Ever wonder why the kids of this generation are turning out gayer than you know what? It's in the food!!

The government agenda is to affect future generations. It would be far too obvious to affect the entire population. And kids are easy targets.

Anyone who knows about chemtrails would understand where I am coming from. The government forces airlines to drop chemicals in the air. Thats the way the government works. They bully to get what they want. It is no different in this case. The food companies that produce the bulk foods supplied to the schools is contaminated with gene altering drugs. These things are easily detectable. But are not likely to be detected. Why? Because the food is opened, prepared, served, and thrown away right at school. Nobody outside the school is going to access the food to analyze it. I noticed the major change in behavior when the entire school food supply was completely changed. The food is nothing like it was 15 years ago.

Don't believe what I am saying? Do some research. The public schools have become "factories" for producing weakminded, confused, politically correct puppets. Kids today are so easily influenced by materialism and the media. They are dumber than a box of rocks. And this is worldwide!! American isn't the only one in on this. It is all part of the one world government agenda.

A fool passes off the truth as a conspiracy theory while believing in what they wanna hear. But a wise person considers all information, interrogates it, and then does his own research to determine what is fact.

So what are you? Foolish or wise?