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“America Must Recover” Are you as mad as hell and not going to take it any longer?
Have you suffered with this regime are willing to prepare for the next battle America must win?
If so, keep reading. If not, go back to your bootlicking.
(Get comfortable and buckle your seat belts)
The mission of the Tea Party is more important than ever before. Our success is the only shining light in the conservative movement. The Dumbo Elephant Party took full advantage of our work as well as the sweat of our backs, and yet, the blind Dumbo’s refused our wise counsel. Look what happened as a result.
This leaves us with little choice but to suck it up, get tougher and prepare for the next battle, which we must win at all costs.
We told the Dumbo Party they should take the following actions:
Ignite confrontation
Be more passionate
Embrace conservative values
Expose Obama’s record for the world to see
Use a “big club” on the ‘junk-yard dog politics’ of the left
But the Dumbo party’s arrogance blinded them to the truth. Despite all forces being in their favor, they lost the most important race in American history and have proven themselves useless.
If it hadn’t been for the Tea Party all conservative seats in the House and Senate would have lost in the last election. The Obama Coup Would Have Been Complete.
Because of the hard work of the Tea Party and patriots like you, conservatives gained or protected:
30 governor seats
230+ seats in the House of Representatives
Many won in their local elections and people have finally realized the Dumbo Party is sick and out-of-touch with reality—and must be put down
The answer is not for Dumbo to embrace amnesty, abortion or sick liberal ideas. It is just the opposite. Why did over 4 million conservative voters who always vote in national elections refuse to vote in this one?
Maybe it was to send a message to the Elephant Dumbo Party they didn’t earn their vote because they have gone far to the left. Had the Dumbo’s embraced a strong conservative platform, today we would be preparing for Obama’s deportation as the moving van pulled up to the White House.
Listen up. The Tea Party shall not and will not play it safe, shall not and will not stay in the shallow waters.
We are as mad as hell and getting angrier by the minute. We are going to expose “America’s Fraud President” without ceasing. America thinks we were as mad as hell before, they are going to find out exactly how furious we really are.
America is clearly a divided nation looking for strong, no-nonsense leadership with conservative values. The Tea Party is the last remaining stronghold of conservative values in America; we must not stop but instead turn up the heat and the volume and scream louder than ever before: WE ARE NOT BACKING DOWN! WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!
The liberal Obamites used the big “LIE” to fool the masses into submission. But how?
Lame Stream media baby fed the great unwashed masses lies with such straight-faces that a few tea drinkers believede. The great propaganda machine never stopped.
The Blame Stream Media drive-by journalists set the stage with their hooey so the Obamites could follow up with fat government entitlements, discourage honest work and create a free-loading mass of subsidy takers.
L.I.E.– pay them to believe anything!
L – Limited
I – Information
E – Electorate
The Lame Stream Media is giving lies to the Electorate so incorrect conclusions could be drawn and the entitlement crowd would pledge their souls to the Obamite regime!
[The Tea Party is NOT talking about good-hearted citizens between jobs needing short-term unemployment support…or challenged in some manner.]
We're referring to bribery on a wholesale level.