Blaming Israel for carnage

Blaming Israel for carnage

There are 121873 comments on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram story from Jul 22, 2006, titled Blaming Israel for carnage. In it, Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that:

Most media outlets aren't providing news of Israel's barbaric air raids on Lebanon with fairness and integrity.

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Richmond, VA

#135744 Jul 6, 2014
waleed sadat wrote:
<quoted text>
Boundaries and cultures exist and change with the time. Maps change, countries are born and die and are reborn. The sense that the Middle East should be all ARAB is not justified because many civilizations have tried to exist there. Establishing a small parcel of land called Israel is fair given the historical connection to the land.


Today's modern, Ashkenazi Zionists have absolutely no "historical connection to the land".

This fact has been proven both genetically and via archeology:

1.“New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine”
EXCERPTS “ On December 14, 2012, Dr. Eran Elhaik turned almost two generations of Jewish genome research upside down.
“But he went even further. The young Israeli-American geneticist has charged former researchers with academic fraud, and he has the research to back it up.”

“How could those those eminent Jewish scientist before him have been so wrong? Easy says Dr. Elhaik,“First these researchers decided what conclusions they wanted to find, and then they set off to find evidence to support it.” I was not bashing Jewish scientists. What Elhaik has described is a slam dunk fraud.

“But why? Why would Jews who take such pride in the academic achievement risk exposing themselves to a group deception which was bound to be discovered later? Dr. Elhaik does not delve into the quicksand of the politics,” CONTINUED



EXCERPT "In his article “Deconstructing the Walls of Jericho“, appearing in Ha’aretz (29 October 1999), Ze’ev Herzog calls the mention of Israel on the stele a reference to “population group of nomads” who most probably were always on the move, looking for fertile land to herd their animals. In the article Herzog concludes.

“Following 70 years of intensive excavations in the Land of Israel, archaeologists have found out:

The patriarchs’ acts are legendary stories, we did not sojourn in Egypt or make an exodus, and we did not conquer the land.

Neither is there any mention of the empire of David and Solomon.

Those who take an interest have known these facts for years, but Israel is a stubborn people and doesn’t want to hear about it.”
Egypt is mentioned in the Holy Bible approximately 700 times (Egypt: 595 times, Egyptian(s): 120 times).

Israelites were mentioned in the ancient Egyptian records once or … maybe none at all."CONTINUED

“David's Jerusalem: It's Not There - Archaeology Disproves The Bible” #!topic/soc.culture.jewish/VFc 2yaqFFdE%5B1-25-false%5D

“Solomon's Temple”
“According to the Hebrew Bible, Solomon's Temple, also known as the First Temple, was the Holy Temple (Hebrew: &#1489;&#1461;&#14 68;&#1497;&#1514;& #1470;&#1492;&#1463; &#1502;&#1460;&#14 68;&#1511;&#1456;& #1491;&#1464;&#1468; &#1513;&#1473;&#82 06;: Bet HaMikdash) in ancient Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount (also known as Mount Zion), before its alleged destruction by Nebuchadnezzar II after the Siege of Jerusalem of 587 BCE.“There is no direct archaeological evidence for the existence of Solomon's Temple, and no mention of it in the surviving contemporary extra-biblical literature.”CONTINUED

“Anyway, if Israel nationalism depends on the Bible’s stories of David and Solomon being historical, then kiss it goodbye.”

Israeli's Zionists are from Brooklyn, Russia, Spain etc etc

Kfar Saba, Israel

#135747 Jul 6, 2014
petesaykeik wrote:
<quoted text>
Any murder of innocents by muslim extremism is to be deplored 100% BUT the Jews in ZOGs are creating all this mayhem and since Jews HATE followers of Christ, you are more than happy for those who accuse you of Christ's murder to be slaughtered. Don't pretend otherwise Ozzin'Sh!t, vermin.
Poor hitler jr, you are a very sick man. Clueless and very very sick.


#135753 Jul 6, 2014
Gray wrote:
<quoted text>
Just as no event in modern history has been so grossly distorted than WW 2, no nation suffered at the hands of ruthless Genocidal monsters & Allied War Criminals during the 1900s than Germany.
The Treaty of Versailles and subsequent land grabs guaranteed a WW 2. Some historians consider WW1 & WW 2 as one big war with a temporary break in hostilities.
Conditions in post WW 1 Germany were so dismal that any strong leader who offered respite from starvation, hyper-inflation, rampant disease & homelessness would have been attractive to any people as desperate as the Germans.
France continued to kill & invade Germany after that infamous treaty as the list of abuses is innumerable
Just 2 examples of unpunished War Criminals are noted below.
Don't expect them to wind up as star studded movies from Zionist dominated Hollywood
“Eisenhower's Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans”
EXCERPT “The book, OTHER LOSSES, found its way into the hands of a Canadian
news reporter, Peter Worthington, of the OTTAWA SUN. He did his own
research through contacts he had in Canada, and reported in his column
on September 12,1989 the following, in part:
" is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a
war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more Germans
in peace than were killed in the European Theater." CONTINUED
"For years we have blamed the 1.7 million missing German POW's on the
Russians. Until now, no one dug too deeply ...
Witnesses and survivors
have been interviewed by the author; one Allied officer compared the
American camps to Buchenwald."
It is known, that the Allies had sufficient stockpiles of food and
medicine to care for these German soldiers.
This was deliberately and
intentionally denied them. Many men died of gangrene from frostbite
due to deliberate exposure. Local German people who offered these men
food, were denied. General Patton's Third Army was the only command in
the European Theater to release significant numbers of Germans.
Others, such as Omar Bradley and General J.C.H. Lee, Commander of Com
Z, tried, and ordered the release of prisoners within a week of the
war's end. However, a SHAEF Order, signed by Eisenhower, countermanded
them on May 15th.”CONTINUED
“Raping German Women and Children as a Form of Revenge After WWII”
by Jonas E. Alexis
EXCERPT “After World War II, 12 to 14 million German people
—including women and children under the age of sixteen—were brutally driven from their homes.[8] Some historians place the figure as high as fifteen million.[9]
During the expulsion, thousands lost their lives from starvation, disease, and ill-treatment. Some died in wagons without food, water, or heating during long trips;
others collapsed by the roadside. The death estimate is between 500,000 and 1.5 million.[10] Other historians estimate that the figure amounts to 2 million.[11]CONTINUED
The maxim: "The Victors write the History" has never been so appropriate as the whole story of WW 1 & WW 2.
...Yes I agree,and allot of the so called facts at Nurnburg were provided by The Soviets,as they controlled/ subjegated most of the land in Question


#135755 Jul 6, 2014
Uzi wrote:
<quoted text>
Poor hitler jr, you are a very sick man. Clueless and very very sick.
....I guess General Patton was a very sick man also ,which is why he was bumped off !!!!!!

Kfar Saba, Israel

#135756 Jul 6, 2014
Eyes wide open wrote:
<quoted text>
What has clearly happened is that at the end of the WW1 and the break up of the ottoman empire the west decided to create countries that had never existed and install their puppet dictators they could control via corruption and bribery.
Then to even destabilize the Middle east more they illegally created another illegal state called Israel that was wiped off the map 1900 years previous.
It was an attempt to focus the Arab worlds eyes on Israel and not the west all the while Western companies who say they believe in democratic rule raped the middle eastern countries resources by maintaining dictatorships who they could buy off.
Iran in 1947 had a naturally self made democracy and MI5 and the CIA brought it down. They installed their puppet who was tyrannical to the Iranians which caused Iranians to rise up and have a revolution and we have what we have in Iran now, all because of dumb dumb western Manipulation.
I am against Islam I am against any and all who oppress and don't stand on Justice and principal.
If I had a family in Israel I would pack my bags and be gone because Iran Saudi and Egypt have doubled in Population since Israel's illegal inception and are now Armed to the the teeth, they are now playing their western masters the same way they were Played. When they have reached a point of overwhelming strength they will turn and take back Arab Palestine. They are very close to being at that point.
Only a fool builds his house on sand and that is what Israel has done and the tide is coming in.
Extreemly clueless useful idiot (for the muslim side). Dont be fooled Israel is here to stay. Never make the same mistake again. Iran is anti Israel, Saudia is not (suprised??) Egypt is not either. There was never an Arab Palestine. You mean Jesus was born in a country called arab palestine?? Even you are not that stupid or are you??

Kfar Saba, Israel

#135757 Jul 6, 2014
Eyes wide open wrote:
<quoted text>
That is only because the West's eyes are opening up to the facts,
Israel was illegally allowed to exist at the expense of those who rightfully owned the land that was unjustly taken form them after being there for over 1000+ years.
The West is opening its eyes to the fact that Israel's injustice is just as harsh arbitrary and violent as their enemies only difference is they fly million dollar helicopters and dress better.
Hello!!!!!! Anyone home??? Jews live in the Holy Land for over 5600 years!
U idiot compare arab muslims and jews??? The nazislamist propaganda worked on your birdbrain pretty good.

Kfar Saba, Israel

#135758 Jul 6, 2014
Gray wrote:
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
Thanks again for your kind words.
There has never been any question in rational minds that the foreign, Zionist Invasion of Palestine was anything more than just that: A Foreign Invasion.
There is no "Ancient Jewish Homeland" any more than there is an "Ancient Episcopalian Homeland"
Both apolitical Archeology and recent Genetic findings prove that the current Zionist Invaders & Occupiers have no connection to Ancient Hebrews who figured insignificantly in extra-Biblical texts.
Egyptian and Mesopotamian records make few if any references to a "Kingdom of Israel" and even regard the Hebrews as actually Habiru; an unflattering appellation.
"..... these Habiru are variously described as nomadic or semi-nomadic, rebels, outlaws, raiders, mercenaries, and bowmen, servants, slaves, migrant laborers, etc."
from Wikipedia.
Decades of Ethnic Cleansing, War Mongering, incomparable brutality and the oldest & most ruthless Occupation on record has finally turned the world strongly against the "State that Pity Built"
“U.S. intelligence community draft report says Dump Israel!”
“Europe 'losing patience' over Israeli settlement policy “
The international community regards all Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land as illegal.
“The world is sick of Israel and its insanities”
EXCERPT “The world is sick of Israel and its insanities.
Unfortunately, the world has also lost interest in what happens here.
When Israel was a more just country, the world identified with its victims. It continued to do so even when Israel became less just.
But now, when Israeli rejectionism is hitting new heights and its oppression of the Palestinians is returning to what it was during the very worst periods, the world has started getting tired of it all.“ CONTINUED
Even rational American Jews are finding Israel's atrocities indefensible:
“American Jews are giving up on Israel”
EXCERPT “Just 10 percent of American-Jewish voters said Israel was their highest priority when they went to the polls, according to a recent exit poll conducted by the pro-peace Israel lobby J Street. Nine out of 10 said domestic issues like job rates and health care were their top concerns.”CONTINUED
Myopia is the deadliest flaw of blind supporters of this ruthless Zionist entity & its bloodthirsty leaders:
“Is Holocaust II (shorthand for another great turning against the Jews) inevitable?”
EXCERPT “Yes unless the Jews of Europe and America distance themselves from the Zionist monster before it’s too late to do so.”
  “ There is a very real danger that the rising, global tide of anti-Israelism, which is being provoked by Israel’s terrifying arrogance of power and sickening self-righteousness, will be transformed into anti-Semitism unless two things happen.”CONTINUED
The only intelligent way to support Israel is not to enable its blatant atrocities but to help change its suicidal policies.
Thanks again
All those great articles praising Israel must REALLY hurt your stinking nazi heart. Suffer nazi bastard suffer, u deserve nothing less. whine the nazi whine and suffer till you die than suffer more in hell.

Kfar Saba, Israel

#135760 Jul 6, 2014
Joe for President!!!!!!!!!!

A "Liberal Paradise" would be a place where everybody has guaranteed
employment, free comprehensive health care, free education, free food, free
housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only Law Enforcement has guns.
And believe it or not, such a place does indeed exist .. It's called PRISON.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Phoenix, Arizona

“Brevity is the soule of wit”

Since: May 09


#135761 Jul 6, 2014
petesick 666 wrote:
<quoted text>
I am very very sick indeed.? Billions of people around this earth are sick .
You speak for 'billions', Lucifer?

The lack of sleep has definitely made you moody.

Sainte-clotilde, Reunion

#135762 Jul 6, 2014
Uzi wrote:
<quoted text>
I am Extreemly clueless useless idiot (for the dumb side). Dont be fooled Israel is a sheethole. Never make the same mistake again.& trust zionists who are murdering rodents and land thieves . There is only Palestine.?
Pack up before it's too late.
The land belongs to Palestine, zionists must move out.

Richmond, VA

#135764 Jul 6, 2014
Kantara2009 wrote:
<quoted text>...Yes I agree,and allot of the so called facts at Nurnburg were provided by The Soviets,as they controlled/ subjegated most of the land in Question
Hello & thanks for writing. I hope you'll continue to add your comments

The Nurenberg trials were not only a complete fraud but were themselves a crime against humanity.

German officers who committed no crimes were murdered simply because they humiliated Allies on the battlefield with their superior tactics. Virtually all confessions were a result of torture, defendants were refused translators, complicit Zionists were set free etc etc.

None of the Jews serving in Germany's military faced trial even though they served as Kapos as well as decorated officers:

“Hitler’s Jewish Army”
EXCERPT “Thousands of men of Jewish descent and hundreds of what the Nazis called ‘full Jews’ served in the German military with Adolf Hitler’s knowledge and approval.
In approximately 20 cases, Jewish soldiers in the Nazi army were awarded Germany’s highest military honor, the Knight’s Cross.

Jews also served in the Nazi police and security forces as ghetto police(Ordnungdienst) and concentration camp guards (kapos).
So what happens to the claim that Hitler sought to exterminate all Jews, when he allowed some of them to join in his struggle against Bolshevism and International finance capitalism?

“If the Jews were permitted to serve in Hitler’s armed forces then there could not have been a Holocaust.”CONTINUED

How could there have been a "Final Solution" if Hitler, himself actually decorated some of his Jewish Officers?

I won't even get into the degree to which the "holocaust®" has been so egregiously overblown as a thoroughly corrupt Industry and even religion:

“Where did the Shoah money go?”
12.10.2006 |
by Michal Grayevsky, Oron Meiri

EXCERPT " First Class flights around the world, accommodation at deluxe hotels, dining at fancy restaurants and a series of credit cards, this is how the Claims Conference, which deals with restitution of stolen Jewish property from the Holocaust, operates."CONTINUED

Patton was murdered for exposing too many Allied War Crimes & frauds perpetuated by powerful propaganda & theft industries

“Why The Zionists Killed General George S. Patton”
“His duties as military governor took Patton to all parts of Germany and intimately acquainted him with the German people and their condition.

He could not help but compare them with the French, the Italians, the Belgians, and even the British.

This comparison gradually forced him to the conclusion that World War II had been fought against the wrong people.

Later diary entries and letters to his wife reiterate this same conclusion. On August 31 he wrote: "Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe.

it's a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans." And on September 2: "What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole." CONTINUED

"BAD THINGS" still happen to those who speak up!

I think we'll have to wait another 20 years before the whole story of WW 2 is told and The "holocaust®" is exposed for the profitable industry it is.

No, single Race, Nationality or Religion has a monopoly on either good or evil'


Richmond, VA

#135765 Jul 6, 2014
petesaykeik wrote:
This thread should thank the Lord God daily for the truth brought here by Port Jefferson, Gray, ocxz, Hasbrat Troll (etc), Dang, and so many other great posters.
Any objective reader sees the "comments" of the Hasbara Trolls for the Fact Free, Off-Topic, vulgar and insulting "non-responses" that they are.

When has "Uzi", "NFL Fanny", "Jimmy Justice" etc etc contributed anything credible and documented that refutes truthful Comments?

Sharing the facts about the World's most heavily funded, Genocidal threat to the world is not only a pastime but a responsibility

Many Thanks

Keep up the good work

“Brevity is the soule of wit”

Since: May 09


#135766 Jul 6, 2014
Gay wrote:
<quoted text>

Many Thanks
Keep up the work
Why are you a spam dumping stooge, racist?

“Brevity is the soule of wit”

Since: May 09


#135767 Jul 6, 2014
Gay wrote:
<quoted text>
Any objective reader se
Many Thanks
Keep up the good work
Why not ask that 'Petesick' creep why thousands of his rants have been deleted, racist? Did you know he's being closely monitored?

“Brevity is the soule of wit”

Since: May 09


#135769 Jul 6, 2014
petesick 666 wrote:
<quoted text>
Gay ..onions for Lucifer follow as blindly as they did thousands of years ago. Blinded my gold I should add....
The fact that you're lazy and refuse to work means you're NOT after gold, Lucifer?
How deeply ethical of you!

“Brevity is the soule of wit”

Since: May 09


#135772 Jul 6, 2014
GobChild wrote:
<quoted text>
How dare you speak about Petesaykike ill Ratslayer.
Do you actually believe others areas slow as you are , Lucifer? Those who watch know.

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#135773 Jul 6, 2014
Muslims did not begin killing Jews and Christians over foreign policy. They began persecuting and killing their Christian and Jewish neighbors because their religion told them to.

Hamas, the terror group that murdered the three teens, is not a Palestinian nationalist organization, though it occasionally plays the part. Its charter begins with Allah and ends with Allah. Article Five of its charter states that the group extends to “wherever on earth there are Muslims, who adopt Islam as their way of life”. Its goal is to create an Islamic state. Everything else is secondary.

The Hamas charter describes it as part of the worldwide “Muslim Brotherhood Movement”. Brotherhood terrorists kill Jews in Israel for the same reason that they kill Shiites in Syria or Christian Copts in Egypt.

Article Seven of the Hamas charter concludes with the infamous Islamic Hadith which proclaims that the Muslim end times will come only when “Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”

Aside from the obvious genocidal bigotry, this is a quote from a text that is over a thousand years old. Its author was not preaching the mass murder of Jews because of settlements in the West Bank. At the time Muslims had subjugated and ruled over the Jewish population of the Middle East. The Jews were no threat to them. The idea of a Jewish army was as ridiculous as traveling to the moon.

The hatred that leaks out of that text has nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with Islam.

The insistence on a foreign policy explanation for Muslim anti-Semitism is as ahistorical as claiming that Hitler only hated Jews because of the Yom Kippur War. Except that at least both of these events took place in the twentieth century. Islam has been hating and persecuting Jews for over 1300 years before the rebirth of the modern State of Israel.

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#135774 Jul 6, 2014
There are two ways of looking at the worldwide plague of Muslim terrorism. One is to treat every Islamic conflict with Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and a dozen other religions as being due to some local political grievance of recent vintage. The other is to understand them as local expressions of a historical religious war and the continuation of the wave of conquests that made Islam into a worldwide religion.

We can be like the six blind men feeling around the Islamic elephant and assuming that its trunk and tusks are entirely separate phenomena. Or we can open our eyes and see the elephant in the room.

Hamas’ charter begins with the Koran’s praise for Muslims “as the best people” and damns Christians and Jews to be “smitten with abasement” for having “incurred the wrath of Allah”.

This is not a statement of Palestinian nationalism. It’s Islamic supremacism.

There is nothing negotiable about supremacism. Supremacism cannot be appeased. Supremacism does not want a piece of the pie. It wants the whole pie. The allies learned that the hard way with Hitler. So did the countless kingdoms that attempted to live in peace with the armies of the Mohammedan conquerors.

If Israel had never existed, Hamas would still exist, just as the other branches of the Muslim Brotherhood exist elsewhere throughout the Middle East. Even if Zionism did not exist, the Muslim Brotherhood would persecute the Jews under its control, just like the Christians in Egypt and Syria.

If Netanyahu, Sharon, Begin and a thousand other Israeli villains of the apologists of Islam had never been born, the followers of Mohammed would have gone on killing Jews just as they had for over a thousand years. If the blue and white had never waved over Jerusalem, if Jews had remained as downtrodden and persecuted in the lands of Islam as the Copts and the Zoroastrians, Naftali, Gilad and Eyal would still have been murdered by two killers who were raised by their mothers to usher in “the victory of Islam.”

There is no political solution to a supremacist conflict. There is no amount of withdrawals that can make bigotry go away. If a thousand years of Jewish humiliation and persecution did not satisfy the ancestors of the murderers of those three teenagers, how will handing over part of Jerusalem do the job?

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#135775 Jul 6, 2014
The truth is that Islamic violence against Jews is not recent or exceptional. The murder of Jews by Muslims, whether in Israel or Belgium, is not any different than the Muslim butchery of Christians. Hindus, Buddhists and even minority Muslim splinter faiths. These conflicts cannot be resolved through appeasement. They can only be addressed through resistance.

It is not the victims of a thousand year old supremacist campaign who need to appease their conquerors. It is the conquerors who must come to terms with the horrors that they have inflicted through a campaign of colonialism and ethnic cleansing and seek the forgiveness of their victims.

There can be no peace until Muslims understand that the Mohammedan conquests were a genocidal atrocity that destroyed entire peoples and cultures. Only then can they honestly condemn ISIS for trying to repeat those atrocities. And only then will they be able to live in peace with the rest of the world.

“Brevity is the soule of wit”

Since: May 09


#135777 Jul 6, 2014
petesick 66 wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank yo.Yemen, Syria, Libya
Are you excitable this evening, Lucifer? Is your ugly racism the reason you ignore Muslims beheading their own? They're watching and you know it.

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