Most American women are worthless

Brunswick, GA

#768 Feb 22, 2013
I really don't even know what to say. All that I have read is crazy but alot is true.I just got married and I want to make my husband happy.We wake up together eat the meals I cook together and always sleep together.He is my everything, most women i know talk shit about me and put me down saying I am scared of my man. They are ignorant. It is my pleasure and my place to be open honestand obedient to my husband. And he is honest with me. I want our marriage to last and the only way for that is to put each other first. Before i do anything I ask myself is this respectful to me and him

Brunswick, GA

#769 Feb 22, 2013
To the man with the friend driving a vet. He is a man hoe and trust he ant fooling anyone.The women sleeping with him would do it even if they knew he is homeless. Sorry i didn't know Im not suppose to say ugly words

Little Rock, AR

#771 Feb 23, 2013
You know what??! If you got a problem with American women in America,here's what you do: Go to the airport and get on a jumbo jet and LEAVE!! We won't miss you!
Walrus Penis

United States

#772 Feb 24, 2013
Doctor REALITY wrote:
You know what??! If you got a problem with American women in America,here's what you do: Go to the airport and get on a jumbo jet and LEAVE!! We won't miss you!
Your wife will when I stop sliding her my big Italian sausage.

How about you leave America,you whiny limp wristed douche.
Long haul

Huntington Beach, CA

#773 Feb 24, 2013
I spent $20 today on some big breasted tramp I picked up at a truck stop.she had a big beehive hairdo and reminded me of Flo on that old show Alice. Boy did that gal give me my money's worth and more! For my $20 she let me have sex with her three times over the course of an hour. She blew me,gave me a boob screw and let me come inside her without protection.

I don't know,but of she's any indication I'd say American women are far from worthless.
Coktimus Prime

Akron, OH

#774 Feb 24, 2013
American chicks are way too entitled. I would rather have a submissive chick.
Eric Von Zipper

Huntington Beach, CA

#775 Feb 25, 2013
Coktimus Prime wrote:
American chicks are way too entitled. I would rather have a submissive chick.
Any chick is submissive if you beat her enough.American guys have turned into pussys.Chicks want men to dominate and take them like in the caveman days. But yeah,like,I dig your point about them being spoiled.

Long Beach, NY

#779 Jun 22, 2013
Alpha Omega Game wrote:
I can't say because I haven't met MOST american women.
Then you should consider yourself blessed!
C Horse

Kolkata, India

#781 Jun 26, 2013
Joshua wrote:
Go to India, marry a woman there- and burn her when youre tired of her.
OR-- better yet, make her life SO miserable she burns herself to death!
I hear you can actually get a nifty wrist watch this way.
hey josh
Ive heard that usa is no better..actually worse. Most Americans are non religious and the few who say they are Christians are only pretending to be devout cristians, but are actually not. At least not in their thought, actions or behaviour. Most Americans it is believed are closet satanists who owe their allegiance to secret satanic socities like the freemasons and the rosacrucians, who inturn link back in some way or another to the illuminati. All americans are spying on each other. This is your culture. What more do you want to is all but non existent in America. What ever little exists, even there there is distrust and spying within the family is rampant. Most of you are heartless, souless creatures that slave for the military industrial complex that kills millions of people around the world each year. YOU ARE MAFIA NO.1 To call you a terrorist would be an understatement. If there is one thing I could do and get away with, would like to shit on the face of your cia chief. And if God permits then shit on the face of every white upper class american shepheard who makes up top 10% of the population. I hope you enjoyed the rant. And its all for free!
C Horse

Kolkata, India

#782 Jun 26, 2013
Jake Bumblebee wrote:
How things got like this is no mystery. It has to do with accountability and privileges it is really that simple. The state and courts have become highly invasive into our personal lives, this was not so even 60 or so years ago. The lies of radical feminism (mostly man hating lesbians) have drastically changed laws, basically designed to destroy relationships with men and the families they create. So this is no accident.
usa = MOCK DEMOCRACY. Hence even the question of restoring democracy does not arise. Because you can only restore something that previously happened to exist. The whole world knows this, except the sheep glued to their 55inch tv.
C Horse

Kolkata, India

#783 Jun 26, 2013
Those ugly Womens can't even teach Boys/girs to grow up to be real mans/womens to make world Peace and not wars.
I agee. The American woman has become a facilitator of war and all things evil.
Boob Handler

Riverside, CA

#784 Aug 3, 2013
I've gotten to the point where I simply don't give a damn about womens feelings or take them seriously anymore.

Explain to me why just because a woman has tits and a pussy she thinks that entitles her to mooch of a man for a living instead of getting a job.

Feminism has been telling me for the last 40 years that women want to be treated equally and that they can do anything a man can do,including earning their own money. Women don't seem to believe that thought,they want to pick one from column a and one from column b.

Even if they do work they still expect the man to pay for everything.

Its gotten to the point where I just don't care anymore. I just pay a whore for sex,I come three or four times pay her and she leaves.
Boob Handler

Riverside, CA

#785 Aug 3, 2013
I do agree that American women are by far the worst offenders,the only problem is that you're pretty much stuck dating them as the lesser races don't have breasts as large and attractive as the white American women do.

Women don't also seem to understand our needs.My last girlfriend wouldn't even let me fondle or grope her breasts I public.
Slaughter the walrus

Los Angeles, CA

#786 Aug 4, 2013
One of the great joys of my life was when my wretched bitch of a wife filed for divorce because she got bored and cheated on me,then three days before the court date she and her new boyfriend were killed riding on her boyfriends motorcycle. I laughed about it for almost 12 months after it happened and still hope shes spinning on a spit down in hell.

The greatest service we can do for young men today is to educate them early on to never marry.

Norwich, UK

#788 Aug 6, 2013
Most americans are worthless, Especially the American Government. Pieces of SHIT!

“Behave Yourself”

Since: Jul 07

Fort Worth, Texas

#789 Aug 10, 2013
hunter wrote:
Most americans are worthless, Especially the American Government. Pieces of SHIT!
I believe the same could be said about the British and Britain's government, my friend. Remember the old addage, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones."

Johnson City, TN

#790 Aug 10, 2013
amen they are worthless for everything but sex

Since: Jun 12

Location hidden

#791 Aug 10, 2013
They can get pregnant and can have babies and can stick daddy with child support for 20 years so plan accordingly and do not believe them when they state they use birth control because they can also lie.

Sunnyvale, CA

#792 Aug 10, 2013
I am going to do a poo soon.

Since: Nov 13

Location hidden

#797 Nov 26, 2013
Anti FemiNazi wrote:
Oh, please, give me a break. These women on here that put on that false front: I love my husband. He treats me like a queen, and I treat him like a king. Come on, you're not fooling me with that "Leave It To Beaver" crap. Women nowadays have that "I demand guys to roll the red carpet out for me" mentality. You walk like your s#!$ don't stink, looking at a guy, giving him the hand, and rolling your eyes, without getting to know him. You all cry the same song: I want a nice guy, and a nice guy approaches you, the Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde persona comes out. You all go all judgmental when a nice guy does approach you, and tries to engage in a intelligent conversation. Yes, I have dated foreign women, and it's like night and day. At least when you approach, and have an intelligent conversation with them, they listen, interested, and are not judgmental. If you notice "Mental" in judgmental, that explains the typical Feminazi worthless American women.
Here's a hint for you. If you want a good American woman you will need to learn not to speak. Your words are instant relationship poison.

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