Are White men Scared to date Black wo...

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#240 Mar 8, 2013
RogueStud82 wrote:
<quoted text>
i would rather DIE FIRST than date or marry a black bitch!
however, i would definitely date and marry an african woman.
Having associated with blacks and africans for a while now, i have realized that there's a BIG difference between the two.
Blacks are the ones with either chocolate,dark chocolate or black complexions. However, africans have brown, tan or even yellowish-brown complexions.
Other than their skin colour differences, i noted other things:
Blacks tend to be rather STUPID and can't reason much.However, africans are the intelligent ones with a high reasoning capacity.
Blacks are the WHORES and SLUTS we meet but most africans are rather decent and well-behaved.
Blacks somewhat look like APES but africans are gorgeous and diva-like,
Blacks always seem jealous of the africans and are constantly bad-mouthing them.
Blacks have a very low self-esteem and inferiority complex, hence why some even bleach their skins to be light.However, africans are proud of who they are.
Blacks are shallow-minded and one finds it hard have an intellectual conversation with them.However, it's easy to have an meaningful conversation with africans
Blacks are truly the UGLY DUCKLINGS/APES of the world!
what a racist moron this thug is.I am black and married to white man.He is very happy with me and we r doing great together.You know nothing about africans or african americans,u r just a racist bigot

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#243 Mar 8, 2013
I dated black women and they tasted just like white, if does not rub off.... I do have a question why does black men produce black kids with white cum.....Black men do have bigger junk and sometimes I have a hard time doing a bj because of the size but it tastes as good as white bj....

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#245 Mar 24, 2013
I'm white guy and love black women.

Pretoria, South Africa

#246 Mar 28, 2013
Im not sure if it's ignoriance or some of you guys are just plain stupid (no offense, please). I am a black lady...purely black...yes, from both parents... and I am dating a Bengali man, whom I love with all my heart. I bath, and so does he. I am pretty... dark skinned like chocolate, and I wouldnt have it any other way, and I have no more drama than any race Ive known. Am I my culture,(south african south sotho) we are taught to be ladies and we are not loud or roudy...maybe thats why...abd trust me honey, I have class, and I definitely have NO STD!! I think people must just stop judging and get a life. You prefer your own race, great, just dont bad mouth others. We dont want your ignorant stereotype, red necks either! So, please!

Brooklyn, NY

#247 Apr 14, 2013
guy wrote:
the type of woman you're talking about isn't exactly the typical black female. if you look at the people you list as examples - beyonce, meagan good, etc - these women are all mixed race, and african is only one part of it. i suspect you also fall into this category.
many of these mixed race 'black' women are some of the most beautiful people in the world by many white guys standards. which can make them very intimidating, as any beautiful woman can be to most men. or they can come off as very high maintenance - which is fine for a short term relationship but not necessarily something a lot of men want in a long term relationship. hence why they may want to go to bed with them but not introduce them to mom. or they may think the woman is so beautiful that they don't stand a chance long term.
but when it comes to actual black women... meaning both parents are solely of African lineage... most of these women are not attractive to white men. that's going to sound racist to some people, but i'm just trying to give an honest answer. i don't have a racist bone in my body and have personally dated more non white women than white (i'm a white 28yo dude). but it is VERY rare that i see a 100% black woman and find her attractive. probably 1 in 500. and i know this is pretty common with white men.(don't shoot the messenger). i don't have an explanation for this, it's just the way it is.
so your question is kind of hard to answer... because the examples given are not typical black women.
i know some men that have sex with a black woman on their bucket list... some of the men you talk about may just want a little variety or may just be curious and wouldn't say no to having sex with a black woman but aren't necessarily looking for that in a long term relationship.
not sure if any of that helps, i just know a lot of men who would agree with it. but probably never admit it to you.
Like every American has some sort of mix in their race especially blacks due to tape Meagan good kerry Washington Kenya more Naomi Campbell gabrielle union are not really mixed race

Beyonce MAYBE less mixed then some of the people mentioned what you mean to SAY is you don't find black women with VERY Afrocentric features attractive like very wife nose lips and very course hair but if she's dark as knight with fine features a slim body and finer textures hair and wide eyes she would just appear as if she's white with very tan skin

It's not the colors it's the features equally a white woman whose fat pale small eyes thin hair won't be that attractive either

Features people also Jessica white is attractive and not mixed

Brooklyn, NY

#248 Apr 14, 2013
jason wrote:
I don't know if its a cultural thing or what... but many black women have personalities that white men find completely obnoxious. They often lack class.
Also most black women don't have a very feminine appearance. Their facial bone structure is much more similar to mens than you see in other races.
This is what I'm talking about with features

Brooklyn, NY

#249 Apr 14, 2013
HugeKielbasa wrote:
Yes very scared.
Since more than half of Black women have an STD
It is very scary to go with a Black woman.
If you sleep with Black women you are playing STD russian roulette
If you sleep with someone without condoms and think your safe because of race you are dancing on the plank and the board is breaking

Lititz, PA

#250 Apr 22, 2013
[I agree with your excellent comments.

Abilene, TX

#252 Jun 28, 2013
TV_TV wrote:
I'm a 28yo white/latino guy and I've always been physically attracted to black women. It's not that I fetishize them, I just find them attractive. I'm also attractive, creative and successful and I feel like many black women in my city aren't interested in me, or other friends.
To all black women: There are many nice, interesting white men out there who think you are beautiful.
Awww that was so sweet! Thank you

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#253 Jun 28, 2013
Black(dark-skinned) females are UGLY and look somewhat like MALES and even some kind of APE-LIKE creature.

However, african(light-skinned) and multto(interracial) females are very BEAUTIFUL!

AS cauasians, we feel intimidated to date or have relationships with them cz we feel they are somewhat above our league and may be high maintainence!

“Bow Chika Wow Wow”

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#254 Jun 28, 2013
LetMeSee93 wrote:
Black(dark-skinned) females are UGLY and look somewhat like MALES and even some kind of APE-LIKE creature.
However, african(light-skinned) and multto(interracial) females are very BEAUTIFUL!
AS cauasians, we feel intimidated to date or have relationships with them cz we feel they are somewhat above our league and may be high maintainence!
That's true. As a caramel colored Black female, you White guys are disgusting in every way, from the inside-out. White women don't even like you guys anymore, if darker Black females look like apes to you, then you guys look like large uncooked, hairless chickens with penises like baby birds.

United States

#255 Jun 28, 2013
Look, the reason I use the moniker 'Doctor REALITY' is because I believe in 'keepin' it REAL'. Keepin' it REAL with God's help in understanding and wisdom and by having an open mind that's fair and not biased. So, anyway, look, a lot of 'white guys' simply feel, or believe, that the best partner, spouse, and or soul mate, for them is someone who they have as much as possible in common with. And ,so, if in their minds that means another 'white', or European person, hey, it is what it is. So how do 'I' feel about it?? I 'feel' that when choosing the RIGHT 'soul mate', it's REAL important that you KNOW FOR SURE that you're sharing your life with someone GOD wanted you to be with. And, so,like I said the other day, that's the problem with millions of people these days: They're not 'in touch' with God, and what HE wants for their lives, and that leaves them VUNERABLE to the wiles(tricks and devices) of the devil.
Robert Sullivan


#256 Jun 28, 2013
If a man likes and fancies a woman , and if they have a lot in common, then colour must not be a barrier.


#257 Jun 28, 2013
For goodness sake. If a man fancies a woman , or a woman fancies a man , and they want to get to know each other , then go ahead. It must not be an issue whether either one is black, white , brown or whatever. Either they want to get to know each other or they don't. But if they do , just go for it.

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#258 Jun 28, 2013
The devil also enjoys taking God's Truth and twisting it into lies. TRUE love looks with the HEART, not with the EYES.

Houston, TX

#259 Jul 7, 2013
Water wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes I agree with you but I have seen to much against white men to. What mean by that is I have seen some black women say that there is to much of a culture difference. I have seen even more Hispanic women say about there being to much of culture difference between them white men to. I have nothing agents black women I am just saying what I have red on other forums. As for Hispanic women I really really like them.
really i thought brown hispanics worshipped white people and try to intermarry them in order to whiten thier race. just go to a poor village in Colombia u see how the girls will line up for u. it will be easier for them and u since white hispanics to intermarry with mestizos, mullatos and blacks

West Chicago, IL

#260 Jul 11, 2013
First you guys are sterotyping. If a black women was raised right from a family that had class tought you great manners,and a great school all so your future is bright that's a good black women right there. I think white guys are just maybe scared that we're all ghetto. One black women that you've come across doesn't speak for all black women. Let me tell you this black women do like white men! Doesn't matter if your mixed, brown, or black they do! Just find the right one and don't give up when the first one you dated ended up being not what you expected. Ooh and we're not gold- diggers. Well not all of us. I get squirmy and scared when my friends try to give me money for something I saw. It's just this guilty filling in the pit of your stomach. Also I can't believe we don't "Wash/Shower" thats just prejudice.


#261 Jul 15, 2013
Am purely BLACK! Proud to be black would never change myself anyday. Come from a wealthy family,well educated.. Some of my friends are white. Am not racist and l value people's personal views. What l find strange is why do people worry about race cox honestly am tired of hearing it. Its always the same thign ever since long long long before. Guyx mature we 2013 face it black girls are beautiful just white men still fear telling friends and family am dating a black girl and am serious cox most cases people don't support! Nevertheless l date any1 really am interested in despite race
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Lansing, MI

#262 Jul 15, 2013
I aint/never was sceered! LOVE me some Brown Sugar ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!

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#263 Jul 15, 2013
i m from russia, so i don't know relationship
between white and black in america. But i can say that i love black and white women, more(MUCH MORE) then asian and muslim "girls".

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