Defrauder, rapist, masqeraded fanatic...

Defrauder, rapist, masqeraded fanatic torturer

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Since: Apr 13

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#1 Apr 26, 2013
Sherko Ghaderi, a Kurd from Iran, had illegally come to the UK and applied for asylum under a false name and a false story. The immigration authorites sensed his lies and refused his asylum case, twice. The fraudulent immigrant Sherko Kadry, as he had named himself, then duped an EU girl into marrying him.

But this cunning man did not go for any cheap girl, he found himself a good one. Educated, decent and kindhearted.

Just before the marriage, he shed off the identity of the fraudulent asylum seeker, Sherko Kadry, and married under the name Sherko Rahman Ghaderi.

With this new identity he obtained the status "Married to an EU citizen" and thus discarded his fraudulent asylum seeker identity and attempted to forever conceal his asylum fraud.

Before meeting the girl, Sherko had a small greasy kitchenjob. This marriage brought him the right to access University at Home student fees, and a Pizza kitchen of his own. Still a greasy kitchen-stinking man, but he appears as "oh, I am student of electronics at Newcastle University and I am a big pizzashop owner". In reality he does not earn enough to pay his employees. But for this kind of men, appearance is everything. They appear as intellectual, open minded and kind. This is only the outside, camouflage.

Soon after the marriage, the man rapidly changed into a fully fledged fanatic muslim. The girl's friends could not believe this to be the same person. Before the marriage, Sherko appeared as a very polite, quiet, and kind of anti-muslim intellectual, who would treat a woman with respect and kindness. Later they saw him pushing and pulling this sweet girl around like a rag doll. She was seen full of bruises all over her arms and face.

In the end, the girl had to be brought to Emergency Hospital. Beaten, bit, starved and raped. The police then found out that this cruel man had locked her into a stinking dirty room without food and water, every day after work.
After returning from the hospital, this criminal fanatic tortured her even more. The devastated girl had to be rescued in a police emergency operation. She could flee and hide in a secure place.
The marriage is being annulled.

Sherko Ghaderi threatens to kill the girl who refused to become his muslim slave.





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Gillingham, UK

#3 Jun 20, 2013
I had to put this evil man's name in capitals so that the world will know what he has done. Any one who knows this disgusting person should tell him what a poor excuse for a human being he is.

Since: Apr 13

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#4 Jun 20, 2013
Recently the police investigated and found out some more sides of Sherko Rahman Ghaderi from Iran. Let me tell you:

As we know, it is all about money, Visa, money and Visa,... and money....and becoming Electronic Engineer from Newcastle University and a beautiful, sweet, loving wife...
we could think, wow, fine for him, Sherko got what he wanted, right?

Nope, the oh so clever Sherko got another plan how to make a lot of money. Firstly, he had to forge an iranian marriage deed.
- But for what?????
He married already in UK!
First he flees from Iran, then he creates a marriage deed from Iran that states he married this western woman in Iran -AFTER HIS GETAWAY - in the same country, at the very same government that wants to imprison, torture and kill him!!!!!

- Who bring his beloved wife in such a danger????
Mr. Sherko Ghaderi did. Now his spouse is in great danger.
It does not matter anymore, if he is a real refugee or a fraudulent asylum seeker.

Everybody knows how a foreign citizen after iranian marriage is treated by Iran: the spouse always receives as a free enforced gift, the iranian citizenship without her even wanting it. Iran would treat the spouse as iranian and she would be subjected to iranian repressive law. As soon as she enters Iran, it could probably happen that she was not allowed to leave Iran ever again.

But the false husband Sherko had already planned her trip to Iran, she should cross the iranian-turkish border illegally. But then, with this iranian marriage document, she could be kept there. They could legally keep this western woman in Iran.

Would his family sustain her????- Not likely.
- Who would have to pay for her life then?
- Can we send a lot of money to his family to Iran?
- Oh yes, that is easily possible...

How Sherko Ghaderi deceived all:

"I am not a muslim!"
- Before the marriage this cunning iranian said to all her friends that he is not a muslim, that he does not care for Islam, islamic rules and practices. On many occasions he condemned the way muslim men treat their wives. One of the girl's friends discussed with him how parts of Qran are full of cruelty, and thus cannot be the word of God. The fraudster agreed fully.

After marriage chamaeleon Sherko turned out very much as a fully fledged, dedicated extremist muslim. He said that in Islam, during courtship it is allowed to lie and say "I am not muslim".

The girl told the police, often the cruel man snatched at her wrists and dragged her on the floor into the bedroom where he raped her. He often fiercly bit her and hit her.

When this wifebeater was confronted with his brutality, he said:
„Yes i do hit her. I have the right to use force when she does not obey my orders."

Sherko Ghaderi really seriously believes that he has the right to deprive his spouse of food and water, to beat, bite and hit her, to imprison her, and rape her!
Holly Ivy


#5 Jun 21, 2013
I hope other governments are reading about this despicable man who has defrauded his way through marriage into the UK. For all you know, this man could be a terrorist. Glad this young wioman is free of him and thankfully she didn't get her throat slit.


#6 Jun 21, 2013
Thanks to GOD, yes, she is well and safe.


#7 Jun 24, 2013
This is a warning to all women who wish to marry an iranian man.

The following information was given by our country's consulate:

If any married western woman in Iran comes to her country's embassy for help, they are not allowed to help her, because she is iranian. She is not even allowed to enter the consulate building. The poor woman has to be sent away.

And it had happened already many times. Some western women did not even know they have become iranian nationals, until they entered Iran and got their western passports confiscated at the border.

This is an official information from our government's consular services!!!!

Beware!!! Never enter Iran!!!!
Remember Betty Mahmoodi!!!!
Ivy Holly

Gillingham, UK

#8 Jun 24, 2013
I would urge any one affected by marriage fraud, to join Immigration Marriage Fraud UK, an organisation set up to campaign for governments to revise law on marriage to foreign spouses to protect us. These evil people who marry citizens by deception should be stopped from being able to use our inadequate law against us. All these loopholes must be closed.

Since: Apr 13

Location hidden

#9 Jun 26, 2013
... and such fraudsters put such an air of importance to their "HONOUR"!!!!

If he ever had any, he himself destroyed his honour long ago by deceiving an innocent young girl.
And by his despicable acts he made sure that honour is running away from him forever.
Holly Ivy

Whitstable, UK

#10 Jun 26, 2013
I hope this creep gets deported for all the false IDs etc and for putting an innocent young girl through this trauma. Karma is a wonderful thing and I am sure he will get what's coming to him in the very near future. When you do bad things, they will catch up on you and one day you will have to pay, and he will. Allah wont help him then as they do all this evil in the name of Allah.


#11 Jun 26, 2013
We do not wish bad things for anyone.
We only want divine law to act now:
This creep should get back upon himself what he has done to an innocent sweet girl.
Al Mudill


#12 Jun 28, 2013
The purpose of this article:
If anything unnatural happens to the girl or to a member of her family, then the Police knows where to go.

Trostberg, Germany

#13 Feb 13, 2014
If anything happens to the girl and her family,
then the police will be sent to Sherko Ghaderi,
student from Newcastle University UK,
staying in South Shields, England.


Trostberg, Germany

#14 Feb 13, 2014
... or maybe he calls himself Sherko Kadry again????
or Shirkou Ghaderi???
or Shirkou Kadry????
or something similar?
Al Mudill

Trostberg, Germany

#15 Feb 13, 2014
THROUGH THE POWER OF JESUS, every evil thing Sherko Ghaderi has done to this innocent girl and her family, shall be returned and bound onto him, hundredfold!
All the black magic spells, islamic demons and magic that Sherko Ghaderi has put on this family, shall be returned and bound onto him, hundredfold!
Every evil thing this man has done, shall be returned and bound onto him, THROUGH THE POWER OF JESUS!
Ivy Holly

Whitstable, UK

#16 Feb 13, 2014
My Tunisian husband did the same to me, putting black magic on me but there is a greater power up there. Whatever he thinks he has put on me will go back to him many times and he knows who he is and will see his own downfall. If you believe in the power of God this black magic cannot touch you.

Since: Apr 13

Location hidden

#17 Feb 20, 2014
They appeared so smart, everybody thought they are so nice and kind.
This is over.
All their walls of protection are blown up and their camouflage is burnt!

Waldkraiburg, Germany

#18 Aug 12, 2014
Sherko Ghaderi is a well known dedicated member of the "Muslim Association" in Newcastle UK, who poses as various organisations, such as "Muslim Student Organisation" in the Newcastle University.
Sherko Ghaderi was no less than a director for this association until his fraudulent and violent acts became known to the authorities.
Now the iranian Sunni is serving in a more hidden position not less dangerous.
PDX Dave

Portland, OR

#19 Aug 12, 2014
He reportedly is on FB and you can follow him on Twitter, why hasn't this individual shown up on any mainstream news site? Not even a blip!

Siegsdorf, Germany

#20 Aug 12, 2014
There should a report be done and this individual should be exposed

Traunreut, Germany

#21 Feb 21, 2015
Sherko Ghaderi, former Sherko Kadry,
student at Newcastle University UK,
has a filthy pizzashop in South Shields,
called "Pizza Porter"

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