Grassfire Alert:
Angered over the ouster of their president Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood has mounted a growing campaign of terror towards Coptic Christians in Egypt.
Since July, Islamists who blame Christians for Morsi's removal have been on a rampage -- looting and firebombing more than 50 schools and churches -- in an effort to "cleanse the region of Christians."
The Examiner reports that, in one instance, "three nuns were paraded around like prisoners of war after their school was torched."
Although Coptic Christians supported protests opposing Morsi, National Review Online reports that they were "hardly the decisive force in the anti-Morsi uprising that reached across the spectrum from youthful democrats to Communists to supporters of the old Hosni Mubarak regime."
Yet, it's the Christians living in the region who are being violently singled out and targeted. But it's the U.S. government that's helping fan the flames of hatred by pumping $1.6 billion in military aid to Egypt.
++ Condemn The Ethnic Cleansing Of Christians
And End Funding To The Muslim Brotherhood
A national petition opposing Muslim extremism has just been launched giving Americans a voice to condemn the terrorist efforts of these radical Islamists. Take action now to demand Congress and the Obama administration move immediately to pass legislation stopping any and all federal government aid to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Click here now to add your name to this important petition that will be hand-delivered to key leaders on Capitol Hill.
Unless Americans demand the House, Senate and White House condemn these actions and stop funneling money to the region, the violence against Christians will continue to escalate.
Send a message to Washington by going here and signing the national petition "Opposing Muslim Extremism." Demand that no U.S. money flows into Egypt until the violence against Christians ends.
Thank you, in advance, for taking action.
The Grassfire Team
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