why are black women so mean to me

Portage, MI

#214 Aug 22, 2012
Black women are the meanest species on this earth. I have children with a black woman and they happen to be young women but, I'm afraid that one day they too will turn out to be just as mean as there mother. I myself being a black man understands there struggle and i know the cards they were dealt but still ..... I think i would rather kill myself if i had to walk around mad and angry every day. Sisters pull it together y'all losing your black men and you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Saltville, VA

#215 Aug 28, 2012
get away from them then you know dam well not every black person cares about white people..

put yourself in danger for??

United States

#216 Sep 2, 2012
Aidyn wrote:
<quoted text>
Lol get him!

United States

#217 Sep 2, 2012
RayofSunshine wrote:
Lol,it's funny how other races think that we want to be another race. True enough some do, but the majority of us don't. We know that without the black race there wouldn't be an America we helped to build this country. I'm a light skin BLACK girl, very happy with my self I don't have to worry about tanning my skin, filling my lips with poison worrying about if my boyfriend hates how big my ass is and crying about how flat and stringy my hair is. Black is beautiful, and if you met an angry sister, she waspp probably angry before she ran into you.
This is how arrogant a lot of people are from different races they think they are so great they swear up and down blacks what to look and be like them I find it quite pathetic

United States

#218 Sep 2, 2012
lifes a beach wrote:
<quoted text>
Women in general are moody; or are you so blinded by color that you failed to notice that? Just because you were around a couple of snotty white women; doesn't make them all so. Am I to think every black girl acts a certain way just because I see SOME acting that way? White girls are just like other people to; perhaps you should talk your own advice and not engage in stupid stereotyping because frankly you look like a loudmouth hypocrite with that bost. Btw, don't like Americans you are free to leave anytime. And I can assure you that with an attitude like that; that's one less mouthy, obnoxious American the rest of us have to deal with.
Check mate! Lol

United States

#219 Sep 2, 2012
dreamiii wrote:
Mh maybe it could be your attitude or personality. or maybe they just dont like you. I knew alot of hispanic girls and most of them have snobby attitudes.(those are just the ones i came across). and im not saying you have an attitude. Or probably they're jealous or intimidated. you'll never know unless you ask.
The same here I came across many hispanic women with nasty attitudes but I think they are all this way because came across some that were some of the sweetest women I ever met the stereotypes need to stop!

Hyannis, MA

#220 Sep 19, 2012
Readbetweenthelines'midle'fing r' u all

Mississauga, Canada

#221 Nov 10, 2012
roxy wrote:
Black women r not mean we are just misunderstood. I am black and was raised overseas. I also went to private school were I was the only black girl. You have no idea some of the stuff we go through just because of our skin. So next time you judge a black women, think of everything she been through. I takes a lot to be a black girl!
Yeah it takes alota work to be middle eastern too and I have black women hating on me for no reason. I was at work today and some random black girls went up to my co-worker pointed at me and yelled she stinks lmao like how do you explain and I don't even stink btw

Lake Worth, FL

#222 Nov 22, 2012
Just because someone looks doesn't mean they are, it just how there face is...people always think I'm mad, which makes me mad because they always assing...I honestly believe they are jealous because your boyfriend is cute(assuming) and they feel that he shouldn't be with you because of your race, he should be with a black girl.. And because he's black they assume you are showing him off in way(that's why they said you think you cute!),like I have him and You don't...Unfortunetly that's the reality..they are jealous that your boyfriend chose a Latin girl instead of a blck girl~like you took there man cause he black..I've seen this happen a lot of time..Don't worry about them haters, there is nothing you can do...try smiling more and look more friendly not fierce but don't pay them
Much attension!..they are jealous!!...sorry for lateness...

Masontown, PA

#223 Nov 22, 2012
youtube.com/watch... ……Elf Rant or just a chump white probally? I dunno,,just some girlies I quess?

Dacula, GA

#224 Nov 26, 2012
1st off I'm black and proud. I luv being who I am! We been through alot...think bout it we were hated just because of our color for many years..my great grandmother which is 100 yrs old from Alabama who is black & Indian hates whites with no? That's because she was raised to fear them they killed her dad when she was younger and shit still goes on like that in the world today we had to fight our whole lives for everything....for education alot falls on history white man not letting us get one wanted us to be dumb so it sometimes carried on as a cycle .. I luv all we are all God children but history made no I mean man made us this way not just blacks they hated anyone that wasn't. White (Indians,Jews,Latino etc)

United States

#225 Feb 21, 2013
Black girls rock. We are all not mean we can be kind beautiful and optimistic. Plus stupid everybody can be mean the world as a whole can be mean. Black women are not all mean lol its true think about silly :)
Black man

United States

#226 Feb 22, 2013
Am a black man and I swear I have always wondered the same so I googled and found this thread!! Lol
It is GENERALLY true that women can be moody but gosh the level of moodiness in a lot of black women is ughh...I have dated and been friends with other races but the level of drama and anguish with black women is on another level. I dont personally believe their behavior is down to jealousy but whatever it is i have always had more grief with black girls way more than other races..Pls sisters look at what people are saying .. There's no smoke without fire, just my 2 cents.

Clayton, NC

#228 Feb 27, 2013
im white girl and always been nice to black women.saying thanku when they hand me something at the burger king window.the thing is she never says u welcome or never says have a nice day,but i still always say thanku evertime i go their like when she hands me my drink first thank,burger fries,thanku.i do that cuz it makes her look bad by not saying u welcome.i would never bring myself to that level.cuz that make her look bad by being rude.when its black people in front of me shes hey boo and all that kind of stuff and she be like u welcome when they black.the black women that act this way r self haters.they take it out on the person that they can never be.the thing is they will never never ever admit it.plenty of black men told me this they hate white women for numbers of reasons good hair,long eye lashes,blue,green eyes,skin tone,makes front cover of magazine,chris rock even made a movie about black women dont like their hair.

Durham, NC

#229 Feb 27, 2013
black women are mean to asian women because they're jealous of their NATURAL REAL hair and nice skin.

black men are mean to everyone because they're the MOST INSECURE people on this planet who only care about their dick size and bagging bitches and hoes.

Black people in general are the most judgmental and racist people on this planet. As soon as anyone walks into a room, they are immediately judging them on their looks and skin color.

They self-perpetuate the racism that exists in this society.
Mary Lou

Kansas City, MO

#231 May 15, 2013
It is not hard to be nice

Since: Jun 12

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#232 May 15, 2013
latinbettie wrote:
I try to befriend them and still, they dont like me, theyl even throw in a "you think you cute?" and im like i never said that, now i know not all are like that but i noticed a pattern of this what gives?
Don't worry about it. I like you!

Arlington, TX

#233 May 16, 2013
She called me dumb and stupid and I'm only 9 sometimes I want to kill myself

Since: Jun 12

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#234 May 20, 2013
Jada wrote:
She called me dumb and stupid and I'm only 9 sometimes I want to kill myself
You want to kill yourself because someone called you dumb and stupid?

Since: Jun 12

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#235 May 20, 2013
Seriously, just consider the source and forget it.

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