proof islam is false cult

Middlesbrough, UK

#845 Jan 17, 2009
Rafferty wrote:
You clearly are the biggest fool in the world. You link to that, but don't you read what is written there? You complain about the Islamists killing innocent people, but if you looked at your own source, you would have read this:

A military Jihad has to obey very strict rules in order to be legitimate.

The opponent must always have started the fighting.
It must not be fought to gain territory.
It must be launched by a religious leader.
It must be fought to bring about good - something that Allah will approve of.
Every other way of solving the problem must be tried before resorting to war.
Innocent people should not be killed.
Women, children, or old people should not be killed or hurt.
Women must not be raped.
Enemies must be treated with justice.
Wounded enemy soldiers must be treated in exactly the same way as one's own soldiers.
The war must stop as soon as the enemy asks for peace.
Property must not be damaged.
Poisoning wells is forbidden. The modern analogy would be chemical or biological warfare.

You ignorant fool. Please grow up

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#846 Jan 17, 2009
If some people are so anti West, anit capitalist, why is that many of those who hate us the most, have the top of the range mobile phones, and bmw's. They are just really bad losers.

Trichy, India

#847 Jan 19, 2009
Every one in world are thinking,There relegion is true,But other's God are wrong.So,all people get angry with other religion persons.Please think all religion says there will be only one God.He has power to control this world.We are calling him as different name.Every religion say to be honest,help poors,be humble.Is any one is honest in his life at all time? Is any one never speak lie.No one follow their religion truely.Why we need to speak other religion wrong behaviours,I request everyone to follow their religion ways. If any one follow his religion truely.He will get good faith of his God.

Singapore, Singapore

#848 Jan 21, 2009
islam is a false religion started by the Devil who wants to lead people away from Jesus. Prophet muhammad was possessed by an evil spirit when he wrote the Koran.
When the Holy Spirit enters you, it does not possess you but empowers you. When the spirit of Islam's devils enters you, it possesses you and you go into a trance.

Singapore, Singapore

#849 Jan 21, 2009
you know why Islam has so many terrorists? because the Koran says that if you kill people, get get 72 virgins in heaven.

So, Islam is driven by sex. Sex sex sex is all muslims think of. What kind of God in the right mind would ask you to KILL innocent people for your own sex? Shouldn't what you do be for the Glory of CHRIST JESUS and YAHWEH?

Singapore, Singapore

#850 Jan 21, 2009
Isaiah 40: 22 "The LORD sits above the SPHERE of the earth"

Isaiah was written in 8th century BC, 1500 years before anyone proved that the earth was round. This verse shows extraordinary insight into the earth's shape, capable of only a God. So, it is quite obvious that God wrote the Bible through his people.

Reus, Spain

#851 Feb 5, 2009
uber liberal wrote:
I see that Bush's mental maneuvering has worked well to create the hysteria and push his agenda for Islam-o-phobia.
Bush must be a like a Jedi Knight with all of his powers of mind control.
Just look at the amount of people that hate Islam all because Bush told them so!
I hate Islam because of what it is, not because Bush told me. Do your own research, open your mind and you will see how dangerous this cult really is. It's not compatible with the 21st century.......
Islam revert

Marayong, Australia

#852 Feb 19, 2009
"first of all you want to sit here and google information for your self and then talk like you know what the quran says. Muslims all around the world are being attacked by everyone you cant blame idiots cutting heads off on a religion as a whole. Otherwise i could say chirstianity is about raping little boys and homosexuallity becuase half of ur clergy practice sex with boys but no thats just some people. The christians prove them sleves wrong by sayings THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD but then saying there is the holy ghost jesus and god."
Thats right!!

Theres good and bad PEOPLE in every religion ....dont blame the religion, blame the people....Yeah there have been terrorist attacks but islam does not tell you to kill the people the ones that did that are the ones going to be punished for it..You cannot drag down and bag out a whole religion for the stupid things a small handful of people have done....terrorist attacks do NOT happen everyday....Rapes happen everyday,murders happen everyday, children are molested everyday, cons happen everyday and what a small group of terrorists are worse?? NO they are all just as bad as eachother....Allah SWT is close minded people seem to think Allah SWT is a completely different god like a god of evil or something??I suggest you EDUCATE YOURSELF and youll realise islam encourages man not to sin, live a humble life etc....
Christianity saying jesus died for all sins, then why do sins even exist anymore??, you might aswell wipe them....Its ok....feel comfortable with the fact that A MESSENGER OF GOD....not the son of god died for your sins, just an excuse to make you feel at ease you are going to heaven:)..
I respect the Christians that do live life right by trying not to sin etc,but alot of them go about doing what they want because....its ok jesus has my back....

Manassas, VA

#853 Mar 7, 2009
the sun king wrote:
<quoted text>
you are just as dumb and dangerous as any muslim!!PERIOD!!
No they are not dumb thats just what they have been taught

Southampton, UK

#855 Mar 18, 2009
Understanding, meditation, observation, reasoning, are words reiterated many times in the Qur’an in the context of criticizing the disbelievers’ insistence on blind imitation of their wrong traditions and refusal of the truth. For example, Allah Almighty says,[And when it is said unto them: Follow that which Allah hath revealed, they say: We follow that wherein we found our fathers. What! Even though their fathers were wholly unintelligent and had no guidance?](Al-Baqarah 2:170).
Allah Almighty also says,[Will they then not meditate on the Qur’an, or are there locks on the hearts?](Muhammad 47:24). In this verse, Allah Almighty calls the disbelievers to reflect on the verses of the Qur’an and try to get the message they imply.

Likewise, the Qur’an calls people to meditate deeply upon Allah’s creation. He Almighty, for instance, says,[Lo! In the creation of the heavens and the earth and (in) the difference of night and day are tokens (of His sovereignty) for men of understanding](Aal `Imran 3:190).

The Qur’an also awakens people to reflect upon Allah’s creation and the truth of their being by posing rhetorical questions in this respect. Allah Almighty says, for example,[Have they not observed all thing that Allah hath created](An-Nahl 16:48). He Most High also says,[Will they not regard the camels, how they are created?](Al-Ghashiyah 88:17).

There are also many verses in the Qur’an that wind up with impressive questions in this regard, such as,[Will they not then heed?](As-Sajdah 32:26),[Will they not then see?](As-Sajdah 32:27),[Have ye then no sense?](Ya-Sin 36:68).

The importance of the role of reason in understanding, and thus believing, the message of Islam is further emphasized by considering the person’s capacity of understanding and reasoning as the basis of his or her being held legally responsible in Islam. That is why Almighty Allah forbids all things that may cause harm to man’s intellect and make him intoxicated. Hence, He Almighty says,[O ye who believe! Strong drink and games of chance and idols and divining arrows are only an infamy of Satan’s handiwork. Leave it aside in order that ye may succeed](Al-Ma’idah 5:90).

The Qur’an also stresses that having sound knowledge is the means for developing one’s intellectual faculties; this is implied in Almighty Allah’s words [And such are the parables We set forth for mankind, but only those understand them who have knowledge](Al-`Ankabut 29:43).

Contemplating the above sample verses, it is emphasized that the Qur’an awakens people to realize the truth of their existence and calls them to give up the blind imitation of wrong traditions and the fanatic attitudes they hold in this respect. This is because Islam considers sound human reason as the source of man’s honor and the basis that gives humankind true guidance and leads to a genuinely enlightened civilization.

Hence, it is high time now for Muslims all over the world to free their reasons from the shackles of blind imitation so as to assume their correct Islamic role of enlightenment in this world. They should give up all ways of [old-fashioned] idle reception of the process of education and replace them with critical and scientific thinking, so as to be able to progress and resume their pioneering roles in various fields of knowledge.

To fulfil this objective, it is not enough to memorize the Qur’an by heart; Muslims must also meditate upon its meaning and message and inculcate in their children’s minds that the Qur’an teaches them the way to lead positive and enlightened lives.

Theses are points for all reasonable people to consider, and exceptionally truthful are Almighty Allah’s words [But none remember except men of understanding](Al-Baqarah 2:269).

Cardiff, UK

#857 Mar 21, 2009
As a new muslim i have one absolute scientific fact which is proof of Islam - Look at the stars, the moon, the earth , the galaxies and the milky way - the earth is a dot and even our sun becomes a dot when you look at our galaxy - Question - was the Power who Created This (whatever name you give him) born in this "DOT" the answer is obviously NO!!!! Therefore Christianity says that "God" was BORN inside this DOT! Impossible and nonsence. Hinduism also says that Rama (God) was born inside this dot (earth) Again impossible!! The only religion which makes sense logically and scientifically is Islam which says that the power who created this entire universe is NOT BORN nor has he any children in the earth or anywhere. All the descriptions of God in Islam are absolutely scientific and logically i.e The All Powerfull The All Knowing, the All Seeing, The Most Kind etc etc.
Those religions who say that God was born on the Earth eg Christianity and Hinduism are like those who say that the baby who was born in the hospital created the hospital!

London, UK

#858 Apr 27, 2009
Re: CaptainH.
What you have said I feel is more out of hatred or anger than anything else. You have mentioned your 'theory' of how Islam came to be as a religion. A few points to clarify:
1) Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life. From the creation of the first human beings (prophet Adam) Islam has always been the way of life chosen by God. The Prophet Muhammad was simply a 'seal' of all the Prophets before him, confirming what had previously been revealed by God. As, all previous scriptures (including Torah, Gospel) were meant for their specific time in history for their people. And these texts were altered therefore no longer in their true form. So that is why God had to send a final Messenger Prophet Muhammad to clarify various misconceptions, and reveal the completion of the true way of life (Islam).
2) This brings me on to my next point. If you want to say anything please mention facts. The Qu'ran (Unaltered word of God) is a Book for all times, still revelant today as it was 1400 years ago. The Qu'ran was revealed over a period of 23 years to the Prophet Muhammad, through the angel Gabriel (reciting the word of God) however there is not a single contradiction in the Qu'ran. People quote out of context and through ingnorance at times but no-one has been able to disprove the authenticity of the Qu'ran. why not ask the arabs? The Qu'ran was revealed at a time when poetry was at its peak in Arabia, however the languagae, eloquence and beauty of the Qu'an had people spell bound 1400 years ago, even as today. The Qu'ran contains many scientific references which have proven to be correct (as far as science has developed so far). Again not a single contradiction.
3) The Qu'ran challenges people (since it is the word of God, God is challenging people) to produce a SINGLE LINE like it in eloquence, poetry, beauty, grammatical magnificence. Ask the ARABS - NO-ONE has been able to meet this challenge. WHY IS THAT?
4) If we claim to be rational people, we need to speak RATIONALY with EVIDENCE. So anything that you write must not be out of ignorance or anger.
5) The blasphemous comments you made regarding the Holy Prophet Muhammad are very serious. However i trust out of ignorance you do not have the knowledge, or out of hatred you chose to do so.
If this is the case, God is our witness - to you your religion and to us (muslims) our religon.
However I would like to open everyone's eyses on this site. Read carefully what I have said, STUDY the ORIGINAL text (QURAN) from the CORRECT sources and then come to a conclusion. God Willing you will come to the true religion (ISLAM). For God is All Merciful. But severe in punishment.

London, UK

#859 Apr 28, 2009
I'm sorry but no-where in the Qu'ran does Allah mention there will be 72 virgins for matyrs. Scholars of Islam agree this is a fabrication that people have made, we muslims do not believe this.

Even so, it is a weak argument to suggest this as a reason for a person's belief in Islam.

There is no rational argument against Islam. All ration, reason and logic points to the fact that there is one true God, Our Blessed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the last and final messenger of God and the Qu'ran is the complete unaltered word of God.

Mashallah there are intelligent muslim brothers and sisters on this site. As people have mentioned there are so many angles to look at Islam and prove this is the true way of life (not just a religion, but a way of life). Unfortunately many muslims around the world (especially so called leaders of muslim countries) have transgressed away from the Qu'ran and Sunnah and have introduced their own concepts into Islam. Hence we see many muslims suffering around the world.

Islam offers the solution to EVERY SINGLE problem in an individual's life and in society. Be it political, judicial, educational, spiritual. The Islam state (as can be seen in history when properly implemented) provides a basis to achieve a society free from all corruption. There is true justice here. And even non-muslims living in the society (eg. Jews living in Medinah in Prophet Muhammad's time) have all the protection of the state in the society and all rights as muslims! What a just society!

Will the western media show these positives and benefits of Islamic society? No! Unfortunately the western world have portrayed a very negative picture of Islam, bringing in the concept of so called "terrorists".

Infact, there is no evidence that 9/11 and 7/7 were committed by "terrorists", infact there is more evidence to suggest both were inside jobs, done by the US and UK governments! The general public is fooled around and made like a puppet.

May Allah guide all the ignorant and foolish and help muslims to get back on the true path of the Qu'ran and Sunnah.

London, UK

#860 Apr 29, 2009
what actually happened on 9/11 and 7/7
prison nation

Nashville, TN

#861 Apr 29, 2009
Feminist is a cult but it doesn't stop it from committing harm.

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of your own extinction......

#862 Apr 29, 2009
Well now, isn't this a religious battleground of verbal assault.

It is quite pathetic that people would spend so much time and energy trying to bring Islam down, when they can use that energy to uplift themselves.

Clearly guys, you are all losing against the fastest growing religion in the world, particularly in Europe and America, and particularly since 9/11, despite all media disgrace and forums like this. It is not wise to keep on fighting a losing battle using fabrication as blank ammunition.

Instead, you all should just focus on your own self upliftment. You do yourselves a disservice by wasting valuable time of your life focusing on how others are apparently wrong, instead of testing whether you youselves are right and good enough for salvation.

Sydney, Australia

#863 May 19, 2009
Firstly, for those critisising Islam for allwoing multiple wives. You must remember that King Soloman, a follower of a branch of christianity had over 400 wives. Islam states that only 4 wives are allowed and if you cannot do justice to more than 1, then only have 1 wife. Also, this can be justified with the gender ration of the ages when the Quran was written. You must also remember that the issue of multiple partners was also a major occurence in the Christian era. Also for those critising Islam for its 'mistreatment' of women, Mohammed the Phrophet and Islam in general was the first established faith to bring established written rights to women in specific. Particularly relating to property rights, and forces the husband to provide for her. As for the controversy surrounding veiling of women, it is recommended women wear modest clothing and the veil if they wish so they may not be harassed by other men. Truley Islam protects both the rights of women and all those involved. Islam also does not allow Muslims to mistreat other faiths and forces Muslims to be kind to people of all faiths irrespective of their beliefs. For claims that Islam is a 'cult', you should ask your self why Islam has dramatically increased after the events of September 11. Surely you would think the amount would decline. For those critising Mohammed as a mass murderer, you should know that the established Christian and Jewish population specifically seeked out Mohammed and his followeers on many ocasions to murder him, and have done so to his followers even driving him out of his city.
And lastly, for those claiming that Mohammed merely copied information from the Bible or Torah, the first translations into a language other than what Jesus spoke (which mohammed did not undertand) were only completed 1000 years after Mohammeds death. So clearly, there was no way in whcih Mohammed could have 'copied' the Bible and the Torah.
safa memon

Bronx, NY

#864 May 20, 2009
there is only one God, he is Allah, LA ILLAHHA ILLALAH, MOHAMMAD-UR RASOOLALAAH,, i will be a muslim till they day i die, and nothing anyone says can change our faith. we all believe diffrent things, that doesnt mean we should insult each others religions. we should be proud of what religion we are, if you believe in christ as son of god, then i believe that is incorrect , i can only pray you will change that thought that god is only one, he has no son or daughter, or mother or father. he loves all his prophets very much, and he loves us alot too.. anything good or bad is from him... he worries for us, and he says ask of me and i will give. what more could we want? so harrassing muslims for what they believe is incorrect.. God willing on the day of judgement, which christians believe in as well, we will see who is right and who is wrong. for now in this life, which is just mere play life, lets just stop the fighting, and everyone support what belief they want. because islam means peace, so there for ,from this muslim atleast its truce and peace... but i still stand by my beliefs, and everyone is entitled to theres, i pray that may God grant us all on the right path, so we dont divert, and may Islam spread always, like it will always spread.
786 truth

Trinidad and Tobago

#865 May 29, 2009
my muslim brothers, we are supposed to supposed to give da'wa, but i see there are very ignorant people on this page, so pray for them, and leave it up to Allah subhannawat'alla, to guide these people, we can only do so much, pray that the lord of the worlds Allah, guides them and show them the way, he sent his prophets peace be upon them all, but their teachings were rejected, astagfirrallah, form prophet Adam to prophet Jesus(who was indeed a muslim and prayed to Allah, and spoke of the coming of the comforter Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the very LAST of Allah's Prophets) whose message will abide with us forever, i pray for the kaafir, that they will wake up, and not be blind from the truth, and learn and try to understand our islam before they disbelieve, i pray they they understand before it is too late, that they will come to truth, and not dwell in their ignorance, because their punishment will be severe because of their rejection of truth, i pray they do their research, and come to islam, as they were born muslims, and were led astray by shaitaan, who vowed to lead the weak astray, i pray to Allah, please guide them, remove their hatred and misunderstandings, fill their hearts with love, and make our world a better place for all humanity, Ameen....Allahualam
please keep all negativity to yourselves, and respect others and their beliefs, just as i do yours....may the peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be upon you :)

Duluth, GA

#866 Jun 18, 2009
lord_jesus wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you not realize that the history of christianity is one of violence, and that if you look at all the conflicts in the world today, christians are involved?
No where in the bible does it say that Christians are non-violent.(book of Joshua and revelations)

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