how to pass a breathalyzer test

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#133 May 15, 2012

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#134 May 25, 2012
Billy J wrote:
They will not allow you to set in a cell for 12 hours before you blow. You have 2 hours to have a witness there otherwise you have to have your blood taken whether you let them or not. They will strap you in a chair and take it. If you tell them you dont want to blow until you want to its the same thing as refusing. You cant get out of a DUI anymore...impossible unless you blew the legal limit. In my state it is .08. I am going through DUI punishment as we speak.
I just moved to colorado 9 months ago, and caught a dui about 5 months ago. Have been taking court ordered classes, and my counselor last week revealed to us that the best thing to do if pulled over and have had a few to drink is to refuse the breath test. Now, in colorado, a refusal of roadside sobriety is automatically reported to the dmv, and they will try to revoke your license for 1 year. HOWEVER! you have 7 days after contact with the police to request a hearing at the dmv, AT WHICH TIME YOU CAN REQUEST TO PERFORM THE BREATH TEST!! Though they probably won't make you do it, it is on RECORD that you did not refuse the test, therefore your license isn't revoked, nor is there evidence of a dui!! Mind blowing!

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#136 May 25, 2012
I have a sure-fire way to pass a DUI. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!! works every time.

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#137 May 26, 2012
Only way to pass is to pretend to blow while actually sucking....

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#138 May 26, 2012
How to pass a Breathalyzer test....


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#139 May 26, 2012
Depends on the amount of alcohol consumed... I had a friend blow a .09 after 2 beers but was let go after a sobriety test. The typical .08 isn't fair to ALL people... its like calling a person "......" because of their race or creed

Owens Cross Roads, AL

#140 Jul 12, 2012
The guy Tony who posted twice is the owner of BlowClean which is a scam site. Don't drink and drive, but if you must order a sketchy product then check up on it first ;)

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#141 Jul 13, 2012
Regular people don't have a personal attorney. Only criminals do and I'm sure they already know this stuff.

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#142 Jul 15, 2012
Um I thnk so wrote:
Regular people don't have a personal attorney. Only criminals do and I'm sure they already know this stuff.
Most criminals don't have personal attorneys either. They think they do but they are called public defenders.

The other type of people that do have lawyers are the ones looking to try to circumvent their civil responsibilities and will pay a lawyer $3,000+ to attempt to escape a DUI conviction, most often without success. Their lawyers are always the big winners and feed off of their mishaps to make a lavish living from it.

Seems to me the easiest way is to not drink and drive to avoid the predicament all together.

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#143 Jul 21, 2012
wish i read this before haha

Folsom, CA

#144 Aug 25, 2012
It is a money scam in my opinion. If the city and state governments really wanted people to be safe they would put together a public transportation system in key areas of major cities with the highest concentration of bars and patrons. It could go from Thurs-Sat- and run from say 830pm- 3am or whatever. The fares could be triple standard city bus fares and that would pay for added security and clean up- they could have barf bags at every seat bench if needed. This would save lives and help the bar/club economy- the reason it hasnt happened is because the status quo is too profitable for the city/state governments-the status quo is less safe for us but it makes them more money- that they take from us.

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#145 Aug 25, 2012
States have made billions off DUI's- OUR MONEY- that they collected with cops and laws paid for with OUR MONEY- they could even put together an affordable taxi system with super high mileage vehicles with the billions in theyve scammed from us- its bs- they like how it is- even if more people die- they get more money
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#146 Aug 27, 2012
The question was "How to f'n pass a breathalizer test?!"
Ya'll seem to be educated enough to get to understand the shit outta the question since ya'll know the laws but do you think that even though I'm drunk, driving and typing this shit, I do not know that I wouldn't be worried about this if I was sober?!

How are we supposed to get the answers if ya'll are claiming that no shit suggestions will work even though you haven't tried them.
I'm sure we'll need your help when busted, but right now the best thing to say is "I don't fucken' know none on that!" Now that will make some sense, I can't believe I downed two more beers while reading this. If you got no idea then find a related forum to go look all clever and crap at.
A shout out to try the potato and cigarrete crap buddies!
I would've tried those a long time ago and got to the next happening club rather than boozing more while hoping that this "too perfect to be true" people will come with something far more better!
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#147 Aug 27, 2012
And oh, I'm sober. Was just saying get them comments right next time, ya'll sound like cops to me.
How did you find this?!
Thought as much, by the way, I'm buying a shit load of potatoes and they gonna be under the driver's seat until further notice.
yall is stoopids

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#148 Aug 28, 2012
this is dumb. even if somehow you work out that your BAC is below limit once your lawyer shows up, theyll still do a road test, determine you were drunk, and tell the judge that you waited 12 hours to talk to your attorney before you took a breathalyzer. guilty bro

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#150 Nov 2, 2012
Cops drink and drive too.

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#151 Dec 3, 2012
I agree that no one should be pissed and behind a wheel. However, not being able to have a single beverage and drive is a load of crap. Just a money making scheem by uncle sam. Set the limits at something decent. So as that you can have a couple beer and still drive home not looking over your dam shoulder for a cop. Then make the penalty stiffer for those who blow over the more justifiable limit. Like some time in a cell with baba. Then maybe they will actually slow down the drunks on the road issue. But that will never happen as the popo need to make money to. They will just keep bullying all of us till the end.


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#152 Dec 5, 2012
you can't pass it if you drinked.
Beer Guy

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#153 Dec 21, 2012
I drink all the time before I drive, relax people. I can down a 15 case of Bud and still be fine.

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#154 Dec 30, 2012
johndoe wrote:
everyone is entitled to their own opinons, some are definitely less moderate and logical than other...DUI laws are beyond ridiculous...SR22's, jail time..bro honestly, should be able to take a test as a indivual and see what "your" limits are as far as the amount of alchol that you can consume and fuction currently dealing with my 2nd DUI sentence and it is beyond far from cruel and unusual punishment...the government is puttin our lively hood in the hands of police officers who dictate whether to ruin "our" lives over the type of day their having...they abuse their authority in every way and aspect of their job...bottom line, FUCK cops, and FUCK the government...
I have one pending from dec of last year, where i was NOT drunk, the cop is CURRENTLY UNDER INVESTIGATION for so many bogus DUI Complaints against him!! If they issue so many DUI'S and have to go do DEPOS and COURT etc...theyre pay nearly doubles, a years salary from 70k yo 120K or more, time and a half,
unfortunately , i just got my license back one week ago from the day i received a second DUI and second REFUSAL, the cop charged me with a refusal, at first i refused, then he reminded me my license would be suspended, and i said ok, ill blow, but i could't blow hard enough to get the breathalyzer to register, so he charged me with DUI AND A REFUSAL, also i drive daily for my work and drive thru several local cities, and ironically enough, both of my charges for DUI a year apart, came out of the same City of Pompano Beach, FL,,,, Deputy Marc Berman is the deputy that is corrupt, and lies all over his reports, from field sobriety test results , to bogus probable cause, he's a bad cop!! one of several, i feel bad for you, i don't know how im gonna fair, cause i cant afford my first attorney anymore, i left my x and took my 18 yr old daughter with me, and im tryin to get back on my feet,

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