what are the physical differences between indians pakistanis and bangladeshis?

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Brooklyn, NY

#1 Jun 3, 2009
what do people think?
mainly from india pakistan and bangladesh

Exeter, UK

#2 Jun 4, 2009
well when i tink about them the first thing that comes to my mind is indian- very slim, pakistanis- very strong features and bangaldeshi- dark skinned. dont know if im right but thats just my opinion
irfan paki

Brooklyn, NY

#3 Jun 4, 2009
actually bangladeshis as a whole are alot fairer than indians.

pakistanis are the fairest

Exeter, UK

#4 Jun 6, 2009
well its onli skin colour end of the day and as your a pakistani its obvious that ur gona big up pakistanis
irfan paki

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Jun 6, 2009
heres the skin map

as for skin, pakistanis are the fairest, then bangladeshis, then indians, and if you want to include sri lankans, then they are the darkest.

then, as for height, pakistanis are the tallest, then indians, and bangladeshis are the shortest.

as for nose, pakistanis and northwest indians have a long thin pointy nose. other indians have a smaller nose, thats kinda round at the tip.

eastern indians and bangladeshis have a thin pointy nose, but its lenght is not as long as us pakis.

then, us pakistanis have the thickest eye brows.

bangladeshis have the smallest eyes

indians, well i cant really group all indians into one group for facial features. but for color, indians are ALOT darker than us pakistanis.

indians by avverage are also darker than bangladeshis.

look at the map. india is purple, and bangladesh is orange. then the western india is oragne so they cancel out.

then northern-most part of india is fairer than bangladesh, but it covers less land than the purple area, so YEAH.

Exeter, UK

#6 Jun 6, 2009
ok chill out you sound too obssesed im nt bothered hus got a bigger nose or hus skin colour is lighter, were all human at the end of the day

United States

#7 May 27, 2011
BANGLADESHIS ARE SEXYYYY....I am white but I always end up crushing on Bangalis, Pakis r cute too, but no offense, I personally don't like the noses :/
And Indians are like okay...


#8 Jun 21, 2011
Not all 'Pakis' have the same noses! They are a mixture of many races so facial features vary a lot. U haven't seen enough Pakis to judge on their noses. Like for example Jewish noses are notorious.
william quiah

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Feb 22, 2013
Skin colors:pale,tan,brown,dark brown and fair
Eye colors:Black,Brown,Hazel,green ,grey and blue (they have either small eyes or big eyes)
Skin color:pale,fair,tan,brown,dark brown,black
Eye colors:Green,blue,hazel,brown, black,grey (they either have big eyes or small eyes)
Skin colors:pale,fair,dark brown,brown,tan,black
Eye colors: Black,brown,hazel,green,blue,g rey,They mostly have small eyes.
william quiah

Los Angeles, CA

#10 Feb 23, 2013
Bangladeshis are the darkest and shortest and they have small eyes
Pakistanis are the fairest and tallest and they have big dark eyes
Indians are the same color as Pakistanis and mostly are average in height :)
P.S Bangladeshis are darker than Indians
I've been around them Bangladeshis are dark brown and Indians are tan. Tan is brighter than dark brown.
And Indians are taller than Bangladeshis

Bradford, UK

#11 May 11, 2013
he chose funna

Chicago, IL

#12 May 11, 2013
an Indian taxi driver told me that Pakistanis have lighter skin and Pakistanis have much better noses, meaning, Pakistanis are much better looking.

Toronto, Canada

#13 Aug 28, 2013
All this is bullshit india is must larger than pakistan so obviously it has more taller and lighter people than pakistan, northern india is bigger than pakistan itself if pakistanis had better looking ppl why are they not acknowledged and only indian stars are acknowledged. Look at the population difference. Indias got much better looking and taller people than pakiland.

Canberra, Australia

#14 Nov 6, 2013
Worldwide, it is known that Pakistanis are most fraudulent, violent and universally known for violent fraud acts.

Indians are usually good at heart, giving, honest and have a lot of integrity/trustworthiness.

Bangladeshis is full pf poverty and their country is still trying to progress despite being corrupt.

Indians are the sexiest and perfect in looks. They are beautiful inside out. Thats my general opinion.

All these countries should stop fighting eachother and befriend one another. Have good bonds in the flag of the same religion, Islam :)

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Nov 16, 2013
Being a Bangladeshi, I don't agree with any of the physical descriptions given here. I have pretty big eyes and I don't think its correct to say that ALL Bangladeshis have small eyes. Also, the height varies. I've seen a lot of tall Bangladeshis that are near 6". Bangladeshis are mostly light skinned and brown, but never completely dark. Pakistanis have some of the most sharpest features in the Indian subcontinent. I've seen a lot of Indians and they are mostly dark. Only Bollywood stars have fair skin and its mostly because they're either mixed with another race or they're from the northern part of India.

Floral Park, NY

#16 Dec 1, 2013
Pakis are the tallest and fairest.
Indians come in second and Bengalis last.


#17 Dec 6, 2013
No real difference.they look the same except people in the south India.A foreigner cannot differentiate between them.

Montréal, Canada

#18 Jan 13, 2014
This fight entertained me so much

Garden Grove, CA

#19 Jan 20, 2014
Bengalis were actually a tribal ppl in northern India like the Burmese tribes. This is why they look Indian,but have a slight oriental features as well like small chunky eyes, if not small eyes, then small blunt nose, or high cheek bones, and short height. Bengali young men are skinny or slim. But more Bengali youth are now partaking in physical activity's like weightlifting,basketball, soccer, cricket, etc in the west. Pakis look a lot like Indians with middle eastern features, idk why that is. Indians also are made up of tribes like biharis, northeast Indians,etc. So you really can't say all Indians look the same or all bengyz look the same or all pakis look the same. I've seen Bengalis that looked like pakis and Indians. And I've seen Bengalis who look completely Chinese. All in all, the Indian subcontinent is made up of many different people that are from the same "race" but look different becuz of such a diverse gene pool. For example, Bengal region was first inhabited by tribes from Tibet, then conquered by ashoka and gopala the great of India, then Muslims from Persia brought Islam here.

Garden Grove, CA

#20 Jan 20, 2014
Not chunky eyes, chinky eyes is what I meant lol

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