Maybe you bought Fgtech Galletto V53,but when you install or run software ,you find there is problem, fgtech galletto 2 v53 does not work? how to fix it? Here ADKautoscan sharing how to solve your problem of fgtech V53

Firstly, we have to make sure fgtech v53 hard disk is NTFS format, do not use FAT32.

Make sure every drive letter is NTFS, and better again partition hard disk.
Change the computer time as: 2013.1.1 2. Intel processor Core=2000Hz RAM =2.0GB computer configuration
3. Delete all of the old FGtech software in the computer.
4. Unload anti-virus software.

please use USB fix software to fix the USB first before you can't open eobd.exe,FGtech V53 USB fix software:

FGtech V53 USB fix download.rar

then pls try again !