Most American women are worthless

Ajax, Canada

#798 Nov 26, 2013
My. Mom work. of cop


#799 Nov 26, 2013
Nuff said.

Since: Nov 13

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#800 Nov 26, 2013
Women are wonderful!!! Can't live without mine!!!

Hendersonville, NC

#802 Dec 7, 2013
please change my oil.

Since: Dec 13

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#804 Dec 13, 2013
I agree. I only love american men! Why is that such a sin.

Since: Dec 13

United States

#805 Dec 14, 2013
Six_Of_One wrote:
<quoted text>
Here's a hint for you. If you want a good American woman you will need to learn not to speak. Your words are instant relationship poison.
Hey BUTCH, The "MAN" has spoken!

Since: Dec 13

United States

#806 Dec 14, 2013
lozz wrote:
<quoted text>
Aww someone is b*tthurt about the progress India is making so he makes sweeping generalizations. Hey you dumb*ss unwashed paki, India is 169 per cent better than your sh*tty hometown so cry me a river and run for your momma and shut the f*ck up.
You forgot; Get three paces behind and vail that mustached man-owned kisser and show some femininity for mans sake

Since: Dec 13

United States

#807 Dec 14, 2013
Wait a second....that was a man?!!! In that case .... Go blow a camel you freaking "dune-coon"

Alwar, India

#809 Apr 2, 2014
Chat with me any american woman intrsted..

Minooka, IL

#811 Jun 16, 2014
What a whinging, whining loser. You are so incredibly transparent. You are nothing more than a bitter, lonely, scared person with a psychotic ego. What do you bring to the table if you can't even attract ONE man? And only a lesser person can over- generalize countless (good) men. Nobody wants YOU. As a sick misandrist you can spend what remains of your broken existence and find ; what else: a nice man- hating female. Boy, are you pitiful.

Providence, UT

#812 Jul 12, 2014
The OP was touching on a national phenomenon. There is in fact subcults of men (in large numbers) who have totally given up on American/Western females. The "American Women Suck" adage has gained momentum. I myself have always been a little disgusted with American women, but now they are off-the-hook kind of stupid and nutsola. They're all completely insane, lazy, self serving, greedy, and dishonest. I found love in India. Holy cow do those girls know how to treat men! It's true of most all foreign women, and American men have been duped into believing that mouthy, emotional fat turd on their sofa is a great thing. Go foreign, you'll never go back.
Inscrutable chinaman

Riverside, CA

#813 Aug 6, 2014
American women work,no cook,no clean,no diggy diggy. I come to country,bring china wife. good woman,make rice,tend oxen,pleasure man first,then self.
American wife fat,rude,selfish and keep home like ox

“Behave Yourself”

Since: Jul 07

Fort Worth, Texas

#814 Aug 7, 2014
Inscrutable chinaman wrote:
American women work,no cook,no clean,no diggy diggy. I come to country,bring china wife. good woman,make rice,tend oxen,pleasure man first,then self.
American wife fat,rude,selfish and keep home like ox

Ashburn, VA

#815 Sep 28, 2014
sunssuck wrote:
<quoted text>
Shut up. Men are awesome. just cause no one wants you doesn't mean you have to lash out at all of us.
how about you shove it and realize petty insults will get you f**k off.
Beelzebub Hook

Tustin, CA

#816 Nov 22, 2014
Inscrutable chinaman wrote:
American women work,no cook,no clean,no diggy diggy. I come to country,bring china wife. good woman,make rice,tend oxen,pleasure man first,then self.
American wife fat,rude,selfish and keep home like ox
The problem is Chinese women, especially if young, will quickly can degenerate once they get to America, this is common knowledge. And there is no shortage of highly narcissistic women in China, worse is the sex ratio imbalance which is only adding to the nightmare that many Chinese women are today. Still they are generally much better than American women especially young ones who have lifestyles that more resemble that of a jaded prostitute. And its common knowledge you cant make a wife out of a wh*re, good luck with that one.
It not that its only American women that are useless, it has to do with the amount of forced unmerited wealth transfers and extensive entitlement programs that cause women to be more useless than they would otherwise be, the more women are given the more useless they become.
no fatties 4 me

Comstock Park, MI

#817 Jan 23, 2015
Women didn't build everything you see around you. They are pretty much worthless except for poonanny.

Suncook, NH

#819 May 22, 2015
An American woman will illegally run a pedestrian walk light yet yell at the pedestrians that they are a-holes and to get out of the street. And act like they are in her way because her clinically obese lard butt needs to get home to snort more pills. But she is the one that calls the cops on you when you yelled at her to "look out" but she will lie to the cops that you threatened her when you didn't. It wasn't enough for her to scare you but she needs to lay it on thick by making false accusations. But of course in the USA the cops will side with the woman each and every time. Even with a crowd of witnesses you get into trouble... and meanwhile she's got a lawsuit on McDonalds because they made her fact and it couldn't be the fact that she chose to eat there for breakfast lunch and dinner while she mooched off tax payer money and a divorce settlement in a country that doesn't believe in equality but rather punish men all the time. But as a man if you burp fart or sneeze the wrong way you are Mean Mr. Man but this same woman can male bash all day long.. And there you have a good example of American Hypocrisy. Meanwhile women in the USA accuse people of being afraid of strong confident women when there is a big difference between being a "strong confident woman" and just being a "fat loud mouthed user skank who thinks she can run over people because she's upset her drug dealer was late". Welcome to the United States.

Suncook, NH

#820 May 22, 2015
ps.. fat not fact.
man kind

Atlanta, GA

#821 Jun 18, 2015
In order for Man to find his equal he must become a homosexual. I am a straight man and have come to the conclusion that women are just not emotionally nor physically a match that's why men have been protectors since the beginning and the femal has been submissive since then. A woman is nothing more than an attractive child minded unevoled attempt of a man. They can't reason they can't understand logic. They live life from one unstable emotion to the next.

Phoenix, AZ

#822 Jun 24, 2015
I completely agree. American women are useless. When I was growing up we saw women contributing and they did not have a sense of entitlement. Now you see 40 year old ladies with 3 kids with an attitude. No thanks everyones going to the Philippines to get serious and find a real wife. American women suck

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