. AW are feminist pigs who thing men are scum of the earth. Well, you can only live up to their expectations, they think we are pigs, then we can only live up to their expectation of us and act like pigs. You go to other country and meet other women, they are so different from AW in all ways.
Men, don’t marry an american woman. Don’t do that to yourself. Keep your options open. Expand your horizons.

United States

#96 Jan 27, 2011
obesity,goldigging,arrogance,p rincess wannabees,materialistic,shallo w,fical,a lot of single mothers,50 cats,drugs,alcohol,entitlement minded,trash tv,try to work you for drinks,trips,dinners etc...
just an overall drag to be around-

I sware I think there is something to disney putting out princess movies.Maybe our whole culture is wack because our boys pretend to kill each other with toy guns and little girls play for years with dolls they will never look anything close to looking like,most of these dolls being princesses.
Mr Brooks

Standish, ME

#97 Jan 27, 2011
john wrote:
obesity,goldigging,arrogance,p rincess wannabees,materialistic,shallo w,fical,a lot of single mothers,50 cats,drugs,alcohol,entitlement minded,trash tv,try to work you for drinks,trips,dinners etc...
just an overall drag to be around-
I sware I think there is something to disney putting out princess movies.Maybe our whole culture is wack because our boys pretend to kill each other with toy guns and little girls play for years with dolls they will never look anything close to looking like,most of these dolls being princesses.
You know, I was just listening to NPR and they were talking about how little girls are taught to have a princess complex and how it will affect them later in life. I agree with you, women these days have unreasonable entitlement mentalities and they think that they have the right to treat anyone with disrespect if they are not kissing their butts at the time. American women are so unapproachable and toxic and it is not worth it to jump through the many hoops before you can even have a conversation with one of them. I would tell guys to forget American women and seek out foreign women from a non-westernized country. Foreign women do not play games like American women do and they are infinitely easier to talk to and socialize with than American women.
Jake Bumblebee

United States

#98 Jan 30, 2011
Rarely do wealthy men outside of the USA look to marry or date American women. Quite often these days wealthy American men are looking to date overseas. So, I'm not sure how you figure American women have more options. You are confined to the States, and your chances of ever snagging a wealthy European I would put at about 0.0000000000001%.
Survial of the fittest? Women have become experts at filing discrimination lawsuits in this country. Most disputes between women and men are now settled in a court of law that favors women. I would hardly call that survival of the fittest. Women need the American government to set up laws that favor them. So anytime they feel they have been wronged they can just run to big daddy, and more times than not they end up the winner. Hardly survival of the fittest.

Here are the facts:
1. A U.S. Green Card is valued by at least some foreigners.
2. There are MANY THOUSANDS of websites matching American men with foreign women.
3. Despite the value of a Green Card, there are NO sites matching American women with foreign men.

1. There are ENORMOUS desire/demand for American men from foreign women.
2. There is NO desire or demand for American women from foreign men (shame on you, ladies!).
3. It is likely that foreign people perceive American men to be BETTER than American women.

Copperas Cove, TX

#99 May 20, 2011
I personally don't believe all American women are bad. But too many of them have such high expectation from us men. To me, it seems the only American women American men need to avoid is fundamental Feminists, cheaters, lairs, & women who use.

Since: Jun 10

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#100 May 20, 2011
It's not just women that I have observed this attitudes in.. I have seen them in men and in women. The vast majority of Americans think they are entitled to everything that they get when, in all truthfulness, they aren't. Everything takes work; relationships, careers, school, home life, families. It's not just given to you on a silver platter. You have to work for it.

And if you (men and women) want respect, then respect others. If it's not given back to you, so what? It's no skin off of your nose because people that are that way usually do not make a that big of an impact on your life anyway.

I have a wonderful man.:) He is older than me, yes, but I work and go to school, paying my own way in school, while he works his business he has where we live. I refuse to let him help me with school payments because it's not his place to; it's mine to take care of it. We split the bills, we take care of each other, and we help each other; except for car payments and tuition payments. We pay for each of our own cars and I pay for my own tuition. If I ask him for a drink, he gets it for me; if he asks me for a drink, I get it for him. If he is hurting or sick, I take care of him; if I am hurting or sick, he takes care of me. He cooks for me and I cook for him.. It's a partnership, not a dictatorship.

Since: Jun 10

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#101 May 20, 2011
these attitudes not this attitudes* excuse me, lol.

Los Angeles, CA

#102 Sep 11, 2011
Snotty attitude of American women, they take a crap on you and expect you to thank them. WTF?
very true says

Old Bridge, NJ

#104 Mar 5, 2012
these type of women are just a waste of humanity.

Jakarta, Indonesia

#105 Jun 5, 2012
Lots of hollywood movies depicted american women like that. Just over a tiny missunderstanding, they can scream on u, slap u, hit u, smack u in your face, call u an idiot, cheat on u, etc...but if u retaliate and fight back, then u better prepare for a traditional sue in court routine....also they and their so called girlfriends will mark u as an asshole, a pig, and an abuser....
In short, if they slap u then it's : You go girl! Girl power rule! He deserve it!
But if we slap them back, then it become like this: You asshole! You never hit a woman! You pig! I'll see you in court!
Oh my, good thing I'm just an asian, and it is jus some hollywood movies...or is it?????
Delone Royster

Los Angeles, CA

#106 Jun 15, 2012
Hollywood movies are for the most part all fantasy. They are made to entertain and actual reality is usually the opposite of what is portrayed.
"girlfriends will mark u as an asѕhole, a pig, and an abuser" reality is they will be competing with each other over you.
Magnus in Taxafornia

Midway City, CA

#107 Apr 5, 2013
99.5% of women are dirty lying whores. ...

The problem with American women is the current socialist welfare State enables women to be whores, liars and thieves with no consequence. If a woman makes bad choices the State will bail her out with all kinds of entitlements and subsidies regardless of her actions. In the third world this kind of behavior always leads to abject poverty.

I have speculated what will end feminism the disease that afflicts American women. I am 100% sure its current form will end.

I can look at things as they are now, one of the obvious one is demographics.
The browning of America.

This is a typical politically correct write up on the subject that tries to convince you not to believe what you see around you. ...

We already know Latinos have more kids and start younger. They will displace the feminist with there low birthrates. ...

This is what will really end Feminism: m/watch?v=tymTtkBqzw0&

Another thing is feminism is redefining itself. Feminism's roots evolved from the temperance movement which was from the anti slavery movement. Now it is changing again. Operationally it is a gay rights movement and a straight male hate movement. This actually has little to do with most women as few are die hard lesbians who hate men.

Still existing feminist will push for laws that restrict men's freedoms and oppress young boys. After these feminist disappear from the gene pool, these laws will continue to be used as a social control. Even Kim Jong-Un of North Korea used accusations of sexual harassment as an excuse to off who he did not like or was afraid of. I do not think he really cares much about justice or personal freedom. ...

In the long term America is headed to oligarchy. This is coming from the bottom up, this is not a top down thing.

In the West we try to fool ourselves into thinking the warrior Amazon warrior women will come to the rescue. The truth is the Amazon warrior women tribe never existed, its a fantasy.

Other third world countries try what I call "cart before the horse feminism". They may get laws passed but enforcement really only gets used as a form of blackmail and extortion just like every other law. If most men have little money how can you rob them for money? In this situation when men are successful, generous, supportive to his family and creating prosperity for others he becomes a high value target for extortion, really just a different version of the "crab mentality" which encourages poverty.
Hey Ho For Husbands

Midway City, CA

#108 May 8, 2013
Over the last decade or so there has been an increase in understanding and open discussions in how women actually behave. You might call it politically incorrect realism. It is far outside of the traditional (sometimes religious) cannon which came before.

Women are pretty consistent in certain behaviors. Like going for successful married men over a non married man. No hesitation in cuckolding her husband. Naturally much better at concealing affairs than men. These things are not planned. Women themselves do not know why they do what they do or are even able to accurate describe there actual behavior.

Other things like the men who are by far most successful with women are ardent misogynist (this is another way of saying a more accurate real understanding of how women actually behave and what they want).

Men and women are different. Whats in women's best interest is not in men's best interest. Ideas like fidelity, commitment, child legitimacy are in men's best interest. Children are far better off with a healthy relationship with their biological father and mother.

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