I hate Haiti
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Montréal, Canada

#102 Dec 6, 2011
Pool Shark wrote:
<quoted text>You ARE a racist man.
Nope he is not... he just doesn't have a brain. So call "racists" are the supidiest person ever live the planet with no brain... Haiti was the way it is because too much ignorant people have lived in this planet. Our planet peple now are become more educated and civilized that's why we are helping Haiti now.

Mount Holly, NJ

#103 Dec 29, 2011
Perhaps you should see the history of Haiti and what the United states had to do with the jean Aristide government... And the fact that the US historically despised haiti because it was the first black slave state to gain independence through rebellion. In fact the US refused to even acknowledge Haiti until they paid an unfair "indemnity" of 150mil Francs to France due to "costs of not having slaves during the war itself". Majority of US hated Haiti because we were a slaveholding nation ourselves.

Brooklyn, NY

#104 Apr 3, 2012
I don't know why people hate Haiti but it's a nice place. I know some Haitians that act very retarded and they are mad loud. And there is a quote that says:" never judge a book by its cover".

Elizabeth, NJ

#105 May 18, 2012
U people should be a sham of it self why do u ppl think of it that way I just want to say it dream did not come true but mine did so stay with i hate hattians HATREd
Haiti-Bitches_-_ -

New York, NY

#106 May 31, 2012
What, you've got a problem with us? You're a jerk!

Nassau, Bahamas

#107 Jul 14, 2012
itz amazin how u cud b so heartless

Nassau, Bahamas

#108 Jul 14, 2012
yal seriously needs ta grow up....we all r humans, the only difference wit haitians r that dey speak another language.....tss....b4 yal go judgin dem yal first needs to take a look at yal self... not all haitians smell bad or look bad....damn i bet most of yal who writing bad tings about dem jus as ugly....so b4 u go on pointing ya fingers at dem, take a look at ya self first, yal tink wen yal die God will b checkin about who is ugly n who smell bad????? tsss yal betters pull yal self together ya. WE ALL R 1 IN GODS EYE...
hatting ass people

Delray Beach, FL

#109 Aug 20, 2012
the only worthless person is you, no life low life

United States

#110 Aug 25, 2012
Why are you people on the internet so hateful we got people that hate ,races ,countries ,media, and famous people. You all talk crap about different things but don't know how those things feel. You just have nice or bad day see something you don't approve and always say horrible things about it then when someone the courage to speak out against it the trolls and flamers shut them down with more ignorant people.The world is already messed up because we human are very careless and selfish. That the good people get called fags and retards and they turn into one of the negative people,ignore, or get suicidal. If we can't learn to love everybody then what will happen what if a flood destroys most of the u.s and the only country that will help us is haitions japanes and british people. than will you still cry when your all on world news 24/7 and people start saying "i hate the u.s." and if afican american are talkin mess about haiti search the hation revolution impact

High Point, NC

#111 Nov 2, 2012
I love Haiti----When you say you hate Haiti.What you are saying is that you are igorant.blame the UN,America,france,Germany,Grea t britain,Canada .
fck haiti haha

Burlington, MA

#112 Feb 1, 2013
Gross county. Gross ppl. Nothing good comes from that shit hole. And now they work in out hospitals and assisted living centers. They are lazy piecea of shit!
Sick of hatian

Denver, CO

#114 Dec 26, 2013
I see these people day in and day out, in medical it makes my skin crawl that they even passed a exam that allows them to work with the elderly. In addition, they lie, misrepresent, claim they can't pay for this and that but yet are dressed to a "t", and every male is a (paster) should be called
As it is (a scam to not pay taxes) if they can scam and scheme to not have to pay giving fake BS stories to get out of being responsible
Sick of hatian

Denver, CO

#115 Dec 26, 2013
fck haiti haha wrote:
Gross county. Gross ppl. Nothing good comes from that shit hole. And now they work in out hospitals and assisted living centers. They are lazy piecea of shit!
You are so right, they just sit outside bullshitting while the patients inside are sitting in piss and shit. Can't wait till it's their turn to be in that situation

Irvington, NJ

#117 Jan 22, 2014

Boston, MA

#118 Apr 7, 2014
Agreed wrote:
I hate it too, I mean, we didn't help China? I want to watch the weather channel and 50% of it is Haiti! I mean, landslides are happening and waterfalls off the freeway are happening in my area! I can't go ANYWHERE without hearing about Haiti. We're in an recession, some say a depression, but we don't help ourselves. We help this one country that when were finished it gives no benefit to us.
Because haiti is more poor. And not every part of haiti is poor. And you are acting like its their fault that people helped them. Haiti thought the had independence +200 years ago but they don't. Haiti used to be a rich island but other countries came and stole their valuables. France came to haiti and turned them into slaves. Haiti had a war with France. But the stupid thing is they hated white and kill every white even teachers which is stupid because the whites where just trying to teach the kids. And haiti is such a small island they litter. And not every part when I was in haiti I live out of to city which was cleaner and more rich people love their. And America helped ALOT of countries. It's not our fault they helped us.i haven't heard of haiti on the news in like 4 years

United States

#120 Apr 7, 2014
what has haiti EVER given us?! where the hell were they during katrina? didn't see any haitian red cross care packages to the new orleans victims. RAPE WAS LEGAL IN HAITI UP UP UNTIL 2005! THEY DOOMED THEMSELVES SO WE CLEAN UP AFTER THEM????? i dont know why i wrote in all caps i guess it may make some people believe i really give a shit if haitians live or die. FUCK HAITI IN THEIR OVERUSED ASS
Like we have anything to give all you bastards Americans britains Dominicans French Italian ect stole from us took our valuables. Tf did u expeCt us to do. There are fewer people in haiti than America China France britain

United States

#121 May 25, 2015
Sick of Haiti wrote:
OK, enough is enough - every night the same thing on almost every TV channel. Why is so much attention being given to Haiti while worse catastrophes have occurred around the world? Is this the tiny island of orphaned children who are now being airlifted to the USA for urgent adoption? This many children must have relatives in the immediate Haiti area still alive - we're talking thousands of children here.
We have more media coverage and helping hands in the Haiti catastrophe than actually any catastrophe that has occurred within the USA.
It looks like the Christians have done it again. The "Feed the Children" commercials are now a reality in our backyard. We have enough homeless children in our country of which many have be abandoned by living parents. I just can't believe people are lining up to adopt any Haitian child they can.
Many may say my statement is cold and heartless, but why does the USA have to be the savior and the world's septic tank for other countries?
I agree...they are animal.. there loud unnumbered extremely dumb and disgusting looking

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