Looking for lawsuits in Michigan agai...

Traverse City, MI

#67 Mar 22, 2014
I am ready to join a suit in Michigan or even a federal suit.
they are kidnappers

Washington, DC

#69 Apr 8, 2014
they are kidnappers

Washington, DC

#70 Apr 8, 2014
St Clair county pcs workers are just low sown kidnappers I started my law suit I encourage everyone to exposs them
they are kidnappers

Washington, DC

#71 Apr 8, 2014
St Clair county cps are heartless not in your kids best interest just paid kidnappers heartless and money Hungry
mike richard

Dearborn Heights, MI

#72 Apr 18, 2014
I want to have a law suit against cps. of false allegation my daughter says bout people but cps only looks at me. need help with it 7343347887
on board

Sparta, MI

#73 Apr 18, 2014
This State is messed up in how it handles most everything, very sad.

Since: Apr 14

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#74 Apr 23, 2014
im writting on behalf of my daughter she has been dealing with DHS and cps for about 4 yrs now CPS and DHS case workers that are in this for a paycheck my daughter's case started when my oldest grandson was 1 1/2 yrs old his father's girlfriend had bit my grandson's arm to teach him a lesson thats when CPS and DHS got involved my grandson's father is currently still with girl that bit my grandson.His father took the blame for his girlfriend told them he bit his son what kind of father would do that well they went to court his girlfriend lost her children but later got them back plus she also had 2 more kids my daughter was saddened she wasnt allowed to have her son she has been fighting with cps and dhs and the court she also has 3 other children my granddaughter which she gets to see she has visitation with her while my oldest grandson's father denied her visits my daughter went to the friend of the court told her its up to the father which again isnt fair ..the 2 other children are in foster homes there hasnt never been a investigation my 2 yr old grandson was taken out of the hopsital after he was born and placed in a foster home without contacting any of the familly my daughter has a learning disability when she went to court they never explained what the papers were just told her to sign that she would be reunited back with her baby that wasnt the case the worker what she was doing so my daughter signed them after the case worker told her her rights have been terminated my daughter tried to appeal it and was denied again a year later my daughter got married and was pregnant CPS and DHS found out they came to the hospital and took the baby away from the parents the worker who took this case was the same worker who told my daughter the paper she signed in court was to unify the baby back with his mother LIES LIES so this foster care worker took my 4th grandchild and placed him in foster care she told my daughter she had a friend who couldnt have anymore children she wanted to take my grandson and give it to her friend which is BS she has also broken a HIPPA LAW what happened privacy so my daughter only got to bond with her child for a year then went to court 17th of april when they told that they couldnt provide a home for the baby which my daughter and son n law have a very apartment she gets disability and he has a job thats not good enought i guess for the state they both have done 3 different parenting classes psysh evaluations drug testing counseling etc... tho still not good enough the courts and dhs cps and foster care workers are all in this for a paycheck making money off taking kids from homes offering gift certificates to be foster parents they have taken so many kids away from families and have now where to place them my daughters case worker has belittled her made feel stupid need to file class action civil suit against this messed up state michigan is so broke they do just about anything to make money

Since: Apr 14

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#75 Apr 23, 2014
macomb county wrote:
I agree, there IS strength in numbers. We need a lawyer to assist us! Is anyone out there willing to do GOD'S work?! By this, I mean to work for what is right! To return children to their parents who are fit to take care of them and / or have family who could help. I am so sick & tired of DHS / CPS lies and corruption! Maybe all of us who are interested should meet soon. I live in Macomb County, Michigan.
your right michigan is corrupt maybe we should all meet i know what your going through been there with my daughter through all this breaks my heart cause my daughter has done everything the courts,cps and dhs has asked its never enough for them
they are kidnappers

Washington, DC

#77 Jul 17, 2014
CP's in st clair county is HORRIBLE!! They are paid kidnappers!! Let's start a law suit and get them! So many innocent kids are hurting!!! Taken for no reason!! There a fake and a fraud!!!if u have kids stay away from st clair county Mi!!

Washington, DC

#78 Jul 17, 2014
CP's in st clair county Mi are Horrible!! Heartless things!! Amy Bennet Sondra left leg lol!! And Rory ayott are non carring wimps!! They kidnap kids for a money!!! I hope there kids if they have any find out who they are one day!!! Let's start a law suit they are tearing kids apart from there family!! How can they sleep at night? Cause there HEARTLESS

Silver Spring, MD

#79 Aug 26, 2014
Im going through hell right now with wayne co and macomb co Cps. My newborn son was taken from me at the hospital after I tested positive for a medicine that was prescribed to me from my doctor. What's not making sense to me is that my 8 yr old son is still in my home with me. I have done drug test after drug test and each one has been negative. They Cps workers are trying to get my rights terminated all because I lost custody of my 2 older boys 10 yrs ago.. I get 3 hrs a week to hold my now 5 week old son and that's not enough time for us to bond. I've gone to one court hearing and was told nothing bit while waiting for my day in court I witnessed a woman who had 6 kids one of which was the same age as my new baby who not only tested positive for a number of illegal drugs but who beat her older 5 kids get her kids back in her home,but I was told I was the danger to my son and that he was staying in foster care.. My heart breaks more and more each day not being able to be the one who takes care of him..
Sabrina A Gater

Detroit, MI

#80 Sep 15, 2014
I had a hearing in 2012 about non cooperation with child supportthe judgment was in my favor. two years later have not received any of my benefits I have called my worker her name is miss A Caldwell. no response I'm calling her supervisor miss Williams no responseI even called the district manager no one will return my phone call or let me know what's going on with my case if you can help me out please give me a call 31398391 8498 office is on greenfield. & joy road.

Taylor, MI

#81 Sep 21, 2014
macomb county

Utica, MI

#82 Sep 21, 2014
Jessica wrote:
http://www.petition2congress.c om/3499/cps-family-court-corru ption/
Thanks so much for posting this link! We ALL need to sign this! Keep us updated regarding this petition!

United States

#84 Sep 26, 2014
I'm currently having issues with my local DHS. I need Medicaid in order to get MRI's but the DHS just closed my case because we took too long. My wife and I delivered all info in person and were waiting for approval. A couple weeks went by so we called and left a message and never recieved a return call. A couple more weeks went and we recieved the letter saying they closed my case. I have two young children and my life depends on Medicaid going through. I've had nothing but problems dealing with them and I'm done messing with them. Is there a lawyer or anyone I can contact to move this along. I can't wait 2 more months. Please help.

Smithfield, UT

#85 Sep 30, 2014
While many on here had their children taken away and are ticked, I want to sue Michigan's CPS because they DID NOT remove my granddaughter after 6 years of complaints for lots of family members - we did get her at age 12. I have fMRI Scans and SPECT scans that show the damage to the child's brain when left in these homes were women put up with a man abusing them and allow them to assault their children. Women also abuse children and neglect them trying to get their own needs met do them growing up in a dysfunctional family as well. These women, who do not protect their children, need to be charged as well.

My granddaughter suffered in so many ways due to being left in that abusive and neglectful situation. Now at 15 she has been left with many emotional issues and struggles everyday - trying to feel somewhat as if she is normal.

To make it all bad the prosecutor did not file any charges against the parents - they just gave her to my son - thus leaving the door open and CPS to eventually return her brothers back in that situation - at 3 years old they were displaying severe behavioral problems - unbelievable.

By not charging the parents she is not eligible for victims rights money to pay for the therapy that she needs - When I have posed this to the prosecutor - she does not want to address the issue.

On behalf of my granddaughter - and even kids who have died in these cases, I will find a way to get this situation in front of legislators.

Battle Creek, MI

#86 Oct 1, 2014
Tamara wrote:
I recently became ill & started having seizures. Was diagnosed w/Epilepsy & informed by my nuerologist that MI state law states I was unable to drive until seizure free for 6 months. I live in a rural area, no busses or taxi's & little job opportunities. I applied for cash assistance. I started applying in Dec 2011, heard nothing in Dec, January. I called & called & was finally told the case worker I had been calling & leaving messages for was not my case worker. I started calling the new case worker. She was rude, mean and just horrible. I explained my situation how I was sick & diagnosed with Epilepsy & legally was unable to drive. She told me I would get a form telling me I needed to attend a MI Works program. She told me to ignore that & that she would send me a JETS form I needed my Doctor to fill out. He did stating I was unable to drive. I sent it in. Still no calls, no letters. After finally getting through I was told I was denied for not attending the MI Works first program I was told by my case worker not to go to. It was a deliberate act on my nasty case worker. I contacted her boss & the head of that DHS office, no returned calls. I finally contacted the Governors office in Lansing with the problem. Once the Governors office got involved the calls were coming in left & right. It tok me 6 months to get cassh assistance to help me pay my bills.$160 a month. And they are now taking my $240 monthly child support payment. SERIOUSLY. I have worked my entire life since I was 13 years old as a Car Hop at an A&W. This is what help I recieved. This is Michigan, This is our government, this is the ridiculous ass-backwards Department of Human Services. I want to know what can be done to put make the world aware of the tax-payers financial drain on funding this nonsense. Thier taxpayer dollars is not doing very much to help me but instead is funding the paychecks of all those useless lying do nothing employees of the DHS?

Good luck with that, I've been fighting DHS the whole way. They want you to give up. I have lost my job and have not worked for 3 months, and have been actively job hunting. I pretty much gone through my savings to pay rent and other bills, and have done away with cable, and do little food shopping. With the help of an office in my doctors office I was able to get approved for health insurance through you guessed it, DHS. Even though I was approved, a few weeks later they wanted proof of my citizenship, even though I'm already in their system. Through experience, even if you send in all the paper work, mailed it twice, and even took it down in person, I got denied because they say they never got it. So this time I mailed it to local DHS and Lansing, and faxed it to both. Then I finally got a part-time job, 8.15 an hour, only 16 hours / wk. tops, and doing the right thing I reported it within the 10 days required, had my employer fill out the required form, and by next week I get another letter saying my insurance is denied because I make too much......... are you kidding me ????? this is crap what recourse do I have, I think the hearing to appeal this decision will be a joke, can I sue DHS ??? Is there any legal action I can take. This is soooooo stressful and frustrating.
Rory Ayott is horrible

Port Huron, MI

#87 Dec 1, 2014
Heartless wrote:
CP's in st clair county Mi are Horrible!! Heartless things!! Amy Bennet Sondra left leg lol!! And Rory ayott are non carring wimps!! They kidnap kids for a money!!! I hope there kids if they have any find out who they are one day!!! Let's start a law suit they are tearing kids apart from there family!! How can they sleep at night? Cause there HEARTLESS
Rory Ayott is horrible I hope she never ever has kids no one should act as horrible as her
grandma L

Saint Augustine, FL

#88 Dec 4, 2014
Jackie Hart wrote:
I have been fighting for my granddaughter for over 2 years now and just for the record, she was taken from her home illegally one night and dragged to a van and taken away. I know because I was there along with my oldest daughter and her cousins.She was never abused nor neglected by her mother nor her father. My only granddaughter has been part of my life since the day she was born. I was fully approved to take my granddaughter. I followed through with everything that was asked of me, home study, paperwork, etc., but they did not follow through with any of the things they were supposed to do. They denied me because I went above the supervisor and called the director. Now they are getting ready to adopt her out . If anyone has went through this, I would love to here from you.
Devastated grandparent
I have been through the ringer on this and have been going through the courts for years. I still have an appeal pending. My grandchildren were taken in Muskegon County, I live in another state at one point I got custody brought them home only to have Michigan CPS file an appeal and come 1000 miles to another state and rip them out of my home.. I have recordings of the case worker teaching the children I tell lies. My granddaughter crying because her foster parents were going to punish her because she was with me for 10 minutes alone during a supervised visit. i am licensed for foster care a registered nurse and also a devastated grandma
grandma L

Saint Augustine, FL

#89 Dec 4, 2014
fustrated grandmother wrote:
<quoted text> your right michigan is corrupt maybe we should all meet i know what your going through been there with my daughter through all this breaks my heart cause my daughter has done everything the courts,cps and dhs has asked its never enough for them
I have tried for years to get my grandchildren it's very corrupt. I am also a grandma

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