Is the problem of groping in India ov...

Is the problem of groping in India over exaggerated?

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Since: Jan 11

Mumbai, India

#1 Jan 4, 2011
I think we exaggerated the problem of gropping in bus or in public places. I think we ladies should enjoy the groping as some quick sex or some kind of flirting. Even I used to hate the imagination of I being getting groped but I was wrong.

I am a working woman and was 32 at that time. I used to travel in the public transport buses in Mumbai, from office to my home (Seepz to Andheri Station).I must accept that its not men's fault but I must accept that I am bit heavy on the hips.I usually wears short kurti, leggings and lingeries for day to day life.

Once while coming back from office to home the bus was very crowded and nobody can even turn or move a inch also. Suddenly a middle aged man came and stood behind me. In few minutes I felt a palm grabbing my bottoms, firstly I was very angry and tried to avoid it but couldn't move anywhere due to the crowd.Due to heavy crowd I was standing in the bus resting my pelvic area on the handle of the seat, After some time I felt his tool rolling on my back curves i wanted to avoid all this but in few minutes I started to feel that his shaft is growing and getting harder and thicker.He started to move his tool on my bottoms and in the crack up n down and pressing it in my ass from above the I started to enjoy all this and stopped trying avoiding it. He caught that movement and slided his hands from my back, across the sides of my waist to the front to hold the seat handle for support.I was enjoying that so much that I stopped caring about what people will say and started to push my back on his tool. His up n down movement o the cock and pressing it in my crack from over the clothes continued for 40-45 minutes till I dont get down at my destination. I dont know what happened in those 45 minutes but at the end I was feeling his hard, thick tool moving on my back curves up and down, pressing it in my crack and his fingers were feeling my genital over the clothes.After I get down and reched home when I was changing my clothes I found the wet stains on the back side of the leggings. Thank god the legging was of black color due to which nobody came to know or realized the wet stains on my leggings.

But I enjoyed those moments to the core and changed my thinking about groping. Some laies find it wiered that how can I say this, but its my personal and frank opinion that we should stop creeping and enjoy being groped.

Would like to know whether any of you groped anybody in public or got groped by somebody in public? If yes what do you think about it?





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lil haxor

Shelby, NC

#2 Jan 4, 2011
Nah. Most likely this is a lie. Probably some guy typing this. But i will play along. If someone has a problem with being groped you can always avoid it or at least do something. All i know about indian guys is they are internet fanatics. They go around looking to cyber with girls and have sex chats and all that, because apparently indian guys dont get laid. Only thing i give them is credit for being phenominal hackers. Otherwise, come on. Indian guys aren't attractive.

Since: Jan 11

Kolkata, India

#3 Jan 4, 2011
Dear Haxor,
I am not here to change someone's ind. If you think that a guy is writing all this, you are free to live in your virtual world. The only point I want to convey is that igrping would be fun if we take it lightly and what's the harm if we enjoy it? its just a quicky without any tenssion. n as mentioned in my post it is my personal opinion after getting myself groped. If you don't like it say that .. n I have asked u gs to share the expirience if u have any. There is no point in bitching about indian men.:)

Since: Jan 11

Kolkata, India

#4 Jan 4, 2011
Dear Haxor,
I am not here to change someone's mind. If you think that a guy is writing all this, you are free to live in your virtual world. The only point I want to convey is that groping would be fun if we take it lightly and what's the harm if we enjoy it? its just a quicky without any tenssion. n as mentioned in my post it is my personal opinion after getting myself groped. If you don't like it say that .. above all I have asked u guys to share the expirience if u have any. There is no point in bitching about indian men.:)

Since: Nov 10

Mumbai, India

#5 Jan 5, 2011
Hi Guys,

I completely agree with Laxmi. Women should learn to enjoy the groping. It would be of great fun if both (male n female) enjoy the groping. And yes I also think that there is no harm in groping or getting groped(for women). If we don't have objection on touching each other or taking hand in hand then why should we have any hezitation or objection on groping ?
fantasy _player

Salisbury, MD

#6 Jan 5, 2011
lets face it most of us if were being honest would love the stimulation of having someone desire them and its akways cool to fantasise what could happen if i ket this groping go just a litte bit futhur

Alappuzha, India

#7 Jan 5, 2011
Ahhhh. Its amazing. We should enjoy groping. We all have mnay unsatisfied sexual desire. So if we get a chance to enjoy it in a public place with a unknown person, nothing wrong in it. You are sitting or stading aside to a person whom you dont know, and if she likes yr act, then there should be nothing worng in enjoying that company. I enjoyed a lot.

Chennai, India

#9 Jan 6, 2011
I have many experiences of groping, sometime by me and sometime by a female travelling with me in a public transportation. I have enjoyed everytime. one of such experiences, I had been groped by a lady elder to me. I was 23 yrs at that time. I was travelling in train. It was 5 in th morning. Train started and also my sleep. Aftre hour or so, I feel something moving on my leg. I opened my eyes. One lady around 45 was sitting with me. She was moving her hand slowly on my leg. I saw at her and she just smiled and aksed me, "Are you comforatable?" I just shoked, but then I started enjoying it. At next station, I purchased a newspaper and opened it in such way that it covers both of us. During next 2 hrs, we both enjoyed a lot in front of many people in that compartment. So sometimes guys may be groped in a public place, and it should be enjoyed.


#10 Jan 12, 2011
In my opinion that's very tempting story and I envy that man who groped lax, I bet she is so sexy woman
and If I was that man I would have followed her to her house to continue the good moment we started in the bus
I love groping

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#11 Jan 12, 2011
I never had such experiences of groping
but I love groping. If I would get this kind of chance, and she is very sexy I will not stop doing such go for any extent.If she agree then follow her to her house to continue the good moment.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#12 Jan 12, 2011
I think indian woman unnecessarily makes an issue of it..instead we should learn to enjoy it
but risky for women, for time being ok in bus, but if suppose he follow ur home then?
A middle class women how can she handle him? she has to go daily on that rute.once he knows that she accepting his invitation then he will going to tell many to do to her.It's fine if she enjoys that but if she think that its good time which passed in the bus that enought and no more to continue, just for time being like we see hot movie for 3 hours then then forget?
I agreed, she can anytime slap that unwanted person in crowd but it depends on the lady to whome he doing,if she want she will enjoy otherwise she shout.


#13 Jan 16, 2011
I beleive that all women who are complaining about gropping they are enjoying it so much & If they are enjoying they don't supposed to complain.
I would like to congratulate laxmiw for her honesty to say that she enjoyed it & I'm sure she is so sexy and an attractive woman.
A sexy and attractive woman like her should be gropped and that would be an admit of how sexy and attractive she is.
I envy that guy who gropped u and I wish I was in his place gropping u and maybe more.
As Rahul said that guy should wait you in this bus every day to grope u every day and then maybe he would follow you to your house to have a good time
but don't forget to tell us about your experience then ;)

Delhi, India

#15 Jan 17, 2011
i feel this is an awesome incident for a bus groping....i basically enjoy watching movies....but havnt had the gift of encountering one.....she sounds so sexy in her narration too....wish i was there...there is nothing wrong in this as it is a mutual act by both ppl...infact it ud be fun it wr a group of men...but ofcourse safety is also important.....i hope ppl wud have a positive understanding towards this.....sme ppl might not still like it....but each one have their own sexual acts and u laxmi...keep enjoying safely

Chennai, India

#16 Jan 17, 2011
ive just become curious to dream of a fantasy wid lax in such a situation.....this thut has een taking me wild....wud love to encounter her in a crowded bus with her wearing a kurthi nd tht it wud be easy to access.....wud love to rub my c*** from behind to c the reaction....after i receive confidence...wud keeping rubbing mine against hers for sometime until till she luks for more....then wud like to insert my hands on her b**** and squeeze them nd slowly unhook her b** to feel the nipples.....wud love to squeeze thos s*** indian hips which turns me on so much......wud then be breathing hard into her ears to c her t*****d on....with he leggings being wet by this time wud insert slowly into her in**** nd stroke as much as possible...atleast till my hands get wet......then will rub my c**** against her back....nd start cu***** till climax....wud like to c her walk with her wet p*****.....tht will be a dream come true for me......


#17 Jan 18, 2011
I would love to join lukn4 in the bus, imagine he is gropping her from behind and i'm from front

As I see him gropping her from behind and I see her make no reaction, she is even enjoying , I start to try to get closer to her till I succeeded to stand in front of her. Looking to her in the eyes, I see how much she is enjoying his touch, so I start to get closer more and more till I put one hand over her ti*s and squeeze it as I look in to her eyes

As I see the look in her eyes telling me to continue my other hand is trying to reach under her clothes

One hand is still squeezing her t1ts and the other one finally reach under her clothes touching her fleshy belly , trying to go more down, feel more wet as long as i'm going down toward her p**sy . I feel as if she is trying to hide a moan when I touched her navel. So I go up again and push one finger into that tight hole. As soon as I poke my finger in her navel her tummy goes inside in excitement. I lean with my face more toward her, trying to whisper in her ears, what about continuing this at her home hun? I continue fingering her navel as I'm looking to her eyes waiting for her reply, the other hand is still playing with her t1ts from over the kurti. A hiss comes out from her mouth automatically as I again push my finger in her navel and she move her arm flesh to her mouth to control herself and she signals me to continue some more in the bus. I smile as I continue fingering and squeezing her navel, and I move the other hand down reaching her wet p**sy It's soo wet and hot.

She tells me not to go till her p**sy, with her eyes. I wink to her smiling as I'm watching her fall down into my arms I find the whole of her p**sy and push one finger inside touching my way inside hitting her inner walls. She keeps on saying no to me with her eyes I signal her with my eyes to touch my cock I gives a smile to her as she say no and push two fingers into her p**sy. Moving them in and out faster as I'm squeezing her navel, more. As my hand is inside her leggings I moves my forehand away from her tummy, downwards in such a way that it should pull down her leggings a bit and makes her some of the a*s crack open very little inside the kurthi . I keep on squeezing her navel it’s and now its uncontrolable for her to hide her moaning and want to get down ...without me.

I come to know that she want to move away but I continue gropping her p**sy and navel moving more and more to persuade her, looking into her eyes urging her to take me with her

Most men in the bus is getting jaleous both of us guys as they are not getting the chance to touch her, as I said before a sexy lady like her should be groped

I'm looking at her while she is moving to get down of the bus and I want to follow her, but I'm scared that she would be angry of this, moving behind her, looking at her as she is giving me her back, wishing to have a look from her, I say to myself that if she gave me a look then she agreed.

Bangalore, India

#18 Jan 18, 2011
awesome post casper....a 3some or more is wut i wanna do to the feel of surrounding her wid loads of men....nd grope her all over...have seen a lot of movies.....hope i get a chance to do tht to her.....

Ajmer, India

#19 Jan 19, 2011
some guys here wasted there time to write down that its posted by male or female...i dont know why the fucking they discuss on this that its written by male or female..main issue is gropping...and it can happen to anyone..even with me happened this same thing and there were girl who were enjoying my hard tool on her hips....well if boy can get hard to see any sexy girl so what bad in this that girl is also enjoying that...if boy goes to mall to watching hot hot girls and get fantasise about them so no wonder girl also watch men and they also fantasise abt my thinking sex is most natural way of enjoy and both boy and girl both enjoys equally in sex..its just boys express their needs and thinking easily and for girl its bit hard...


#20 Jan 19, 2011
that's right & I expressed my fantasies with laxmi very well
I wish she would love these fantasies


#21 Jan 19, 2011
1st of all I don't know why some males attack the woman when she expresses her feelings about groping or anything else. why Any girl expresses her feelings like laxmi should be a male pretending to be female? She enjoyed groping, so what?
2nd for me I didn't experience groping before but according to laxmi's experience I would enjoy it too.
If groping is not against the woman's will, why would it be a problem?

Malad, India

#22 Feb 19, 2011
Too nice hope all women are frank n real like you

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