Can a White Pride Group not be labele...

Centreville, MD

#7325 Oct 31, 2012
It makes me sick ! I hate this racial bullshit ! No white person that had anything to do with slavery has been alive for a long long time ! Let's also admit that Africans were not only stolen from they're homeland but were sold/traded by rival tribes . Slavery was wrong but I've never heard a black person admit they're own kind had anything to do with the slaves being taken from Africa . It would also go a very long way if the NAACP would recognize the tens of thousands of white civil war soldiers who fought and died to help free the slaves. Make no mistake I am in no way against any race of man., but I am pro white ! Exactly the same way Malcom X , Jesse Jackson , Kayne West , and 99.9% of black men n women are pro black.. I admire the strength the black race has shown in they're fight for equality , I've learned so much from black people and I admire them in many ways . Whites have become weak ! We've stopped taking care of our own ! Now we are too busy apologizing for the wrongs that were done hundreds of years ago , enough is enough ! Obama sucks as prez. And yes I did vote for him last year . But it would scare you if you knew the % of black n Latino people who will vote for Obama just because he's black. This shows ignorance that is the rawest form of racism . Black holidays, months , tv channels , 60 plus black colleges , NAACP , minority bullshit , black Mrs. America patent , I'm tired of hearing it's a white mans world ! Now it's everyone's world and if there is a minority it's the straight white working man. I'd fight next to any man no matter his skin color but I do think we need to repeat what the black people did and concern ourselves first with our own people. We cant fix the whole world but if we break the problems down to a manageable size and we all work out our shortcomings then we can help fix the bigger issues together.
River rat

Portland, OR

#7328 Nov 8, 2012
Why is it ok for a criminal here illegally to collect welfare? They scream for their rights to all the freebies!
This country really needs to close all the borders and stop taking in refugees that are sucking the tax payers dry!
Repeal that amendment making all babies born here from illegals us citizens!
I am white, and I want a white only college fund!!
White man

Humble, TX

#7329 Nov 9, 2012
Tyler H wrote:
<quoted text>
Sir you need to look at how you just responded to this situation. Step back whether your black or white and just look at how your reply looks, put a white man in your shoes saying "u people whine too much", and how would you respond as a black man? Racism gets us nowhere. Yes blacks have gone through HELL and back, with something NO white man could ever even begin to understand. However, if we are going to live in this country together as equals, there needs to be equal rights to even TV shows without claims of discrimination. Why not make a Spanish Entertainment channel as well? I see no problem with it. To my both black and white brothers out there, realize that the tables are turning. Whites are as of now the minority, therefore we do need to stand peacefully and unite in order to keep from suffering the same way the blacks did in our country. We have a black president now, and over time our congress will grow more diverse. To say we founded this country as Europeans is correct, but as evolution will show you we need to let go of that past and adapt to the here and now. That means that whites need to be ok with having blacks in power of our country, and this means that blacks need to not get over offended about whites making our support groups. If blacks call us racists for doing so, let them do it, who cares, if you want your white children to strive in the new America, then you must do what is necessary REGARDLESS of what others say.
replying to:
u people whine too much. white people already run america, and when black people are ALLOWED to have a television station, or a college fund, or an organization to make sure we are treated fairly, u people (only the blogger of topix) start complaining.
does black people having something that isn't controled by white people bother yall because u feel like ur losing control, or is it just plain jealousy?
my advise is stop whining and be happy with the 1000000000 of other things that cater to the white majority.
Blacks may have gone through "hell and back" but, to say that no white man would understand anything like it is misinformed. I'll just write it off as your ignorance. To even mention that black and white people are equals is also misinformed on your part. Its just clearly true that they are not equals. Biologically or culturally they never will be equal.
I have to say you are wrong on so many levels.

“Purple girl in a purple world”

Since: Apr 08

Plum, Purplonia

#7330 Nov 14, 2012
Jesus_H_Christ wrote:
<quoted text>
That's absurd. Most people are raped by someone they know, as in date-rape.
You watch too much TV if you think that the big city is filled with black people hiding in bushes waiting to rape a white chick.
No, this is reality. More people are likely to rape or kill outside their own race, and they should be charged with hate crime enhancement for that.

North Little Rock, AR

#7331 Nov 14, 2012
If a 'white pride' group is labeled 'racist',then you have to label Jet,Black Enterprise,and Ebony magazines 'racist' also. Just keepin' it REAL.

Seymour, TN

#7333 Mar 2, 2013
A Shaprton

Hazen, ND

#7334 Mar 3, 2013
It is a proven fact that only whites can be racist.
White man

Houston, TX

#7335 Mar 3, 2013
A Shaprton wrote:
It is a proven fact that only whites can be racist.
I love when anyone says the word "fact."
That is just a sign that say B.S. alert.

Newport News, VA

#7336 Mar 20, 2013
THEAprof wrote:
Outside of BET, pretty much EVERY television network is "White Entertainment Television." The fact that you resent that ONE network caters to another race is very revealing.
Cable television has given the industry the ability to serve many niche markets. There are sports channels, networks that cater to women, Latino channels, and those that primarily target the GLBT community. It is called free enterprise; if there is a market big enough, there will be at least one network to serve it. And this harms you how?
<quoted text>
So it's cool with you if we call all the other stations white tv? Sweet! I'll let the cable and tv stations know the change.

Cincinnati, OH

#7337 Mar 29, 2013
sunshine wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh man I wish someone would start White entertainment television that would be kool. But the only proplem is the black people would yell discrimination. I often wonder why us white people dont holler discrimnation with the miss black america black college funds and BET. I JUST THINK BLACK PEOPLE ARE WAY MORE PREJUDICE THAT WHITE PEOPLE THAT IS WHY THEY DO IT AND WE DON'T.
yeah bless your heart, 98% of college presidents are white 99%of us presidents have been white 97%of all bank presidents are white 99% of police an judges are w man,your picture is on all of the money your boss is proably white,most streets and major buidings were name after you 98% of people of power look like you if you cant make it with this hand i dont no what to tell you and your being discreminated aginst suck it up baby try being blk for a day when you constantly have to to deal with rascist like you all day

Hattiesburg, MS

#7338 Apr 17, 2013
I wish i was in the land of cotton,old times there are not forgotten .....look away look away look away SWEET dixieland!! Maybe ole Charles Manson wasnt so crazy after all about "Helter Skelter"!?? I wish the yankees could see how the mind of a (run of the mill) black man in the south works. They have LOWER BRAIN activity only and never see the big picture and until i have lived around them (not ith them)then u would wanna be desegregated too!! they kill,steal,rape,rob and its just normal life to these thug gangsters but let me tell u one thing. They know better than to pull that gangsta stuff with a smart,brave white southern man! I have seen my lil hometown of Clarksdale MS go to the dogs because of these black ppl, they kill old women ,and target easy prey (again;crocodile brain)and then wanna blame the white devils for their IGNORANCE. Now i have black friends who are ashamed of their own ppl because they live just above animalistic level. some of these black women beat,slap,scream and curse their kids and i have seen lil black kids that are so hungry they will try and eat a raw fish we had given his family . Its got to start in the home and black men need to be fathers and then they wont have the mentality they have. ex. in the south if u ask a (run of the mill) black man how many kids he has....u can see the PRIDE that fills him when they lick their lips and say"i got ten kids with fo(4) baby mamas!!! and to their thinking....they think its something to brag about. Now i have met some GREAT black ppl in my life and i have seen some sorry ass white trash thugs also buti am talkingaboutthe majority......and one thing i will NEVER understand is why the blacks ALWAYS follows the white man to wherever he goes . i wanna be with MY OWN kind . I dontbelieve in interacial marriage . You dont see redbirds mating with Blue birds do ya?? i have had a few of my black friends tell me that most blacks are just SO jealous of white ppl but they will never admit it

Burlington, NJ

#7339 May 1, 2013
Because white people in America don't see themselves as just another ethnic group in a very large country, but as THE dominant ethnic group, and they don't want to accomodate others. If they didn't have darker ethnic groups to pick on they'd be biting and devouring each other like in Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Belgium, Basque, etc.
Dave H

West Springfield, MA

#7340 May 18, 2013
Im amazed at some of these comments ,these are all statments i have made for years.Why it is that black pple can do somethng & its ok because of somethng that happend long ago ,but a whtite person does the same thing its racist. Also why is it tht a person who is hlf/hlf is only black why is no one proud to be white any more.Another thing i recently went to apply for assistance wearng clothes 8yrs old & was told prob not,they told me i was the wrong color,but there were black & puerto ricans with $400 outfits spotless $200 shoes getting into cars with $2000 rims &they get all the help they want.Im gonna stop now i could go all day on the subject..If anyone knws where I a proud to b white man can find others like myself ,who are tired of being a minority but wont take a violent stand ( why
lower myself to those standards) let me know.
pen name

Plattsburg, MO

#7341 May 18, 2013
Yes it can be done, but first the 'white pride' movement has to be debunked.

The WPM was started by the same shills that started the KKK to discredit nationalism or nativism which is not really about RACE rather RELIGION. The USA was founded by Protestants who happen to be white.

The KKK was founded by Rome's papal knights to divide the newly freed African Americans from the whites, and drive the Blacks to the Roman Church.

The USA was not founded by white europeans rather european Protestants. Catholicism was specifically banned in North America until the 1774 Quebec Act.

White Pride Movement is a ruse to further divide and conquer the Protestants; uniting them with the Catholics, or racial fascism & cultural marxism.
Dave H

West Springfield, MA

#7342 May 18, 2013
This country was alright when it was all white,but it went down when it went brown.
It is true we can never go back now that we went black.such a loud,disrespectful pple.i knw i speak from experiance.just now where im stayng ,out on there balcony throwng their fuckng weed baggies & dumpng their blunt tobco over the side.Have some fuckng pride& respect for where u live.
Dave H

West Springfield, MA

#7343 May 18, 2013
A. Re
Dave H

West Springfield, MA

#7345 May 18, 2013
Stop erasing my comments whts wrong truth hurt

Pittsburgh, PA

#7346 May 19, 2013 ……
Luck sounds reasonable lets Party white Pride that built USA

Lebanon, OH

#7347 May 19, 2013
Purple Gurl wrote:
<quoted text>
No, this is reality. More people are likely to rape or kill outside their own race, and they should be charged with hate crime enhancement for that.
You are clueless.

Tallahassee, FL

#7350 Jul 13, 2013
For true equality to exist you need to drop anything that is for any single race.Race needs to be removed from all forms.People should get a job or get assistance based solely on their qualifications.That is what true activist like MLK wanted.Not a broken system that just gives you something because of your race.Wake up America media and govt want the racial divide,keeps your mind on something while they do deals behind closed doors.

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