Americans Entrapped In Masonic Square...

Americans Entrapped In Masonic Squares, Circles, And Pyramids

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Since: Sep 13

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#1 Aug 7, 2014
At this time, freemasons all across the globe have been constantly designing chaotic pyramids and squares against their general populace in order to unfold a New World Order. This New World Order will be nothing like anything, any of you have been told! That is why there is a rise in undercover cops at, hotels, motels, apartments, and houses, all across the United States. Within Charlotte, they have been blending in as undercover feds and cops posing as ordinary citizens. Major presences have been witnessed near the Charlotte Douglas Airport! Some undercovers have even been connecting with guests at motels in an attempt to place others on around the clock surveillance. At 1:13pm, on August 7, 2014, the police and the fire department, according to sources, showed up at the Homestead Lodge on Wilkinson Blvd in Charlotte. They appeared, according to sources, to be investigating a fight between one or more African American men. But the truth is that the conspirers had designed things in a way which brought about a physical altercation, prior to, just so they can start making their presence known at that location. From what many guests say, the Homestead Lodge is usually a good place to stay at. But the Prince Hall Masons and the Scottish-rite Masons, along with their many police and fireman units, have brought about chaos as usual in places where they didn't exist before.

The thing with Prince Hall Masons, Scottish-rite Masons, and their sub-fraternities, is when African Americans or Caucasian Americans complain about them, they will never leave that African American or Caucasian American alone; ever! And so it unfolds, that the pyramids and squares are being used to take total control of the general populace. To most people, freemasonic symbols such as the circle and square are not equal in anyway. Unfortunately for you, the circle is equal to the square because they both are 360 degrees, as in looking at the the great pyramid from above, and the four 90 degree angles meeting at the capstone. In the realm which Humans dwell, the highest of intelligence is only of the physical realm. Things they (freemasons) tell each agent (in-tell-agent), that in this realm they are limited to persons, places, and things. Three distinct 90 degree angles, which is 270 in itself that equals nine. Freemasons see no more than 360 degrees. 3+6=9, and the cipher is as far as they go. However, the next realm is the unseen realm, and can only be created in illusion to them. Also, in their realm, or this realm with the many illusions, they make objects appear other than what they actually are. Such is faith and belief.

On this plane, they start from hydrogen on out to Einsteinium, the 99th element, and then even man made elements, "fermium, mendelevium, nobelium, and lawrencium. In the etheric realm we start from ether 1 on back through 99 ethers, making the energies in reverse, and of a different nature. The etheric realm is beyond the element realm. These etheric planes are not perceived by the ordinary eye. In the element realm, the energy which was confined in the square tried to escape. It pushed upward, outward, and downward, which is symbolic of prisoners trying to escape from prison, or humans trying to fight against or escape the New World Order.

Since: Sep 13

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#2 Aug 7, 2014
This constant friction generated heat to the degree that the square could no longer withstand, and an explosion of enormous force occurred. People are becoming more and more educated and is rising against the clones, droids, robots, hybrids, and their superiors, causing massive positive and negative energies to be drawn together. Within the twinkling of an eye, there will be violent confrontations in America against theMilitary, the Feds, the CIA, the NSA, the Civilian Police, The State Troopers, and the local police. This grand event has yet to manifest itself. It is all a grand plan of the Extraterrestrials or Plan-ets (Extraterrestrial plans). As all Earth rulers, the freemasons, and their brute force (Police, FBI, CIA, NSA, and others) merge the circle and the square from an atomic point of view, having to do with the science of sub-microscopic particles or atoms, the energy upon its arrival on the material plane will be manufactured by the conversion or "changing" of certain elements and gases known as hydrogen and helium. They hope to end one thing and start something else (New World Order)!

A friend who stays at the Homestead Lodge In Charlotte stated that Freemasons designed cause and effect, using hotel room guest informants, their nightly security guard, and other chaotic designers and liars against those who were evicted from the motel on August 7, 2014. Such grand designs are being used against the people of Charlotte on a daily basis.

Since: Sep 13

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#3 Aug 7, 2014
Consider if you will, the teachings of Prince Hall freemasons to the African Americans. The Prince Hall Masons and many from the Boule Society, contend that Caucasian Americans are cursed with leprosy, in private to African Americans. Yet, when they get with Scottish-rites and ork-rites, they praise themselves from the accomplishments. They further teach other things about the Caucasian Americans in African American communities in hopes of generating intense hatred. They blame Caucasian Americans, secretly to African Americans, for the upcoming destruction in America, and for the rise in poverty. They are using the "Gavel" or "Mallet", and the "Chisel", to accomplish their tasks. The Gavel is used to pound in their truth as to ignite a race war. And the Gavel, from the teutonic root, means, "to give, and goose." As in the Goose that laid the golden egg, or the primordial egg, out of which the evil gods was hatched (New World Order=Jabulon, Flugelrods, Reptilians, Pleidians, Ashtar Command, etc., takover). Racism is a very powerful tool for freemasons world wide, and from it comes valuable benefits for the Illuminati in Picardy, the Illuminati in Bavaria, the Illuminati in Avignon, the Illuminati in Stockholen, the Rothschilds, the Council of 13, the Council of 33, the Council of 500, the Knights of Columbus, the Shriners, the Prince Hall Masons, the Scottish-rite Masons, the York-rite Masons, the Klu Klux Klan, and the list goes on and on!

The "Mallet" is a double-headed wood end hammer similar to the Gavel. Again, you find the freemasons cutting the stones dealing with humans or earth ground beings. The "Chisel" is used with the Gavel or Mallet to cut the stones (non fraternity affiliates) into perfection, or impose the freemason's will on humanity!

The Gavel or Mallet to the freemasons always represent power and authority. This is why the Gavel or Mallet is used by Courtroom Judges, who are also part of the New World Order conspiracy. The Judge uses the Gavel or Mallet to bring the Court or the Parliament to order or incession. The Judge raises the Gavel, strikes three times, and makes the staement that the court is in order. We may proceed.

The Gavel and Chisel is also the tools being used to enslave you in a world wide web, which you desire, blasephemy, cars, clothes, dance, drugs, food, hobbies, jewelry, money, music, sex, television, and your individual selves. All of these are designs within the workings of master builders, seeking to hatch the primordial eggs!

Since: Sep 13

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#4 Aug 7, 2014
The Judge or freemasons created a line or streams of energy. From the line or energy was created a wall. And from the wall was created the cube or square. Thus, the unformed was given form. The unimaged was given image. These were tools to cut the stones to build the grandest of Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Lodges, Temples, Monuments, and Statutes. That is why back in the 1990's, Preachers use to say that you (stones), were the church. Let not others craft or design you! Let only the Divine Ones guide and develope you into masters! Americans must understand that the line was drawn to separate you from others so that none of you would assemble (Modifying or End of 1st Amendment) and question the works of the crafters ( New World Order Preppers). The wall was designed to divide you into sects or cliques, while your preachers, imams, sheikhs, rabbis, or teachers mentally groomed you. The cube was designed to entrap you so that you could never free yourselves (End of Entrapment laws and Due Process) from the builders nor the workers. Jails and prisons are also symbolic of cubes. And why you all were in this state, they molded you into what they wanted you to become, using jailers or prison staff, the media, crime, drugs, and food, to control you.

President Obama is a sleeper. And by this we mean that it is his job to put you into a hypnotic trance. Digital television allows the message to be more effective, gaining all of your attention! Placing crime within your communities, using State or Federal Government lab rats (Serial Killers, Murders etc), was a sure way to get you to rely on your crafters for further support (Police=Knights). And once the crafters turned up the heat (Crime Worsened), many of you started relying on religious leaders (Bishop=Pagan religions, Methodists, Baptists, Seven Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witness, and others). The above keep you entrapped in the cube which was designed by the Preppers. Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, and countless others rely on the support of homosexuals and lesbians who have been the primordial egg that was recently born. In the 1960's until the 1990's, homosexuals and lesbians were considered outcasts, somewhat. The line and wall was drawn by the crafters to assure that this occurred at that time. The cube design assured that the homosexuals and lesbians stayed within the confines of their edifices until moistness or wind brought about the "correct timing." While in these edifices, homosexuals and lesbians were mentally groomed into believing that they could change the American Constitution with the help of their crafters. Thus, the crafters (freemasons) and the master builders (Judges) used the Gavel or Mallet to pound in their truth (Gay Marriages rights in every state) at the behest of the King (U.S. President) and the Queen (Queen of England), to left angle establish a One World Order. American must understand that the Democratics are the enemies of America and its inhabitants.

Since: Sep 13

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#5 Aug 7, 2014
Homosexuals and lesbians really don't know that they are major pawns in a world wide takeover. All they are concerned about is not being discriminated against, which is also from one of the useful tools of the crafters, as they further shape their stones (homosexuals and lesbians). The Knight (International Militaries) on the Queen's side of the chess board, is responsible for the developement of technology which changes a heterosexual into a homosexual or lesbian. Yet the crafter's workers (scientists) proclaim that all men and women, who are homosexuals or lesbians, are born as homosexuals and lesbians, being trapped in another's body. Since the 1990's, there was a rise in homosexuals and lesbians because within the jails and prisons of America, many inmates were being raped. Other homosexuals and lesbians came from Britain (Paul Revere declared-the British are coming.. in 2 other forms etc.), who also layed the ground work for homosexual and lesbian rights. We are not saying that homosexuals and lesbians shouldn't have rights! But what we are saying is that they should try and understand, why now. After all these years, why is politics playing a very powerful role in forcing each and every State (symbolic of mind conditioning) to enforce the right for gays and lesbians to marry!

Its just like the rise in deaths from the Ebola virus. A line was drawn; meaning that humans were told that everything is under control. A wall was created, despite the many deaths from the virus, they'll convince you to take their word for it alone and denounce all other correct knowledge and reasoning! Then the Gavel was used; meaning they are pounding in their truth above all others in a way that humans won't know what to believe. If the Gavel is pounded thrice, that means they are fashioning you physically, mentally, and then spiritually. From that point, you won't question their authority again. Should you do, the Knight (National Police, State Toopers, City Police, and so-called Civilian Police), on the King's side of the chess board, will be moved towards you. Do you get the point?

Immigration is the third master design of the crafters. Lifting immigration laws will, in no doubt, destroy America as you know it. And the children are the useful pawns in the fashioning of evil world wide. They use children because the when you witness a child in adversity, your heart becomes moved! Its that same affirmation which shall soon enslave you as cattle. Children are only being used for political gain! It would be bes for you to ignore the hype and place the lives of these children into the hands of their Creators, and stop trying to play, "Lords of the Worlds!" Americans emotions is being used against them in ways to assure their doom! Will you awaken from this spell of sleep? Or will you continue to give in as they use the hardships of children to bring about an End Game that is beyond any of the horror these children are encountering?

The police all across America, after the grand design of the NYPD, will continue to wreak havok and cause chaos. We recently spoke with several police and noticed that they were more knowledgable of criminal activity than most criminals! In this form of fashioning by the crafters, they have managed to recruit an army of killers! Unfortunately, the media will continue to cover topics which has nothing to do with whats really going on in neighborhoods around America. Distract you with one or two things, while major landscapes is taking place, is their motto! Wake up America!

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